With Reid silent on Castillo, Spagnuolo is interested in returning to Philly


On Tuesday, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie made it known that coach Andy Reid will return in 2012.  As of Wednesday, Reid has said nothing about defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

Jonathan Tamari of the Philadelphia Inquirer notes the silence coming from Reid regarding Castillo, speculating that Reid possibly won’t meet with the media until he decides what to do with the long-time offensive line coach whom Reid decided to shift to the other side of the ball.

Last year, Reid had no qualms about declaring to the world that Sean McDermott would be back.  Not long before Reid fired him.

Maybe Reid’s silence is a byproduct of apparent coaching he’s receiving from Lurie regarding the subject of media relations.  Lurie said Tuesday that Reid sacrifices popularity to protect his players.  In the past, Reid also has sacrificed credibility, too.  So perhaps Lurie has told Reid, “Look, whatever you decide with Castillo is up to you.  But don’t say at a press conference that you’re keeping Juan and then fire him a week later.  You know, like you did last year to Sean.”

Meanwhile, a potential replacement for Castillo has made it known, in a roundabout way, that he’s interested in returning to Philly.  Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that former Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo plans to coach in 2012, and that he “would be interested in any opening that might occur with the Eagles.”

Apart from the fact that Castillo may not appreciate Spagnuolo or someone close to him expressing interest in a job that’s currently filled, it could be that the Eagles would have to clear out more than one position in order to attract Spags, who previously worked as the team’s linebackers coach.  As we explained over the weekend, defensive line coach Jim Washburn is regarded as a wild card when it comes to the immediate future of the defense, and Spagnuolo may not want to work with Washburn, and vice-versa.

Regardless of how the defensive coaching staff shakes out in Philly, changes could be coming — especially since Reid has yet to say anything about whether changes will or won’t be made.

54 responses to “With Reid silent on Castillo, Spagnuolo is interested in returning to Philly

  1. As a season ticketholder at the Linc, I do no care what they do with the defense. Spags, Juan, whatever. Just don’t be wrong, the choice has to work out and result in a better defense for next year.

  2. Andy Reid is the best coach Philly has ever had. Too bad there are so many 24/7 drunken “fans” that want him gone. They are too inebriated to realize that there next coach could be a Norv Turner, Todd Haley, or perhaps even someone like Josh McDaniels.

    Andy will put Juan back on the O side and will certainly not pass on Spags returning to run the Defense.

  3. As a Giants’ fan, I’d love to see Reid fire Castillo and force the Eagles to learn a whole new defense, which, by the way, they DON’T have the personnel for. Perfecto!

  4. It’s easy: fire Washburn (wide 9 will never be a fit here in Philly), hire Spags, move Castillo to LB or DL coach (if Spags wants it) and there you go.

  5. He will be successful if he:
    a) does not utter the phrase “d…. t…” and
    b) abandons the “wide nine” and
    c) pins the Cowboys and Giants to the mat (Skins will not matter, again) and
    d) gets the Eagles D contributing and the entire team back to the playoffs.

  6. Everyone together now, “Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wheels on the bust go round and round…round and round…round and round…wheels on the bus go round and round, early in the morning…”

  7. Doesn’t Spagnoulo have to give up his big paycheck from the Rams next year if he decides to coach in the NFL?

  8. Why so excited for him to come to Philly? He was a horrible head coach. Had one of the worst all time record. The smell of “loser” is hard to shake, regardless of a luck SB in NY.

  9. Why is it always overlooked that Reid was FORCED to fire McDermott in the daily Eagles D-coordinator post?

    Reid did not move Juan to the position because he thought Juan would outperform him..The position was forced vacant. The FO’s plan was to get Munchak to pair with Washburn, but Munchak was miraculously offered the Titans HC position. Then the Eagles scrambled.

  10. If we are going to suffer through another year of Reid (who may be a very good prep coach but drafts poorly and is awful on game day), it may as well be with Spagnuolo. And if I never have to hear “Wide 9” again I’ll be happy.

  11. First, thank you PFT for bringing forth the notion that Reid takes heat for his players. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that’s what his mundane press conferences are primarily about: absorbing the heat so his players don’t have to take it. It’s a simple game, really. It might make for boring writing but it’s a good coaching principle, nonetheless.

