McDaniels starts with the Patriots Monday

We told you earlier Saturday that Josh McDaniels was expected to return to the Patriots.  Now it’s official.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports McDaniels finalized a contract with New England. He’ll be an offensive assistant for the team in the playoffs, and become the offensive coordinator in the 2012 season.

Bill O’Brien will remain the team’s offensive coordinator for the team’s playoff run. The Patriots will face the winner of the Steelers and Broncos.

UPDATE 10:23 p.m. ET: Peter King reported McDaniels will start Monday.

54 responses to “McDaniels starts with the Patriots Monday

  1. This is interesting. I wonder how much Brady had to say about this. He clearly did not respect BOB. Just can dish it out that fellow.

  2. Took the easy way. Back to the security blanket.

    I wish he had gone to KC, worked under Romeo as a Head Coach in waiting. That would have been a chance to prove himself and get a HC job again. Anyone can be OC in New England.

  3. I will make note that 13-3 requires an assistant during the playoffs, especially one who has proven to be unsuccessful on other teams and outside one of the most successful offenses over the last 7 years. Not many coordinators fail while splitting play calling with Tom Brady.

  4. So, Adam Shefter says it’s official so now it’s “official?”

    It’s not official until the Patriots say it’s official.

    But this is Bill O’Brien’s day and NE will make the announcement when the timing is appropriate.

    Not when PFT and Shefter think it is.

  5. Now can you stop showing him in Broncos attire. As a Bronco fan is a time period I wish to forget

  6. From everyone in KC, thank you Patriots for taking him back. We are all sick of hearing about “the Patriot Way” here and seeing no results. Everyone was fearful that mcdaniels was coming here. We dodged a bullet.

  7. I enjoy reading the negative posts from all the haters…just means they realise the Pats got even better…they were all hoping that BOB would take the head coaching job at Penn & weaken the Pats internally…instead they got 1/2 their wish & the Pats just got MUCH stronger for the forseeable future….

  8. McDaniels was 29-6 in two years as OC in New England. He’s already faced Balt. and Pgh. this year. No downside for the Patriots.

  9. @chiefforlife Sorry all your ex-Pats signings still have you failing. Might have more to do with our coach/owner/philosophy than you’d like to admit? It’s pretty sad to see all of our assistants and players being grabbed up at every point…. good for them obviously, but it doesn’t do either franchise any good.

    Sorry KC, pretending just doesn’t cut it (also see all other AFC West Teams).

    btw Tebow was awesome on SNL.

  10. @vols84 says the fan of a team who’s been taking every Patriot they can for 3-4 years. Oh, the guy who was our Def Coord is going to be your head coach, oh Pioli… you should be so thankful to have those kind of people running the team.

    Maybe you should just be a Rams fan…

  11. In my opinion BOB is the better playcaller, Mcdaniel is too pass happy which makes the offense easier to defend in the red zone

  12. This is interesting I think this is a good hire but, it kind of annoy’s my that Players are owned practically but when a coach wants to move around he’s free to do so even in a league year. If the headline is true he flew in today???

    It just seems a little unfair that the Rams season ended and he still gets a shot to win a Ring with a team he joined during the playoffs?

  13. Looking at next year, the Pats will have a great shot at getting Brandon Lloyd on the cheap. He has made it known that he wants to play for McDaniels. He would make a nice compliment to Welker and the TEs.

  14. If the Pats wanted to keep O’Brien, they wouldn’t have let his contract run out. Once again, Pats are ahead of the curve. They don’t have to worry about the divided attention of a lame duck OC. They bring back a guy that knows the system, got his feet wet in head coaching and is the heir apparent they wanted all along; while they still have O’Brien under contract for the playoffs. Once again, the best organization in NFL leaves everyone else wondering how they did it. Wonder what they’ll do with the 2 1rsts and 2 2nds they have next yr. After going 13-2.

  15. Did the Pats make him take a blood oath before signing the contract? McDaniels threw them under the bus when he ran into problems and needed a scapegoat. He may be a good offensive mind, but he’s not the most scrupulous, trustworthy guy in the league.

  16. “sterilizecromartie”…..haha this is a very clever name, good for you!

    I’m glad Josh McDaniels is back, if you look at every great coach, his career isn’t filled with success after success. Its the negative times where you gain your valuable experience, especially if your smart enough to reflect on it and realize your mistakes. Im excited to see what more he has to offer this time around.

    Good luck!

  17. Hey Billy, 3 dozen munchkins, 3cream no sugar 4 black and get yourself a choclate frosted.

  18. wte1 says:
    Jan 7, 2012 8:04 PM
    So, Adam Shefter says it’s official so now it’s “official?”

    It’s not official until the Patriots say it’s official.

    But this is Bill O’Brien’s day and NE will make the announcement when the timing is appropriate.

