Reggie McKenzie will have the power to fire Hue Jackson


After the passing of Raiders owner Al Davis, coach Hue Jackson inherited significant power and influence over the football operation.  With the arrival of G.M. Reggie McKenzie, plenty of the juice will shift to McKenzie.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, McKenzie will have one additional piece of authority, via his contract with the team — the ability to fire Jackson.

Although McKenzie and Jackson are jointly represented by agent Kennard McGuire, there’s a sense in some circles that McKenzie will want to hire his own man.  Earlier today, Chris Mortensen of ESPN suggested that Packers assistant head coach/inside linebackers coach Winston Moss could succeed Jackson, who has coached the Raiders for only one season.

It’s believed that Jackson has damaged his stock in Oakland via statements made in the wake of Sunday’s home loss to the Chargers, which caused the Raiders to miss the postseason for the ninth straight year.  To stay, Jackson will have to submit to the new structure and accept the fact that his influence as to football matters necessarily will diminish.

97 responses to “Reggie McKenzie will have the power to fire Hue Jackson

  1. If Reggie isn’t completely comfortable with hue jax then go ahead and move on. I like Hue but Al’s passing and the infux of power was to much for him!

  2. Trading two high picks for Palmer and leaving McKenzie without any picks in the initial four rounds is reason enough for Jackson to be fired.

  3. Jackson’s post-game comments were horrific. It was like listening to a guy trying to piss off not only his bosses but his charges… basically anyone and everyone he needs to support him.

    He came off as a petulant child looking to blame everyone but himself. Those aren’t traits any owner wants in a coach.

  4. Although understandable, I think too much is being made of this. Obviously any GM wants to have “his guys” in place, but there is no reason not to give Hue another season. McKenzie and Hue need to put their heads together and iron out any possible differences and work towards getting a quality defensive coordinator in place.

  5. I have always been puzzled with the notion of “hiring his own man” for the sake of hiring a GM’s own man! I think Jackson did a pretty good job with the Raiders– they’re not doormats anymore! Now, let’s see the new GM get some good players!

  6. Wow, if they fire Hue Jackson for Winston Moss, somebody hasn’t done their homework. Check aroung the league and see what other coaches who have worked with Moss think.

  7. Reggie McKenzie will usher in a new era of respectability that Oakland hasn’t seen in decades. He will also rob the Packers of several prime assistant coaches and scouts. As a Packer fan, I hate to see this, but I have to give props to the Raiders for making this move.

  8. As much of a gong show “the more things change, the more they stay the same” feeling from the Raiders it will be if he fires Jackson, he has to.

    Hue thinks Davis anointed him with some special power, and that its Hue’s legacy and duty because Al died while he was coach. Al himself in the grave has already trotted out the overhead projector like he did with Kiffen, and digging up some dirt on Jackson as he did Tom Cable, with Jackson making the comments he did last week (if not earlier, when he sold the farm for Palmer).

    No way can Jackson co-exsist with someone having GM power, when he assumes that he can do that at least half time along with coaching.

    It will be a bigger gongshow and mark against McKenzie’s career if he keeps Jackson on….when the Raiders go 2-4 to start the season the Jackson blames McKenize for not giving him the players that Al would’ve, things will be a lot more messy and dramatic.

  9. Mr. Jackson produced an embarrassing collapse at the end of the year. He then threw everybody else under the bus. He then made large ego blowviations about how he was gonna have more say and authority in management decisions. Yup….the team quit on you, you have been a failure as the HC, you then shift blame to others, and then you think you’re entitled to more authority and control.

    There is a wonderful word in this world for a wonderful concept….. MERIT.

    Hue….. you don’t MERIT more say, authority, and control. You MERIT being on the hot seat for your job. Now take your inflated ego and your big mouth, sit down, and shut up.

  10. And if and when they do fire him he better come up with with a contrite (i.e. I thank the Raiders for the opportunity they gave me to be a head coach) presser if he ever want’s a job in the NFL again.

