Tomlinson’s post-Jets interview should be epic

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Jets quarterback Greg McElroy, a seventh-round pick who landed on injured reserve in the preseason, raised eyebrows with a candid radio interview criticizing selfish individuals in the locker room.  But an even more candid and blistering interview is certain to come.

Once running back LaDainian Tomlinson severs ties with the Jets, or vice-versa, look for L.T. to unload on anything and everything he didn’t like about his time with the team — and specifically the failure of the 2011 season.

Tomlinson already has teed off on receiver Santonio Holmes, at a time when other teammates would speak out only if their names were left out of the reporting.  At some point, someone will persuade Tomlinson to purge his soul in comprehensive fashion.

And it will be powerful.

Tomlinson’s contract with the Jets expires in March, and he becomes a free agent.  There’s a good chance he’ll opt for retirement.

Regardless of what Tomlinson says, the issues that recently have come to light speak to a lack of leadership in the locker room.  Whether it was Tomlinson or Mark Sanchez or Nick Mangold or anyone else, someone needed to grab Holmes by the facemask and coerce some sense into him.

It’s a subject that was discussed earlier this week during the network-launching edition of NBC SportsTalk, featuring a shot from Rodney Harrison that nearly knocked me out of my chair.

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41 responses to “Tomlinson’s post-Jets interview should be epic

  1. Great knowing that your back up QB who was on IR all year has no problem calling out the team.

    Shows you who the real leader in the huddle was.

    That about sums up everything you need to know about the Jets.

  2. Tomlinson has ZERO cred. This is the same selfish pri** that buried himself in a hooded coat, sat on the bench and hid behind his Darth Vader mask sulking like a little bitch in a Playoff game a few years ago while Philip Rivers played in the game with a torn ligament in his knee.

    Anything he says is worthless, hypocritical nonsense.

  3. There is only ONE person from the NFL to be referred to as L.T. and it’s not this clown. Lawrence Taylor is the only L. T. to play the game…………. I would just love to see the real L. T. light up the wanna be L. T., on the line heads up. TAYLOR WILL BLOW HIM AWAY……….

  4. Great. More coverage of an 8-8 mediocrity. I’m sure “How to fix the (Cardinals, Bears, Cowboys, Eagles, Raiders, Chargers, Broncos)” SportsTalk segments are forthcoming.

  5. If Rodney wanted to knock you out of your chair, you’d be recovering in a nursing home now, girlie-man.

  6. the leg injury didnt make him sit quietly on the bench behind his visor.

    some people have not and will not realize that.

  7. I really don’t understand why people trash LT so much. He’s honest, almost to a fault, but at least he stands by his words. We don’t go after the guys who won’t say what they feel, but let’s pile on LT for speaking the truth about Santonio Holmes?? the biggest moron in the league. Give me a break.

  8. Jets gave the Pats a good run for the division the last couple years.

    Ain’t quite got the distance.

    Implosion is imminent.

  9. Mike!…you were just off camera when he slapped you in the chest and I would have loved to see that because I’m sure he caught you off guard and it also looked as he might have nearly knocked you back-over-arsswards in the chair! That really looked like it could be funny as all get go “when subject to further review”. You know what I think? I think you should show everybody the full frame version of the video. Come on Mike…it’ll be a fun for everybody. It looks like that could be a really funny moment.

    Aside from that…. Rodney Harrison himself: Wow!… He is extremely well spoken, clear, direct, concise. Very impressed with his broadcast abilities. Not only does he come across well but he’s right on point and highly cogent. I think he’s definitely one of the best ex-athelete commentators I’ve seen.

  10. @nyjalleffingday,

    4 years later and still some people fail to realize that a leg injury might just effect a RUNNING back different than a quarterback.

    I think you’re missing the point. It had nothing to do with the injury, it was about sulking alone on the bench while an injured Rivers and his teamates were fighting in a playoff game.
    He sat there with his visor down and didn’t offer one word of encouragement or support for his teamates. You will be hard pressed to find any Charger teamate who has anything good to say about him. He’s no different than Holmes IMO.

  11. With regards to Tomlinson….. I’ll not be able to forget the bench-pouting-behind-the-Darth-Vader-shield episode. He couldn’t play and was upset so he sat the whole game isolated and alone pouting on the bench wearing his helmut and stealth visor. That was pitiful. I’ll also not be able to forget the immature temper tantrum he threw after the Patriots beat the Chargers in a playoff game. That was some seriously poor sportsmanship and lack of decorum.

    He’d be best off just biting his tongue lest those memories be revived.

  12. I love the haters out there who ignore certain parts of the McElroy interview to focus on just one thing alone.

    No one cares to point out that McElroy says he loves Rex Ryan and knows that he will turn things around. The nonsensical Rex haters tend to ignore that kind of stuff.

    As for LT, He is a class act. Former NFL man of the year and there is no doubt that there was a lack of leadership and that Holmes became a problem this season for the Jets.

    Rex takes blame and deserves blame for not having the pulse of his locker room during this past season. But the players like Tomlinson and company have to take ownership of the fact that they didn’t step up to police the locker room or report the actions of Holmes to Ryan.

