Report: Fisher “on the verge” of becoming Rams coach


Jeff Fisher is reportedly taking the weekend to decide whether he wants to coach the Rams or the Dolphins.

At least one source in St. Louis believes he’s going to pick the Rams. Howard Balzer of says Fisher is “on the verge” of accepting the Rams coaching job.

Balzer lays out the case why Fisher is leaning towards the Rams. The NFC West is less power-packed than the AFC East, the Rams have a quarterback, and the team doesn’t have a general manager yet. It all makes a lot of sense.

Then again, there was a report after Fisher visited Miami that he was leaning towards the Dolphins. Fisher may have to leave some money on the table if he picks St. Louis.

No matter which way he’s leaning, Fisher is playing a leverage game to extract the best contract possible before accepting an offer. That game should reach its natural conclusion sooner rather than later.

86 responses to “Report: Fisher “on the verge” of becoming Rams coach

  1. This little report is less than convincing butt I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t rejoin the Rams.

    Just too many things line up, and there’s no way he can choose that clown who owns the Fins…

  2. Ram’s are in a good position for a new coach. Good young QB, #2 pick, and plenty of salary cap room. But what’s up with that photo? ”I’m king of the world!”

  3. After going to the link GR provided and reading the comments by the St. Louis fans I’m more convinced than ever that the Rams are coming home to LA…

  4. Well the truth be told Matt Moore is a much better quarterback than Sam Bradford. He is the #12 rated passer in the NFL and Bradford is # 30. Moreover the Dolphins have proven to be closer to being a contender than the Rams. If Fisher should choose the Rams, Ross should hire Todd Bowles the interim coach. The Dolphins change management so often that it leads to their dysfunction. Keeping the OC and DC under Todd Bowles will give Miami stability. If they draft smart they will be a contender next season. The Rams are a long way from that. Fisher can look at the film to see how much more competative the Dolphins are against strong teams.

  5. Love how everyone was ripping on Hue Jackson for wanting to “hire his own GM” (he actually just wanted to be part of the hiring process) but Jeff Fisher choosing his own GM is perfectly fine

  6. “The NFC West is less power-packed than the AFC East, the Rams have a quarterback, ”

    Call me crazy but I think Matt Moore can be a long term starter.

    I was super impressed with him this year. Are the Dolphins so sure they need a quarterback?

    Matter of fact, he well out-performed Bradford this year, albeit with a superior supporting cast.

  7. What I want to see from Moore is more consistency and he needs to fix the fumbling problem. He needs to sense pressure better.

    But you’re talking about a guy with good mobility, a strong arm and good accuracy.

  8. So much hoopla over a .500 coach. NFC West will be a powerhouse division in 2-3 years. Arizona, Frisco, and Seatown were playing as good of football as anyone in the league during the month of December. That division is on the rise.

  9. Everyone’s ripping the Bears for looking for a GM with a coach already in place, yet the Rams will be in the same position and yet it’s a perfect situation?

  10. Where does this site get it’s pictures from? Jeff Fisher not in the most flattering pose, plus wearing a Peyton Manning Jersey? The most random pics……..

  11. Didnt the Dolphins just lure Parcells down to Miami to aid in the rebuilding process a few years back?

    Something isnt right down there.

  12. Call me dumb, but why is my lasting image of Jeff Fischer him in a Colts jersey? Something that never seemed to make sense to me. Is he from Indy or something?

  13. What on earth is going on in that photo of Fisher? And can anyone explain why some guys wear dress watches with football jerseys?

  14. It all makes sense for Jeff Fisher… The NFC West is so much easier than the AFC East… For a guy that has been in the AFC South for so long, It will be a nice relief to be facing Tavaris Jackson, Kevin Kolb, & Alex Smith vs Peyton Manning, Matt Shaub & any other bum.

  15. And the antiquated Rooney rule is a joke once again.

    Get rid of the rule or have a team forfeit a 2nd rounder. Since picks 32 to 64 are gold that will get the owners’ attention.

    I am aware they complied or are about to comply but what chance did he have? NONE. Interview experience is a stupid answer.

