Lions head into halftime with lead in Superdome

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The Lions are doing a lot of things right in the Superdome on Saturday night.

They have limited possessions by going on two long scoring drives. They have prevented big plays from the Saints offense and forced two turnovers.

Detroit leads 14-10 in New Orleans with two touchdown passes from Matthew Stafford. The Saints have only had four possessions, and they’ve fumbled the ball twice.

The Lions have a long way to go to win. But they have the right gameplan and are in great position to pull off a big upset.

74 responses to “Lions head into halftime with lead in Superdome

  1. The refs are terrible tonight. Standing right there for that Td that was dropped went to review..overturned. And it was a terrible personal foul call. Then blowing the whistle on that Brees fumble cost the Lions a TD. If I was a Detroit fan I’d be livid.

  2. If the Saints need help beating the Lions, they could borrow the 2011 MVP’s backup. Flynn isn’t doing anything this weekend and Breesus doesn’t look like he can do it.

  3. The lions are winning, and that’s great. Problem is the saints are playing like crap, and we are not taking advantage of that. Got a feeling we are in for a second half butt whooping.

  4. Lions totally got screwed by the refs on that Brees fumble. No mention of until start of second half. No excuse for that

  5. SACK! and Fumble earlier, Wright nearly jumped the route for a pick

    See? Record setting are not, you smash Brees, force a turnover, he’s like any other QB.

    I hope Atlanta is taking notes.

    they’re up 17-14, Lions better start lighting it up…

  6. I’m a die-hard Packers fan, but man did the Lions get screwed out of 7 points when that one ref decided to blow the play dead after Brees fumbled the ball.

  7. Wow. This officiating. Does the NFL tell them to play favorites or is it a personal choice? Half a yard shy of the first down during that last drive and they just spot him. Don’t even bring the chains out. This is absurd.

  8. Cherillus gets called for a hold that isn’t even as bad as what the Saints are doing every single play. What’s the over under on how many holds the Saints get away with?

  9. Saints had three plays in a short span where the refs blew the spot by a half yard or more.

    Even on the Brees sneak you don’t give him forward progress for sticking the ball out and pulling it back, it aint the goalline boys.

  10. If the officials would at least not make it so obvious who the league wants to win. Bad call on fumble, call holding on Lions but not the Saints.

  11. Lions need to stay close, force the turnover….may come down to a penalty, a fumble or one big play…would love a Lion upset, so they can go to Green Bay and light them up, too.

    Even if the Saints roll, they go to S.F., and thats another hot team.

  12. brees has got bailed out tonight like crazy. saints r so overrated.

    lions get screwed on fumble, drop a pick 6, and now drop another int

  13. I was gonna say something about the refs but that has clearly been covered. I’m just glad I’m not a lions fans I’d be without a
    Tv and voice right now.

  14. I have to agree with a lot of the comments
    The refs *SUCK* and Detroit cant tackle.
    Pierre Thomas’s jersey should be checked for teflon

  15. I too came on hear to complain about the refs …. seems you guys are covering all the bases ….. carry on

    If I were a Lions fan I would have already thrown my remote through the wall, yelled at my wife and punched my dog

  16. Yikes…If I were a Lions fan I would be LIVID!!!
    This officiating is AWFUL!!!

    Won’t get those calls in The Stick.

  17. This is an exciting game but these officials should get fined. They have made bad spots, ignored obvious penalties, blew a play dead that actually cost the Lions a TD (and then technically blew the ruling on the field but at least detroit only got screwed once on that play) and called some questionable penalties. The NFL should be ashamed of the poor officiating over the last few years.

  18. Stafford is awesome – Saints Fan!!! lol…..who dat who dat!!!!! 38-21…..SF better get ready….Steam rolling through the playoffs……Who Dat!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Seriously, as a Lions fan, I try to stay away from the refs excuses, that said, this is getting ridiculas. Yes my boys need to wrap up and tackle. The constent missed calls are bad. The fumble called dead. The non td that was called a td not 2 ft from the ref. Thank god they overturned it upstairs. But the no call holding that the Saints are gettin away with is disgusting.

  20. Suh has been a non-issue the whole game…..again, and now has a black mark on his rear from getting pancaked all night.

    Watch out Saints O-linemen, I feel a Suh-Stomp coming like the last time he was owned all day.

  21. My faith in the NFL is gone. I hate the Lions, but Stevie Wonder could see that their fate was decided before the game even started. Just embarrassing and a true black eye for a league determined to destroy itself.

  22. Wow. I love football, but between the NFL new bs rules that no one understands and the horrible officiating, I don’t know how much longer I can keep watching the NFL.

  23. Um,
    why did the clock continue to run after the Lions receivers ran out of bounds in their drive in late in the fourth? Anyone else notice this? It happened three times in a row.

  24. Another week, another onslaught of “refs screwed us” from Lions fans.

    At least they’re consistent.

  25. Yawn. What a totally boring game. Thanks Goodell. We get to watch pitch and catch. No hitting, no tough plays, no defense — just boring old pitch and catch.

  26. All you fools blaming the refs are a joke. So what your saying is the refs have dropped a pic 6, and another int. The refs are prohibiting the D from making tackles. The refs can’t stop Bree’s. The refs are the reason your lions are being out coached, again!! Get over it. Good teams don’t blame the refs, yet lots are on here. Yes Bree’s fumbled the ball. Early whistle was costly, but you still got the ball and didn’t take advantage.You haven’t beat a playoff team all season. Your offense is good, your D is awful, your coach is a whinny idiot. Stop your crying. Fact is your not good enough.