    Not when PFT and Shefter think it is.


    Thank You!

  19. @Deb:
    What the hell are you talking about? Are you thinking of Mangini. McDaniel didn’t burn any bridges or throw BB under the bus. He used to call BB for advice. Cutler and Marshall shot their way out of town and any Denver fan that wishes they still had those two stiffs are out of their minds. I’ll bet Elway wishes he had Cassel for a few years, with that D, and then be able to let him go and draft someone, instead of the mess he has on his hands now. McDaniels didn’t blame anyone. Bowlen brought in Elway(who doesn’t know what he’s doing) and they blamed McDaniel.

  20. Josh wmoving back into Mommy Belicheat’s basement…just like all those hordes of loser Pats fans who also live in their mommy’s basement.

  21. @tedmurph obviously you have no clue. McDaniels came into Denver thinking he was BB, and tried to make changes with a team he could have taken to the playoffs. Cutler, Marshall, Hillis and you draft Tebow in the first round…..he is a bust as a head coach! If he had pulse on Denver you do not trade away your stars… lest give them a chance to produce under your system.

  22. As I said before…the Pats are great w or wo him.

    McDaniels is a non-factor – if you doubt it, checkout the Patriots Offense before him, during his years, and after he left. Very little difference – facts are facts.

    BB knows Josh won’t screw things up. There’s something to be said for making big bucks to stay out of your own way, right?

  23. The Patriots may score as many offensive touchdowns in the post-season (literally) as the Rams did during thier 16 game regular season under McDaniels.

  24. This was all just according to the sith lord bellichek’s master plan.

    McDaniels reached for Tim Tebow in the Draft, knowing well that Timmy would bring the Broncos to the playoffs in the future.

    Now McDandiels returns to his mentor with full knowledge of the Broncos abilities. Steelers lose to the Tebows, and then get pummelled by the Pats. Genius.

  25. There must be a lot of recent bandwagon Pats fans in here. Few Pat fans shed a tear after McDaniels left the Pats for the Broncos. But he does return to his cheatin’ roots.

  26. .


    What did I tell you about JETS fans about posting on Patriots threads exclusively? Let me reiterate the JETS topics that you educate the nation on, rear admiral a$$ hat.

    1.Santonio “oh captain my captain ” Holmes.

    2. Mark “chihuahua eyes ” Sanchez.

    3. Bart “can’t wait to go 8-8 ” Scott

    4. Brian “21 yd field goal attempt ” Schottenhiemer.

    5. Rex ” threepeat” Ryan

    6. Antonio “53 man roster of kids ” Cromartie

    7. Plexico ” right cap, wrong a$$” Burris

    8. Darrell “the iron armbar ” Revis

    9. Ladanien “quitter ” Tomlinson

    10. NFL man of the year, NYG running back Brandon Jacobs for saying to Rex Ryan what was on the mind of all 7 billion inhabitants of planet earth : “shut up, fat boy ”

    Listen, chuckles : What Jacobs said.

    Now, how do you like those apples?


  27. LMAO…As I said earlier, you’ve got to love the Patriot haters, (not a fan), especially when Patriot fans post reasonable and backable facts…

    I root for a team here in the northeast that did’nt do squat, but bragged they would, and I would’nt mind having Belichek and Brady running my team.

  28. Why does it not seem right that another team’s coach can join a team in the playoffs after the coach’s team is eliminated? Seems like the NFL should have a rule making them wait until the next season. I see all kinds of potential problems by allowing this – particularly if the eliminated team has something that the coach can bring that will help the team still in the playoffs. Just like they wouldn’t be allowed to pick up a player from a team that was eliminated, it doesn’t seem right to me that they can pick up a coach.

  29. Now it’s time to see if Sam Bradford makes it out the Alex Smith Treatment. As a 49ers fan, I gotta say it takes some cajones to stick around through everything Smith has been through. But with Bradford, the Rams may not be so patient.

  30. @jeyoung805:
    Tried to make changes to a team he could have taken to the playoffs? When McDaniels got there in 2009, Denver hadn’t made the playoffs since 2005. That’s why Shannie got fired. Who doesn’t have a clue? What have the ‘stars’ he traded away done since he left Denver? They’re a bunch of coach-killers.

  31. @tedmurph

    Thank you for your thoughtful analysis of the McDaniels in Denver era. I hope you don’t burn a hole in your pillow tonight with the crack pipe you are obviously hiding underneath it.

    Danver fans are “out of their minds” if they wish Cutler and Marshall were still on the team? Have you actually watched football this year? Or any year? Sober?

    Jesus, man. Maybe you should move to a Communist country. Your work in the study of revisionist history is exemplary.

