John Fox: “We expect our starters to play well, and our backups to be ready”

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Broncos coach John Fox, in an interview played at halftime of FOX’s Falcons-Giants game, addressed with John Lynch reports that backup quarterback Brady Quinn could play on Sunday against the Steelers.

Said Fox, “We expect our starters to play well, and our backups to be ready to play.”

And so, as reported, Tebow will be in danger of not playing, if he doesn’t play well.  As Jay Glazer of FOX explained it earlier in the day, Tebow will be at risk of being pulled, either for third-down plays or for all three downs, if he makes bad decisions.

It doesn’t mean Quinn is destined to play, although Glazer mentioned during the FOX pregame show the existence of a specific package that has both guys on the field at the same time.  Tebow first has to struggle, and Fox has to believe that Tebow has made enough bad decisions to justify being parked.

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  1. If theyre going to put in Quinn on third and long (or any down for that matter) he should just hand the ball off to any steelers defender or punt it himself because that’s all the broncos can expect from that bum. Oh and fire the fool that made that decision after the game

  2. That’s one way you could read into it, especially if your running a website that needs as much traffic as possible in order to put money in your pocket.

    Or you could look at it and say “isn’t that what every single coach would want?”

  3. I’m just tired of the Tebow talk, good and bad. I think we all are. I would actually like for simple 21-17 Broncos loss with Tebow putting up a respectable statline. If he wins 10-9 I don’t want to hear all the Tebow fans screaming “I told you so” and if they lose 10-9 I don’t want all the Tebow haters yelling “I told you so”.

    Let’s just put all this drama off until next year.

  4. Top Ten Keys to success for the Broncos…

     10.Lock Tim Tebow in his locker and don’t let him out.
    9. Put a Tim Tebow shirt on Brady Quinn.
    8. Somebody put a McDonald’s wrapper in front of Tim Tebows TV.
    7. Somebody put ice down on Tim Tebows driveway and send him out for his paper.
    6. Tell Tim Tebow there is a Jesus sighting in Utah but will only be there from 2:30-5:30 Mst.
    5. Put a Tim Tebow shirt on Kyle Orton and let him use the same play book.
    4.  Have Tim Tebow payoff the cornerbacks, to help “alley-oop” the ball to his receivers.
    3.Have Tim Tebow offer a million dollars for the ball to the guy at the bottom of the pile after Tebow fumbles it.
    2. Have the peanut vender guy dress in Tim Tebows uniform and take the field. 
    1. Fill the Steelers hotel with enough sleeping gas to last the next 24 hours.

  5. I don’t disagree with this philosophy, but the playoffs aren’t the best time to start tinkering with your offense.

    They should’ve done this in the last few weeks of the season once opposing teams started shutting Tebow down.

  6. I just can’t believe all the negativity with Tebow. Can’t anyone see that a great deal of the team success is due to him, and him alone. They have no receivers with any speed or any running except for McGahee. All you so called experts better go back to school!!

  7. Tebow helped get them there. Not sure why you wouldn’t just sink or swim with him? Quinn is a solid backup but I don’t see him doing any better against the Steelers.

  8. They should fire the fool who has kept tebow in as QB for so long. If it wasnt for Mcgahee, Teblow wouldnt even have the chance to win the game. Tebow averages wat 128 yrds a game passing and under 48% completion rate. Statics prove hes the worse starting QB in the NFL!

  9. ..Tebow first has to struggle, and Fox has to believe that Tebow has made enough bad decisions to justify being parked..

    So in other words after the first series…

  10. it’s strange how, all of a sudden, everyone realizes that a QB averaging <140 yards and <1TD per game is a solid rocket booster type problem for a playoff run….

    today will likely be Tebow's last QB start in the NFL….

  11. Wakeup everyone!!! The Steelers are favored in this game. The Steelers should win big. If the Broncos keep it close I will be happy. This is a team that had the 2nd round pick last year and this year makes the playoffs. The team is rebuilding. Enough said. I think the Jets / Cowboys / Eagles would love to play a playoff game this year but aren’t. (All these teams were suppose to make the playoffs, the Broncos weren’t) The Broncos were picked to be last in AFC West by everyone. The Tebow thing is overblown on both sides. Our defense is playing horrible without Dawkins. A win would be a huge surprise. Go Broncos!!!

  12. Seriously folks, they just need to leave Tebow in there to lose this game on his own so that HOPEFULLY all the stupid Tebow talk will be gone next year.
    I actually feel sorry for Denver fans, this is the worst kind of QB situation in a long time.

  13. Why would you pull Tebow for a guy who hasn’t thrown a single pass all year? That would be stupid. Go with what got you here. Tebow took a team, with alot of help from the D, and got them to the play-offs. He did what Romo, Vick, Newton, Palmer and other could not do. I’d rather have Tebow’s lousy stat line and win than have a Romo pretty stat line and lose. Look at the Giants. Early this year it was Eli sucks, Coughlin’s gotta be fired, yet they squeak into the playoffs and now advance to the 2nd round. How many people criticized Eli early in his career? Nearly everyone!!! Let Tebow do his thing, do more roll out option passes, and play lights out D. If Miller can get back to doing his thing before his injury, Denver has a shot, especially with all of Pitts injuries.

  14. Too bad PFT wasted a week of heavy Quinn breathing. Tebow passer rating 125.6 in his first playoff game.

  15. I’m back and I still attest She-bow is a joke!!!!! He’s a mirage and all you dorks are stuck in the middle of a desert with no water to drink and you’re seeing things that don’t exist! Come on back and post something after Mr. Brady rips Denver to shreds!!!!!

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