Maurkice Pouncey will miss Broncos game

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Well, here’s some good news for anyone wanting Tebow Time to last a little longer.

Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey will not face Denver on Sunday after suffering a setback in his injured ankle in practice this week. Pouncey missed two games at the end of the regular season, but he was able to play in the season finale.

Doug Legursky is expected to move to center like in last year’s Super Bowl, with Chris Kemoeatu at guard. Denver’s defensive line should be able to get after a hobbled Ben Roethlisberger.

The Steelers will likely try to spread out the Broncos and focus on short passes.

52 responses to “Maurkice Pouncey will miss Broncos game

  1. While Legursky is no Pouncey, he isn’t lunchmeat either. He played pretty well in the Super Bowl last year, keeping Raji out of the way after hearing all week how Raji was going to unleash hell.

    I agree, expect to see 7-12 yard passes as Ben gets rid of the ball quickly. Brady makes a career of doing this.

    The Steelers won’t complain or make excuses, and they won’t lose the game either.


  2. After Pouncey was ruled out, Roethlisberger became jealous at the lack of dramatic coverage he was receiving. So after hearing about the truly tragic situation involving Kirby Wilson, Bathroom Ben made the Steelers PR staff announce that he has also suffered bad burns…on the roof of him mouth after eating cheese pizza. Ben said he’ll play on because he’s a true hero.

  3. Interestingly, this AM Jaws said Broncos might play Quinn in the 2d half if Tebow falters early.

    But fundamentally, is that really a change, bringing in a Notre Damer to replace him?

  4. The Pitt defense will force Tebow to play like a real QB…………and that does not bold well for Denver. I realize that Pitt has injuries and offensively they’ll have some issues, but I see a few picks and maybe a fumble on the horizon.

    22-15 Pitt

  5. @ caseyanthonymunoz

    Wow, how surprising, another post by this turd attacking Roethlisberger. Your posts are getting so boring and predictable.

  6. I’m less concerned about Pouncey missing the game than learning that Kemo will be in at guard. It might save time if the refs just gave him his own flag so he could throw it himself when he runs into the pile 10 seconds after the whistle is blown.

    I love my team and believe we’re capable of winning it all when everyone is healthy. But I’d be a fool to have high expectations this year under these circumstances. Right now I’ll be happy if we just make it through Denver without embarrassing ourselves. But much as I respect Kevin Colbert, enough is enough. We have to address that o-line this off season.

  7. Just glad Ben is a warrior and is going to be able to go on Sunday, that is the main thing. Everyone acts like Pouncey misses all these key games…only 2nd year in the league with two years of key games most teams dont even get two years of key games in 10 years.

  8. This will present a big obstacle for the Steelers interior offensive line. Brodrick Bunkley is an above-average player having a career year. He made Nick Mangold look like a career back-up and is currently listed on a few All-Pro teams (including PFF).

    I’m looking forward to this match-up and many others on Sunday. Steelers-Broncos is going to be fun to watch.

  9. I vote caseyanthonymunoz as one of the top 5 most idiotic posters on this website.

    Who does he cheer for? I’m betting it’s some lousy team that blows harder than his mom.

  10. @ caseyanthonymunoz

    This is what we have all come up with about you.

    A. Have a man crush on Ben
    B. His woman left him for Ben and has never came back.
    C. Jealous of the 6 Lombardi’s
    D. Just a troll

  11. Hey Deb,

    I’m a Steeler fan too. You write your comment as though Colbert hasn’t addressed the O-line issues. They drafted Gilbert last year, Pouncey the year before. Two quality guys. Pouncey needs to stay healthy, that’s the real problem. Ramon Foster has stepped in really good at the RG spot this year and Legursky is really good at LG when Pouncey is actually healthy. Next year we’ll get Colon back too. And Starks has definitely been an upgrade at LT.

    Don’t make the mistake and say the o-line is the problem. When they’ve had all of their pieces together, they’ve been good this year. Ben is always going to take sacks. It’s the way he plays. If the starting five of Starks, Legursky, Pouncey, Foster, and Gilbert/Colon come back next year and can stay healthy I’d have zero problem with that. They’re going to be drafting to low in the first round to get an impact left tackle, so maybe take a flyer on a guy in the mid rounds.

