Colts considering Jim Popp for G.M. job

When it comes to filling key jobs, many NFL teams keep their cards pressed tightly against their vest.

Not the Colts.

On Friday night, owner Jim Irsay disclosed on Twitter (where else?) that, by the end of the day on Monday, the Colts will have interviewed seven candidates for the vacant G.M. position.

One of the candidates is long-time CFL G.M. Jim Popp.

Irsay revealed Popp after offering “$200 and a Real NFL Football” to whoever guesses the name of the “dark horse” candidate from Canada.

And, of course, Irsay thereafter sought input on Popp from his Twitter followers.  “Look at this man’s accomplishments!” Irsay wrote.  “Does he deserve NFL shot or not a good fit in NFL??”

Apparently, Irsay liked what he saw:  “It’s friday night,last call 4 beverage,and twitter world says Popp just might have right stuff!  Holy shite!”

Popp has worked for the Montreal Alouettes for 16 seasons, currently serving as Vice President, General Manager, Director of Football Operations, and Director of Player Personnel.  During his time there, the Alouettes have had only two non-winning seasons.

So, like the liquored-up kicker former Colts G.M. Bill Polian once found in Canada, Irsay possibly has found his next G.M. in the same place.

As summarized by the Indianapolis Star, the other six candidates are Falcons director of player personnel Les Snead, Falcons director of college scouting David Caldwell, Eagles director of player personnel Ryan Grigson, Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross, Cowboys assistant director of scouting Tom Ciskowski, and Colts director of player personnel Tom Telesco.

The consideration of low-profile and/or off-the-radar candidates could be aimed at ensuring that the next G.M. ultimately will agree happily with Irsay’s preferences regarding the three biggest issues facing the franchises:  (1) the status of coach Jim Caldwell; (2) the future of quarterback Peyton Manning; and (3) whether to use the first overall pick on quarterback Andrew Luck.

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  1. I’m not awake yet. My brain told me that was “Jim Poop.” I was already hoping that he’d replace Caldwell with Dean Pees.

  2. And if Irsay keeps Caldwell, he is an idiot. That was a bad hire in the first place. My beloved Colts could use a change of personality at the top. Laid-back can go only so far.

  3. If I remember correctly the Montreal Alouettes are the team that used to be the Baltimore stallions which is the cfl team that we here in Baltimore took in and loved after ol Jimmy irsays drunk daddy moved the colts outta Baltimore. to this day find it hard to believe that the NFL picked Jacksonville for an NFL team over Baltimore. How has that franchise been doing since Its existence again?

  4. Bill Polian also was with the Montreal Alouettes prior to his Buffalo days.


    Prior to Polian’s tenure in Buffalo, he began his career in professional football with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Blitz of the United States Football League, before moving to the Canadian Football League, where he assembled Grey Cup winning teams with the Montreal Alouettes and Winnipeg Blue Bombers

  5. Jim Irsay wants to hire Popp because they have the same weird haircut. Their barber must laugh every month when they come in.

  6. canadian here…

    i think considering a cfl executive for a general manager’s position in the nfl is a mistake. don’t get me wrong; popp is a fabulous executive but i wouldn’t give him full control of my football operations without grooming him first in the league at a lower position.

    there are huge differences between the cfl and the nfl game. the cfl has 8 teams in the league and is a far simpler league to judge talent for.

  7. Are the answers
    1) prefer to keep Caldwell but make other changes;
    2) not tied to Manning necessarily;
    3) pick Andrew Luck?

    Seems to me with a “no-brainer” pick at the overall number 1, Mr. Irsay was exercising his veto power over his GM if said GM disagreed with these, especially number 3). For example, if the Polians were leaning toward keeping Manning and, say, drafting Robert Griffin III and getting more for their number one pick (a reasonable option assuming Manning is healthy), I could see conflict there.

    Of course there’s 4) not having a real QB backup plan, which is not unique to the Colts – many teams don’t have a real plan here… but clearly other teams which made the playoffs without their season opening starter (Texans, Broncos) had credible backups, and even the Bengals had Andy Dalton whom the Colts probably could have drafted.

  8. Jim Popp is the best evaluator of talent in the CFL. Considering the talent pool up here, that’ s a great accomplishment. Dark horse, sure…but perhaps a stroke of genious.

