Dalton was taken to hospital with flu-like symptoms

Getty Images

It was known that Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton missed practice Wednesday with the flu.  It wasn’t known that Dalton actually ended up at the hospital for treatment.

Coach Marvin Lewis said Thursday on SiriusXM NFL Radio that Dalton received treatment for “flu-like symptoms” (at least it wasn’t “concussion-like symptoms”), via Adam Schefter of ESPN.  Taking a page from the TMI file, Lewis also said Dalton spent Tuesday night by the “sink and toilet.”  (I’m not sure what Dalton’s “flu-like symptoms” were causing him to do in the sink, but it probably would be wise to get a new sink.)

Though Lewis expects Dalton to be able to practice on Thursday, anyone who has endured that which Dalton endured on Tuesday night realizes that it takes a day or two to get back to normal.  With Dalton’s first career playoff game only two days away, it’s possible he may not be back at 100 percent.

Then there’s the possibility that other guys on the team will soon be spending time by the “sink and toilet.”  Eventually, there’s a chance that a guy in a ridiculous outfit will be explaining to Herman Munster that “the whole store got the flu.”