Source: Broncos have specific packages for Quinn


We’ve reported — and we stand by those reports despite denials from the man at the center of the action — that Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn has received roughly half the reps with the first-team offense in practice this week.  It previously wasn’t known why Quinn received the extra reps.

Now, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Broncos have installed specific packages for Quinn premised on second-and-long and third-and-long situations.

Whether and to what extent Quinn actually plays remains unknown.  But despite anything said by Quinn or reported elsewhere, the Broncos are getting Quinn ready for something.

In two seasons with the Broncos, Quinn has not yet appeared in a regular-season game.  He last played in 2009, when he started nine times for the Browns.

Quinn will be a free agent in March.  Thus, he could help himself tremendously if he plays — and if he plays well.

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  1. So you’re saying that the Broncos have specific packages on long distance downs for a quarterback that hasn’t had a snap in 2 years?

    Yeah, sorry I don’t buy that. Quinn is the king of the check down.

  2. obligatory sarcastic comment

    “specific packages for Quinn” = plays designed with a forward pass

    I’ll be the first to admit it, but I seriously doubt it matters. The only way the Broncos win this game is if their D holds the Steelers in check and within a score until the 4th quarter, and Fox/McCoy let the reigns off Tebow inside of 5 minutes, and see if he can pull off a miracle.

    They won’t do it before the 55 minute mark of the game. And I’m ok with it – they got 7 wins in a 8 week stretch doing it. But the D and special teams have to get them to that point. Brady Quinn against the Steelers D will not have an impact.

  3. If Quinn is in on 2nd and long and 3rd and long this should be a slap to the face to Tim Tebow that he cannot get the 1st down in long yardage situations.Broncos should just start Quinn because the Broncos will have alot of 2nd and long and 3rd and longs with Tebow as their QB.

  4. Kind of Off Topic but valid points that need to be said:

    It is time for Goodell and the NFL Board to start fining or banning Tebow for his pre/post play religious celebrations. I remember when the question came up about the hole in Texas Stadium, and the answer was so God can watch America’s team and that got quickly shut down and from then on and not said again. The only reason Goodell allows this to continue is because it lines his pockets with more cash because of the TeBlow reputation and his draft position when drafted. Religion should not be forced upon anyone, nor should they have to endure it being forced upon them. Football is supposed to be a game, not a religious recruitment. There is no other player on all 32 teams that forces religion upon the spectators/fans other then TeBlow. I respect his right to his religious beliefs, but they need to be left at home when he suites up for a game. When a player gives a ball to a fan in the stands that paid good hard earned cash to watch his/her teams game, or a player spikes the ball the way Goodell doesn’t like they get fined/suspended. Not trying to do away with post score celebrations as they add fun to the game, but the Lambeau Leap should be added to the list if Goodell wants to fine post score antics. I would love to see Vince Lombardi stick his foot up Goodells dark spot, and kick a field goal.

    But as we all know Goodell will not do anything about it, because it would hurt his cash cow. I hate to say it, but I think the Government needs to investigate Goodell’s actions on fines/suspensions, along with favoritism of specific teams/players. My thought would be an independent analyst to watch the games and not be assigned by the head office or affiliated by any means to the teams they are observing, and let them decide if a fine or suspension is warranted (ie) have an NFC east observer cover a AFC west game and change the observer’s around, that way no bias could be claimed by anyone. Along with having dedicated paid by the NFL, Officials that have one set of rule books and have properly been trained on enforcing them. There has been to many calls made over the last few years of lack of knowledge on the Officials part, and Triplets crew is the worst and they should all be fired. His crew should not be allowed to officiate any playoff games much less a Super Bowl.

  5. Not neccessary, Tebow is going to look like Joe Montana Marino tomorrow with his arm. I predict 400 yds passing 150 rushing. It will be the greatest performance by a QB in NFL history. The whole world including Muslim countries will be Tebowing Baybeeeee!

  6. What is this? The National Enquirer? It’s obvious the national media gives my boys no chance. And you know what? I’m okay with that.

  7. If Quinn completes 4 passes and hits the wide receivers in stride I’ll take him over Sanchaz next season.

  8. Broncos looking to sieze the moment.

    Just because you’ve hit a bomb, it doesn’t mean their flag is behind it. (Strateeeeeeeeeego!)

    I like it!

  9. Now we know how utterly STUPID Texans fans are. Fine Tebow? Them you will have to find every single player who points his finger at the sky. What? You think they’re signaling to aircraft when they do that? Moron.