  11. Get it over with, fire Jackson and hire someone else. The Raiders have a shot at getting out of their dysfunction. Don’t blow it.

  12. Hue has a huge ego and I really can’t see him working well with the new GM. He might make it to next year, but I don’t see him making it past that. The guy just thinks he knows it all. I mean he thought he should of had his say in who was GM. In what job does someone get to pick who their boss is? Hue Jackson is a moron. In his short time as GM he blew the raiders future on carson Palmer. Any other team wouldn’t of even given up a 2nd rounder for that old dirtbag and Hue gave up a potential of two first rounders.(will be a 1st and 2nd now being that they missed the playoffs)

  13. The Ambiguously F’up Duo of Sparano and Haley might find a job after all………………

  14. Moss has been linked to the Raiders coaching gig before. I think Jackson was put in a tough spot after Davis died. Rookie head coach, surrounded by Davis cronies, no apparent chain of command in place. It’s probably not fair to only give him one year, but since they will be starting fresh in the front office heads are bound to roll. If Jackson’s is one of them, oh well. Getting fired is a big part of that job.

  15. Reggie McKenzie will have the power to fire Hue Jackson
    then do it today.. he is an idiot..

  16. As a raider fan 4 a long time. Jackson was just getting carson in so we didnt have to watch the unwatchable kyle boiler go 4-12 and get fired anyways. But mcfadden went down, the def went from 11th to 29. I will not go or watch any raiders games if hue is fired. Another season, another new coach. Its time the franchise starts getting rid of the players that play the game!

  17. The person that Hue should have thrown under the bus was Chuck Bresnahan. Those 20-yard-deep safety blitzes, the schemes that had Lamar Houston and/or Kamerion Wimbley covering Antonio Gates, Rolando McClain cover Vincent Jackson/Calvin Johnson were downright stupid. I hope that Reggie let’s Al Saunders call the plays (if he’s still around) and let Hue focus on coaching.

  18. I have to wonder…

    Will another coach/system be beneficial to the Raiders?

    McKenzie is well within his power to get one of his “guys” into the head coaching spot. He is the new general manager.

    Whom ever McKenzie and the organization bring in to replace Jackson — if he is indeed fired, Yahoo’s Mike Silver reports Hue will be back — will have to do a reboot of the system. And can the Raider players handle another change?

    Defensively, a reboot is needed. Oakland’s defense was downright atrocious.

    Offensively, I’m not too sure. Jackson — for all his faults — is a solid playcaller and if the Raiders defense was even mediocre, Oakland would have been better than the 8-8 record it finished with.

    If the D stood its ground against Buffalo, Denver (round 2), Detroit and San Diego, Oakland could have well broken the playoff drought.

    Still, the McKenzie hiring is exciting news and it will be interesting to see how things play out.

  19. They should at least give hue a year the o wasn’t bad this year however I would be open to Winston Moss coming in as a D Coordinator but hue should at least get 1 more year

  20. “Do it Reggie! Do it for Al, and all the true Raider fans.”

    Yes, Al would be happy his hand picked choice was fired after one year,

    If you ask me, they should of never fired Cable.

  21. Sure he can fire Huey… But can he get the 1st and 2nd rounders back that the dummy traded away for a worthless QB in a no win situation???

    I love it, Huey thinks getting Palmer is the answer, he puts him in way too soon and the Chiefs embarass both of them, then Palmer gets up to game speed after about 6 weeks and they still miss the playoffs. It just makes me laugh.

    Oakland’s true starter Campbell is 4-2, Palmer was 4-5. So their 4-5 QB, next year #2, cost them a 1st and a 2nd. Cinci’s in the playoffs and still laughing at Huey.

  22. Maybe Hue Jackson gets the Tom Cable treatment?

    What I mean by this is, McKenzie hires Winston Moss to be the Raiders defensive coordinator with the future prospect of Moss taking over as head coach if Jackson can’t get Oakland over the .500 hump and into the playoffs.

