Eliot Wolf will stay in Green Bay

When we first heard that Reggie McKenzie was possibly headed to Oakland as their next general manager, we heard that coach Hue Jackson wasn’t fired up about the development.

Part of the concern was that McKenzie would bring along Eliot Wolf, the son of former Packers G.M. Ron Wolf who was advising the Raiders in the G.M. search.

In the end, McKenzie did take the Raiders job. But Eliot Wolf won’t be going anywhere.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that Eliot Wolf will remain in Green Bay. He’s expected to become the Packers’ next head of pro personnel.

So in the end, Ron Wolf’s recommendation of McKenzie did help his son out. It was just a little more indirect than expected.

11 responses to “Eliot Wolf will stay in Green Bay

  1. I’m not sure why Hue was so upset, perhaps he thought that he would be squeezed out of personnel decisions with Wolf on board.

    However, Eliot apparantely is doing very well with the Packers and I doubt after Hue’s whole trade the farm for a marginal fill in QB in Palmer that he’ll have much control moving forward regardless of whether Wolf would have joined or not.

  2. So where does this hypothesis leave John Dorsey?? I’m not buying it. I think Eliot just knows that there is longevity in GB. He’ll eventually get there, but as Dorsey’s understudy first. GO PACK.

  3. lilrob10201 says:
    Jan 7, 2012 6:43 PM
    Damn the Packers whole coaching staff is starting to disappear.
    Not the coaching staff, yet. These are the men under Ted Thompson that are leaving, but to actually get a better job, not getting fired like so many other personnel departments.

  4. Jackson got to big for his britches and with guys like John Madden and Ron Wolf advising Mark Davis they put someone in place who will check Jackson and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  5. When you have a great team, other people want to hire your people away in order to try and bring your success to their organization…

    Wonder who the last guy from the Bears front office was to get a promotion by getting hired by another team without being fired first?

  6. I don’t blame Hue, I wouldn’t want some spoiled rich kid making decisions for my team either, This kid probably never heard the word NO in his life.
    The fact of the matter is Hue is still very much in charge, It was Hue that recomended Reggie.
    The media just wants to paint a evil picture of the Raiders and they are always hoping something goes wrong with the Raiders…
    They started to make up FALSE rumors like this site that Reggie was going to fire Hue and bring in Winston Moss but none of that is true…
    Good thing there is RaiderNewsFlash on twitter now to debunk all these crazy lies the Raider Hater media puts out there… RaiderN

  7. @RaiderNewsFlash on Twitter is ESPN,PFT,NFL Network and all the rest of the Raider hater media’s worst nightmare, Finally there is a place to go and see what is true and what is not and guess what 90% of what Schefter says is a lie when it comes to the Raiders..
    If you are a Raider fan or a fan of football ins and outs and rumors follow RaiderNewsFlash on twitter
    They cover any thing that has to do with the Raiders.
    I don’t run that site I’m not plugging for myself Im just a fan…Im just so happy there is a real legit Raider news, no more Hearra or ESPN propaganda

  8. Mr. Wolf is still smarter (maybe savvy is the word) than most. He recommends McKenzie to Oakland which moves his son up in Green Bay – possibly in line to replace Ted Thompson when he retires – and eliminating his only competition for that position.

    Probably as good as a move as acquiring Favre or hiring Holmgren.

    Don’t forget he did make some bad moves (hiring Rhodes…)

  9. huejackson says:Jan 7, 2012 10:48 PM

    Im just so happy there is a real legit Raider news, no more Hearra or ESPN propaganda


    Yes. Of course. I see.

    Staffed by only the most experienced and “legit” reporting staff and not just some re-posters who add a few paragraphs to introduce other people’s work…

    This is ideal; I wish I could find such a site…

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