  32. I loved McDaniels a couple years ago as O.C. but this is a very different kind of team. You’ve got two tight ends working horizontal stretch from tight in the formation – and a better running game than they’ve had in many years past, much different from the 4 wide vertical stretch offense that used to exist in NE.

  33. wte1 says:
    Jan 7, 2012 8:04 PM
    So, Adam Shefter says it’s official so now it’s “official?”

    It’s not official until the Patriots say it’s official.

    But this is Bill O’Brien’s day and NE will make the announcement when the timing is appropriate.

    Not when PFT and Shefter think it is.


    It doesn’t matter, anyway. Bill O’Brien can go to Ped st., and Josh Mc can go back, the Pats have been solved already by the Jets and Ravens.

    The team to watch for is now the New Orleans Saints.

  34. tedmurph says:
    wonder what they’ll 2 1rsts and 2 2nds they have next yr. After going 13-2?
    1. trade down
    2. draft a bunch of middling defensive players that they cut in two years.

  35. Yesterday NO got over 600 yards on offense.

    The Packers’ defense is statistically the worst in the NFL, the Patriots is the 2nd worst, yet they are both seeded #1.

    During the past season the Patriots made over 150 transactions, most on D.

    Defenses are pretty much hobbled by the rules these days, and I would look to the rules committee to do something about that.

  36. 2011 Pats trade down: NO drafts Ingram
    Pats get NO 1rst and Vereen.

    2010 Pats trade down: Denv drafts DThomas.
    Pats get Hernandez and McCourty.

    2009 Pats trade down: Balti drafts Oher.
    Pats get Gronk and Edelman.

    2007 Pats trade down: 49ers draft Staley.
    Pats draft Mayo and trade other pick for Moss.

    I could go on. Do a little research before you jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the uninformed. They have about 14 guys on the 53 man roster that have been to the Pro-Bowl. Yeah, they missed on Matthews. So did 24 other teams that were scared off by the ‘program’ they were running @USC.

  37. I knew it !!!!

    McDaniels was a Belichick plant to ruin the Broncos franchise.

    Belichick knew that after McDaniels finished getting rid of all the top talent Denver had that he would be back in New England.

  38. Deb says:
    Jan 7, 2012 9:44 PM
    Did the Pats make him take a blood oath before signing the contract? McDaniels threw them under the bus when he ran into problems and needed a scapegoat. He may be a good offensive mind, but he’s not the most scrupulous, trustworthy guy in the league.
    People telling you you’re crazy are…crazy. I’m with you, girl. I hate this re-hire. And yes he threw BB under the bus from a few articles I read. Don’t know how he explained that away.

    I’m sooooooo looking forward to the return of “line up in shotgun regardless of D & D and throw” finesse garbage. Ugh. Pats were just starting to get tough again.

    I liked B O’B and loved that he coached even the “stars” hard and held them to a high standard.

  39. Can someone please explain to me how one can go from being an O.C for one team that doesn’t make the playoffs, town offensives assistant on another team that is in the playoffs, and start working right away, and not have to wait til the current season is over?

  40. This should pretty much settle all of the Josh McDaniel going to NE comments: “There is nothing that prohibits it if the coach has no further contractual obligation to his previous team,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

  41. @stupadassle…LMAO…your name pretty much describes you!

    I still don’t like the Pats or BB, but you can’t argue with success…Did’nt we get caught lining up our players on the sidelines (within tripping distance), on kick-offs and punt returns…What goes around comes around I guess.

  42. @CKL …

    Thanks, girl. I’m glad to see one Pats fan has a memory that at least goes back to last season. McDaniels got into trouble over some videotaping and was quick to say that’s how they did it in New England. So yes he most certainly did throw Belichick and company under the bus when he got into trouble. He had no problem digging up their dirty laundry and dragging them back into the headlines to save himself. And the Pats fans were pretty upset about it at the time. Amazing how putting him back on the payroll erases the memories of shrieking hysterics like tedmurph and his little dog drgfri and all their Stepford thumb clickers. 🙄

  43. Another piece of Deb BS. Parse the text. McDaniels correctly pointed out that the Pats had admittted and the NFL had sanctioned them for violating the rules for 2 yrs. McDaniels wasn’t talking out of school, he was pointing out that his situation was an isolated incident not sanctioned by him or the Broncos. Nothing that wasn’t common knowledge. Deb says Pats fans were pretty upset at the time. Unless it was someone in her sewing circle, she completely made that up. I read all the Boston papers and all the blogs and there wasn’t a peep.

    See ya next yr Deb. Maybe if you have to defend another steeler for an offseason indiscretion we’ll hear from you sooner. Shreikingly yours…T M

  44. Can’t decide whether calling people names or using childish icons is the way I should go…hmmmm. Think I’ll make a shreiking hysteric T-Shirt, IF the Pats get eliminated.

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