Quinn denies getting extra reps


Earlier today, we reported that Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn received roughly half of the snaps in practice this week with Denver’s first-team offense.

Predictably, Quinn has denied it, via text message to Jeff Darlington of NFL.com.  The fact that Quinn said he didn’t get more reps both before and after our report surfaced is irrelevant; Quinn wouldn’t be letting the cat out of the bag to anyone in the media about whether and to what extent he is or isn’t getting more reps.  Otherwise, those practice reps would never translate to game reps.

It’s hardly Quinn’s first ride in the discretion rodeo.  When Quinn and Derek Anderson were ping-ponging in Cleveland, the question of whether Quinn or Anderson was in line to play became a hot topic.  Both guys knew not to blab — especially not while speaking (or texting) on the record.

So we stand by what we reported.  Though we don’t fault Darlington for sharing that which Quinn was willing to say, it’s hardly surprising that Quinn didn’t spill the beans regarding what could be one of the most surprising developments of the weekend:  the possible benching of Tim Tebow.

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  1. Regardless, Quinn just needs another chance to play and he’ll run with the job.

    If he were to start, they’d beat Pittsburgh and maybe go on a run from there.

    He got a raw deal in Cleveland.

  2. The second that they put in Brady Quinn they are admitting that they made a mistake releasing Kyle Orton.

  3. Perhaps this could also light a fire under Tebow?

    It’s possible. After the Detroit game they were close to benching Tebow for Quinn, but Tebow got on a roll and they rattled off five straight.

    This is going to be an intriguing game.

  4. honestly would putting in Quinn really make that big a difference?He hasn’t taken a snap in a game all year and then in the biggest game of the season he gets thrown out there ala Carson Palmer?Might as well stick with Tebow and take your lumps.I thought Elway wanted him to fail anyways to be able to justify it when they replace him next season.Move him to TE next season,he’s built for it.

  5. Donks need to now walk onto the field with Quinn in Tebow’s gear and Tebow in Quinn’s to complete the deception.

  6. I don’t think the steelers can handle preparing for two below average quarterbacks at the same time. As long as Quinn didn’t turn the ball over, he’d essentially be tebow, but more accurate. It’s quinnmania time.

  7. Any word on rothleisberger’s amputation-like-symptoms ? god, what a warrior !!!! ( just ask him, he’ll tell you )

  8. This is a none story. The Steeler’s, who I hate, are a good football team that hits hard on defense. Opposing QBs take a pounding against them. Tebow’s style lends itself to his running into Harrison and company a few times. It only makes sense to have your backup a little more ready to play. Especially for a playoff game. And if the Steeler’s do get a big lead, you may want someone with a little more passing ability than Tebow. Bronxo’s are being smart I my book and this is not a strike against Tebow, except for those who just like to Mock him.

  9. Has anyone ever seen Quinn play?

    He’s horrific, he has Tebow accuracy with Tom Brady speed.

    You don’t solve you’re offensive struggle by bringing in a MORE limited qb.

    Think people, sheesh.

  10. It looks like the Broncos are taking a page from the Steelers book about personnel rumors to try and disrupt gameplanning by the other team.

  11. Whether Quinn plays or not, this will be the last game that Tebows plays QB in a Denver uniform. They just have to move on…but it was fun for a while

  12. You see…this is how a backup QB should handle it. Tebow would’ve sit back and let people assume.

    Good for Quinn. Tebow should watch and learn.

  13. It would be pretty intriguing to see a “two-headed monster” QB situation. A run-first “Tebow playbook”, and a “Quinn playbook” with conventional pro sets and more passing. Scripted drives for each QB’s strengths and possible no-huddle drives to prevent defensive adjustments and substitutions. Trick plays with both in the backfield. Could make for a very interesting game. I like the potential as a desperate attempt to win this game as heavy underdogs at home.

  14. worldwidebleater says:Jan 6, 2012 5:06 PM

    Ahh, the trickeration. What WILL the Steelers do?

    Probably announce that Big Ben’s leg fell off below the knee, but he is a warrior, and he will tough it out for the game. Then Tomlin will fix his hair, get his beard trimmed just right, put on his overly intense expression, make his eyes real big, and tell us all that Big Ben is a game time decision…

  15. …am i the only one who sees three hags stirring a cauldren & muttering to themselves here???…

  16. What difference would Quinn make to the Denver offense? Orton, a decidedly better passer than Quinn and Tebow, averaged just 196 yds and 1.6 TDs per game for the first 5 games of the year. Orton also had Brandon Lloyd to throw to during those games.

