Caserio turned down Colts offer

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The Patriots have already lost an offensive coordinator this offseason and brought an old one back into the mix.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed Sunday morning that New England had to work to avoid losing their top personnel man to their biggest rival over the last decade.

Colts owner Jim Irsay reportedly tried to hire Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio. The Patriots quickly responded, with the Krafts convincing Caserio not to leave.

New England’s personnel department has experienced a talent drain over the last few years, with Scott Pioli and Thomas Dimitroff both taking over other teams.

It would have been strange to see “The Patriot Way” in Indianapolis. Instead, Irsay is choosing among a wide assortment of G.M. candidates he’s brought in for interviews over the last week.

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  1. Interesting all the different positions with top tier teams where guys are simply turning down chances to work there.

    I wonder if we’re on the cusp of a turn over in just who is and isn’t a top tier team and organization.

    Dorsey refused to interview with the Colts. Even if he assumes he’s the guy to replace McKenzie – he still didn’t want to even hear what Indy had to offer.

    Coordinators at teams with good chances of winning seem willing to leave them and go to other teams that aren’t winning (Williams/NoLa)

    Just interesting, don’t remember seeing this in years past.

  2. When you work for the best,why leave? The Patriots are one of the best organizations in all of sports.

  3. Say what you will (or whine) about the hooded one, but apparently the rest of the league respects what kind of an operation he runs. If you own a dysfunctional team it has to be enticing to steal someone who comes from an even keeled one.

    So keep up the Belicheat nonsense forever until your team throws in the towel and opts for the Belichick way.

  4. what pleasantsurpriselefty says is a bunch of nonsense

    the point to be made here is this another example of bad management and leadership by Polian

    a bad manager surrounds himself with people that do not pose a threat to him or his son. thereby creating “false” job security. i give Irsay a lot of credit for recognizing that.

    the point here is that the team had no depth AND
    the front office had no depth

    enough with the belicheat nonsense we all know thats a crock, it was overhyped and overblown and the only people still whinning about it are you PATRI- OTT wannabees or you are trying to shoot arrows at the “Patriot Way”. enough already with that BS

  5. The Colts could hire me as their next GM and Andrew Luck will make me look like a genius. Great Qb’s have a way of making coaches and gm’s look brilliant.

  6. Seems outsiders recognize that Manning holds the real power within the Colts and potential candidates that desire “real” control want no part in the Indy dynamic.

  7. “””It would have been strange to see “The Patriot Way” in Indianapolis.””” Indeed! We all know this is home of the mafia, the Big Dig sinkhole of sweetheart contracts, etc. A Belicheat protege would not sit well with many Indy fans.

  8. danielcp0303 says:Jan 8, 2012 12:16 PM

    I found Waldo


  9. Where’s bozo? Probably in his mom’s basement sucking his thumb and crying about his man crush T Brady.

  10. Too bad, guy would have been huge improvement from what they had…he’s talented.

    Amazing that all these guys become important cogs to NE,,,and perform @ high levels there….The KEY word is COG…because they are trained & work up from menial jobs…But most leave too early to succeed.

    Says alot about Belichick…the guy knows the game.

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