  16. As a Dolphin fan I hope he does go to the Rams, but I dont blame Fisher if he doesnt want to work for that dumb ass Steven Ross. I think if the fins should get an offensive minded coach that can work with a QB and keep Nolan to run the defense and Miami will be back in the playoffs!!

  17. He met with Miami for 4 hours. He met with the Rams all day. Where do you think he’s going?! The only reason they haven’t announced that he has already accepted the offer is to satisfy the farce that is the Rooney Rule. They are interviewing Horton this weekend to satisfy that requirement. It’s a token interview and it will be interesting to see if Fisher and the Rams have the decency not to announce it 30 seconds after that joke of an interview ends… I suppose it’s good for Horton to get the experience of interviewing, and he certainly can’t not interview (even though it’s a joke) because if he refuses then he may never get a shot to interview for a real chance to be a head coach down the road. I hope the Rams know what they are getting:))

  18. Rams have QB, Dolphins don’t.


    Rams top QB 53.5%, 2164 YDs, 6 TD, 6INT, 6.06 YPA, 70.5 RAT, 10 Gs

    Dolphins top QB 60.5%, 2497 YDs, 16 TD, 9 INT, 7.2 YPA, 87.1 RAT, 13 Gs


    Rams QB 57.6%, 5676 YDs, 24 TD, 21 INT, 5.99 YPA, 74.2 RAT, 26 Gs

    Dolphins non-QB 59.1%, 5137 YDs, 32 TD, 26 INT, 6.95 YPA, 80.1 RAT, 35 Gs

    What makes the 1 guy not-a-QB, again?

  19. P.S. 6 rings. Wow, we in SBs. Surprise! We r@p3 the Broncos in the wildcard, then r@p3 the Ravens in the next round (as usual) then hoist the Lombardi. The AFCCG is a guarantee after all…

    Whoa… Historic


  20. Unless he wants to make the big score ala King Albert, the logical move is to STL. Other than Bill
    B., Sean P., Tomlin, Fisher and the usual suspects (Gruden, Cowher) who would you hire to rebuild a franchise? Ok, I’ll give you Smith and one of the Harbaughs. The Miami job is fraught with disaster. Knucklehead owner and Carl Peterson could be a negative. I wonder how he feels about facing Brady twice a year as he did with Manning (5-13).

  21. I’d like to add that when I wake up in the morning, I stretch, yawn once (sometimes twice), walk towards my mirror, flex, put on my Steelers jersey, and walk away in victory.


    7 on the way


  22. Again with the “Rams have a quarterback” line. The Rams have a player with a lot of upside to whom they paid a ridiculous amount of money. He’s been utterly average to this point.

    Having said that, it’s been a foregone conclusion that Fisher will coach the Rams. I don’t think anyone is expecting him to choose the Dolphins at this point.

  23. Surely, Mr. Ross, you are smart enough to know his agent is using you to get him more money from the Rams. So, therefore, you have a Plan B that will back up your promise to re-energize the fan base. Right Mr. Ross? Mr.Ross? Hello?

  24. As a Dolphins fan, I wouldn’t take the job with Stephen Ross as the owner. He runs a football team like an entertainment circus. Jimmy Buffett can his song and shove it. It’s very insulting as a common/ average middle class football fan. He parades celebrities like their superiors over the faithful fan base. The Roman Empire is gone. He’s joke, I’m not spend a dime of my hard earn money on his team. He can kiss my rear end.

  25. Live in Miami or St Louis? Miami

    Team with a QB? Saint Louis

    Easier division? Saint Louis

    Better pay? Miami

    Cost of Living? Saint Louis

    Best owner? Neither

    Better draft pick! Saint Louis

  26. You mean coach the Rams OR the Dolphins, right? Not the Rams AND the Dolphins. I don’t think coaches get to coach two teams at the same time.

  27. What an odd picture choice. It looks like he is dancing around in a jersey and briefs. Probably khaki pants, but it looks more like undies and a flash of skin.

    At least it is a picture of the guy being talked about – sometimes it isn’t.