  9. Jim Pop was an important part of the Baltimore Stallions two-year run, when they were the best team in the CFL. I know, I know, so what, right? But the guy does have an eye for football talent. Butthe question to ask is, after 16 years, why hasn’t he attracted more attention by NFL teams? The part that cracks me up is Jimmy Irsay. When his drunken, lying old man was here in Baltimore, Jimmy was just a kid but was considered a “setteling influence”. Since he took over the team, he has been reported to be a “model owner”. So whats up with this Twitter thing? Seriously? Or maybe those Irsay genes are just catching up with him!

  10. Irsay has to be the most obnoxious owner in the NFL. He’s clearly a silver-spoon baby, who’s daddy never said no to him, and has an annoying sense of entitlement.

    He looks and sounds totally unprofessional every time he opens his mouth. I’d hate to have to work for him. What a bratty, snotty little twerp of an owner.

  11. There might be some merit to such a move

    Polian either hit a home run or struck out on most of his moves and didn’t invest in quality depth – that was apparent this year.

    But a successful CFL GM probably has a good track record of finding the hard working middle class players that the Colts have always needed.

  12. @wenellniners

    Polian too came to the NFL from the CFL along with Marv Levy. Popp put together the Baltimore Stallions/Montreal Alouettes and for som 15 years had them as one of the best teams in the league winning 4 championships with many other times to the final. Many coaches and NFL management personnel worked at some level in the CFL.

    Popp is one of te most successful GMs the CFL ever had if not the best one ever.

  13. @rocketcrab

    Popp has attracted attention in the past from the NFL. There had been rumors the last couple of years in Montreal that Popp might be leaving for a NFL job. However there are not many GM jobs available and Popp returned to Montreal.

  14. I’m kinda getting the feeling no boddy with significance wants this job. Jeff Fisher has narrowed it down to 2 teams and its not the Colts. I have no clue who this guy is, but its like who cares, don’t know him.

    If I were Gm, my question would be because I want to win now is, is Peyton Manning’s future part of this rebuilding process…If not, then I wouldn’t really want the gig. I’m thinking Irsay job entitlement for GM is to completely gut the Colts, fix the salary cap, draft Luck and reguardless of whether Manning can play or not. Their moving on.

  15. @boilerup1869 – Petty jealousy is about the least flattering trait possible and reveals serious flaws in an individual. I hope you recover and live a healthy life. Jim Irsay didn’t choose to be born into money, and I highly doubt if you had been born into money that you would have refused it and ventured out and created your own success.
    In fact Jim Irsay has been very successful with what he has been given, which is especially admirable considering the various demons and weaknesses he has had to work through. Many a soul inheriting wealth at such a young age have squandered it badly and even ended up six feet under. You can argue that perhaps Irsay should have been more successful, but to argue that he hasn’t been successful with what he was given is absurd.
    As for him being unprofessional, your post is the epitome of unprofessional, and your propensity to insult belies and undercurrent of anger which is probably derived from fear due to insecurity. My guess is you would wet your pants going up to the podium to address s the press corp.

  16. @xtb3

    Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. The front office and coaching staff of the Stallions was first rate, so maybe Popp would be a good hire for the Colts. I still wouldn’t want to work for an Irsay! 🙂

  17. Another Canadian here. Popp would be a great pick…very good judge of talent, and not as “slick rick” as the picture looks, very down to earth.

    Took Baltimore and Montreal and kept them the class of the league. A lot of moving parts in the CFL in the player personell department, because of non-import quotas, and many of the young talent in the league on the teams because they can’t make the NFL yet and need that springboard, or are playing solely to get noticed by an NFL team, so it means you have to be on your toes and be constantly on the lookout for players from all over the US colleges and former US college players to fill those holes that come up.

    His coach fr the last years has been Marc Trestman, previously linked to Oakland and other coaching positions.

  18. So glad I’m not a Colts fan. All those years with arguably the best QB in NFL history and they only got one Lombardi. Ugh. That organization stinks from the top down. And Irsay appears to be a large reason why.

    Go ahead and hire some CFL GM. You’ll have another long run with some great QB and a bunch of nobodies around him – followed by plenty of AFC Champ games and no trophies. Good luck with that.

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