Raiders will hire Reggie McKenzie as next general manager


Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie is headed to Oakland to become their new general manager, whether coach Hue Jackson likes it or not.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news, which sounds unlikely to be confirmed by the Raiders right away. (What’s new?)

McKenzie and the Raiders still have to iron out details of McKenzie’s power within the organization. Ron Wolf and John Madden, who both helped with the Raiders search in unofficial capacities, both supported McKenzie’s bid for the job.

Once McKenzie is hired, it will be interesting to see how the team structures the relationship between McKenzie and Jackson. It’s also believed McKenzie could bring along Eliot Wolf, Ron’s son, to come with him from Green Bay.

McKenzie played with the Raiders from 1985-1988.  He’s been with the Packers personnel department for 18 years.

No matter how things work out with Jackson, this is a great move for the Raiders. The team’s personnel department has been stuck in outdated, 1970’s thinking for a long time. McKenzie should bring them into the modern era.

71 responses to “Raiders will hire Reggie McKenzie as next general manager

  1. Congrats Reggie. Hopefully GB can continue to do great things without you. I definitely don’t take it for granted when a guy keeps his job in the NFL for 18 years.

  2. Lightning fast job by Mark Davis sending a message we will no longer operate like a “mom and pop” organization. BS about Hue overblown, Hue is held in high esteem by Davis/Trask. Welcome home Reggie! The greatness of the Raiders is in its future!

  3. The Oakland – Green Bay connection lives!

    That’s a good hire!

    He’ll miss those high draft choices lost by Hue in the Palmer deal.

  4. Reggie: Hey Hue, what the hell happened to all of our draft picks?

    Hue: Ummmmm… ummmmm… look Reg, wether you like it or not… this is MY team!

    Reggie: Yeah, ok little man… we’ll see about that

  5. Big day in Raider history and you guys are last to the party. Then you show up with this weak crap!

    Seriously get someone who stays up late and keeps track of these things.

  6. Of course the Raiders haven’t announced it yet…he’s committed to the Packers until the end of the season.

    Regardless, this is a great move by the Raiders. McKenzie will help usher in a new era in Oakland and he has the experience and knowledge to lead this great organization back to excellence.

  7. First course of action, put a muzzle on Hue and have him coach his guys up and shut the heck up!

  8. CONGRATS RAIDER NATION. This move was long overdue. You got youreslves a good man and a serious talent. I see playoffs in your not too distant future.

  9. Good luck to McKenzie and the rest of the Raiders organization next season. You seem to be taking a step in the right direction. I just hope you can all work together in harmony.

  10. “Doesn’t matter Tim Tebow will own that team.”

    Maybe if he puts together an ownership group to raise the money to buy the team from Mark Davis after he’s out of the NFL in a couple years.

  11. Of course I meant I hope McKenzie has the ability to fire Hue Jackson . That season ending press conference made me puke . I really hate it when my job distracts me from following the Raiders all day .

  12. The Mark Davis Era begins on a very positive note. Great Job Mark Davis , John Madden and Ron Wolf!
    This move will bring stability and structure to The Raider Organization. Slowly but surely we will start to see the unorthodox, cat and mouse games dissipate from Oakland that has plagued this Organization for many years.

  13. All of this BS about Jackson is so overblown and then you guys (the media) just perpetuate it with bombastic statements and articles. The fact is that Jackson is held in high regard by Mark Davis and Amy Trask. Great move by Davis to act so quickly in the hiring. 2012 is starting out on the right foot.

  14. test2402 says:
    Jan 6, 2012 8:50 AM
    Doesn’t matter Tim Tebow will own that team.


    That statement echoes insecurity.

    Welcome home, Reggie.

  15. Reggie McKenzie has been highly regarded in the Packers organization for years. Congrats to the Raiders Nation, they shan’t be disappointed.

    I hope Raiders fans are patient, though. If McKenzie operates similarly to Ted Thompson, he will build through the draft with minimal free agent activity. Having virtually no draft picks the next two years will slow things down, but improvement should be obvious after that. When Thompson first came on board, the Packers had to suffer a 4-12 season followed by an 8-8 season before they hit 13-3. It was a slow, deliberate process but the result is a team with great depth.

  16. The Raiders are a bunch of ‘lying liars’ lol

    No more trading premium draft picks for aging, big-name veterans.

    This also spells doom for Terrelle Pryor. That too was a wasted draft pick.

    Some may also say the same about Carson Palmer but give him a full offseason to work with his receivers and digest the playbook before you pass judgment.

    Palmer did throw 16 interceptions in just 10 games (9 starts) but he did complete about 61 % of his passes and threw for nearly 3,000 yards. He had four 300 yard games including a 400 yard game against San Diego. Palmer also posted a QB rating of 80.5; which is higher than Mark Sanchez and Ryan Fitzpatrick had in a full season.