  10. Um Quinn said weeks ago the Broncos have special packages for him.

    If the Broncos were really serious about using Quinn for something why the hell is this one source talking to PFT? Wouldn’t everyone want to keep their mouth shut? Element of surprise?

  11. @TexasFan2011 …

    That bit about God watching his favorite team through the hole in Texas Stadium was a running joke for decades. If you think someone shut that down after a brief mention and never spoke of it again … well, you fell from the turnip truck on your head. Bless your heart.

    I’m second to none in my contempt for Roger Goodell. But he’s not reaping royalties every time Tebow mentions God. Rog may think he’s the Almighty, but it’s not really true. As for the NFL modifying Tebow’s behavior … the guy thanks Jesus at the beginning of his interviews and prays on the sidelines. A lot of players pray on the sidelines–Polamalu prays throughout the game. And a lot of music artists thank Jesus when they win awards. That’s not exactly shoving their beliefs down your throat, but if you don’t want to hear it, try the mute button.

  12. ” The only reason Goodell allows this to continue is because it lines his pockets with more cash because of the TeBlow reputation and his draft position when drafted. Religion should not be forced upon anyone, nor should they have to endure it being forced upon them. Football is supposed to be a game, not a religious recruitment. ”


    First of all, how is Tebow trying to force his religion on anyone? Kneeling in the endzone or on the sidelines in prayer doesn’t qualify.

    He professes his faith, and does so outwardly – but it’s not like he’s telling YOU what to do. To say that merits a fine is insane.

    And moreover, it’s not like Tebow is the only guy who does it. He just has the highest profile. Many NFL players kneel after a score or pray privately on the sidelines.

  13. Brady hasn’t taken a meaningful snap in two years! If he were the answer he would still be quarterbacking the Browns! Put your confidence in Tebow & let him play “HIS” game. McCoy needs to stop playing it safe & release the Tebow in the first quarter not wait till the 4th when their losing!

  14. Please, Fox, please bring on Brady Quinn!!! I’m worried about turnovers with our wounded o-line and hobbled QB. I’m worried about Tebow running us ragged in that thin air–especially if our offense is ineffective. The one thing I wouldn’t worry about is a passing game engineered by Brady Quinn.

  15. “Maybe if Quinn plays well, Notre Dame will bring him back…they need a QB!”

    ND will bring back Clausen instead.

    His career is on the fast track to nowhere.

  16. @texansfan2011, I am no Tebow fan and I am atheist as well but please explain to me how Tebow is helping line the pockets of Goodell. Last I check he wasn’t a owner but worked for him. Does Tebow help bring in headlines and fans to his sport? Yes but that is Goodell’s job. He would be paid the same this year if Tebow was having a great year or looking like he did the last 3 weeks.

    I find is constant praying and god talk annoying and self serving but to ban it would be against what I believe as freedom of expression. I do think people are hypocritical over the whole thing because if he was praising Allah before and after every interview they wouldn’t be saying what a great person he was but calling him something closer to scum. That doesn’t mean Tebow shouldn’t be allowed to say what he does. I personally think he isn’t the sharpest tool and hides behind his religion every time something difficult comes up but that is just me. I would rather be annoyed by Tebow than to take the freedom away of allowing him to express himself.

    With freedom will always come annoyance, dislike and controversy. Sort of how it goes.

  17. texansfan2011 says:
    Jan 6, 2012 10:19 PM

    It is time for Goodell and the NFL Board to start fining or banning Tebow for his pre/post play religious celebrations.


    Lets see; Needlessly anger a powerful constituent of many GOP powers (many of whom have supporters in Colorado), create a sh!tstorm with civil liberties groups and religious people who will storm the castles claiming persecution, making Tebow even more symbolic?

    or; sell a gazillion Tebow dolls with Tebowing pose , and Jerseys and Bronco gear period.

    I think you know how this is going to play out. particularly in an era of excessive and unpopular fines.

  18. They know they might have to bench Tebow if the Steelers are eating him alive. Between strips and picks, the Steelers might just make Tebow time irrelevant. I think the part about 2nd/3rd and long situations is bs. There’s too much Tebow on film now for him to be effective anymore; defenses have figured it out.

  19. Might as well just roll Elway out there, it really won’t matter who’s under center.

  20. Odd because Quinn has been with Fox all year–and was with the Broncos last year and the Browns before that (and played pro style at ND)… he should be well beyond needing a specific package of plays he’s familiar with.