  12. raven410 says:
    Jan 6, 2012 1:18 PM
    Who cares. It’s gonna take a miracle for the Broncos to win…..wait

    Now you did it!! Tebow is on the phone with the BIG GUY as we speak!!!!

  13. Deb, You are right on the mark. I have been saying the same thing for two or three years now.
    The offensive line has to be taken seriously for once.

  14. ravenator January 6, 2012, 1:22 PM EST

    Wow like I said, Pouncey is always missing key games. Sucks.

    Pouncey=pro-bowl starter…. yea he sucks

  15. @Deb –

    My thoughts exactly. I expect very little scoring by either team and as long as Kemo is in there, probably several penalties. Not to mention more than likely multiple sacks of Ben. I don’t think many “experts” who predict a Steeler blowout give the Bronco D as much respect as they should against this bad O-line. This matchup will likely determine the outcome of the game.

  16. The weather may matter in Denver. Steelers are obviously the better team but they are banged up and this is the latest example. Their RB coach is involved in a personal tragedy while their backups need to overcome the loss of mendenhal. I think this will be a tough game for both sides. If the broncos avoid turnovers they have a shot. 1st play from scrimmage–play action bomb by tebow to slow down the pass rush. If it connects, bad vibe for steelers in hostile environment. The longer the broncos hang around the more anxiety permeates the steelers sidelines.


  17. I hope the broncos win. I only watch the Big game if my team is in and I don’t want to miss Madonna’s half time show.

  18. Broncos are going to run all over these guys early and get out to 10-0 lead. Pitt will eventually come back like they always do and win late. Steelers 20 Broncos 17…I hope my Broncos can pull it out, but I doubt it.

  19. The Steelers will be unable to move the ball with all of their injuries, but they will still lead 10-6 late into the 4th quarter, when Tebow does his thing and marches the Broncos to a brilliant touchdown drive.

    Broncos 13, Steelers 10.

    On the sideline, Pig Pen will be crying.

  20. “Bathroom Ben made the Steelers PR staff announce that he has also suffered bad burns…on the roof of him mouth after eating cheese pizza. Ben said he’ll play on because he’s a true hero.”

    Ha ha ha truer lines could not be spoken caseyanthonymunoz! Dude pretends like his entire leg has been severed whenever he has an ankle injury.

  21. The Steelers will be unable to move the ball with all of their injuries, but they will still lead 10-6 late into the 4th quarter, when Tebow does his thing and marches the Broncos to a brilliant touchdown drive.

    Broncos 13, Steelers 10.

    On the sideline, Pig Pen will be crying.

  22. Even if the Steelers lose, I’ll still be overjoyed if James Harrison is able to concuss Baby Jesus:)

  23. Wow haha, so when I said Ben will never survive with the patchwork quilt blanket he calls an Oline, I was chastised but now look where your team stands, on a hobbled leg and a fart of a chance.

  24. @toegoat

    ravenator isn’t saying Pouncey sucks, he’s saying the fact he misses key games sucks

    Your stupid comment
    Pouncey=pro-bowl starter…. yea he sucks

    No Pouncey doesn’t suck, but your a moron !

  25. The Denver Broncos can not ask for a better opportunity to knock off the Steelers. This team is beat up.

  26. This is *precisely* what I feared heading into the 49’er game. To the letter.

    Going into that game, the insert Woodley into the starting lineup under some misguided thought process that he’ll be the version of healthy LaMarr. Of course, he wasn’t.

    And Ben, who can barely play soft catch on the sidelines, is in there getting batted around like a pin ball by Aldon Smith and company.

    Sheer brilliance.

    So Ben and Woodley do nothing but play poorly or have negligible impact on the game. Upside? Non-existent.

    Downside? They both aggravate injuries they had nearly a month to rest if they’d have played it smart.

    That was genius enough.