    The late Al Davis did the same thing with Jackson. He hired Hue knowing full well if Cable didn’t get the job done, Jackson would take over as head coach.

  23. That’s good because the man who can’t make trades (Hue Jackson) can’t fire himself!!!

  24. Hue will be back unless he makes as big of a @ss behind the scenes as a result of Reggie’s hire as he did last week.

    Bottomline I agree with Jerry McDonald of that in the end Hue will realize that is more important to be Head Coach in the NFL and “fall in line” then become an EX-NFL coach.

    Besides to fire Hue without giving him the benefit of the doubt (and a complete off-season/training camp) in regards to Carson Palmer doesn’t make much sense.

    I also think once Coach Jackson steps back and realizes he was indeed in over his head by playing GM, playcaller AND head coach, he too will realize this is the way it has to be going forward.

    Get a top flight 3-4 defensive coordinator (Mike Nolan) and let Reggie do what he was hired to do…Evaluate personnel and find the right players to fill out the roster and give Coach Jackson the players he needs to win with!

    Most of the pieces are already in place and with the rest of the AFC standing pat with their franchises now is NOT the time to blow up the team and start over.

  25. So if McKenzie fires Hue, what type of coach does he bring in? Who are possible head coaches in the Ron Wolf coaching tree?

  26. The new GM would seem a fool to keep a loud-mouth under-performer. What possible argument could be made to keep Huebert? The Palmer move was a fiasco, because the fact (not opinion) was that it was intended to get the team to the playoffs, THIS year. It failed, and along with the failure goes a cherished 1st-round pick, and a sizable sum of money to pay Palmer (and Cinci). Only so much cap space from which to work.

    The Raiders’ apologists here have nothing credible to say. Missing the playoffs, is missing the playoffs. They could have wound up in the same spot, with their existing backup QB, without losing draft picks and cash. So, the Palmer move was disastrous to the short and longer-term health of the team.

    With a real GM (for the first time now that the old man is dead) you would expect a smart head-coach hire, designed to last a decade. Not, ten-months.

    You Raiders’ fans should be excited for the future.

  27. no need for a hasty move. if you like Winston moss, bring him in as the DC. then if hue regresses or is difficult in the next year, you already have you successor in-house! I’d like to see hue get another shot. he resurrected the offense from the dead!

  28. One of Hues consistant lines was “At the end of the day we just didn’t get it done and that starts with me” Hue made a lot of bonehead mistakes and Raider fans are getting impatient with the incompetence. Hopefully Reggie will evaluate all the positions and make the necessary changes to rebuild the team back into the winners the Raiders once were. For some it will be the end of the day and others it will “Be the end of the line”

  29. I hate Chuck Bresnahan, but I’m not sure that I want him replaced with anyone from the Packers defensive coaching staff. Oakland may have been 29th in total defense, but GB was 32nd in total D. There has to be a better choice than Perry or Moss. I’d like to see what Hue’s first choice from last year, Dennis Thurman, could do.

  30. Hue Jackson reminds me of Isaiah Thomas. Always making these huge splashy deals that were just horrible for the franchise.

    This Carson Palmer deal will set us back at least 2 years.

    Please Reggie. Pull the trigger. Fire him today. Why wait?

  31. I say give Hue one more season…He did turn our offense around since he has been in Oakland. He is under a leash now and he wont have all that power so maybe he can concentrat on just coaching.

    at the same time if he fires Hue then I wont be mad neither. That Carson trade still pisses me off

  32. slightlyhyphy says:
    Jan 7, 2012 4:10 PM
    So if McKenzie fires Hue, what type of coach does he bring in? Who are possible head coaches in the Ron Wolf coaching tree?
    Winston Moss and Darren Perry are the two names you hear the most, along with the Packers O Coord.

    Problem is the Raiders have mortgaged the future with Carson Palmer (who BTW Hue has the most experience with) and I am sure a new head coach would want to pick his own O Coord so Al Saunders would have to leave.

