Exploring Fisher’s options

Before Saturday’s Bengals-Texans game, Peter King said that Jeff Fisher spent Saturday duck hunting.

The former Titans coach’s next order of business then will be to continue to search for a pigeon.

I’m kidding, a little.  But the reality is that Fisher and his agent, Marvin Demoff, have crafted the ultimate leverage game between Rams owner Stan Kroenke and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.  It’s believed that Ross will outbid Kroenke, and that Kroenke won’t feel compelled to keep pace.

Last night, King and I debated whether Fisher ultimately will be better off in St. Louis or South Beach.

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11 responses to “Exploring Fisher’s options

  1. Seriously? who cares? what has this guy won? Goes to show the lack of coaching talent available in the NFL. He will go on 2 loser teams and if they make the playoffs one year it would be considered a success. Goes to show instead of shooting for the stars they are shooting for mediocrity.

  2. Fisher is the new Marty Schottenheimer, he can win in the regular season but always gets bounced in the playoffs. Apparently making it to one super bowl must make this coach a superstar.

    What I find very interesting is that regardless of wherever Fisher coaches, that team must interview one minority candidate, that person and probably themedia and the black coaches association will scream that it was a token interview asloud as they can.

    Yet if the Chiefs retain Romeo Crennel as their HC, they will NOT be forced to interview a European-America, a Hispanic, a Native American, Asian, or any other non-black coach. That is total BS IMO.

    If some team hired Fisher w/o interviewing a minority coach, they be blasted in the media and fined yet when a black coach gets the job there are no repurcussions, just congrats all around. Total hypocrisy and racism IMO.

  3. Peter King, stop saying Bradford is better than any Miami QB. There’s no proof. What’s the Rams record the last two years and compare that to the Dolphins. And if you respond saying Bradford has less pieces around him than the Dolphins…then that just proves there’s more to picking a team to coach than just a QB.

  4. If Fisher’s decision is based on more than only dollars he must realize working for Ross is like working for Daniel Snyder. Neither of those owners have knowledge, respect or appreciation for the game/NFL.

  5. Its so funny to see all the clowns writing about Fisher not being a good coach! From 1996-2003 his avg.10 wins a season, with two being back to back 13 win seasons and coming 1 yd short of a title. Then after two bad seasons and losing his franchise QB to Baltimore he builds it back up again to post 10-6 and 13-3 seasons. He had to deal with a head-case Vince Young, which he didn’t want in the first place, and an owner who didn’t want to pay to keep key players. Javon Kearse, McNair, ect……Sure he had his share of 8-8 and 7-9 seasons, but I’ll take a consistently competitive team any day! This guy could finally give the Dolphins the stability they haven’t had since Jimmy!

  6. apopnj

    Rams and Dolphins should shoot for the stars, eh? Coaches who have been to multiple Super Bowls and make the playoffs every year usually aren’t looking for work.

    Only six NFL teams won more than Fisher’s Titans did from 1995-2010. That’s not mediocre. In fact Fisher has won as much as Dick Vermeil had before the Rams hired him. I’d say that move worked out for them.

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