Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler enters NFL draft


Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler has announced that he will forego his senior season and enter the 2012 NFL draft.

Osweiler becomes the second quarterback to announce his intentions to leave school with a year of NCAA eligibility remaining, following Stanford’s Andrew Luck. Baylor’s Robert Griffin III is also expected to announce that he’s turning pro, while USC’s Matt Barkley and Oklahoma’s Landry Jones have announced that they will stay in school.

Unlike Luck, Griffin, Barkley and Jones, Osweiler is not viewed as a likely first-round pick.

The most noteworthy thing about Osweiler is his size: At 6-foot-8, he’ll tie Dan McGwire as the tallest quarterback in NFL history. McGwire was a major bust after the Seahawks took him in the first round of the 1991 NFL draft, so Osweiler will not want to invite that comparison.

Osweiler initially committed to play basketball at Gonzaga before changing his mind and deciding to focus on football. In 2011, his only season as the Sun Devils’ starter, Osweiler completed 326 of 516 passes for 4,036 yards, with 26 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

39 responses to “Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler enters NFL draft

  1. He could capitalize big time thanks to Barkley and Jones going back to school, but he’s not ready. He needs more experience.

  2. Wow! As an Arizona State alum and fan I saw pretty much every snap Osweiler took and I am shocked he made this move now. I would love to know if he applied for a draft evaluation and what it said. I had no doubt he would get a long look by NFL scouts but thought he needed another year of college football. The only reason for this move had to be that their new coach Todd Graham (a disgraceful hire, by the way) let him know he wasn’t part of his plans. I think if he stayed he could have played himself into the first round. Then again, with his size and arm strength, he may go in second or third round and that might be enough for him. I wish him luck.

  3. u gotta take a chance on this kid

    hes 6’8

    and he got offered to play bball at gonzaga…

    so he’s got coordination and good feet,

    who knows why he was not beasting out at ASU , team maybe bad, erickson is a good coach – thats some NFL coaching right there a lil too…

    i dunno, watch this monster of a kid be better then Luck and Griffin

    if hes 6 8 he can tower over the offensive line in the pocket and THROW DOWN to WRs…

    no batted balls, bigger windows, etc…

    a team that already has a vet starting should take him and let him sit 2 years, and then watch him explode…

  4. He’s probably a likely undrafted free agent!!!

    But then again, I cannot blame him for wanting to leave. His current head coach treated the University of Pittsburgh like a diaper and acted disingenuous to his previous university employers!!!

  5. This guy would be less screwed if he did not play for Dennis Erickson!!!

    Erickson stop knowing how to coach ever since his final years at Oregon State and got away with a crap load of trouble in San Francisco with the 49ers, Idaho, and now Arizona State!!!

    The media was in bed with Erickson for way too long and he only got the job in San Francisco because Terry Donahue thought that he was a great guy to have a beer with!!! People, this does happen in society and it’s a disgrace!!!

  6. cmr123 says:
    Jan 6, 2012 5:33 PM
    he simply cant play at the NFL level.


    Coming from your vast expertise in rating NFL quarterbacks?

  7. He’ll go pretty high. The kid just turned 21 not long ago. He has the arm, the size, and good mobility. Better prospect than Kaepernick or Dalton from last year.

  8. Kid is definitely a player but is nothing more than a prospect right now. 3 or 4 rounder at best. But who knows maybe his family needs the money.

    He definitely has the arm and size, needs some help with his footwork an throwing motion but he can be coached. I am wondering if this move does have to do with the coaching change like others have said.

    If the coach didn’t want this kid or couldn’t fit him into his system then I think we can already see this is a bad hire. The kid was poised to have a big season in college.

  9. Boise State contained him pretty well in the Bowl game this year, and they had 2 freshmen at CB. NFL execs always lust after the measurables.

    How tall is Drew Brees? (About the same size as Kellen Moore from BSU) Measureables help, but it takes a lot more than that to excel at the most important position on the field.

  10. bubba9er says:
    Jan 6, 2012 6:58 PM
    Boise State contained him pretty well in the Bowl game this year, and they had 2 freshmen at CB. NFL execs always lust after the measurables.

    Contained him? The dude threw for 395 yards and 2 scores….i dont know of anyone who could consider than containment….

  11. If he can beat out Rex Grossman he’ll start…..hell, if he can make it through training camp without 45 int’s he can start!!

  12. Good luck to him. I hope someone gives him a chance and he gets to learn and has success. He’s got size and a good arm. A project but worth a shot.

  13. How fast can he run? If he times good he’d be smart to switch positions and become a TE. He could be the next Gronk.

    At least he’d get paid starting money and possibly have a career longer than 3 years.

  14. Osweiler has potential but he should’ve stayed for more experience. He had some moments this year where I thought he played very well but he’s not seasoned yet.

  15. Haven’t Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates taught us anything?

    You don’t turn 6’8″ inch power forwards into QBs. You turn them into tight ends.

  16. Mike Holmgren wants to draft a new protege.

    This guy’s stats would please a lot of Browns Fans who want a big tall rocket armed field general. Let McCoy run the offense for the next two years while this guy develops and then let the competetion begin.

    Might be a good fit.

  17. Please no to the Seahawks, someone somewhere still has footage from that early to mid 90’s era that hasn’t been burned that will surface of Mark’s brother lumbering around the Kingdome if they sign this guy.

    Gelbaugh, Stouffer, Friesz, and then missing out on Bledsoe thanks to beating the Pats with both teams finishing 2-14 that one season, and getting Mirer (or Clausen V1.0) with the #2 pick.

    Moon coming in and at 42, starting more games than anyone else for a couple seasons. Awful time to be a fan, 2 winning seasons over 11 years.

  18. It’s one thing that he wants to declare for the draft. It’s another thing that he thinks it’s a big deal. It’s not. He’s not Tom Brady, he’s not even Tony Romo. Hell, he’s not even Tim Tebow. He’s “Brock Who?” to 99% of the NFL-viewing public.

    Bye-bye, Brock. ASU won’t miss you much, Erickson even less and I not at all.

  19. So you should only come out if, say, 50% of the NFL watching public knows who you are? I guess the scouts and GMs do hold meetings after each year with the NFL watching public to find out who to draft, huh?

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