    I think firing Hue now would cause more problems than it would solve…Best thing is to give him a complete off-season and training camp (which he did NOT have this year) and give him 2012 to prove himself and his offensive philosophy.

    With Denver in love with Tebow, KC picking Romeo and SD sticking with the ever underperforming Norv Turner and company there is no reason the Raiders can’t win the AFC West…AS LONG AS THEY IMPROVE THEIR HORRIBLE DEFENSE!!!!

  33. The Mckenzie hire is Clutch! Reggie will call the shots!! To be hired from GB he had to have full control , which i think he got– Thank God!
    We will find out for sure on Tuesday’s Presser what Hue’s fate is then- My gut says that Mckenzie will lay it out for Hue if on board great if not See YA!
    I’m Rolling with Reggie.

  34. Dear Hue jackson, i want to take this rare opportunity for the draft picks you sent to cincy….if hue gets fired mike brown should hire him just to return the fav haha,Who dey!

  35. “Wait, so it’s a news story that a GM has the ability to do duties of a GM position????”


    It is when you’re talking about the Raiders….

  36. The possibility of firing Hue isn’t even the most intriguing story in Raider-land.

    What’s far more interesting to me is this:

    Is McKenzie a big Carson Palmer fan? Is he a big Matt Flynn fan? Flynn is a free-agent, and Palmer, at the very least, proved his elbow is sound and his arm strength is back.

    (He was also on a pace for a 4,700 yard season with no training camp and a new system – many of the INT’s can be forgiven considering the circumstances.)

    I’d love to see a scenario where Palmer is flipped to at least get the second round pick back (about what he was actually worth in the first place), and Flynn signs with Oakland to be the starter.

    Talk about Reggie putting his full stamp on the team quickly!! That would definitely do it.

  37. @humboldt420

    Your comment made the most sense of all the ones I’ve read.

    I agree that Hue Jackson needs to take a step back, but to be fired? He’s done more good than bad with the Raiders. I just don’t understand how Raiders fan can miss that point. The offense was a lot better than the year before and even better than the year before that. The defense, well, that’s another story.

    The problem in Oakland isn’t who’s the QB or who’s the HC anymore. It’s who’s going to do something with that defense. One week, Oakland plays incredible defense. The next week, they get ran on for 200+ yards.

    Get a DC in there that knows what he’s doing. For the first time in decades, the coaches finally have a chance to do their jobs without ownership stepping in.

  38. I know one thing for sure about Jackson. He paid too high a price for Carson Palmer. Granted , he was a good quarterback at one time but how long can you play at a high level , considering his age. If he was ” the man” then why didn’t he pull it off in Cincinnati? The other is the Run DMC incident. Hue stated that Mcfadden’s injury and i quote” its a sprain”. A sprain? That type of injury involves a fracture, I have read on some sites that its wasn’t a fracture but a sprain. By even giving that statement the benefit of the doubt , thats a pretty bad sprain to last for 13 weeks!! Hue is a good coach but i never heard him once mention the problem of penalties and what he would do about it. For these reasons if he does go , i wont be surprised.

  39. Way to keep stability for this team by firing another head coach. They should try keeping a coach for awhile and see if that helps

  40. sure, hue stepped into the ‘vacuum’ after al died. and tried to grab for all the gusto. and didnt bother to coach the raiders anymore.

    the “rise” of the raiders offense in 2010 wasnt due that much to hue showing up. it was more of a reaction to the cutting of ja-carcass.

    sure the raiders d blew chunks. asoumgha was gone. but hue immediately threw everyone else under the bus because he knows he didnt do the job he was hired for.

  41. Mark Davis has already put loudmouth Hue in his place, remember how big mouth wanted to be a part of the hiring process for the GM? Didn’t happen was never going to happen. Davis could not have been happy with Hue’s attitude and I am sure that McKenzie is going to think long and hard about dumping this guy. I think a change is now in order and in the long run this will not hurt the franchise in the least….instead it sends the message to the fans, players, and front office types (Herrera) that real change is going to be the norm moving forward!! Great move by the Raiders!!