    Much more likely the Broncos are just forcing the Steelers to prepare for basically anything.

  21. I have a hard time believing your source unless he is a Steelers’ fan trying to hurt the Broncos. Why would he leak that oherwise? I have never heard of a source with access to a practice closed to the media that has been creditable. If Quinn does indeed play you will be right, but my guess is no coach would bench his starting quarterback that has won 7 of 11 games for a guy who hasn’t take a snap in years. In fact, if Quinn took any more snaps than usual this past week in practice the Broncos have already lost. That would show a complete lack of confidence in the starter and the players would certainly sense that. Fox isn’t that stupid. I don’t think so, anyway.

  22. No way Harrison can restrain himself from knocking Tebow unconcious with a helmet to facemask hit. The golden boy is everything Harrison hates in life. I expect a KO!

  23. buckybadger, that you are atheist is your choice, and I respect that. But you write the name of the Christian supreme being God with the insignificant small “g”, and yet you write the Muslim name for the supreme being Allah with the important capital “A”.

    I think your atheism is suspect; you disregard the Christian God and pay homage to the Muslim Allah.

    Regardless of religious affiliations, hypocrisy is still hypocrisy.

  24. “Brady hasn’t taken a meaningful snap in two years! If he were the answer he would still be quarterbacking the Browns! Put your confidence in Tebow & let him play “HIS” game. McCoy needs to stop playing it safe & release the Tebow in the first quarter not wait till the 4th when their losing!”

    They tried that, and Tebow responded by turning the ball over four times against a horrendous Bills defense and completing only 6/22 passes against the Chiefs.

  25. Man you’ll forget that Quinn came out of a Offence that was a pro-style offence while in college. Yet he was never really given a chance to show what he can do. Fox runs some of the same type of offence like C Wise did while he was at ND. Knock ND and Quinn but really Quinn has the better arm and that’s what the coaching staff knows and believes. But, since Denver gotten Tebow in the draft they were force to start him over Quinn. Only time can tell that playing 4 quarters is a hell of a lot better then playing your heart out in the just the 4th quarter…oh wait its has been shown by the great coaches, teams and quarterbacks of the NFL. Like I said only time will tell on how great either quarterback can be. Or how great of a failure either quarterback might be remember as.

  26. Isn’t this how Kurt Warner ended up taking over from Matt Leinart? He was put in to complete big passes and then took the job.

    The problem is that Quinn is certainly no kurt Warner, and when it comes to passing the ball Tebow isn’t even Matt Leinart ( Leinart has an arm and no passion, and Tebow is the opposite).

    So lets have Tebow screw things up to put yourself in a hole and then call on Brady Quinn to bail him out? I think there are very few QBs who could thrive in that situation and it’s doubtful Quinn is one.

    It would make more sense to have Quinn start and have Tebow come in at the start of the 4th Quarter if they are down. That’s the only time tebow plays QB anyway. Tebow doesn’t always complete passes, but when he does it’s usually the 4th Q. He either flat out loses or plays RB for 3 quarters and then has great comeback wins.

  27. I see the “cook” who said Tebow was fourth-string in August is speaking out of turn again. Quit reporting rumors and document your sources!

  28. “Source: Broncos have specific packages for Quinn”

    further details … they “packages” they refer to are double entendre, and also involve Santorum.

  29. Side noye on Tebow: Not sure anyone else has watched it (or would admit if they had), but I have to ask. Anyone else picture the big goofy basketball player from Bedazzled when Tebow talks?

  30. Hey Texasfan you would make a good Communist. Just a Thought.

    Thats funny have AFC officials oversee NFC games and vise versa. Sounds to much like the KGB and Gulag police for me.

    I am however an AMERICAN I believe in Life, Liberty, and The pursuit of Happiness. I Believe in Freedom of Religion, Right to bear arms, and Free Speech no matter how idiodic like you just posted. God Bless

  31. @texansfan2011

    Very entertaining effort there.

    Help me understand – you think Tebow is forcing religion upon you? How, exactly? By kneeling on the sidelines in silent prayer before a game? Seriously? That’s ridiculous. You act like he’s the first and only player to have religious beliefs or engage in prayer. If it offends you that he or other players (though you haven’t seemed to notice that other players do it) would kneel on the sideline in silent prayer, then you’re offended easily. No player has to leave his religious views at home simply because you don’t like them.