  28. Just too many things line up, and there’s no way he can choose that clown who owns the Fins…

    How’s this for lining up? See that Manning jersey on his back in that pic? The Dolphins will sign Manning and draft Alshon Jeffrey and Orson Charles. Fisher’s going to be the HC.

  29. I tend to think the Rams are a good team to go to, where he can mold things, while I’m a bit less certain on the Dolphins. The Dolphins, at present, probably have the better talent base, but they do lack that QB, and have since Marino.

    With the Rams, assuming he buys Bradford as a guy to develop, the QB is in place. You need a young runner at some point, but that can wait, as the run game is still solid. I don’t recall Fisher and Co. ever spending high picks on OL before, and the return of Saffold should solidify one OL spot (probably RT if they go tackle high in this draft). They need a playmaking receiver to go with their slot/2nd options, and perhaps a TE on offense.
    Defensively, they need help inside, but they have 2 prime rushers in place, with Long having an under-hyped season. There’s a good MIKE backer. Some secondary work, needed.

    It’s not a lot, but there are some key pieces in place, along with a high pick this year. This potentially allows him to get a young core in place to mold as soon as year 1, whereas, with the Dolphins, it might take some time, particularly until you figure out the QB situation.

    Of course, if he isn’t keen on Bradford, then this isn’t that great of a situation.

  30. As a Raider fan I can honestly say….

    Even though Jeff Fisher went 141-115 as a head coach, and 5-6 (with a Super Bowl Appearance) in the play offs as a head coach over the span of 12 (?) years……

    I am happy as can be that he will not be coaching in the AFC West. Can you imagine if he was going to coach San Diego or KC? (Jeff would have no time for Timmay) ….

    Jeff Fisher’s track record is clearly effected by Peyton Manning and That Former Baltimore Machine.

  31. Dolphins have a better football team then the Rams so if it based off money or talent he will pick the Dolphins.

  32. What a rats nest of nepotism and conflicts of interest! Lets look shall we?

    The head man in charge of the Rams (Kevin Demoff) just happens to be the son of Fisher’s agent (Marvin Demoff). One also assumes that the well connected Demoff Sr opened many doors for Kevin when he decided to pursue a career in the NFL (aka Nepotism Football League.) Given all that, one would be wise to ask-

    Does dad kick back some of his commission to junior if he and the Rams hires dad’s client?

    Does Demoff Sr steer his client to the Rams when the Dolphins offer may be a better one?

    Does junior get inside info from dad on what the Dolphins are offering so he can avoid overpaying Fisher?

    Is junior just pretending to be interested in hiring Fisher as a favor to dad so he use it as leverage to get more money from the Dolphins?

    One thing we know for sure. While the Titans would not allow Fisher to hire his son for his staff due to an unheard of for the NFL “”anti nepotism” policy, it’s clear the Rams will offer no resistance should Fisher end up as coach there and still wants to get his kid a coaching job he would most likely never land at any other NFL team.

  33. Yea, the Dolphins need one monster of a coach to get the Dolphins out of the AFC East basement. With the Bills on the rise and the power of the Jets and Patriots. It’ll be tough to convince a coach that he can come in and contend with those teams.

  34. This is a no brainer. The Rams wld b the easy choice. Not hvng a GM is a huge plus. He wld hve say so as to the new one , they play in the worst division, and they hve a qb. Easy choice

  35. I don’t blame him. He doesn’t want to play for a hackjob owner like Stephen Ross who will flirt with other coaches behind his back or have bromances with bums like King Carl.

  36. He is “On the verge” of going to either place. Miami can make arguments for this too. Wait till Monday when it’s fact based…..BREAKING NEWS: I’m on the verge of having a bowel movement.

  37. As a Rams fan, I’m kind of disappointed by this news. I’d much rather have Brian Billick. Better track record, not as much uncertainty.

    I realize (as all stl media has been espousing) that he’s not the most likeable guy, but he knows how to win. We need someone who can win NOW so my Rams aren’t sent back to LA. I don’t trust Fisher as much as I would Billick, regardless of personality. Spags had a great personality, and we see where that got us. Give me a winner, no matter what.

  38. I doubt this will happen. Holmgren dropped some hints that Fischer might be the offensive coordinator for Cleveland next year. Sorry Rams, but the Brownies will have the last laugh this time!