  42. @ raidernationmember

    Agree with both your points, however, I don’t see what else they could have done when J. Campbell went down.

    Bungles weren’t going to let Palmer go unless someone gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse…Really bad luck was that Campbell got hurt exactly 48 hours before the trade deadline (which should be moved).

    Kyle Boller wasn’t the answer, Garrard was injured, Trent Edwards was, well Trent Edwards.
    Other than trying to restart the Brett Farve circus or bring back Jamarcus Russell (JUST KIDDING), Palmer was the only QB out there that could POSSIBILY help the Raiders make a playoff run.

    In the end Palmer played decent for coming off the couch (with no pre-season), the injuries and defense let them down in the end (Calvin Johnson being covered by McClain still makes me shake my head).

    That all said, it was Hue’s call to go with Kyle Boller as the backup in the first place (BIG MISTAKE) and his handling of DMAC’s injury was just silly…Should have put him on IR and signed someone (i.e. similar to Dallas signing Sammy Morris after Demarco Murray was hurt).
    You of course couldn’t replace DMAC, but Bush got wore down in the end and Hue would have been better advised to re-sign Michael Bennett (cut at the end of pre-season) or even taken a flier on someone else to help (still don’t understand why he didn’t give Rock Cartwight…A team captain…more of a chance) to take some of the load off Bush with T. Jones himself being hurt.

    Releasing Derek Hagans for T.J. Housh was dumb also.

    Hopefully Hue will realize that he has the POTENTIAL to be a great HC as long as he realizes his place in the organization.

  43. If nothing else, it’ll be a factor in keeping Hue from running off the rails again.
    And he sure has…

  44. Winston Moss would actually be the PERFECT choice for Raider head coach. Here’s why:

    I went to a Raider game against the Seahawks in 1994. I think it was early second quarter when it was was disrupted by an enormous fight. Three Raiders and one Seahawk were ejected. What had been a close game turned into a rout, and Seattle handed the Raiders their worst loss during their stay in Los Angeles.

    I had recorded the game, and watched it when I got home. What it showed was the fight started when a Raider linebacker who had knocked Rick Mirer down after a pass attempt had put his knee on Mirer’s helmet while getting up, and gave him a bit of “the business”. Seattle OT Ray Roberts came flying over and knocked the LB off Mirer, and the fight was on.

    The name of the LB who was roughing up Mirer, and instigated the brawl?

    Winston Moss.

  45. All those railing on the Carson Palmer trade…get over yourselves…he is only 32 (2 years younger than Tom Brady)…and is much better than any QB we would have taken with the 17th pick in the 2012 draft. And we got him this year.

    Jason Campbell was a good QB, but he was likely out for the year with a broken clavicle…and his contract is up this year…Kyle Boller was horrendous…

  46. I’m sure McKenzie is going to review the whole season and evaluate Jackson on that basis.

    So it won’t surprise me if Hue gets fired. The team fell apart at the end of the season. They didn’t even show up in Miami and they should have handled Denver, KC and SD.

    The offense was improved his performance overall was not good…

  47. Hue wasn’t the problem of the Raiders blowing it, it was Chucky D’s defense that was the problem. Hue made that offense more explosive even w/out their most explosive player in D-Mac. That Raiders defense is the reason why they aren’t in the playoffs.

    See ya Chuck.

  48. Reggie Mckenzie is smart and he know that he cant get out from under Palmers deal so both Palmer and Hue have next year to prove themselves.
    It will be hard to fix D with limited picks so Mckenzie will have to be schrewd in FA and defensive hires.