  17. excellent move by the Raiders.You brought in a football man who comes highly touted by other legendary football men.Hopefully the days of drafting speedy guys with bad hands and minimal football skills is over.

  18. So is it guaranteed that the new GM and Jackson won’t get along or something? Because that’s what it sounds like the writer of this article is trying to say.

  19. “Having virtually no draft picks the next two years will slow things down, but improvement should be obvious after that.”

    Loved your post, but minor quibble here: the Raiders (as of this moment) have all their picks in 2013 except for the 1st or 2nd rounder, depending on whether or not they get to the AFC Championship game.

  20. “Palmer did throw 16 interceptions in just 10 games (9 starts) but he did complete about 61 % of his passes and threw for nearly 3,000 yards. He had four 300 yard games including a 400 yard game against San Diego”

    Yep. 3 of those came in that game against KC when he was thrown into the fire after Kyle Boller suffered one of the great meltdowns in recent NFL history and Palmer was basically forced to go out there and play sandlot football.

    His only interception on Sunday came when Jacoby Ford fell down coming out of his break.

    Not that 12 INTs in 9 starts is a good thing, but it’s a more reasonable number given all the other factors.

  21. Just so everyone knows, the GM comes in and decides who the HC will be. The HC then hires, or keeps who he wants for assistants.

    This is the way it works and should work. Yet, PFT and the sheep are trying to make a story about the assistants being “fired” when in reality, they’ve been told their contracts are not being renewed.

    This is accurate and the way to do business, if the GM decides to keep them, they’ll have a new contract.

  22. The Raiders disorganization has left fans with one huge headache. The hiring of Reggie is like taking a couple of aspirins and hoping for some relief. Welcome home Reggie.

  23. Great move by the Raiders bringing in McKenzie. Although, as a Bengals fan, I am very grateful for that short period of time when Hue Jackson was making the personnel decisions for the Raiders.

  24. Not many Raider fans know this but Al still runs the show by way of a wedgie board. By all accounts he is doing a great job.

  25. The Raiders started to decline when Ron Wolf left the Raiders and joined the Packers. 2-3 years later The Packers started to Rise.

    Glad to see an Mckenzie and an updated version of the original Raider Way coming back home. Props to Mark Davis…good hire.

    Hopefully McKenzie can talk Gruden into coming back home. I remember 2-3 years ago a fan at Rickey’s asked Gruden if he would coach the Raiders again and he said…all they have to do is ask.

    Happy with Hue Jackson though. Good coach that had to go through some growing pains. Didn’t contend for a championship, but he got after it though. He tried to move heaven and earth to get the Raiders where they need to be. Pulled a retired QB off the couch and had him throwing for 300 yards a game. It was a phenomenal job, despite what others may think.

  26. tenotnamedmiller says: Jan 6, 2012 8:27 AM

    Of all the available GM jobs, Raiders definitely the worst. Power hungry HC in place, no draft picks, organization is a mess in general.

    Actually, it’s one of the best. The head coach is disposable, the roster is begging for a professional makeover, and the owner isn’t a hands-on control freak and de facto GM like Jerry Jones. The lack of draft picks this spring is a bitch, but there is a lot of young talent on the roster, and McKenzie gets a chance to prove he can turn this “mess” into a successful club.

  27. Congrats Raider Nation, you got a good man! McKenzie had much o do with GB’s roster being stocked with late round and UDRFAs. He will do a great job! He can start with canning Bozo The Coach!

  28. Hue Jackson IS Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours,
    “There’s a new Sheriff in town”!
    The difference is Murphy’s character was capable! Jackson is not!

    Good Luck cleaning up Hue’s mess Reggie McKenzie! You ARE the new Sheriff!

  29. I don’t know what most of you people wants from your respective teams…but since hue Jackson has came to the silver and black we have become competitive and barley missed playoffs 2years in a row…in a “business” like the NFL were winning Iz ALL DAT MATTERS ..he’s winning and doin good job..no1 knew that AL DAVIS was gna pass nd not only did he have the raiders playing for sumthin week 16 for the 1st time in a decade ..he got us a legit qb who can win us sum games…jcambell Iz a game manager..he waz a product of DMACS ridiculously amazing start to the season…Wen were healthy next year there’s no doubt in my mind well b in playoffs AND contending for the SHIPP!!! GO RAIDERNATION!! RIP AL DAVIS!!

