Sparano and Haley have talked about joining forces again

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Former Chiefs coach Todd Haley and former Dolphins coach Tony Sparano are both looking for work.

It’s possible they may work together. The former Cowboys assistants have talked about becoming a “package deal” with Haley coaching the passing game and Sparano coaching the running game, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

We’re not sure where the right fit for this possibility would be. Chris Mortensen reported that Sparano could possibly join the Jets or Cowboys.

Haley is expected to speak with the Cardinals about returning to Arizona.

The only place we could see both men fitting would be with the Jets. If that happened, Brian Schottenheimer would have to be shown the door despite repeated claims by the Jets that Schottenheimer is coming back.

18 responses to “Sparano and Haley have talked about joining forces again

  1. They probably have the right team to pay them because it’s not like they are coming in as assistants for 250K. It would take between 1.5 -2.0 mill to pay these guys as assistants but then again we have seen the financial blunders that Tannenbaum has spent with Woody’s $$. Thats why they are stuck with Holmes !

  2. Maybe I’m crazy, but I could see them working as a good combo with the Jets, if split OC duties could be worked out like that. Seems like a nightmare idea, as there will be times they don’t agree on what the call should be and I don’t know I trust Rex to break the tie…

  3. With Sparano responsible for the running game, how’s he going to find time for his post-field goal fist pumps?

  4. This will work great seeing as how Todd Haley has no ego and enjoys working with others.

  5. Why do the Jets seem like the best fit here?? Neither have worked with Rex, and neither are loudmouths like Rex. Haley would kill half of this time before the 1st practice was over.

    I can definitely see them both going to Dallas. I can also see them ending up in Arizona. Keep your eyes on Indy as well. No way Caldwell sticks after they hire a new GM.

    Worth noting that the Bucs & Jags still don’t have coaches; could a Haley as HC, calling his own plays, with Sparano as his AHC & Running Game Coordinator be far-fetched? The Bucs are a young team, and Haley has experience connecting with those guys, as seen in how he was able to turn around some careers in KC.

  6. I’m a fan of this in principle, not necessarily with the particular pieces. With the general lack of quality head coaching candidates/plethora of head coaching failures, it seems pretty sensible to go with the offensive/defensive head coach breakdown these days. If it wasn’t Haley involved it sounds pretty smart on a smaller scale too.

  7. Make fun of sparano, but he coached 3 1000 yard rb’s, getting rickey one in his mid 30’s and reggie bush his first. He also took a 1-15 team and had the biggest turn around next season at 11-5. Meh, if it was the 80’s or 90’s sparano would have had another year. But foolish fans want fisher or cowher, but had well over a decade to get to a super bowl,fisher had 17 seasons to try again and failed

  8. if i am the Jets i look into this idea, get both guys and hire Haley as the offensive coordinator and maybe fire Schottenheimer, but i dont see that.

  9. Todd Haley as a Jets OC with Sanchez, Holmes and Burress? The Jets need chemistry, not a blasting cap. The Jets will never play hard for Todd Haley. He’s a douche.

  10. Sparano and Garrett worked well together in 2007 when the Cowboys had a top 3 total offense that year. Wouldn’t mind seeing him come back to the Cowboys.

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