    But then comes the regular season finale? Woodley is still shelved due to the idiocy of trotting him out in the ‘Niner game. But this time they decide to roll out Ben and Pouncey?


    Again, Ben and Pouncey are shells of themselves – and the only real impact of their performance(s)??? They both exacerbate existing injuries to the point they either can’t play or their play is borderline useless. Again, we’re dealing with injuries that had a MONTH to heal up for the postseason.

    They all could have been healthy, rested, fresh – if we’d have just sat them after round 1 with the Browns.

    But no – this is how Pittsburgh played its cards.


    Just love our Head Coach — but how hard was this to figure out? Really?

    P.S. What truly qualified TRAINER signs off on this? Seriously. The trainer okayed this? Does the Trainer have any clue about situational awareness?

  27. @bristerfan …

    I always liked Bubby, too. Afraid our agreement stops there 🙂

    Getting Colon back after two years on the sidelines doesn’t really excite me. He was overrated before these back-to-back injuries and certainly not worth the contract we signed just before losing him for the season. I’m thrilled that after being cut and getting no takers Max decided to get in game shape. But it’s not like he was some sudden revelation. If he’d reported in game shape from the get-go, we might not have had such a sorry showing in the opening game. Yes, I was thrilled with Pouncey. I’m an SEC fan and knew what we were getting with him in the first round. Unfortunately, he’s showing some durability problems. This is the second year he’s had ankle issues, which is critical for a man playing the center position.

    Ramon Foster has done okay, and Gilbert is coming along after a horrible start. But we are desperate at guard. And no law says we can only address the line through the draft. We can take advantage of free agency just as Ozzie did in shoring up the Ravens’ line.

    Colbert’s done a fantastic job of creating depth at some positions, but the line has been lacking for a while now.

  28. I wonder if Tomlin is proud of the disastrous way he managed the injury situation with Ben and Pouncey. They could have beaten Browns with their backups. But what was certain by playing Ben and Pouncey was their healing was going to be stalled at best and the injuries could have gotten worse. There was little upside and a lot more of a downside.

    As far as Quinn, what a joke. DEnver is better off using Tebow who is capable of one great drive even if he is not capable of a great game at this level. Quinn is not capable of one great play. If I am Denver, I am sticking with Tebow all the way and hope for the best. They never sould have released Orton.

  29. There will be two quarterbacks on the field claiming God guides their lives. One was twice publically accused of rape (more times privately, by the way), while the other was never publically accused of rape. I can tell the difference, can you?

    Changing the subject, I am looking forward to cheering for LSU, wannabe yinzer!

  30. You guys are crazy, the steelers o-line is fine when we start getting guys back. They need a big NT, and if I had to place a bet, that’s where it goes

  31. The problem isn’t that Pouncey is replaced with Lagursky. The problem is that you take Pouncey out and put Trai “revolving door” Essex in.

  32. Yeah, that breaks my heart, antibenapalooza LOL No matter what happens in that game, we’ll still have double-digits more trophies than LSU has ever seen 😀 ROLL TIDE!!

    By the way, I have no desire to be a yinzer. Have loved the Steelers quite happily for 34 years from the Southern U.S. region of worldwide Steeler Nation. You’re the Raven masquerading in a hard hat, honey. I don’t wear disguises. 😎


  33. Steeler Nation can at least be proud of the year it had. Roethlisberger showed his
    toughness, playing 2-3 games on a badly injured ankle. Losing Rashard Mendenhall

    ended up being a huge problem, even though Redmon had a good game and gave

    everything he had in defeat. I guess this was Hines Ward’s last game, and what a

    loss that will be for the Steelers from a leadership standpoint. Polamalu, too, may

    elect to retire, and there’s no shame in that. If only Center Maurkice Pouncey had

    returned from injury, this game may have had a different outcome? No one can be

    sure, I guess.

    So for Steeler fans, I guess they’ll have to find solace in the positives, great WR’s

    under the great OC Bruce Arians, who in my opinion is the best offensive coordinator in the AFC. I’m surprised he wasn’t mentioned as a possibility in

    Kansas City to take over for Crennel?

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