  30. Outstanding move! Best move for the Raiders since they left Oakland for Los Angeles some 30 years ago.

  31. Wow. As a life long Raida fan I almost crapped myself. We the Raida Nation have suffered under a dictator, who has way past his prime and made his fanbase suffer for many years, with poor decisions… Don’t get me wrong I love AL, but hey, there comes a time you got to step down ( maybe Jery Jones is reading this)… Anyways, it is great in 1 year they are making some drastic changes for the better. Mckenzie and Wolf both proven resumes and I finally feel positive we have someone in the drivers seat, who can steer through bad traffic. Hue, now you must shut your mouth and coach, else you are next.. Thanks for making my Friday even better!!!


  32. Some of you so-called raider fans crying and hating on Carson Palmer and the trade, go root for the bitch-ass 49ers. They got a limp-noodle arm QB you can get behind. And yes, I give Harbaugh his due props, but trust this, if he had Chuck Bresnahan running his defense, The 49ers would be at home watching the playoffs just like us. We bring in Spagnoulo and get a real middle linebacker, Carson Palmer, with Darren McFadden for even 8 games throws for 4,500 yards takes us to the AFC championship next year. Carson is a top 10 QB and Hue Jackson ain’t going nowhere, Get over it!

  33. If this is true, the depression I’ve been feeling since the San Diego game may finally start to lift. This is a great sign that the organiztion is moving in the right direction and that Mark Davis may prove to be a far greater assets to the team than his father was for the last 10 years.

  34. From a longtime Packer Fan, congrats to Reggie! 18 years speaks loyalty and you did it quietly as well as professionally. You didn’t get enough credit in the drafting the Pack did. You deserve this, I wish you luck!

    Raider fans should be celebrating … This is HUGE! Reggie worked with Ron Wold, Ted Thompson, Holmgren, and others. Raider-Nation has turned the corner.

  35. Please share with me me one instance in which a team confirms the hiring of a coach/gm/personnel guy who is still under contract with another team. Yet it is only the Raiders who get the “(What’s new?)” smug comment.

  36. The raiders will be ok with out the draft picks this year they were well used….. Look we have Carson Palmer i am excited about this next year in a raiders uniform and a year under his belt in the system with the Wicked WR we have he is primed for a wonderful 2012 season. We have alot of young talent in skill positions. With a solid free agency season and a great D cord. We have a solid chance of being the number 1 team in the afc next year… I believe it and so should you…. Look i heard they are moving Huff to CB next year is it true i don’t know but it would work out. We have mike mitchelle which is a good cover guy are safty and a huge hitter him and Branch would be great duo. We have some of the most talent at LB just need some coaching. The O-line is solid and young beef bruce cambell would really be an upgrade if he can work hard this off season. I love this team and how great they can become next year. Hue will fall in line and do his job and be in the playoffs next year…

  37. Good luck Reggie, hope it works out for you, thanks for all the great years you gave the Packers organization. Hopefully you can dig your way out of the poor personnel decisions the Raiders have made over the years. Oh yeah, hows that Carson Palmer trade looking. Anyone, I’m looking at you Hue, who had anything to do with that deal should be fired right now.

  38. The Raiders fans should be very encouraged by this move. They got a good one….maybe two.

    -Packer fan.

  39. Reggie learned by watching Wolf and Thompson – the Raiders may actually have a legit front office by the start of the season because a house cleaning is on it’s way.

  40. Back in 1985, who would have ever guessed that Reggie would someday run the organization that he was playing for? It’s amazing how some of the most average players turn out to be great front office personnel.

    Good hire, Oakland. I hope he turns your organization around.

  41. RIP Al Davis, but this would not have happened if he was still alive. At this point, any GM is a good start for the Raiders. I am being optimistic, and hope they can get their team to the playoffs. Go Raiders!

  42. So I thought no one is interested in working in OAK or taking a job there? I mean I read it here most times, and Mike “The Tool” Silver even repeated it yesterday, and we all know Mike is the best.

    As long as you mediots continue to use one set of standards for the Raiders and another one for the rest of the league, I’ll be here to remind you that you really do suck.

    Last year’s guy who everyone wanted, who we also hired, Hue Jackson, says hello.

  43. raiders4life says:
    Jan 6, 2012 10:36 AM
    Outstanding move! Best move for the Raiders since they left Oakland for Los Angeles some 30 years ago.


    The 13 year road trip to Watts is over. We are home, get over it.

  44. Dude will make some major moves now moving the defense to the 3-4 that means Tommy Kelly may be on the way out, Routt may be gone, Wimbley would be great in a 3-4.

    Who knows they may trade Palmer to Miami for a 1st or 2nd round pick then sign Flynn.

  45. Awesome news. Extremely happy that we’re becoming up to date with the rest of the league.

    Al Davis was truly great but he never would’ve had this happen if he was still with us, I know he mentioned bringing in a GM (maybe he knew then he was unwell and had things planned out to a degree) a while ago.

    Welcome back Reggie. If we hire a quality D Co-ord and some quality FA signings, have a healthy team to start next season, the future will be very bright.

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