The latest on Tebow and Fisher

If Tebow gets benched on Sunday, a lot of people around the country will be surprised.

Tebow’s teammates in Denver won’t be among those surprised.

Florio and Peter King went over the latest news regarding Tebow and Jeff Fisher on NBC’s pregame below.

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14 responses to “The latest on Tebow and Fisher

  1. I don’t understand what the controversy is about. If Tebow plays badly he will be replaced. Like anyone else on the team. That was how he got the job in the first place.

  2. every Tebow snap is essentially a wildcat, maybe they are beginning to figure out that a one play QB isn’t very good….

  3. It doesn’t make sense to me that you would bench him since he plays his best ball in the 4th quarter when they are behind. They were 1-4 before Tebow and made it to the play-offs with him. Give the guy a chance.

  4. God is a Broncos fan, he will send a message to Big Ben and his clan of deviants tommorrow. This is Tebow’s destiny, to spread the good word through his athletic prowess and popularity.

  5. @ auroraborealisfan
    Funny that you say “he plays his best ball in the 4th quarter when they are behind,” seeing that the Broncos seem to find themselves there a lot since he’s been the starter. And as far as making it into the play-offs, I guess backing your way in by way of another team losing while you lose also, all the while with an 8-8 record in arguably the weakest division in all of football, well thank God for small miracles. I think he’s more than had a “chance,” and has proven to most to be the passing fullback everyone thought he is.

  6. What is wrong with you guys, seriously? The young kid helped a team that hadn’t seen the post since 2005 finally make it back. He’s had three bad games so what? That’s so supposed to erase his 7-1 recor before that? Also what kind of a team dunps on their qb a few days before a play off game? If these sources are true lets see some names huh! Mcgehee sounded pretty supportive of him on NFL network, same with Bailey. It’s sad that so many of you people get off on tearing down a man who has done nothing arong in his life and only has praise for anyone, even his sharpest critics. While tebow has some work to do why don’t you guys ever right stories on how deniers so called receivers can’t get any separation?! I’m sure few of you actually watch the broncos game and don’t know the full story.

  7. Tebow would be a monster at QB if this was the 1920’s. Can you imagine him running the Wing-T? No face mask, leather helments and grass fields. We would have never heard of Jim Thorpe, Red Grange or Bronco Nagrski. He would have been a legend. I’m serious!

  8. Another thing, Dalton sucked today and he’s had more starts than Tebow where’s the calls for him to be exiled and to never be within a hundred hards of a field again?! I’m sure his coaches and team will get behind him. What about Sanchez? Could be argued tebow is better, anyways when he has horrible games Rex gets up there and says he’s my guy we believe in him. With Tebow though when he’s having a bad stretch it’s “oh were evaluating, he needs to work harder.” also the constant threat of losing his job. What has tebow ever done to deserve this he came in with no off season and below average players and took a team that was 4-12 last season to the play offs. So what if he didn’t have 300 yards? What did cams stats do for the panthers? Nothing. Tebow made the plays when they counted. Also for those of you who say its the defense, which by the way is mazing but anyways since when is it bad to have a good d, isn’t it their to job to stop people? While you guys keep on hating, tebow will wish you a very warm and since god bless and conti ue doing why he does best, win.

  9. please people, act like you passed 4th grade and don’t compare tebow or dalton to sanchez. sanchez was never an elite qb, but their ceiling is his floor. dalton is a warm wet rag and tebow is in a separate class of terrible. and no, earthtopft, your phoenix online degree still isn’t worth a sh!t

  10. broncoman51,
    Do you seriously believe that Tebow is better than Dalton or Sanchez for that matter? If so you are delusional. Timmy is a great person/ horrible qb. The league took half a season to get enough film to figure him out… Now that they have, its over.

  11. texline1 says:Jan 8, 2012 6:42 AM

    If god get’s all the credit when they win, why doesn’t he get the blame when they lose?


    How do you blame imaginary people in the sky?

    As if…

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