John Abraham won’t be a part-time player in the playoffs

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The Falcons have been careful to monitor defensive end John Abraham’s snaps during the season, turning their best pass rusher into a part-time player.

He will be a full-time player in the playoffs.

“We’ve had him on a play count all season long, and now it’s an opportunity for us to go and extend his snaps as we get into the postseason,” Falcons coach Mike Smith said Thursday via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

New York’s defensive line gets a lot of attention, and for good reason. But Atlanta’s group is underrated and dangerous in its own right.

Abraham, 33, is still an effective pass rusher. Corey Peters and Jonathan Babineux are a terrific 1-2 combination at defensive tackle.

New York’s offensive line has been up and down all year and they will have their hands full on Sunday.

16 responses to “John Abraham won’t be a part-time player in the playoffs

  1. A seemingly good plan, but it could backfire. What if all of those limited-snap games have lowered his endurance to the point he cannot play a complete game?

  2. Atlanta is that hot team entering the playoffs that nobody is giving a chance, if they can go into NY and get a W that will boost their confidence and they have a shot of playing in Indy! Long shot in Vegas…I’ll put a c-note down on that!!!

  3. Why is ATL overlooked in this game??? 10th ranked O vs 27th ranked D? But let’s talk up NYs D. This makes no sense to me. But atl D is 12th and NYs O is 8th. This is fine atl will fly under the radar for matts first playoff win. Last 6 game he has 14tds and 2ints. Not to mentionm the 2 games he got pulled early cuz they were up by 40+ he is playin as good as anyone in the league right now. Atl wins

  4. If you look at the stats between both teams they are pretty evenly matched with the exception of rushing yards. (But Turner was held in check in last 2 playoff appearances). Which is why this is called the Second Season and all past games go out the window. Everybody is 0-0. I think the bookies may know something that this game may just come down to a FG for the win. At least the first playoff game ever in MetLife Stadium’s short history is hosted by the Jints. GO BLUE!!

  5. There you are skippy. Just like we “faded” into the playoffs; John abraham got 100+ “lazy” sacks and has the most amoung active players. Know what your talkin about before you make yourself look like anymore of a fool.

  6. There you are droppydarock. Firstly, most of abraham’s sacks came with the jets, so the dopes in your teams front office bought worn out, damaged goods. Secondly, if you know anything about this league, you know how notoriously difficult it is to get this bum to play well unless money is involved, i.e., a contract year. So, I was thrilled when your dbirds foolishly signed this overrated selfish hack. How’d he do against my team and my QB in 2 games this year? He did nada! So, enjoy your trip to NJ this year because it’s the last trip and last game your team will play this season. Fade away lil’ birdies, fade away…

  7. Ss. Wow you are hopeless. 6 years in both NY and Atl. 53.5 with NY. 57.5 with Atl. My calculations he did better with atl. ALSO 4 of his 6 seasons he had ATLEAST 9.5 sacks. What was he a yearly player? Every years a contract year for him. Stop posting nonsense on here. You obviously have no clue what your talkin about. Is there anyone on your team with 57.5 sacks???


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