  49. jbaxt says:
    Jan 7, 2012 4:01 PM
    Cinci’s in the playoffs and still laughing at Huey.
    Uh, Bengal fan, you are about a quarter away from a one and done. Let me explain how this “laughing at Raiders thing works”


    Then you have cred to speak on the “Palmer bust trade”

    Yeah, it was a bad deal, but we all know there are Has been teams, and never will be teams. That mediocre stink is all over you until you get to the big game AND WIN IT ALL.

  50. The Raiders (blindly) faithful:

    Answer this. Why would a new GM keep a head-coach who performed no better than his predecessor? (You aren’t allowed to use an injured QB in the argument. As I write this, I’m watching the Houston Oilers walk away in their first playoff game with a third-string QB.)

    In 2010, the Raiders swept the division. In 2011, they fell to even. How do you see bringing back a guy, who performed badly as both a coach and a (temporary) GM helping your team? What’s more, he sealed his fate with his ranting and raving about usurping more power as he moved forward. Arrogance, only matching by his lack of ability.

    Again, why would you NOT want a real fresh start, from the ground up? It hasn’t been an option for decades.

  51. @ dougydougdoug

    Hue Jackson has put forth a competent offense that can actually score points and is watchable.

    It’s been years since the Raiders have had a team that can actually find the end zone on offense.

    Yes, Jackson’s predecessor Tom Cable went 8-8 and swept the division.

    But here is the difference: The Raiders had the 11th ranked defense when Cable was coach. The Raiders had the 29th ranked defense when Jackson was coach.

    And that brings up a better question: Which did a more impressive job?

    I’d say Jackson since he got to 8-8 with an atrocious defense.

  52. I’m watching the Houston Oilers walk away in their first playoff game with a third-string QB.)
    Thats Houston Texans. Congrats to them. And hopefully that shuts up Bengal fan with their “Carson Palmer throws picks garbage.” Yeah, Dalton REALLY made that trade look stupid today, when it counted.

    Dalton just called his last time out.

  53. twitterhappier says:
    Jan 7, 2012 3:32 PM
    I’m pretty sure his crappy trade for Palmer won’t help him either


    Andy Dalton’s play today makes it look like GENIUS!

    Talk crap now , Bengal fan.

  54. After thinking about this for a while my earlier comment should have been…..DUH…he wouldn’t have taken the job if he didn’t have that kind of power…..I still don’t like Hue, let’s see what call McKenzie makes.

  55. guys, seriously the trade for palmer is not as bad as people make out to be. they had to do something to try and salvage the season and when does a raiders first round pick ever become a stud? don’t say dmac as he is fragile and you don’t help sitting on the sidelines. truth

  56. I think you were missing my greater point, and perhaps it was a waste for me to bring up the change in divisional record. All that matters is that the Bengals DID make it to the playoffs, along with the Raiders #1 pick and the cash to pay off Palmer. They did stink it up (as most assumed they would) but can you argue that they won’t be better off in the next year because of the move they made with the Raiders?

    But really, it just comes back to the fact that, even IF you give Hue more credit than he likely deserves, it’s still not as if there is all that much to crow about. Wouldn’t you be much more excited by a really well-conceived re-staffing by the new GM? Going with past history, and that logic, Hue was put into his position by Al, and that has clearly been a recipe for disaster for the last decade.

  57. Texans may have had a rookie 3rd string QB but they had their RB healthy (who is a top 2 RB in the league when healthy) and their best WR healthy (who is a top 4 WR when healthy). The Raiders lost their starting QB, starting RB (who is a top 5 RB in the league when healthy which is rare), and their best WR (Ford is good threat when healthy). Any team who lost their 3 best options and had to make due without any of them for over half the season would have fared much worse, imo. It’s a miracle that Hue got the team to 8 – 8.

  58. As much as I love Hugh Jackson screw it let Reggie bring the packers coaches they obviously know how to win and have a near perfect game formula in Greenbay.

    Starting to appear as Mark Davis going to be a good owneris going to be that owner who says I am the boss, I know football from my dad Big Al and he will hire the real professionals to come in to Oakland, and let this team rise from the flames of shames and take this team back to being the story of glory.