  39. So Tom Brady’s mere presence has decided the coaching fate of one more in just a couple of days with Billy O’Brien going to Penn State and Fisher staying out of Miami and heading to St Louis.

  40. still getting a kick out of the “St.Louis has a QB (miami doesnt)” comments………. They should hope Bradford can ever play as well as Matt Moore did this year. Otherwise that good quarterback advantage St.Louis has is actually a dilemma, as Bradford has an enourmous contract.

  41. with Fisher, Carroll and Harbaugh in the division, the NFC West would have three of the NFL’s best coaches. and Whisenhunt’s certainly good enough to field a competitive team, even if he’s not a top HC.

    with the way the Niners are playing and how Seattle and Arizona finished the season, if Fisher can turn St. Louis around the much-maligned “NFC Worst” could end up developing into one of the top divisions in football.

  42. Come on, his agent is the brother of the Rams’ Chief Operating Officer. Who didn’t see this coming?

    The interview probably consisted of the three guys sitting around drinking Jack & Coke while discussing their favorite flavor of Jello pudding. Personally, I don’t see how you can go with anything other than the Oreo flavored, but I could see Fisher choosing Vanilla, just because he’s a good, simple man like that.

  43. If I was Ross, I’d pull the offer. I want my coach to want MY job. Not my job and/or another job. Before he put him back on that helicopter, he should have known his answer. If the answer was, “Let me get back to you”, then the answer was “no.”.

    Plus, you don’t set yourself up to look like a fool, again, when/if he picks the Rams.

    I thought Todd Bowles was fine, by the way.

  44. Wherever he goes, he will be able to do exactly what he has done in the past with Tennessee. Achieve mediocre results.

  45. Sounds like Fisher isn’t sure how good of a coach he really is since he doesn’t want a challenge. Pretty weak.

  46. Maybe this is true, maybe it isn’t.


    Howard Balzer is a complete homer, and the king of “ifs” and “buts”. I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. This is a guy that predicted the Rams to go 12-4

  47. guess the mediocrity he’s going to bring will seem like a step up from recent years, but if they decide to hire him, we’ll see if the rams are fleeced as long as Tennessee was

  48. The picture, if I’m not mistaken, was from an event honoring Tony Dungy several years ago. The Titans were 0 – something, and Fisher told Dungy he just wanted to feel like a winner, so he put on Peyton’s #18 jersey.

  49. With this hire We at Rams Management reaffirm our long term commitment to almost being pretty good, and almost winning sometimes.

    Adding Fisher will add the WWF fun dimension of watching our players kick the opposition in the balls, stomp on their heads, get stupid penalties.

    We will take the mantle of uglyness from Oakland, move it to St Louis, where we believe it truly belongs.

    In our heart, there is nothing uglier than us.
    This is our way of showing our appreciation.

    Our fans, though still sad about losing, will now enjoy our new ugly loser bottom feeding style so much. Especially the kicking in the balls stuff.

    So we have decided to double ticket prices.

    In the true spirit of this hire, and reflecting what we truly think about our fans,
    we will now offer a full line funny scary masks, including clown masks!

    Also, we will offer random halloween surplus gear from an old dusty warehouse in the Stadium Pro Shoppe.

    Kick em in the balls
    Kick em in the balls.
    Rams lose we Lose
    but at least we kick em in the balls

  50. @romingabriel.Try LA Chargers on for size,the 1st of 3 teams that bolted,no pun intended.And,by the way,Stan Kronke is from missouri,and has told the media here he is commited to keeping the franchise in st.louis long term.

  51. @ 7th Lombardi

    Don’t know if you actually pay attention to your team but Ben reinjured his ankle, Mendenhall is done, Pouncey isn’t gonna go, Clark can’t make the trip, and Troy, Lamar, n Harrison are all less than 100%. So well you should get by the broncos I wouldn’t be so confident about beating the ravens who annihilated you this year when you were HEALTHY. Oh yeah and since Ben’s injury you guys are averaging less than 14pts a game and barely squeaked by the browns one of the worst teams in the NFL.

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