Three teams request permission to interview DeCosta

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We reported on Wednesday that the Rams have requested permission to interview Ravens director of player personnel Eric DeCosta for the vacant director of player personnel position in St. Louis.  And we linked to another report that the Colts have done the same.

Jeff Zrbiec of the Baltimore Sun reports (after reiterating the Rams’ and Colts’ interest in DeCosta) that another team has contacted the Ravens, too.

The other two teams with current G.M. openings are the Raiders and the Bears.

DeCosta, 40, is an original member of the Ravens front office.  Regarded as the eventual successor to G.M. Ozzie Newsome, it’s unknown whether DeCosta would leave Baltimore.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to have options, even if at the end of the day DeCosta opts to renew his vows with the Ravens.

UPDATE 2:22 p.m. ET:  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bears have requested permission to interview DeCosta.  There’s still a chance that the unknown team from the Sun report was the Raiders.

22 responses to “Three teams request permission to interview DeCosta

  1. mike martz destroyed the bears organization. Angelo didn’t want to hire him, Cutler didn’t want him knowing his offense was inflexible.

    Martz just isn’t easy to get along with.

  2. I suspect the Ravens front office is like the Patriots coaching staff. Great while they’re there but after they leave. They all crash and burn. Paging Phil Savage and George Kokinis. DeCosta been there 16 years? If this guy is as great (as he says he is), give the Ravens an ultimatum to have Newsome retire or you walk. What is he afraid of?

    How many Hall of Famers has Newsome drafted? Lewis, Reed, Suggs, Ogden, Ngata. (Did I miss any)

    Pro bowlers over the years? (7 just this year) I’ve lost count
    Flaco, Lewis, Reed, Suggs, Ogden, Ngata, Ray Rice, Adalius Thomas, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Ogden, Ngata, Chris McAlister, Todd Heap, Terrell Suggs, Peter Boulware, Edwin Mulitalo, Jamal Lewis, Adalius Thomas, Vonta Leach, Marshal Yanda,

  3. Not hating on him, but this guy gets more credit for drafts than any NON GM/Head of Football operations than I’ve ever seen. Good P.R. staff buddy.

  4. @ KIR
    He gets that credit because he is Ozzie’s right hand man, no person in the organization will deny that.

    But do not be worried Ravens fans, I highly doubt he will go. First off he has not accepted an interview with anyone yet, some reports I’ve read show that he is unlikely to even accept an interview let alone a job. He has been with the Ravens for 16 years and is 40 years old… doing the math he has worked for the Ravens since he was 24!! And he is the eventual replacement of Ozzie who I would guess is likely to retire in the next 5 years (Simply basing my assumption on age). DeCosta has stated that the Ravens GM is his “dream job” I’m thinking they are taking care of him well enough and he will not be going anywhere.

  5. The Ravens should agree to grant permission, yet conveniently fail to call it in. Sound familiar, Chicago?

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears’ requested was rejected because of the residual draft-day bad blood.

    Jerry Angelo: screwing the Bears even post-employment.

  7. It has been reported that Decosta has turned down other interviews with other teams because he loves Baltimore and his wife is from Maryland. BUT he has said that the Chicago gig interests him.

    Just sayin’…….

  8. I agree with ac540, tell them ok then pull the rug out from under the Bears before they can speak with him….that was the stupidest trick I’ve ever seen a GM pull….there have probably been other goodies, just not ones that happen in public!

  9. I hope he signs with the Colts so we can hear how he’s not allowed to leave Baltimore, but if he does, has to leave his name and his Sporting News, Baltimore Business Journal and Baltimore Magazine awards behind.

    It may not be too late for the legislature to try to sue him to stop him from leaving.

  10. thatdamnsasquatch says: Jan 5, 2012 2:37 PM

    It’ll be interesting to see if the Ravens say no to the Bears on interviewing Eric DeCosta. After last years draft day trade debacle (screw-job by the Bears).


    Once Baltimore grants permission to one team,,they can’t deny it to any other.

  11. If I were DeCosta, I’d interview and see what’s out there. 5 years is a long time to wait for Newsome to retire and things can change. Who knows what the state of the Ravens will be in upcoming years without Reed, Lewis, ect. How many guys don’t take a job, and years later are no longer the one? Strike while the iron is hot!

  12. I say we let DeCosta interview with everybody but the Bears and tell the Bears that we want our 4th round pick plus a 5th round pick to pay the interest. Once they give us those picks then they can interview him. He’s not going to leave, but it would be fun just to mess with the Bears.

  13. I really hope you are all kidding about telling the Bears no that they can’t talk to DeCosta.
    1) The Bears fired the IDIOT that caused the problem.
    1b)Really Ravens fans get over it.
    2) The Ravens CAN’T deny someone a promotion opportunity.
    3) The Ravens already approved DeCosta to talk with another team, therefore by the rules they can not go back and deny the Bears permission…

  14. I wonder what Ravens fans would say if Minnesota fans started complaining about draft day antics.

    Seriously, as kerry points out, the guy responsible for the whole thing was fired. The reason? Incompetence.

    You’re fans of an organization way better than Detroit. No need to start imitating their fanbase.

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