Eric Decker injury believed to be MCL sprain


The Broncos don’t sound likely get starting receiver Eric Decker back for their Divisional Round game against the Patriots.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Decker suffered a “serious” ACL injury.  Coach John Fox said the injury was “significant.”

A short time later, Klis updated his report to say that further tests revealed it was more likely that Decker suffered an MCL sprain. He will undergo an MRI on Monday to get a final diagnosis. Either way, it seems unlikely Decker would be able to recover in one week.

Decker was Tim Tebow’s favorite receiver earlier in the season, but Demaryius Thomas has taken over lately as the team’s biggest playmaker out wide. Eddie Royal will continue to have a big role, with Matt Willis likely to get more snaps.

19 responses to “Eric Decker injury believed to be MCL sprain

  1. That’s a shame for the Broncos. As much hate as Harrison gets on here, that was not an illegal or dirty hit.

  2. Just awful to see Decker go out like that. I don’t think Harrison was trying to take him out but he’s gonna catch hell for it anyway. Hope he recovers quick.

  3. Harrison injures another player. Shocker! Too bad he’ll be sitting home polishing his pistol (that’s no metaphor, he was on the over of a magazine with a gun, wasn’t he?). At least we’ll have a better chance of teams surviving with their injury diminished rosters largely intact. Buh bye, James.

  4. I do think Harrison makes dirty hits, but if you can’t hit high without a fine where are you supposed to hit? Geezz it’s freaking football….

  5. Why is it so hard for Harrison to hit a guy between the numbers? Was that a legal hit? Yes. But it was still a dirty hit. He tries to injure his opponents instead of going for the clean, safe tackle. Karma will catch up with him.

  6. The hit by definition was legal and thus he most likely won’t get fined for it. However its one of those unwritten rules not to go against. A grey area if you will

  7. allisab says: Why is it so hard for Harrison to hit a guy between the numbers? Was that a legal hit? Yes. But it was still a dirty hit.

    I’m so confused by some of you–when Harrison was hitting players helmet-to-helmet, you called him dirty and demanded he start tackling players legally.

    So what does he do? He hits a player legally and some of you still aren’t satisfied. You still call him dirty for something the league allows.

  8. Bart Scott’s hit on Davonne Bess’ knee last week thinks the Harrison/Decker hit was perfectly clean.

  9. People should give Harrison a break, it was one of the few good plays he made all day. He had a bad day… Tebow kept making him look silly. Actually, worse than silly, Tebow made him look slow, unathletic, and soft! He should have spent more time practicing to stop the option!

  10. Hitting people in the knees is cheap if the shot comes from behind. Since you arent allowed to go near anyones head you will probably see alot more of these. I dont think the hit was dirty.

    No one seems to complain when its a TE like Antonio Gates running down the field and a CB dives right for his legs right?

  11. Clearly a dirty hit. Watch the slow-mo, even though he went low he clearly aims his forearm into Decker’s knee, looked like he had intent to injure.

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