    I don’t want Castillo back for anything.
    Mudd overhauled our O-Line and made something out of nothing. You don’t hear Peters or Herremans complaining (although Olineman rarely complain publicly) about it either. Our old lines were more about talent than Castillo… if it were Castillo, it wouldn’t have mattered when Tra and Jon left. But it did matter and they got worse every year.

  12. I’m sure now all Philly fans and media will crown them champs again if he comes.

    If you look the numbers, the Philly defense was actually ranked higher this year than last year or the year before. They are ranked 8 this year and 12 the previous 2 years. Since 2000, they average being in the top 11 defensive teams. Defense is not their issue to getting over the hump. It’s a coach that refuses to utilize his greatest asset, which is the running game and makes horrible in game decisions.

    And until Andy Reid is canned, I think the same thing will just continue to happen which is stupid moves on offense. Also a Michael Vick that can not stay a full 16 games healthy.

  13. andy reid is probably a fixture as the eagles HC for the next five years; TC is getting old and is probably very, very close to calling it quits.

    if the giants D happens to get lit up this week vs atlanta, perry fewell will be back on the hot seat.

    spags shoud wait until at least this weekend is over to commit anywhere. if fewell were to get fired and spags hired, it wouldnt be long before hed be looking at a head coaching position with the giants.

    giants haters can say whatever they want….the title of giants head coach is an extremely enviable position.

  14. Spags is going to get paid this season by the Rams. Why would he rush back to take a job as an NFL Coordinator when he could sit back and get as good an offer as he can get now?

  15. Spags won’t have a fraction of what he had to work with with the Giants D if he goes back to Philly. The talent is just not there, and it probably won’t translate into what Philly fans are hoping.

    Can’t tell you how many Eagles fans were laughing it up when the Giants hired Spags. Not laughing anymore, it seems. Now all we hear are cries of desperation

  16. phillyphever says:
    Jan 4, 2012 4:34 PM
    It’s easy: fire Washburn (wide 9 will never be a fit here in Philly), hire Spags, move Castillo to LB or DL coach (if Spags wants it) and there you go.
    You cannot say that he wide 9 did not work because we were tied at 1 for sacks.All this team needs is a good LB that can stuff the run and a good DC that can run this defense proper.

  17. thatobnoxiousguy says: Jan 4, 2012 4:22 PM

    Andy Reid is the best coach Philly has ever had. Too bad there are so many 24/7 drunken “fans” that want him gone. They are too inebriated to realize that there next coach could be a Norv Turner, Todd Haley, or perhaps even someone like Josh McDaniels.

    Hey, guess what? We already have the NFC version of Norv Turner! His name is Andy Reid. Two coaches with consistently good teams and plenty of talent yet underachieve every year. Andy Reid has a better winning record!!! whoop de doo, you clearly know nothing about the Eagles coaching staff besides that Andy has a winning record.

  18. The Lions should be calling him up the second they are eliminated from the playoffs.

    Gunther Cunningham is a joke

  19. I love it. Come on Andy …do the right thing. Bring Spags back. The Castillo experiment is over. Let’s win a Superbowl

  20. So much for the always classy and professional Spags that was painted of the man on his way out of STL. Campaigning for a job with a team which has no current openings on their defense staff is classless. Naturally we all know an opening is on the way at DC, but still, Spags should just keep his mouth shut about jobs that other people currently hold.

  21. Why do people think Jeff Lurie is dumb enough to hire someone like Norv Turner if he did decide to fire Andy Reid someday? All of the coaches under Jeff Lurie were awesome prospects and if they didnt work out he removed them.

  22. Whatever happens here, it will not change the fact that the people of Philadelphia are, for the most part, the most despicable people in this country. Boom

  23. They are doing nothing as long as Andy is there. Everyone said that this was the best Eagles team he ever had. Lurie himself said they were “all in” for 2011. Then they ended up being 8-8. What a disappointment.

    But they end the season by beating Matt Moore, Mark Sanchez, Rex Grossman, and Steve McGee and that saves Reid’s job?? Gimme a break. It’s time for a change Philly. That much we know.

