Here’s the Friday Morning Joe pop

Earlier today, Peter King and yours truly visited with the folks at Morning Joe to talk about this weekend’s playoff games.

If you missed it then, you can see it now.

And if you don’t watch Morning Joe, you should be.  I know that because that’s what my TiVo has been telling me lately, every time I press the “pause” button.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

10 responses to “Here’s the Friday Morning Joe pop

  1. Maybe you were about to say “I’d” but caught yourself you really just said “I….” and slurred something….should watch the whole video for context.

  2. Enjoy your coffee instead if you want to start your day off right. This is usually a very bitter group of hosts, especially the blond (once upon a time).

  3. I missed a flight last year because I got up and turned on “Morning Joe” and was laughing at how suspicious the blonde was. Always has a concerned look on her face. Only time I’ve ever missed a flight…

  4. Not only depends on which Lions team shows up, also which Saints team gets on the field. Sometimes the Saints just click and things go great – other times they play loose and the big ones get away for many yards on a strike.
    They do great on stopping the 1st & 2nd down plays but just when the other team is at 3rd & 10 or 15 they let them rip off big yards for that 1st down.
    Darn that gets me mad, but Geaux Saints do your best.

  5. “Lions…..the one that played against the Packers”

    I don’t get it. Everyone talks like the Lions were blown out against the Packers. Yes, the defense allowed a lot of points, but so did the Packers. The Lions lost by just 4 points! And we won’t (ok, we will) talk about the imaginary fumbles and the impossible to believe missed touchdown call. Yikes!

  6. You looked so bright-eyed! You must be a morning guy. When do you sleep?

    Since Ingram can’t play, I can feel absolutely guilt-free in saying I’d love to see your prediction come true for the Lions in this one.

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