    In paragraph 2 of your rant, you complain that Goodell should be investigated for bias fining and suspending of players. Do you realize how stupid that sounds right after you say that Goodell should fine or suspend Tebow for his religious beliefs? You want to fine/suspend Tebow for his religion, but you think Goodell should be investigated for bias against certain players in fining and suspending. Does that somehow make sense to you?

  32. @buckybadger: GREAT rebuttal to texansfan2011. I’m a believer myself, but I do appreciate your reasoned response, even if you’re “one of those” non-believers.

    You and others are also right in that most players pray during the game, whether it’s after a score or when a player is laid out on the field injured.

    Again, great reasoned response to texansfan2011’s diatribe.

    And Deb, you’ve gotta be from the south “Bless your heart”. Love it. I may live in MN and be a Vikings fan, but I do have relatives who live in KY and TN and I know exactly what that phrase means!

  33. Ooops. Almost forgot the family members who live in NC and GA. I guess you could say I’m a minority member of the family.

    Go Vikes!

  34. All I have to say is,……if Quinn touches the ball, and the Steelers lose, no fan of the steelers can EVER make fun of the Bengals OR ANYBODY else in the division EVER again! Don’t care if they’re banged up or not!

  35. So, did he or didn’t he? This is the only place that says so, absolutely no corroboration whatsoever…going to look really “connected” or really silly!!!

  36. Oh no, how will the Steelers ever come up with a gameplan to stop two terrible quarterbacks?

  37. “Has anyone cleared this with God?”

    One of the funniest things I have read in a very long time. Classic!

  38. Quinn can’t be the king of the check down, that title is taken by Sanches. Oh and before you get any ideas on naming rights.

    Flacco is the Queen of check downs.

  39. Yeah, this makes perfect sense, for idiots. Quinn’s contract is up. If he wins the game, it costs the Broncos millions. If he loses, they’ll never know if TT can win the big one. Tebow is the only Bronco QB under contract for 2012. Why would you crap in his hat to start 2012? Like the QB controversy of 2011 was not enough, let’s start a new one before the first OTA. Stupid.

  40. Brady Quin will not see the field unless Tebow gets hurt. This has got to the silliest report all the silliness from the anti-Tebow crowd. The starter gets all the snaps and the back up gets the scraps. This isn’t training camp no one splits reps unless someone is questionable with injury. Name one example in the nfl playoff where one qb was brought in to throw on specific downs? Hasn’t happened and won’t every happen because if a coach really thinks only one guy can throw the ball then he would be the starter. You really think Fox is going to risk alienating Tebow like that for a couple of throws. Tebow is the only qb that will be back next year. The Broncos will win or lose with Tebow
    PFT needs to stop pretending they are real journalists. Name your source! You aren’t he New York Times.

  41. Since Quinn packages are passing situations(playbook for a real QB) it should read more, like they have packages for Tebow, via Wildcat.

  42. I’m just praying nobody gets killed. This is going to be a massacre first by the Stoolers and then by the media.

  43. Does the package include holding for extra points? And holding kickoffs, if its windy in Denver?

    Or is Brady’s part in the game plan to call up some USC girls that will hang out in the lobby of the Steelers hotel, waiting for Ben and his “assistants” to arrive and greet them on Saturday night?

  44. @ texansfan2011:

    I am no fan of Tim Tebow. The main reason is obvious(look at my screen name), he plays for the Broncos. The lesser reason is the insane media overexposure. Other than that, he seems like a good person, and I have no problem with his faith, or his wearing of it on his sleeves. He’s hardly the first player to express his faith in God, and I find it odd that it bothers so many people.

    Maybe it’s a different breed of fans, but you never see this sort of reaction from NASCAR fans, which is an event that always begins with a prayer broadcasted on live television along with our national anthem. Yea, one can claim the lame rednecks bla bla bla angle, but that stereotype is no longer usable in this era of the sport/event. They have a very broad fan base now

    I guess my point is this. Tebow has a right to express his faith if he wants to, as it’s protected by the first amendment of our constitution.

    Next, I would like to add that our government can’t even fix the more important problems they currently face, and have no business wasting tax dollars on NFL rules and policies. I’ve always found it absurd that our elected officials have been used for silly hearings over baseball and other professional sports. If you don’t like what’s going on in today’s NFL, change the channel and vote with your remote.