  59. Bite the bullet and release Carson Palmer!!! Keep Cambell and build the team around all our young amazing talent…1 more thing get McFadden to actually play a whole season without getting hurt, or release him too.

  60. @ dougydougdoug

    I find it interesting people speak about Oakland in the same vain as a 4-12 team.

    The squad went 8-8. That in itself, is an achievement due to the inept way the team had been run the last decade.

  61. I wasn’t all that bothered either way about Hue, but his rant Sunday impressed me. I like that kind of fire and I’d be inclined to keep him for another year and see if he can make good on his vows.

  62. pastabelly says: Jan 7, 2012 3:40 PM

    “Jackson set the franchise back with the dumbass trade of a 1st and 2nd round draft pick for a half decent quarterback.”

    I agree and here is why.

    We have Terrelle Pryor who could of worked into the offense this year while kyle filled in Terrell could of got the team snaps in practice.

    This a young team and they need to grow around their future leader. In hindsight would of made some sense. Terrelle would’ve played the later half the season getting ready for 2012. We lost the season any how and if Hugh really wanted to save the season he knew in his own words from the buffalo game that the defense needed some attention as well. Just think or Imagine if Hugh would of found some free agents that wouldn’t of robbed the house and beefed up the D a little bit we might of lost a few games until Terrelle found his rhythm with the team. He knew Carson would of been a WIP as well and he didn’t sound so optimistic about Carson at the end of the season after he didn’t get his dream come true.

    In hughs mind set this year was special to him because when Al died and he thought some magic would happen. Down a QB and he wanted honor the owner who gave him a chance by winning a championship so he breaks the bank for Carson Palmer his formally acquainted player.. We know Hugh has dream love for Carson so in hughs mind once the he got his QB it would keep his dream season alive. He knew Carson would struggle and it would be challenging for him but don’t worry we got Mcfadden and bush to handle that but wait Carson joins the team and we loose are top player now 2 important pieces of the offense are gone. Now Carson struggles until he can get the play calling down and the offensive timing correct the best he can but it doesn’t quite pan out. Hugh knew it would take a few games for him to get his groove and we would be back on track. In his delusional mind we would be a beast of a team while overlooking the defensive side of the team when he took Carson via the insane trade. So the season ends Hugh made a a lot of mistakes and gets pissed at the players because he isn’t still coaching into the post season.

    So if he got Hugh gets fired for not playing boller for a couple games and for not getting Terrelle Pryor prepped and ready to take the team over I could careless. I am sure we might of missed the play offs anyways but at least Terrelle would’ve became acclimated into working his way into his profession of being the future QB of the team and it would of felt more rewarding because we would have our guy we picked to play QB getting his reps and then have some draft picks for some defensive players and whatever else we need to beef up this team. IMO

    The only thing I can’t really knocking him for is how many players were injured. But I think that is also a part of coaching as well. Teaching these young guys how to protect themselves when they have the ball. I realize you can’t stop or prevent all injuries but the greats like Tim brown could play 266 games straight that is saying something.

  63. seeing Raider fans love Jackson and hating Cable is music to my ears. there blind faith in Singletary 2.0 is awesome. its like i dont even have to hate your team because you guys want to suck. maybe youve sucked for so long that mediocrity seems like paradise? hmm.

  64. “We have Terrelle Pryor”


    C’mon fellow Raider fans, this kid is not going to be a great NFL QB. If the Raiders don’t find another position for him, he’ll be a waste of time.

  65. If Hue really wants to prevent a repeat of this season, the first thing he should do is resign. Why waste another year with this knucklehead in there waiting to implode? Hire a top Pac-10 coach with a brain and start this franchise heading in the right direction.

    Hue Jackson is looking a lot like Mike Singletary at this point. The team mascot.

    Move on.

  66. It will be due justice for Jackson to get fired after betraying the previous HC Tom Cable. Cable laid the foundation of a GREAT Raiders team and regressed to mediocrity.

