Ben Roethlisberger warns against changing coordinators

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The Steelers are favorites on Sunday in Denver. If Pittsburgh can win, it will set up the first Steelers-Patriots playoff game since Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie season.

There have been a lot of changes on the Steelers offense since 2004. They are more of a spread attack now built around Roethlisberger and his young receivers. The power running game is largely gone.

If the Steelers happen to get upset in Denver Sunday, Roethlisberger warns against making changes. He doesn’t want offensive coordinator Bruce Arians going anywhere.

“We’ve got something special here,” Roethlisberger said this week via Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “We’ve got a lot of great young players. As long as they don’t get crazy and change the offense — that can really set you back — the sky is the limit for this team.”

The part about changing the offense was unprompted; Roethlisberger was sending a clear message to management. He knows that Arians isn’t overly popular in Pittsburgh despite record setting numbers for the team’s offense.

We can’t imagine the Steelers would make a change now from Arians. Most folks clinging to the “Steelers must pound the ball” approach realize Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Mike Wallace are the strength of this offense.

Of course, the best way Roethlisberger can help Arians is to keep winning playoff games.

“I love this time of year,” Roethlisberger said. “I love playing in these games.”

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  1. The Steelers had good reason to fire Arrians a few years ago, but now its illogical. They are producing better than ever, and things can only improve if they stay healthy.

  2. The score about 20ppg. Most OCs who preside over offenses with that level of production are going to get questioned, I would imagine.

  3. This offense has underachieved big time this year. Inside the 20 there is no creativity at all..Arians is on thin ice..because he his friends with arians is of no consequence. They dont start scoring. Arians is gone! Sorry ben you’re my boy. But that’s the facts..

  4. Why is Ben worried that the Steelers may change coordinators?

    Because he knows the end is near. If the Steelers do not lose in Denver which is a definite possibility, Ben knows they can’t beat the Patriots at Gillette.

    Say what you want but those statements do not come from someone who expects to win it all.

  5. The Steelers are the 2nd lowest scoring team in the NFL. They have probably the best weapons of any team in the NFL (Wallace, Brown, Miller and Roethlisberger, plus a defense that keeps them in every game).

    To me, Arians is part of the problem. But hey, I’ve been on his case for years yet we’ve been to 2 SB’s…

  6. I wouldnt want another QB for the Steelers but Ben loves Arians because he allows Ben to play the QB position without any accountability. They dont have anyone on the staff to push Ben to play the position consistently. Ben get rid of the ball, Ben read coverage before the snap etc. His style of play leads to the reason why he is always hurt. As he gets older, he has to play smarter at that position.

  7. @ burgh1979
    Que? I don’t think that word means what you think it means. It’s slang for barbecue. Typical steelers fan…gets defensive and has trouble spelling small words.

    On second thought, maybe he wants to barbecue all the haters…

  8. ampats says:Jan 8, 2012 10:57 AM

    Why is Ben worried that the Steelers may change coordinators?

    Because he knows the end is near. If the Steelers do not lose in Denver which is a definite possibility, Ben knows they can’t beat the Patriots at Gillette.

    Say what you want but those statements do not come from someone who expects to win it all.
    Didn’t they just beat the Pats back in Oct And when was the last time the Pats won a playoff game in Gillette ?

  9. I think the title is NOT accurate at all….He was simply stating his position regarding the current offensive system. He IS after all allowed to have an opinion since this is America!

  10. didnt ray rice straight slice the pats at gillete a few years ago and jets knocked em out last year at gillete then jets lost to the steelers nuff said

  11. Having to see many Steeler games shown in our area they play lets pun Pittsburghism ball. Never blow away a team but do enough to win. They moved the ball at will until Ben got hurt then the TD’s slowed down but they have done enough and they can be a dangerous team to play if in Denver, New England or baltimore. I would say team still have to respect them even with a ton of injuries they have. Here where we can’t win games year in and year out ( Washington) I would love to be a fan watching them. We have talk every year they have wins.

