Dalton returns to practice

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One day after a trip to the hospital because of a bout with the flu, Andy Dalton returned to Bengals practice Thursday.

“I feel great. It was a tough day yesterday, but I feel a lot better than I did. I’ll be out there practicing and be ready to go,” Dalton said via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “It was just a one-day thing. It was kind of out of nowhere. But I feel good now, so that’s a good thing.”

Dalton acknowledged missing practice wasn’t ideal in such a big week. The fact the Bengals have already faced the Texans could help because he knows the matchup.

“I’ve watched the film and I know what’s going on,” he said. “Obviously I would’ve liked to have practiced yesterday, but it didn’t happen. I’ll go out there today.”

The Bengals lost all seven games against teams they faced that made the playoffs. So you can probably guess who Florio and I took in our PFT Picks.

20 responses to “Dalton returns to practice

  1. Is this game still going on? You wouldn’t know based off of every major media’s coverage of the game. Biased, much.

  2. NyQuil? Flu shots? Do you know nothing about the flu?

    Personally, Dalton is either a tough son of a gun or only had a very mild case of the flu to be out only one day. The flu sucks!! I wonder if he had food poisoning or the “stomach flu” rather than full blown.

    I’m taking the Bengals to win this one.

  3. Ginger’s aren’t weaker humans or pansies. They don’t have a soul, so really, there isn’t much that can take them down.

    On a side note, Dalton was probably taken to the hospital at the insistence of the Bengals org. Hook him up to an IV, pump antibiotics, hormones, or orange juice into him so that he can be relatively healthy come Saturday.

    He could be mr. toughguy like joe in toronto and nanunau are, but then he’d probably be joining them saturday, watching the game from the couch.

  4. Lots of “doctors” on this thread I see.

    Antibiotics for the flu? Um….the flu is a virus, not a bacterial infection. Antibiotics would do nothing. Flu shots only protect against the most common strains of the virus, not all strains. So it’s possible Dalton could have had a shot, and still had the flu.

    In reality, he probably didn’t have the flu if in fact he was only sick for a single day. He could be playing it down, and could still be feeling the symptoms today but hiding it the way teams usually do with injuries.

    I wonder if anyone else on the team caught a similar bug?

  5. Man, too bad he ain’t tough like big ben (the toughest football player ever)……

    lol just a joke don’t crucify me for it.

  6. Why at the end of every bengals post do you say the bengals have lost to all 7 of the playoff teams they played?


    The PATRIOTS only win against a playoff team came against the 8-8 broncos.


    i dont see that ever listed.

  7. He had a stomach virus which usually goes away after 24 hours. This is the reason for an IV in order to prevent dehydration. I’m sure he will be fine. Probably good that he did not show up at the facility so as not to pass it along.

  8. So much hate about a team that lost to playoff teams over the course of the year but is in the playoffs. Isn’t this the same team that was ranked 32nd of all teams and viewed by most as the worst team in the league. Any victory was a strong victory I’d say.

  9. @sophiethegreatdane

    My point on the antibiotics, hormones, orange juice line was that the Bengals would want to pump him full of anything that would get Dalton ready for Saturday. I wasn’t suggesting that antibiotics or hormones are cures for the flu.

  10. I don’t understand why you guys ever comment on a Bengal player or game…sometimes it can start positive or at least neutral, then “slap” negative comment. Kinda like a parent giving their kid a piece of candy and slapping them at the same time. What is that all about?

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