Broncos are prepared to yank Tebow, if he struggles against Steelers

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On Friday, we reported that Broncos backup quarterback Brady Quinn has received roughly half the snaps with the first-team offense this week.  Not surprisingly, Quinn has opted not to admit that he is getting more reps, in order to help preserve the element of surprise.

It wasn’t clear why Quinn was getting more work.  One source said that the Broncos have a package for Quinn to be used in second-and-long or third-and-long situations.

Now, multiple sources tell PFT that coach John Fox is prepared to bench Tebow, if he struggles once again.

As one source explained it, Broncos players don’t regard the development as a big deal.  It’s no surprise that Tebow hasn’t been the same guy lately, with as many turnovers in the last two games (six) as he had in all of the prior 10 games combined.  Indeed, it’s smart coaching by Fox to be ready to do whatever needs to be done to win.

So if/when the Steelers put the clamps on Tebow, get ready for the first appearance from Quinn in a Broncos uniform in anything other than a preseason game.

58 responses to “Broncos are prepared to yank Tebow, if he struggles against Steelers

  1. I have people that will back this up. But I have been calling for this for a long time. In my madden season I rolled with tebow but he was bad in the game(go figure) before I could bench him he got hurt. In came Quinn and lit it up for me. Saved my season. I have been calling it since b4 the season the “Madden Premination” and now it will come true. The game madden predicted this

  2. Does anybody else kind of feel bad for Tebow? I can’t stand the way he crowbars religion into every sentence he speaks, and I think he’s got zero shot at being a Super Bowl winning QB (and that’s the point isn’t it?). BUT he seems like a damn good guy, cheesy as all hell, but a good guy nonetheless. The kid gets raked over the coals constantly and he just drives on. I respect that.

  3. The Broncos are in the playoffs and for the last 2 days all this site has done is post “rumors” from “sources” about how the team has installed specific plays for Quinn in second and long. That Quinn has recieved half the teams snaps in practice. How they are prepared to yank Tebow if he struggles, etc. etc. etc.

    I find it pretty disturbing that a team in the playoffs has a “source” that is willing to share so much info about his/her teams plans for the game.

    Why would that person want to spread that info out to their opponent???

  4. Brady Quinn isn’t any good either. If he was good, he wouldn’t be Tebow’s back up…

  5. I don’t buy this, I bet they are trying to get in Tebow’s head so he plays at a higher level.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they do yank him if/when he struggles at a high level.

  6. Fox’s coaching job this year has been fantastic. While it is not Tebow’s fault, he brings a lot of baggage that must be dealt with by the head coach. Once it was determined that Orton was not able to make a difference with the passing game, the switch to Tebow and a completely different offense was either the act of a desperate man or a brilliant coaching move. I will choose to opt for the second.

  7. “Does anybody else kind of feel bad for Tebow?”

    I feel so bad for him. Making a ton of money and having millions of fans is tough.

  8. Steelers fan here – tell you what, I’ll be very happy to see the broncos go to Quinn. He’s a horrible QB. Tebow challenges a defense far more than Quinn, who I watched for years at ND, and was never impressed by him. He’s looked even worse in the NFL. Why the broncos opted to waive Orton instead of Quinn is mind-boggling. If they pull Tebow in this game, it’s game over. Sure, he hasn’t played very well lately…but I’ll take a struggling Tebow over Brady Quinn any day! Tebow is a rookie…they need to give the kid a chance. Quinn will never be a pro QB of any stature. Must my .02 cents, having watched him at ND and now in the NFL, which in his case, stands for not for long.

  9. 6andcounting says:
    Jan 7, 2012 11:31 AM
    Brady Quinn isn’t any good either. If he was good, he wouldn’t be Tebow’s back up…


    By all accounts Tebow was the 3rd string QB up until the day he was anointed the starter. If you have ever seen Tebow pass you know why he was the 3rd string QB. Tebow was only made the starter to evaluate him during a rebuilding season.

    I can’t think of a single game where he was impressive playing QB. The gimmic running plays only take you so far and i’m not even sure the Broncos won a game against a team that made the playoffs.

    I guess my point is that Quinn is being setup for failure. He’s going to get put in during a blowout with a top defense playing pass prevent and will have trouble completing passes because of it.

    The Broncos fans wanted Tebow, the Broncos gave them Tebow so Tebow should play all 4Q no matter how bad he plays.