  24. Keep Reid and Juan for another year. I’m an Eagles fan and support Andy Reid and Juan Castillo. Early in the season some of the losses, like the Atlanta game, were on the defense. However, some of the losses, like the Buffalo game, were lost primarily because of turnovers. Neither Juan or Andy turned the ball over a league high of 37 times like the players especially Vick. Further, Maclin, Jackson, and Avant just didn’t produce this year like I was expecting. If the D can consistently stop the run and not give up the big pass plays it will improve. If the O can protect the ball and make plays it will also improve. If the whole team plays 60 minutes and protects leads then the Eagles should win a few more games next year. Finally, when the Eagles have a lead at halftime the coaches have to do a better job at identifying what adjustments the other time will make and then adjusting to that. I think this will help the players to protect the lead.

  25. Go falcons! Matt Ryan needs to take advantage of that trash D that gave up 400 PTs this season. Julio, Roddy and gonzo should shred that Swiss cheese of a secondary.

  26. oh when.. oh when will castillo be gone.. oh when.. oh when can this happen??? all jokes aside… Spags would turn this defense into a championship defense, he has proven this in the past… this team can transform into what it can be…

  27. Why all the wide-9 hate? It works fantastically … when you can get the FO to draft linebackers that aren’t the same size as Vern Troyer and Warwick Davis. Babin had 18 sacks, Trent Cole had 11 and missed 3 or 4 games. The D-Line was the only part of the defense that actually performed on a consistent basis this year.

  28. Reid made two big time hires on the Eagles staff last season. Mudd did a great job with the line. Washburn brought alot to the Eagles d-line but Andy dropped the ball when it came to Castillo.

    It’s not Castillo’s fault. He did the best he could considering the circumstances. He deserves to be retained on the staff in some capacity.

    Spags would be an excellent hire by Philly. If Andy can pull that off. The Eagles would have one of the strongest staffs in the entire league.

  29. OK..Best coach ever in the history of Philly football? Yes. So if the mission is to be the best as an NFL franchise, that means total commitment right? As a 35 year Eagles fan I’ve seen, Rich Kotite, Ray Rhoads, Buddy Ryan, etc. All varying degrees of good, none great. Andy does not know how to connect with the fan base and even when everyone knows changes must be made, he refuses to acknowledge that and adjust. I am patient and want desperately to see my team win a championship. I don’t truly think it’s ever been about winning it all-until last year. While it seemed they were “buying a championship” to some, to most Philly fans we were simply addressing needs we all knew were needs for years. The problem is, Andy, ever the smart guy, underestimated the lack of talent in the linebackers and the complete overhaul of offensive and defensive schemes. The fact is, his arrogance prevented him from realizing the faith Jeff Lurie had in him and his inability to make decisions on game day, would be his demise. I’ll give him credit, he never lost the team; but why would he? The players he protected are blindly loyal because in most cases, guys like Moises Foiku, Joselio Hansen and Evan Mathis, never make it on any other team-they’re simply grateful to the one guy who saw them as valuable. Here, however, is the bottom line. No owner allows his head coach to destroy their franchise without expectations for immediate improvement (think Bob Kraft or Dan Rooney). Unless of course, the goal is to keep the seats full, sell hats and t-shirts and make the Conference Championship every so often. I think, that’s all it’s ever been about for Jeff Lurie. So for all the outsiders that think it’s “great” that we win alot…it is…the first 2 years. CHAMPIONSHIPS is what we want, not just good. If I wanted to simply win alot of games in the regular season, I’d follow the Bills or the Chargers. My time, sadly after 35 years, comes to and end this year. I can no longer watch the mediocrity continue.

  30. It’s foolish for anyone to think that Castillo’s job is safe. It’s foolish for Castillo to think that. It took him 12 games to form any kind of consistency, and that was against crap teams. I can’t imagine the garbage we would have seen had we played the Saints or Packers in that stretch.

    Castillo would be lucky to stay on staff. Lurie basically spelled it out, “Reid, make the right decision or your @$$ is gone.” I don’t think Reid can bet all his chips on such a long shot.” Hire someone with experience, it’s stupid to wait much longer.

  31. I’m pretty sure Andy Reid isn’t the greatest coach in Eagles history given the fact that Greasy Neale is the only Eagles coach inducted to the Hall.

  32. maybe the linebackers lacked coaching??? i mean mike caldwell is the linebackers coach and he was awful


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