  27. brees trying to pad stats like usual passing 1st and goal with under 4 to go. 49ers will give them a reality check

  28. You all can keep the bad calls and the whining. Saints will take the win. They’re making the Cry’ons look like a high school team. Blown coverages. Undisciplined. Missed tackles. You’re still Detroit, LOSERS!!!

  29. Matt says: Jan 7, 2012 9:54 PM

    If the Saints need help beating the Lions, they could borrow the 2011 MVP’s backup. Flynn isn’t doing anything this weekend and Breesus doesn’t look like he can do it.

    466yds and 3TD says otherwise!

  30. Im a panthers fan so of course i dont want to see the saints win the superbowl. But i cant stand seeing Schwartz amd Stafford on a sideline anymore. Hey Stafford, we get your number 9, we dont need to see your hat sideways to remind us (the public.) What a day for wide-reciever named Johnson, hats off to both guys. I hope the saints knock these clowns outta the playoffs.

  31. Ugh, Lions fan here. Good game Saints, this was heartbreaking as a Detroit fan, but you guys were the better team tonight. The refs sucked, but so did our defense, so its no excuse. At least big play CJ got to show off his skills tonight.

  32. Say what you want about the officials….the lions are getting their butts roasted now. See ya next year to the most classless team of the year. Cry about the officials, but I see the saints just kicking your butts. Enough about the lions.

  33. Was Sean Payton born a female? Just wondering, he just looks very odd and feminine, the weird lip puckers throughout the game don’t help with the man card.

  34. Thanx for that NFL!!!

    I guess all the home teams are supposed to win this week? It should be amusing in Denver but I can see a repeat of this game happening for the Giants…

  35. Well it looks like those nasty Lions will not make it any farther this year even if the refs gave them back 2 touch downs. Dem Saints are going to California! I am so happy.

  36. The defense failed us once again…but…you have to wonder how these games turn out without the official help.

  37. Brees hangs 45 on that punk Suh and his cheap-shot pals. Now Schwartz can sit back and watch how a real team (49ers) handles the Saints next week.

  38. Lions suck! Overrated. Niners will beat the Saints, because we actually have a defense. Wow poor showing. Slap Jim Schwartz on the back for me, nice try but you aren’t Harbaugh.

  39. why was the clock stopped after lions got out of bounds in 4th qtr and then started before lions even broke huddle?

  40. ‘The lions are winning, and that’s great. Problem is the saints are playing like crap, and we are not taking advantage of that. Got a feeling we are in for a second half butt whooping.’


    Do you pick lottery numbers too?

  41. When Stafford threw that first interception they still had a chance he makes these mistakes all the time not taking care of the football will beat you every time in this case it cost them.

  42. VERY Proud of my Lions Season…. for the most part.

    Disappointed in the woeful under-performance of such a highly touted D. Mr. Cunningham, YOU get a ‘D’ on the season. Horrid tackling too BTW….

    That said – Congrats Lions – our youth means continued success and improvement.

    2012-13 Wishes:
    1) A health Leshoure – get a power running game
    2) Reload in the secondary – the D can actually blitz and O lines must drop double coverage on Suh… and not get completely torched.

  43. There were a lot of calls that pissed me off, but the worst was the NON-GOAL LINE, jump over the line, pull the ball back, get a 1st down anyway by Brees.

    If that is any other player, in any other situation, they would have ruled that the players lost the 1st down by going backwards.

  44. Detroit sucks, the melt down will being in the motor city. The over paid punks on the lions will self destruct this off season and next year they lucky to be 8 & 8.

  45. Refs screwed the lions as usual. watching lions games gets redundant nowadays. C’mon folks wake up. I know theres no flood in new orleans this year but gimme a break.

  46. Yeah Lions got robbed but the saints were still the better team. Love both of these coaches though, a lot more than ours. We’re never gonna win a superbowl with a walrus calling the shots.

  47. I wish the matchups would have worked out differently this year. In the early game, I wanted both teams to win and in this game I don’t want either of them to advance.

  48. Brees hangs 45 on that punk Suh and his cheap-shot pals. Now Schwartz can sit back and watch how a real team (49ers) handles the Saints next week.

    What is it with 9ers fans chasing the Lions? Does anyone else know? I have no clue at this point.

  49. Awww quit crying!!!! Be thankful they didnt call the fumble an incomplete pass since thats why the whistle was blown. Detroit had a good game plan, just didnt have the horses to run with the Saints for a full 60 minutes. Up next is San Francisco with their vaunted defense. We played a vaunted defense this year in #2 Houston and hung 40 on them. San Francisco don’t have the depth to run with us. They’ll hold us under 40, but not by much… Saints win next week 34-21….

  50. Lions fans are awful. Sure, you could make an argument for the fumble play, but jesus christ how about watching your sorry team. Stafford might be a really good QB in the future, but he still makes too many mistakes. He missed a couple of throws tonight and had his usual 1-2 ints. You cant have that in the playoffs.

    As far as the “D”…..WOW!. They cant tackle, they cant cover, they stink. No wonder that got lit up by the Pack’s 2nd stringers last week. It seems like Pierre Thomas ran through 5 lions every time he ran the ball.

  51. Here’s a little refresher about stopping the clock. The NFL instituted rules a long time ago to shorten the games because most started running 3 1/2 hours.

    When a player runs out of bounds the clock only stops briefly until the official spots the ball EXCEPT when two minutes remain in the first half or five minutes remain in the game.

    Watch a game today and you will see it happen all the time, it’s nothing new.

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