  10. This is ridiculous. If it were any other quarterback in the league putting up these numbers and going on a three game losing streak (and there are QBs in this league that have done that this year), there would not even be consideration of benching him. Simply because his name is “Tebow” is why he is on such a short leash. Plan and simple, the people within the Broncos organization do not like Tebow and do not want to see him succeed whether it be because of his personal beliefs or his unconventional style of play (which is the type of quarterback this league is slowly shifting to.) All young quarterbacks go through growing pains (look at Brady’s first couple of seasons or Aaron Rodgers when he had to come in and play for Favre on those few occasions.) It is rare that a quarterback comes in at the beginning of his career and is exceptionally great. Cam Newton and people of his caliber are very rare. Tim Tebow hasn’t even gotten the coaching attention he deserves as he has not spent one off season as the starting quarterback. And, unfortunately, that will not change this offseason since he will either go into as the number 2 (or 3) or at best competing for the starting job. It’s unfortunate, unfair, and tragic that they treat him the way they do. So much talent and hard work going to waste…

  11. This is a chance for Quinn, who will be a free agent at the end of the season, to increase his free agent value. He looked better than Tebow in the preseason so maybe he can parlay this into a chance to start again in the league somewhere.

  12. As a Raiders fan, it was sickening to watch the Broncos back into the playoffs. But, then again, Oakland had its chance and blew it.

    So watching Denver get knocked around by Pittsburgh should make every Raiders fan feel good.

  13. Come on man! Even Quinn himself said he gets a few 1st team reps every week, and is NOT planning on playing unless there is an injury. Now if Tebow is awful on Sunday, it is the playoffs and they might make a switch just as any team would. But I can promise you the broncos plan for tebow to start and play the whole game. Your “sources” are garbage. We all know the “source” for all the drama in the broncos locker room was B. Lloyd, and now that he is gone it seems you are getting your info from the janitor.

  14. Long shot, but does anyone think Elway sells the farm to Colts to get that #1 pick and Andrew Luck if Tebow stinks up the joint tomorrow?

  15. good! I hope Quinn gets in and they finally bench Tebow. everyone keeps saying he sucks but is anyone remembering how horrible the browns are? Quinn deserves a chance with a team composed of more than Hillis and Cribbs to start for. you can’t say he’s a bad qb until he’s been given a real chance though. Tebow is the one that SUCKS

  16. Here is what I see. If you are the Bronco’s front office, you need to decide do you value your future over this weekends playoff game?

    At some point, you have to make a decision on Tebow, is he the guy or not? That means he has to play to figure it out. But you also know making the playoffs is hard and winning there is harder. Would you take a win today(putting Quinn in) while pushing off any decisions you need to make about Tebow? Of course, would the coach listen to Elway if he said stick with Tebow, no matter how bad he is? Has Elway already decided that Tebow is for sure staying, or for sure gone? I love the intrigue…

  17. Regardless if you like Tebow or not Denver’s miss management of him is embarassing. Even if he is on a short leash how are you going to let that information leak out going into the playoffs. At least pretend you are behind your quarterback. Bold face lie about being behind him even though clearly you aren’t.

  18. james harrison will bury tebow and that will be that…….at tebows current level of play, it would only take him, lets say 50 to 60 seasons to catch brady, manning ,brees,, favre, rodgers records.

  19. I’m sorry, but has anyone watched the Steelers play this year? This game will not be a blowout. The Steelers have played a bunch of bad teams close this year. I’m expecting something like 13-6 going into the 4th quarter. And if you bench Tebow at 13-6 in the 4th, you haven’t been watching the Broncos this year.

    Just a tough spot for a coach. Do you bench a guy for playing poorly for 3 quarters when for most of the season he has played poorly for 3 quarters and then led a comeback in the 4th? If I were Fox, I say you have to play Tebow the whole game. If it’s close in the 4th and Tebow doesn’t pull it out, OK. But you’re riding the pony that got you there.

    The best move the Broncos could’ve made was this: Keep Orton, use him till you get in the Red Zone, then bring in Tebow. Orton is great between the 20s, sucks in the Red Zone. Tebow is great in the Red Zone…he just never gets there.

  20. Haven’t you guys learned yet? Most of the time you guys predict that Tebow will fail, he succeeds

    Either way it goes, some of you guys are too opinionated and wise in your own eyes. I’d be happy just to watch you all eat crow again, and I’ll enjoy seeing you take every bite

  21. IF? IF? IF Timmy struggles? When HASN’T he struggled? He looks more like the second coming of Peyton Hillis than John Elway. Change his number to 45 and turn him loose. Or isn’t he the “team player” we keep hearing he is?

