Chargers fire defensive coordinator Greg Manusky


The Chargers aren’t making the coaching changes that their fans wanted, but someone on Norv Turner’s staff will pay for the team’s second straight season out of the playoffs.

Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky has been fired, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Manusky, who came from San Francisco with an excellent reputation, oversaw San Diego’s defensive decline in 2011. The team fell from tenth in points allowed to 22nd and first in yards allowed to 16th.

It was a soft defense that struggled against physical competition. But the blame for that should primarily go to Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith, who has missed a lot more than he’s hit in drafts over the last few years. It’s not a talented group.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos talked about patience with Norv Turner, but Manusky won’t get the same consideration.

Manusky replaced Ron Rivera, who left last offseason for the Panthers head coaching job. Turner will have to hire his fourth defensive coordinator in six years with the Chargers.

38 responses to “Chargers fire defensive coordinator Greg Manusky

  1. Not really his fault. The chargers did what they always do under norv…have a big losing streak during the season. This year it is on rivers’ subpar year not a defensive slide

  2. what reputation did he have from the 49ers???? their defense was average and soft and the year manusky leaves and comes to san diego the 49ers defense goes to a top defense..aj didint do his homework there!!!!

  3. “Captain! You’ve driven our boat into an iceberg! We’re sinking!”

    “Did I? Ah. Err… You’re fired!”

  4. At the press conference, A.J. Smith said he was grateful to have the opportunity to “keep this thing going”. So apparently it’s okay with the owner to supply substandard materials to build with. The defensive scheme was not creative, but are you asking someone to build a nuclear sub with Legos and duct-tape?
    Maybe the Chargers will open the piggy bank and get a high quality defensive guy.

    I know, I couldn’t even write it with a straight face.

  5. I see that S.F. Defense was top notch with out Manusky and that S.D. sucks now? Another miss by A.J. Smith…and he doesn’t get fired? Just saying.

  6. Couldn’t possibly be that the GM has been drafting soft, me-first players can it? Nah, can’t be it.

  7. Smith drafts great however he treats his players like crap. IMO Smith’s Pride has cost the Chargers at least one or two trips to the Super Bowl

    Does anyone think the Chargers wouldn’t be in the playoffs if Sproles was still on that team? He let him walk for 4years 14 mill. D. Sproles who this year set an NFL record for combined total yards of 2,669! Smith made McNeil and Vincent Jackson hold out half the year. Before that it was Gates who had to hold out half the year and Smith also let Michael Turner go! Can you imagine the Chargers with Turner and Sproles!?!! Now there’s talk of him letting V. Jackson walk.

  8. Too bad, he was great for SF. Another victim of the Chargers gaffe: Takeo Spikes, who left SF for SD so he could play in his first playoff game.


  9. Dr. Prevent Defense got fired, I’m shocked. The chargers defense was a mirage last year that was exposed, so I don’t blame him totally.

  10. One blunder after another. Spanos is writing the blueprint on how to completely blow up a team. Manusky wasn’t the problem, injuries and poor draft /free agent selection was the problem and Manusky will be the fall guy. Guess this mean Spikes will probably be cut as well.

    I am seriously sorry for all Chargers fans.

  11. Thats how Norv likes it. Keep making his D look bad so he can keep his job year after year. Who said Norv was Dumb.

  12. Your defense is going to give up a bunch of points when you turn the ball over as much as they did on offense. Don’t understand how this guy got fired and they kept Norv Turner.

  13. Ineptness breeds ineptness.
    30,000 fans have not renewed their season tickets over the last 4 years and there will be thousands more not renewing for next season. It’s pretty clear at this point the Chargers have a plan in place to move to L.A. so for any nimwits still holding onto their season accounts should cancel them also.
    The Chargers since 2004 have raised lower level OBSTRUCTED VIEW ticket prices by over 400% yet they don’t raise the level of their front office or coaches or payroll.
    Anybody paying for tickets is just helping to finance the move to L.A. at this point.

  14. Manusky, who came from San Francisco with an excellent reputation, oversaw San Diego’s defensive decline in 2011.
    Excellent to who? The 9ers, the last few years at least, could stop the run regardless of who was coordinating the D. Their pass defense was awful and they still gave up a lot of points under Manusky.

    It is true that SD lacks talent on D, but the way teams moved around on that D reminded me a lot of a Manusky D. This was a smart move by Norv. They can find a better 3-4 coordinator.

  15. great move…
    bring on Mike Singletary or Jack Del Rio…

    I still do not like Dean’s saving the jobs of Norval and AJ, but at least he did one good thing….

    Go Bolts!

  16. His defense (particularly his pass rush) was questioned in San Francisco in 2010 and HE was going to help the Chargers win the Super Bowl!!!

    Norv was better off promoting the offensive line coach to defensive coordinator!!! Look at Andy Reid; he did it, stunk up the place, but he ultimately got to keep his job!!!

  17. Umm…..yeah, because that was the problem.

    He’s from PA. Now maybe he can interview for the Penn State job like every other NFL assistant apparently is.

  18. Didn’t the defense have injury issues, too? I know their best LB was out a few games. This guy was made a scapegoat, as if it is going to appease any of the upset fans. Damn shame.

  19. If ANYbody actually thinks that Manusky was good for the Niners defense – they really were not paying attention. But, let’s be real. Greg was handcuffed thoroughly by Mr. Motivation Mike (as in Singletary) and had to call defenses per the HC’s dictates. Case in point – both of those coaches left (Oh Thank Heaven), and the Niners “D” went from “worse to NFC first” so go figure.

  20. Owners/stadium builders are fools. Who the f@ck wants obstructed view tickets anyhow… “whoa, did you see the move that steel girder just put on the overhang from the upper deck??? Man, if we had him we would be going to the Super Bowl”

  21. Manusky had a very strange and frustrating defensive philosophy while in SF. Once the team had any lead kind of lead, he would go into PreventD the rest of the game. And more times than not, the opponent would catch up and the Niners would lose.

  22. davikes says:
    Jan 5, 2012 1:39 PM
    Ready. Fire. Aim.
    lol, exactly. That’s the Charger way.

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