Jets fine Bart Scott $10,000 for middle finger


On Monday, Bart Scott walked out of the Jets’ locker room for what might have been the last time and gave reporters the finger, telling a photographer to “Get that out of my [bleeping] face” as he left.

As a result, the Jets have fined Scott $10,000, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports.

This is the second time the Jets have had to fine someone for a middle finger; head coach Rex Ryan was docked $50,000 by the team for giving a fan the finger at a mixed martial arts fight.

Scott is reportedly not in the Jets’ plans for the 2012 season, and he’s expected to be released. So far, Scott has declined to say anything publicly other than “Get that out of my [bleeping] face,” but considering how many great comments have come out of Jets camp in the last few days, we can’t wait to hear what Scott has to say.

40 responses to “Jets fine Bart Scott $10,000 for middle finger

  1. Scott has let success go to his head. In his early days in Baltimore he was very humble. Once he started having success he became an idiot. See 2007 when he threw the refs flag into the stands against the Pats.

    The jets had way to many egos in one locker room. Said that in August

  2. i dont recall the jest fining fat rex for the same exact thing.

    gotta say its fun watching the greatest off season implosion a team has ever had

    the next best thing after superbowl wins is superbowl gaurantees and no team has more then the jets

    they are going for thier fourth consecutive superbowl gauarantee

  3. A coach’s philosophy soon becomes the players’ philosophy. It’s that simple. Can’t let inmates run the prison just because you think it makes you a cooler coach.

  4. Another ex-Raven who has done nothing but underachieve at everything at his new club except at running his mouth.

    “Can’t wait” to see where Bart ends up next year, if at all.

  5. To all the nonbelieveres, especially you Tom Jackson…good lookin out Keyshawn!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

    One of the best interviews I have ever seen…EVER!!!

  6. @ djstat

    The Jets have had ego’s in the locker room for the past couple of years, and have made it to the AFC Championship game each year before this. Ego’s in the locker room aren’t a bad thing if you’re winning, but the issues are compounded if losing. That was the issue this year….

  7. He was merely responding to a question he was asked, “On a scale of 1 – 100, how good of a QB is Sanchez?”

  8. The Jets have had ego’s in the locker room for the past couple of years, and have made it to the AFC Championship game each year before this. Ego’s in the locker room aren’t a bad thing if you’re winning, but the issues are compounded if losing. That was the issue this year….


    That’s the point that has been made on sports talk radio here in Boston, esp. by Tony Massarotti. Ryan’s approach is a double edged sword – works great when you win. It backfires once you start losing.

  9. They might have had some egos in years past but they lost some real leaders and quality guys. Thomas Jones, Damien Woody, Leon Washington, Brad Smith, Jericho Cotchery, Jason Taylor. This years teams is a bunch of big mouths. How can we expect the players to be disciplined when they coach can’t even discipline himself.

  10. That’s the Jets trying to get back some of the money they guaranteed him.

    Tannenbaum royally screwed up the Nnamdi chase: so sure he was getting him, he didn’t mind all the money he was guaranteeing for next season in order to get paycuts to fit him in. I felt bad for the players until I realized some of them are actually making out in the deal, since the Jets would have cut them w/o pay for next season. Now, play or cut, they’re paid.

  11. I love how Jets fans look at those AFC championship game losses as successful seasons. If the Patriots lose in the AFCCG this year people will call for Belichick to either quit or start playing Bryan Hoyer.

    Kind of sad that Ryan can’t even give Jets fans an AFC East title to put on T-shirts. I mean you can’t really wear an “AFC Championship Runners-Up” T-shirt, can you?

  12. Who cares about the 8-8 Jets. Another player/coach the Ravens made only to go to the next stop and flame out. At least the loudmouth had one good year for the Jets. Can’t wait till all the talk about the OVERATED JETS stops.

  13. Skip the fines…..give him a concussion and lock him in an electrical closet.


    Mike Leach

  14. @beerbaron: Jets fans look at two straight AFC Championships as some manner of success as it is an indicator of consistently being one of the top teams during that time. That Pats fans have been so spoiled by their success over the last decade that they’d go nuts if the Pats lose in the AFC championship isn’t a good measurement of whether Jets were being rational in being thrilled with those two seasons.

    By the way…if they’d want him fired for less than a Super Bowl appearance this year, why weren’t they calling for that last year or the year before? You know…when the Jets got further than them and/or beat them.

  15. So they’re going to fine him $10k as he’s on his way out the door? How does that work if he’s presumably received his last paycheck?

    I know I’d have a good chuckle if a former employer tried to send me a fine in the mail requesting payment.

  16. Winning solves everything. Just ask any youth team coach. When they lose, they get all the phone calls. When they win, everybody loves one another.

    p.s. Why are all Patriot fans still talking about the Jets? Why is sports radio in Boston talking about the Jets? Aren’t the Patriots in the Playoffs? If people are still talking about the Jets this weekend, then the Jets are the most popular team in the NFL.

  17. Scott is still a Jet. Even if he was only under contract for 2011, he’s still under their employ until the NFL season changes over.

  18. Bart wasn’t sh!t without Ray Lewis to make him look good. And I’ll agree that success went to his head quickly. He thought just because Rex was standing outside his door when his Ravens contract expired that he was DA MAN. Sorry Bart, your just another average linebacker.

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