  17. Expected. Knowing the Broncos he would have been fined if he didn’t come out against any report.

  18. As a Ravens fan, I have to chuckle at the prospect of the Steelers defense getting bewildered by this tactic. Really? Trust me, they aren’t worried about the possibility of facing Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

    LOL! Gee I wonder if the Steelers will be able to prep for *both* of these quarterbacks??? I mean, how do you prep your team to face either a crummy QB who can’t throw or another crummy QB who can just barely throw?

    Yet another AFC West “champion” is about to get another taste of playoff reality courtesy of an AFC North Defense. Again. And I got to tell you folks, it’s not going to be pretty.

  19. This could be good. Utilize Tebow in wildcat where he was meant to be. I like it. Unconventional but Fox didn’t even expect to be here.

  20. It’ll never happen, but it’d be hilarious if the Broncos were to cut Tebow and he wound up on the Jets. McElroy thought the locker room was a shock for him? You all think you see Jets or Tebow articles too much as it is? Ha!

  21. Well, this seals it. They’re trying too hard to make the Steelers think pass. They’ll come out with Tebow under center and run spreads and options all day long. It’s going to be a slobberknocker.

  22. Elway “you have to throw the ball efficiently to compete in this league’
    Fox ‘if we have to throw the ball we are screwed’
    Any one have a translation ? YRUP!!
    Lets try Brady Quinn.

  23. So who on the Ben Stillers can tackle Tebow running in the slot with Quinn in the Gun?? It will happen!! I’m seein 21-0 Broncos halftime lead!!

  24. jmclarkent says:
    Jan 6, 2012 5:09 PM
    The second that they put in Brady Quinn they are admitting that they made a mistake releasing Kyle Orton.


    They’re admitting they want to see Quinn in a playoff situation for next season – and prepping in case Tebow gets knocked out or struggles.

  25. Quinn is a Deer in headlight waiting to get run over.
    We here in Cleveland managed to squeeze the life out of him.
    I was in the stands when the Browns played the 49ers.
    It was just before 1/2 and I think some Andersen guy, yea. Derrick that got hurt and in went Quinn.
    He looked TREMENDOUS.
    Drove em’ down the field and then Braylon Edwards and Winslow dropped some passes that were RIGHT IN THEIR HANDS !
    And we kicked a field goal and Quinn was never heard from again.
    Started Derrick in the second half.
    I could not believe it.
    but THEN AGAIN it cleveland.
    we are turds looking for a bowl… or is it … never mind.
    Good luck Brady… I still Love you !
    I saw what I saw.
    He just needs to get enough reps for the game to slow down for him like all QB’s, that get it, do.

  26. “the possible benching of Tim Tebow.”
    “Comments which imply hip hip hoary”
    Really, gunna hangin on till the very end huh…..

    like the obsessed ex that go away.

    Cut the cord already…..

  27. This guy hasn’t played in an NFL game in years but you’re gonna throw him in against the Steelers…in the playoffs? Yea, that sounds like a great idea. Tebow helped get you here. Ride him out this last game and see if he’ll be the qb next year.

  28. This is a classic example of when you wish it was possible for both teams to lose this game

  29. Damn this site acts like the gestapo. Any post that questions the writers (no profanity) gets deleted.

    Had a funny one about Quinn and conspiracy theories… oh well.
    Moving on.

  30. No Mike, you guys were wrong and should just apologize instead of insinuating that Quinn is rather lying. Stand up for the error Mike.

  31. sophiethegreatdane says:
    Jan 6, 2012 5:58 PM

    Yet another AFC West “champion” is about to get another taste of playoff reality courtesy of an AFC North Defense. Again. And I got to tell you folks, it’s not going to be pretty.
    That may well be, but at least after the game we don’t have to live in Baltiless, Pittsville, Cincismelly, Crapland or some other eastern dump…

  32. Tom Brady taught broncos fans how a QB should be. Broncos fans taught us n owners n coaches not to listen to people who think they know everything….. N Tim Tebow tricked them all…. wat a shame!!!!!

  33. Caseyanthonymuncooze says

    “That Rapist is a bad guy who complains about a 1st degree sprain and he should be suspended and… oh wait, this isn’t about Ben R???? Never mind.”

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