  13. yes habs and after the game rivers played hurt in NE, numerous teammates said they would follow him anywhere.

  14. nyjalleffingday says:
    Jan 4, 2012 8:21 PM
    4 years later and still some people fail to realize that a leg injury might just effect a RUNNING back different than a quarterback.

    A quitter is a quitter, whatever their position.

  15. I don’t get the hate for LT2. Oh he could have encouraged his teammates while sitting injured on the bench… give me a break. I’ve seen plenty of players injured on the sidelines doing jack sh!t but they don’t catch nearly as much flak. We don’t know everything that was going down at the time, but it sure as hell is easy to judge a guy while sitting on the couch watching at home, he’s only human and we all have are moments. The funny thing is that LT2 was a beast and carried a crappy Chargers team on his back for years but all some people want to remember is a couple low moments in his career. RB’s like LT2 was are a dieing breed, AP/MJD and maybe a couple others will be lucky if they even have a career close to LT2’s. Show a little respect to a future HOFer who was overall a good guy and played the game the way it was meant to be played.

  16. He led the league in whining for so many years but the last couple he just hasn’t had the output of tears like he used to.

    I LMFAO when he went nuts over Ellis Hobbs doing the Merriman dance after they lost to the Pats in the playoffs. All LT could do was whine about how classy his teammates were and how horrible the Pats were.

    Unfortunately for LT he forgot that that year 9 different Chargers were arrested for everything from DUI, spousal abuse and shipping the makings for “purple drank” to Texas while ZERO Patriots were arrested that year. Yeah, those Chargers sure were classy LT. All those arrests meant nothing but one young player celebrating in a way that rubbed you wrong was far worse.

    And then unloading on Santonio for quitting when LT did exactly the same thing in the playoffs when they were losing again to the Pats this time at Gillette Stadium. Took himself out of the game and sat on the sidelines with the tears pouring down his face.

    Glad to see this pathetic whiner out of the league. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out you ass.

  17. Great. More coverage of an 8-8 mediocrity. I’m sure “How to fix the (Cardinals, Bears, Cowboys, Eagles, Raiders, Chargers, Broncos)” SportsTalk segments are forthcoming.


    I agree, but no need for a “How to fix the Cowboys” segment

    Waste of time as long as Jerry Jones still walks the earth….

  18. I think the point LT is making is, The guys with the Captain C on there jersey shouldn’t quit on the team. The game Sunday had alot of meaning to it and Holmes quit on his team. Mark Sanchez wears a C on his jersey and he is always seen by himself on the sideline (even before he throws three int’s). Holmes was a crybaby at ohio state and in Pittsburgh, why should New York be any different. When the NFL gets rid of the playmaker and brings back the football player it will be a great game to watch again. The only problem is the NFL feeds on all this garbage.

  19. habsman:


    Sadly, Tomlinson is an expert to talk about players who quit on their team, because he knows about it first hand.

  20. This article is really about Santanio Holmes – not LT. All LT has documented is how much of a cancer Santanio is. And Rex made him captain?
    We in Pittsburgh knew what a toad he was. But the Steeler lockerroom is so mature and tight that he was kept in line.

  21. I suppose Tomlinson will go into the HOF, but not only do I vividly remember the sulking bench-sitting on the sidelines during the playoffs, but something else entirely has made me look at him with a lack of respect.

    I don’t remember the specific game or who their opponent was, but an endzone replay clearly showed Tomlinson take a sissy-dive to the ground to avoid taking on a blitzing linebacker coming right up the middle untouched. Rivers was leveled. I thought he might not get up.

    Of course, Tomlinson still has a perfect right to say what he knows and believes about the Jets’ implosion. Unrelated failings on his own part should not cause you to disbelieve him on this unless the actual facts prove him wrong about it.

  22. rex ryan brought this broadway play together. he will bring the jets to their knees before they fire him. immature and clueless as a leader.

  23. Oh he’ll talk all right. Anyone remember that little pissing contest he got into with AJ Smith through the media after the Chargers let him walk?

    Hey LaDainian, maybe he gets it from his head coach.
    (Pats fans will get this)

    Why does a male have a feminine noun prefix in his made up name anyway? It is to laugh.

  24. dont be a fool… i was a diehard oiler fan when i moved to san diego and then the oilers moved to tenn…. LT lawrence taylor was all time great def player,but thing is as a role model he sucked… lT the running back first plays a different position on defense and NEVER had multiple drug charges and sex with minors being pimped by his friends… Lawrence taylor can be compared in name sake to Lawrence phillips in lawrence only… LT the running back is top 5 running back of all time that is nothing to shake a stick at,although him hiding in the parka with helmet on while philip the gamer played with a tron acl!!!

  25. They could change there logo from a jet to a bi-wing single engine prop, of course it wouldn’t be strong enough to fly with both Ryan brothers on board, after all, they both will be without a post season game to worry about. Bill

  26. There is only ONE person from the NFL to be referred to as L.T. and it’s not this clown. Lawrence Taylor is the only L. T. to play the game…………. I would just love to see the real L. T. light up the wanna be L. T., on the line heads up. TAYLOR WILL BLOW HIM AWAY……….

    L.T. just heard the word “blow” and came running.

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