  67. We have Terrelle Pryor

    The guy is 6’6 can see over the pile freaking fast and built like tebow. I am sure he can throw the ball unlike the Denver QB.

    He is raw been learning the system he needs to play if he can’t then why keep him. I am seeing Carson 1
    Jason Campbell 2 with a restructured contract if he can throw again. and terrelle #3

    Or Carson #1 Jason # 2 boller gone or at # 3 and Terrelle traded or at #3 with boller gone. Raiders could use some help for players without many picks for the draft. If terrelle is worth any value for a trade maybe get a defensive player that actually roars like thunder instead of one meowing like a little kitty cat . To bad we can’t get a refund on Hugh’s love trade but we will see if Carson progresses. If he is still a pick monster next year and doesn’t shore the ball up with check downs he was and will be a total waste. All it takes is that 1 stupid pick to ruin a game. Especially those scoring drives where the team earned its yardage only to give away a freebee in the Red Zone. Prove me wrong Carson we gave up a lot on you on Hugh’s persuasive word and our future players expense.

    The QB situation won’t be settled until contract time and player capabilities.
    BOTTOM LINE: The Raiders need a successful product on the field ASAP it has been to long and this year was a roller coaster to another 8-8 season.
    Reggie will figure this mess out and all the other ones the Raiders have. Reggie will be a busy man. Hopefully Reggie brings some of those successful associates from Green Bay since he has connections and turn the tide. The fans deserve more. Good call Mark Davis I having feeling you will replace you Dad with an understanding of today’s modern football with a conventional system with the owner being the owner and having a good GM to handle football operations. Now us Raider fans wait for the spring house cleaning and the Return to glory.

  68. Many of you reporters are slower than you look.

    Prior to Jackson McFadden did little is anything, Jackson changed things up and during his two years turned D Mac into a Beast.

    O Line Cables specialty was garbage, under Jackson and the O Line Coach he brought in the Raiders O Line is ranked at #5 in the NFL.

    Raiders had O passing game under Cable and years prior, Jackson is developing that. Took an O ranked near last to #11 in year one moving up to #9 this year. Under Cable and years prior they could not score a point, with Jackson they score points.

    McKenzie and Jackson will be joined at the Hip and the Presser this Tuesday will verify another year of BS and misinformation being spread. McKenzie has the power to do what he wants and needs to. Replacing Jackson this year will not be one of them.

  69. Pull the trigger On this one McKenzie, Hue’s got to go. Like a lot of people who obtain a little power, Hue began opening his big mouth as though he had inherited ownership of the franchise.
    Obviously, a lot of the guys in the locker room quit in the after he threw them all under the bus. The sooner G.M. McKenzie can get his new staff in place, the better this once proud franchise can rise again… L.A., 2013!

  70. I liked Hue but he has a “we’ll get them next time” attitude what makes me mad.

    The reason Winston Moss is brought up is because like Reggie McKenzie he too is a former Raider and was with Reggie McKenzie in Green Bay.

  71. Who wants to bet a case of wine ?

    You are becoming Green Bay WEST…… Mackenzie will clean house …

    Head coach – Winston Moss
    d-cord. Darren Peery (pack sec. Coach)
    O-cord. Edgar Bennett (pack wr coach)

    (all African Americans)

    QB- Matt Flynnn…..and be ready for years of stock pilling draft picks…

    Carson Palmer released ……….

  72. Hue Jackson runs his mouth all the time. He’s like another Rex Ryan but without the wins. If he stays then OK. Give him another year. However if he is fired then fine by me. I prefer a coach who just gets on with the job and prefers coaching to talking to a microphone. Also his game management was suspect all season and that tail spin we went into at the end of the season was mostly his doing. Also the Carson Palmer trade was far too expensive. I think Palmer is a good QB and he played well considering no training camp etc but to give up so much was a stupid act by Jackson.
    No matter go Raiders!

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