Watch Lions-Saints, chat with Florio

If you’re at work or otherwise away from a TV but have access to a computer or a mobile phone, you’re in luck.  Today’s playoff games will stream on, as part of NBC Postseason Extra.

Like Sunday nights, you’ll be able to pick your camera angle, and chat with a certain Internet hack with whom you may be familiar.

If you’re limited to a phone and you have a Verizon device equipped with NFL Mobile, you’ll be able to watch the games there.

Regardless of how you do it, watch the games.

36 responses to “Watch Lions-Saints, chat with Florio

  1. Gave it a try.
    It doesn’t work with the Chrome browser… so, nope.
    Oh well…. I’m super bummed

    No I’m not.

  2. SACK! and Fumble.

    See? Record setting are not, you smash Brees, force a turnover, he’s like any other QB.

    I hope Atlanta is taking notes.

  3. Why did the refs blow the whistle on the brees fumble/sack? cost the lions seven points. Then the PI penalty? ” slap to the helmat. I wish I played in this era.” Collinworth

  4. I don’t care who you’re routing for this season, you have to be tired of the enforcement of these supposed hits to the head and defenseless receiver calls.
    I understand the blatant calls, no on wants to see guys get t’d up, helmet to helmet, but 75% of the time it’s a reactionary call.

    Chris Collingsworth said it best during the broadcast:

    “I wish I played in this era, that was a vacation hit when I played…”


  5. first all, the saints td was a NO TD. the ball came out at the end. that is called a no td 10 outta 10 times. if ANYONE got screwed it was clearly the lions on the fumble. it shoulda been a TD scoop and score, instead the ref blows the whistle to protect the saints. even mike peirra agreed right there u dont blow the whistle, the saints can challenge after the lions get the td and then the call will be made right after a review. LIONS SCREWED.

  6. .
    Gee that incomplete pass right before the first touchdown by saints in 2nd half the Lions defender clearly threw a fore arm right thru the receivers head but no flag was thrown…. because it was INCOMPLETE…. I guess…. but if u r going to call a hand gently touching a helmet a PENALTY u need to be consistent….

  7. Hey mike, I have a question you might be able to answer. Why are they showing playoff ticket commercials for the Packers when it’s clearly a Seahawks regular season commercial?

  8. I can’t watch anymore. With the nauseating chatter between Al & Chris, the referees bending over backwards to help the Saints, the Lion defenders afraid to tackle anyone. Another 30 minutes of Goodell ball. No thanks.

  9. Thats right. The league doesn’t want the lions to go any father in the playoffs. Between the missed calls and bad spotting of the ball in this game, and the same in the greenbay game. Thjs is ridiculous. The refs get a bonus for favorable calls or what. this is some b.s.

  10. Cya Detroit losers. Butt whoopin!!
    53 years and counting with one playoff win.

    You’ll always be a wildcard team with Rodgers and company and dingdong suh and that crybaby Schwartz!!
    3 2 1… Cue up Detroit excuses.

  11. That Sean Payton is one goofy looking dude, you throw a dirty blond wig on him and he is a perfect tranny. very feminine looking and always puckering his lips. Weird Cat.

  12. I got an idea Mike, how bout you post a few articles about poor officiating. You can make quite a few articles on generosity from officials toward the Saints dating back to the ‘Hurricane Katrina Bowl’ season in 2010

  13. FROM: nflcombineresults says: Jan 7, 2012 9:00 PM
    Detroit is looking good tonight. New Orleans could be looking at an early exit two years in a row, this year against a much better opponent.
    – – – – – – – – — – —
    Oh yea dude the Lions really looked good- like they lost 28 to 45 by the Saints. How do you figure thats an early out – Oh I forgot you were just speculating – just shows – keep your mouthshut until the games is over.

    FROM: tatum064 says: Jan 7, 2012 9:08 PM
    SACK! and Fumble. See? Record setting are not, you smash Brees, force a turnover, he’s like any other QB. I hope Atlanta is taking notes.
    – — – – – – – – – – – –
    Another brilliant fan. Yes Atl. please do take note, you can sack Brees, cause a fumble and they still dance on your head and come up winning.
    You people better get real and realize the Lions were not a team to beat N.O. I mean 33/of 43 passes completed with a record setting total yards of 626, 466 yds pasing.
    The Saints handed out a can of WoopA_ _ and won.

  14. Its a surprise that NBC didn’t bump you off the live chat for Charles Barkley. They stuck him in every other slot.

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