  12. Roethlisberger is a tool, but as a 2 time Super Bowl winner*, his comments should be considered carefully.

    Every team has a bad game (see Saints vs the Seahawks last year in the opening round of the playoffs); no need to tinker with a perennial championship contender.

  13. oscojoe– you don’t read well. Please tell us what happened earlier this year little boy. Oh and when did the Pats last win a playoff game or a SB???

  14. Oh you mean Ben couldn’t handle a change in coordinators like Brady has (3 different offensive coordinators). Pittsburgh is lucky to have continuity in its coaching staff on defense and offense. We’ll see how they do when that starts to change.

  15. “ravenmaniacisback says:
    Jan 8, 2012 11:17 AM
    Ben-haters?? Just like all of you that reply to the Ray Lewis posts?”

    All of us? Oh and there are so so many RL posts.

  16. Article doesn’t mention that Arians is a cancer survivor who was talked out of retirement after last season.

    If BA retires, no doubt Ben will pick the next OC.

  17. The Steelers already have the best Defense in the NFL. When the OFFENSE is clicking(and they play turnover free ball) they will beat anybody in the AFC/NFL(Patty cakes, Ratbirds etc). I Don’t care where they play.

  18. If they would use some high draft picks to bolster that o-line, Ben could stay healthy and they could pound the rock. Heck, they’d be pretty difficult to beat all around.

  19. stairwayto7 says:
    Jan 8, 2012 12:54 PM
    I like how all these people write comments about Ben and the O.C. when their team DID NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! Right COWBOY FAN!

    Yeah, making it to the playoffs is great, unfortunately the steelers will be lucky to get out of this wildcard game today. The “stairway to seven” is gonna be a long one son. Especially with a Gimpy Bloated Ben, and NeedsMendinghall out courtesy of the Browns. Great storyline though, Good (Tebow) vs. Evil (Ruthlessburger).

  20. I agree that we have a great opportunity to be one of the best passing teams in the league, with Ben and our great young receivers. I also believe that we have to be able to have a solid running attack. We have to be able to pound the ball in when in the red zone or on 3rd ond one.
    This all starts (the passing game and the running game) with the offensive line. This unit is the one thats defines greatness. I only wish my team’s management felt the same way.


  21. Here are the “record setting” rankings of the Steelers with regard to points scored since Arians took over as offensive coordinator in 2007

    2007 – 9th
    2008 – 20th
    2009 – 12th
    2010 – 12th
    2011 – 21st

    Arians has earned his unpopularity

  22. All these comments and only three recognize the single biggest Steeler problem—offensive linemen. Fear not, they drafted Pouncekey in the first round and will repeat that action in April.

    I, too, tire of the senseless, classless remarks about “rape”. How about censoring all of those from this time forward? Tks.

  23. @rexryanseacrest

    good one guy you brought original material to the table, and officially sound like every other person on this site who knocks our city. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  24. @ ottograham
    Another steelers fan getting defensive. Thanks for reiterating my point while quoting the most overly used phrase from a 90s comedy ever. I guess we can add “unfunny” to that least of endearing qualities.

  25. Bruce Arians has produced a top ten offense, in yards, once. A top ten offense in points, once. A top ten rushing offense, one. A top ten passing offense, once. Once! In eight years of being an OC!

    In his five years with Pittsburgh the defense has been a top five ranked defense each of those years – it has been the top defense three times and second once.

    There is nothing special about this offense other than Big Ben thinking it is. They have consistently underperformed in the red zone. They have consistently ranked in the bottom half or bottom third of the league. And Big Ben thinks this is special?

    What this is all about is accountability, or lack of it. Arians and Big Ben are buddies and Big Ben doesn’t like being told what to do (remember his spats with Whiz?).

    And yes, I am a Steelers fan. And yes, I hate this offense. Lots of talent (Miller is actually my favorite offensive player), far too little production.

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