South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffrey will enter the draft

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The 2011 NFL Draft has added another likely first round wide receiver.

ESPN’s Joe Schad reports that South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffrey will declare for the draft. Jeffrey’s numbers declined dramatically in his junior season, but he had a huge 148-yard effort in his final bowl game.

He won the game’s MVP award despite getting kicked out of the game.

Jeffrey has the size (6’4, 229-pound) to be a high pick in the first round if he enjoys a strong draft season.

31 responses to “South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffrey will enter the draft

  1. If available at 19, could be a good grab for the Bears.

    We need size at receiver – and by size I mean someone over 5′ 11″

  2. Huh?!?!?!?! Help me out with this!

    “He won the game’s MVP award despite getting kicked out for Jeffrey also got kicked out of the game.

    Jeffrey has the size (6’4, 229-pound) to be a high pick in the first round if he enjoys a strong draft season”

  3. Miami needs to draft him then Orson Charles, and finally sign Manning when the Colts release him.

  4. Estimated 40 forty time? I wouldn’t draft a possession receiver in first round. He has to make defenses respect him deep in order to be a first rounder.

  5. He’s a good target. Look at the instability SC had this year at QB. I don’t fault him for that. Plus, losing Lattimore puts a little more pressure on the pass game. I can see him as a second or third rounder. Anything higher is a bit of a reach.

  6. After Justin Blackmon, Jeffrey might be the best WR prospect in the draft. He doesn’t have top-grade speed, but his height and hands make him a top 15 prospect.

  7. I’ve seen Alshon play about twenty times. He reminds me of Andre Johnson. He should be drafted in the first fifteen picks as long as he works hard during the draft prep season.

  8. Anyone needing a wr who passes on Jeffery is just flat out stupid ( unless they pass to take Blackmon)

    As far as 40 timeS go, how much did that slow 40 time hurt jerry rice or fitz, oh wait, that’s right it didn’t. People really need to stop listening Todd mcshay and Mel kiper, both of these tools are wrong more than they are right.

    Oh and to the moron who parroted a mcshay talking point about running routes bad and slow 40 times, mcshay said the same thing about fitz….. ” he’s going to have trouble getting open “.

    I watched all the kids games and Jeffery is a number 1 type wr with down the field jump ball skills. He looks a lot like a young plax. Oh and for those of us who watched him get kicked out of that game, the truth is it looked more like he was defending himself than he was starting anything.

    The kid produced big time without much of a qb and running back. I have him as the second best wr in the draft just ahead of the kid from rutgers.

    A really good spot for him would be Carolina or my birds IF we lose Jackson.

    Again, seriously don’t even bother commenting if your opinion is formed only by listening to ESPn tools who may be the worst draft guys on the planet. If you want good draft preview material and don’t want to watch people play on more than just highlights and superficial stats check out walterfootball, they do updated mocks with good info every few weeks.

  9. He’s gonna cash in on a good 2010 season in which he could thank Lattimore for keeping the safeties up.

    No Lattimore in 2011 and his numbers dropped in HALF!!!

    …IN HALF!!!
    He doesn’t even top 700 yards this year without the lucky bounce during the bowl game hail mary.

    Draft him for a #2. Anyone that thinks he’s an upper eschelon type wideout is wrong IMO.

  10. Heck of a receiver. Dennard is also a heck of a corner. I hope those two get drafted within the same division.

  11. You anti-jeffery posters are one of two things:

    A. aren’t familiar with South Carolina football

    B. (most likely scenario) – bitter CLemson fans still sopping up your tears and licking your wounds from last night’s embarrassment of a football team. ACC Champs??? no, A-SHE-SHE chumps!

  12. Temper your expectations for receivers from South Carolina and receivers coached by Steve Spurrier. Sidney Rice, eh….Jabar Gaffney, ugh…. Justin Blackmon is the top receiver in the draft. Jeffery maybe third or fourth best. He’s not as polished so will have to develop for a couple of years.

  13. Blaine Gabbert meet Alson Jeffery, Alshon meet Blaine
    my wish is that it’s Blackmon to Cleveland, Jaguars get Michael Floyd and the panthers get Alshon, but i think it ends up being Blackmon to Washington (Cleveland gets RG3 and unless Jones comes out Washington HAS to sign Vince Young), Jaguars get Alshon Jeffery and panthers get a defensive player.

  14. Agree with poster above. To Jax to join Gabbert. He only had half the stats of Blackmon this year, but S.C. only threw the ball half as often as Okla. St.

  15. No Lattimore in 2011 and his numbers dropped in HALF
    eh, that’s not the reason, i dont think he’s the best WR in the draft (that’s Blackmon), but i think he’s 2nd and 3rd and in my book is a top 14 player with Floyd and Blackmon.

    As for why his numbers were down, that’s an easy answer and i cant blame Lattimore. his numbers were down WITH Lattimore, the issue though was QBs, his QB was Shaw who struggled, then Garcia and the offense improved, then he regressed, was benched and then back to Shaw. Shaw does ALOT of running and him and Jeffery werent on the same page half the time. Jeffery can play.

  16. 1) Jeffery is you spell his name, not Jeffrey
    2) It will be the 2012 NFL Draft, not 2011

    I’d expect those mistakes from a low level blog but from NBC Sports Talk? Now that’s pathetic.

  17. @ andyreidisfat

    There are plenty of scouting reports other than @ ESPN that express concern with Jeffery’s speed, rout running and conditioning. That doesn’t mean he’s aweful, it just means he’s probably going anywhere in the mid first round to the mid 20s range (think anywhere from NYJ to Houston or Cleveland’s 2nd first rounder). He’s clearly behind Blackmon & Floyd and until he runs at the combine or pro day, he’s battling with K Wright (Baylor) & Sanu (Rutgers). At worst early 2nd round. His best bet is to be selected by a team with a speed receiver; think NYJ, Carolina, Minnesota, Washington or even Houston or Chicago.

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