Irsay calls out ESPN’s report on Caserio interest


The Raiders once issued a press release accusing Adam Schefter of being a “false rumor monger.”  Colts owner Jim Irsay has yet to use a similar term, but Irsay nevertheless has taken to (where else?) Twitter to take issue with one of Schefter’s items from Sunday.

Schefter reported that the Colts “tried to hire” Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio, and that the Patriots mobilized to persuade Caserio to stay.  Said Irsay in response:  “Adam, don’t say I wanted to hire someone I never talked to or met .. MISLEADING .. come on, your better than that .. get your head in the game, son!”

Irsay seems to think that the story originated with Caserio’s camp.  “That’s the way people get false promo about being so coveted just because they don’t interview somewhere; SHELL GAME .. leave us out of that BS,” Irsay wrote.

Meanwhile, Irsay confirmed that there has been no talk about extending the early March deadline for Peyton Manning’s $28 million bonus.  But Irsay disputed reports that he plans to select quarterback Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the 2012 draft.

“[J]ust like ’98 with Manning/Leaf .. u have 2 go thru a long, disciplined process of evaluation,” Irsay said.

We’ve got a feeling that similar discipline won’t extend to Irsay’s Twitter page.  As a result, plenty of clues — cryptic and otherwise — will continue to emerge regarding any of the various issues facing the Colts in the coming days and weeks.

31 responses to “Irsay calls out ESPN’s report on Caserio interest

  1. Adam Schefter will do anything to be the first to break a story, anything.

    Even lying.

  2. I never noticed how much of a buffoon Irsay is. Firing the Polians instead of Caldwell may have been the biggest bonehead move of all time.

    I believe this man is going to get exactly what he deserves in the end. Caldwell + Luck = DOORMAT.

  3. Schefter and Mortenson are always in a race to put out the rumors, but state them as if they were confirmed facts. Seems like 2/3rds of their tweets are followed by retractions. Bush league stuff from those guys

  4. To which Schefter replied, “Excuse me @JimIrsay. NFL told me your general counsel Daniel Emerson emailed request for Nick Cesario on Tues before he opted to stay in NE.”

  5. Unnamed source, Sources close to the situation, unnamed executive, unnamed team source, ETC!!!!! If you can’t put someones name to it, consider it speculation, forecasting, guessing, Bull Sh*t and so on. How do you guys sling crap at a wall in the hopes something sticks and get away with it?
    BSPN!!!! always has been, always will be BSPN!!

  6. Your view of bspn is determined by whether you want sports HEADLINES, or sports STORIES. bspn = the All My Children of Sports media.

  7. kylecleric says: Jan 8, 2012 4:08 PM

    To which Schefter replied, “Excuse me @JimIrsay. NFL told me your general counsel Daniel Emerson emailed request for Nick Cesario on Tues before he opted to stay in NE.”

    “emailed request” is not the same as “was going to hire”. Irsay WANTED TO INTERVIEW him, but he declined. Thats very different than “offered him the GM job but he declined”

  8. A multi millionaire who does not know the difference between “your” and “you’re”? Very sad.

  9. “Adam, don’t tell me where Waldo is. The point of ‘Where’s Waldo’ is to search for him until you find him, not have someone point him out to you. I’m getting sick of this garbage. I bet you’re one of those people that tells everyone which move to make next while playing Solitaire. Come on Adam, you’re better than that”

  10. Adam Schefter is never wrong. I’ve been following what he says for years, and he’s always right. Jim Irsay needs to settle down.

    As for Caldwell, the only other guy I’d want to coach the Colts is Jeff Fisher. And since that’s now unlikely, the Colts may as well keep Caldwell and hire a GM from within the organization.

  11. Jimmy

    Why do’t you at leastinterview 2 guys that are right under your nose.????

    The two men who were most damaged by the Polian reign, Clyde Powers and Mike Bulter? That is the least you can do for them.

  12. texansfan2011 says:
    Jan 8, 2012 4:07 PM
    Irsay seems to be acting like a snake in the grass, …………..

    it’s in the genes.

  13. kingpel says:Jan 8, 2012 4:06 PM

    I never noticed how much of a buffoon Irsay is. Firing the Polians instead of Caldwell may have been the biggest bonehead move of all time.

    Standard Operating Procedure: They hire a new GM, consult him, and then still probably fire the coach. I fully expect the pathetic Caldwell to lose his job after the GM hire.

  14. League and team officials are talking about the Polian’s firing and the word is they were both office bullies who regularly verbally abused employees and staff-women especially. It was time for them to go. Nepotism caught up to them.

  15. ESPN and Adam Schefter are pathetic jokes, and trust me, AL Davis was fully justified with his accusations. If you buy into anything ESPN claims, without checking for the facts, your a moron.

    brenenostler says: Jan 8, 2012 4:26 PM

    Adam Schefter is never wrong.


    Are you kidding me? I have a list a mile long of crap he’s spewed about that Raider that was completely false. I can only imagine what he’s gotten wrong with the rest of the NFL.

    How much does Adam pay you to wash his balls?

  16. I often find myself wondering how Adam “throw crap at the wall and hope it sticks” Schefter has a job. Then i remember that this is the same network who employs Skip Bayless. Nobody takes ESPN seriously anymore.

  17. Alright raiders757, what has Adam been wrong about? Prove me wrong.

    Here’s a list of certain things I can recall that he’s been right about: He said Brett Favre wouldn’t play for the Vikings the year he asked Green Bay to be traded. He said the Jets would hire Rex Ryan. He said the Falcons would draft Matt Ryan. He said Bill Cowher wouldn’t coach in 2010. He said the Rams would fire Scott Linehan a few days before it happened. He said Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning would sign $100 million dollar contracts in the same year (granted he was approximating because the contracts were just under that), and he said Pacman Jones would be re-signed by the Cowboys after they cut him.

    Everyone of those came true, and he said it would happen well before it actually did.

    So please tell me what he’s done wrong.

  18. @Brenenostler (nice stealthy moniker btw Adam Schefter)

    i can think of one thing this year he was dead wrong about. (He is routinely wrong about the Raiders) Raiders vs Chiefs. just days after Carson Palmer trade Schefter reports that CP will start. Well he didn’t start. He wouldn’t have even been in that game at all Except Kyle Boller had thrown 3 ints by halftime. So there’s just one. But i assure when it comes to the Raiders if Schefter reports it you can almost guarantee the opposite is true.

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