  45. I must say i want to scream rt now !!!!! My Broncos are going down in flames I guess we all must pray because we are jumping from the frying pan into fire!!!!!!! I cant watch this game at all and who could lame me , we need more than miracle.

  46. The media, NFL, teamates, and fans of the late great Rev Reggie White never piled on him for his talk and displays of gratitude to the Lord.

    Over the years I have seen endzone prayers, then the evolution of “group” prayer at the end of games and though many find it over the top, or distasteful, it makes me wonder what is it about Tebow that attracts all the hate? He’s just an enthusiastic young kid who had a great college career and states over and over that when he was winning it was because his teammates made him look good. IMHO chest pumping bravado and dances everytime a player makes a tackle or makes a catch, even when they are losing is pathetic. And then to hear them talk about themselves …the drama queens of the NFL.

    I thought the article was on Brady Quinn getting reps and as I continued to read, Tebow and God Tebow and God. If Rev White were alive he would straighten it out I am sure. Excuse the rant.

  47. The more I think about it, the more having both Tebow and Quinn in the game together makes sense. When Tebow is taking the snap, Quinn at wideout occupies a cornerback about as effectively as a WR does. When Quinn takes the snap, Tebow plays his natural position, fullback.

  48. There is almost nothing Quinn can do to help his contact situation much. He has already started 9 games, and has already been put behind Tebow in the depth chart, even before the miracles. Quinn could throw for 400 yards and nobody is going to believe that he’s suddenly become a good QB.

  49. Imagine if, the next time an athlete scored a touchdown instead of blessing himself he were to go to the ground in the form of Islam prayer and say “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great). I wonder how accepting American would be of this show of faith.

  50. packchampxlv says:
    Jan 6, 2012 11:55 PM
    So basically, the Broncos have two first round draft picks at QB who both aren’t very good at football.
    Funny, yet true.

  51. Those 2nd/3rd and long downs are when Tebow would scramble and pick up most of his rushing yards because the defenders were spread out and chasing receivers. If they bring in a cold Quinn to throw the ball there is not much upgrade, if any, over Tebow. I suspect that if there are “packages” they include both QBs on the field at the same time. All this hype could simply be Denver trying to get the steelers to think about more than they need to.

  52. stampnhawk: Wait…so the Notre Dame guy calls USC girls for the Miami (OH) QB to assault?

    Was there a news story where Big Ben went Godzilla on some USC cheerleaders that I missed or did you just screw up your joke by getting the alma mater wrong?

  53. the brady quinn info was “leaked” on purpose. backup qb’s always get some snaps in practice. noone leaks game plan stuff except as false info to make the steelers prepare for both qb’s. broncos need to do something extraordinary, because the tale of the tape does not give them much chance to win this one. but they have a chance because the steelers qb is nicked.

  54. trbowman says:
    Jan 6, 2012 10:06 PM
    If he plays well on those downs, the Broncos could “ride the hot hand” and keep him in the game.

    Two things:

    1. It’s Brady Quinn, his hand doesn’t get hot.
    2. The Steelers are very familiar with Brady.
    3. It’s Brady Quinn

    This reeks of desperation and it’s embarrassing.

  55. Nothing good can come of inserting Brady Quinn in long yardage situations. He can’t even make things happen in short yardage. This is nothing more than a distraction ploy.

  56. Anyone with a brain knows Brady Quinn is better than Tim Tebow. Heck every QB in the NFL besides Kyle Boller and Blaine Gabbert is better than Tebow.

  57. I like how their “specific packages” are probably just basic offensive downfield pass plays.

    Most teams install special packages for athletic QB’s. The Broncos need to install special packages because their starting QB basically can’t throw.

    I’m not a Tebow hater, per say, but I am pretty much convinced that he is not a starting caliber QB in the league.

    With that said, I’d love to have him on my team. I’ve always felt that athletic QB’s make the best backups. Plus I’ve been saying all along that Tebow’s true position in the NFL is as a special short yardage and goal line QB, and occasional “wildcat”.

    You put him in on 3rd and 1 with a power back and go QB sneak, dive, zone read, with an occasional roll out pass I think he would be a great addition to any team with a substandard offense, especially run game. But as a starting QB you are looking at scoring 3 points against KC on occasion and that is just a bit silly.

  58. Wait…wait…wait a damn minute here….@sixburghrules, when in the BLUE HELL did Quinn play for the Bengals? Guess I missed a couple years of NFL existance or something.

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