  22. This is not good if you are a Broncos fan, as a die hard Browns fan and well known Steeler hater I hope to…well, Tebow that he plays well enough to stay in the game. I saw what Quinn can do and more importantly what he can’t do and that is play QB.
    Denver’s O has to start the game out strong and their D cannot give up the long ball to Wallace/Brown. BEND DON’T BREAK and you can beat these busted up Queelers!!!

  23. Unless the Broncos could start John Elway in his prime, they dont have any shot at winning this game either way.

    Lets stop the Brady Quinn is a beast stuff. Theres a reason the Browns got rid of him and he couldnt beat out Orton in Denver. Hes just not any good

  24. tophertencha says:
    Jan 7, 2012 11:27 AM
    I’m not a Tebow fan but isn’t every playoff coach preparing their backup in case the starter chokes or gets injured?

    Do you honestly believe every playoff coach would take away HALF of his starter’s reps leading up to a playoff game?

    This isn’t a case of getting your backup ready for IF your starter chokes, this is getting your backup for WHEN your starter chokes.

  25. Great timing for a QB controversy the week of your playoff game. A real GM. or Coach should support their starter and say the right things publicly to help their young Qb and his confidence. Come on this is Tebowner’s first playoff appearance and all he hears the days leading up to the big game, is how he is getting yanked if he screws up. Great confidence builder. I think Tebowner will take the Broncos deep into the playoffs if they just continue to ride him instead of yanking him the first time he slips up.

  26. I’d like to see Brady Quinn get an opportunity!
    He has never really gotten a fair chance in the NFL. Two injuries,plus a poor Oline and jerking him and DA in and out did not help. He probably had less chance than anyone in the leagues. Why kick somone when they are down.

    The media is hyping this and most of us are sick of Tebow mania. Not dissing Tebow but give me a break. Who else has gotten this much of a chance.

  27. The Broncos obviously lack confidence in Tebow’s passing ability as there have been many instances with 3rd and long that Tebow ran a running play. It’s not a bad idea to have a Plan B in case of a Tebow collapse. If they bring in Quinn every time they need a big play, look for a Tebow trade or he’ll be downgraded to backup QB next season.

  28. Quinn! i thought Fox wasnt a fan of Clausen, if he wasnt a fan of Clausen, why would he want Quinn to play, i think he’s worse than Clausen is.

  29. I don’t know about anyone else but after reading the first comment here I’m giving up watching the real game and turning to Madden. Who’s with me!?!

  30. fabuloushairstyle says:
    Jan 7, 2012 11:26 AM

    I have been calling it since b4 the season the “Madden Premination” and now it will come true. The game madden predicted this
    319 THUMBS DOWN as I type this….but how many of those 319 actually are:

    1.upset their favorite player is on the cover, meaning the Madden Curse will befall that player.

    2.saying their team should trade a player for 2 #1 Draft picks and 2 #3s because, hey, I did it on Madden.
    or mad because their team didn’t win the whole thing….their FANTASY TEAM, that is.

  31. Without Tebow, the Bronco’s are sitting home right now. So, really, this kind of public display is despicable. Tebow has earned the right to start and finish the game no matter what happens.

  32. All a bunch of b. s. Unless Tebow gets hurt, Quinn never plays a down for Denver
    The Denver post has already shot down all these rumors. Fox is not stupid enough to start a firestorm over one game. Tebow win or lose!

  33. What makes anyone think that b Quinn who hasn’t thrown a pass all season is somehow going to look good against the steelers in the playoffs. You won with tebow. You dance with the girl you came with. The broncos had a formula that translates to wins. I have yet to see the call plays early on to quickly get the ball out of his hands and build confidence.

  34. Wow have we heard it all from the Broncos now, lets get this staight we are prepairing a non playing player to bring in for our starter. Oh what a year in the NFL.

  35. Yes Tebow and the Broncos have managed to win games in the 4th quarter after playing horrible for the first 3 quarters. So I can understand why Tebow backers feel that he shouldn’t be pulled if he performs poorly at the early stages of the game. My question is, if he had been pulled earlier like any other quarterback would have been for playing poorly (ex:  2-14 for 24 yards) would they be in a position to always need to come back in the 4th quarter. My real question has always been, Are they winning because of Tebow or in spite of Tebow.

  36. This is simply a smokescreen to force the Steelers to prepare for both QB’s and a great move by Coach Fox.

    The Broncos will win this game on sheer emotion plus a generous helping of Steeler mistakes and costly penalties.

    Denver 13
    Pittsburgh 7

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