Lions’ Jeff Backus suffered torn biceps

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Lions left tackle Jeff Backus exited Saturday night’s game against the Saints with what he said afterward was a torn biceps.

“A guy made an inside move and I went to hook him with my arm and my bicep popped,” Backus told the Detroit Free Press after the game. “Simple. I knew right when it happened what happened. With the experience with my [torn pectoral], I knew what it felt to tear a muscle and it was the exact same sensation.”

Backus was Matt Millen’s first draft pick in 2001 and has started all 176 regular-season games for the Lions since then. Saturday was the Lions’ first playoff game since Backus was drafted.

As an unrestricted free agent, Backus may have played his final game with the Lions on Saturday night.

11 responses to “Lions’ Jeff Backus suffered torn biceps

  1. actually, backus is tainted by being a millen pick and such a longtime quiet suffering lion.

    he is also from michigan (U of M). i doubt he goes anywhere.

  2. The Lions are in no position to let him walk. I think Backus will be back for another year or two while the team desperately tries to get some prospects in. Plus they have big needs on defense.

    That secondary and the tackling was atrocious last night. Some of that stems from the wide 9. Linebackers are forced to play the run more aggressively which leaves all kinds of room underneath. Then when the secondary starts compensating, they get torched.

  3. THE GREAT DETROIT LIONS year came to a end a little short no Super Bowl.
    With out a doubt the team have work to do D-back is a problem tackling is sub-par.
    The off season will be fun trying to stay under the cap and fill some holes.
    The off season is here for Soulman45 would like to wish the field the best of luck the rest of the playoff will be fun.
    Here hoping 50pts will keep coming.

  4. A lot of idiot Lions fans will probably say they hope he goes, but if you can watch that game last night and think the offensive line is anywhere near being the biggest problem for this team, you’ve gotta be out yo damn mind.

  5. Our offensive line is great on pass protection, they only struggle on the run. We need to draft some DB’s for this system more than anything. Suh is a great player, he just needs to mature a bit. People forget he’s only 22 and was thrown straight into the spotlight. He’s made some mistakes like every other human being. Not to stray from the fact but we all need folks who will forgive us and allow us to learn from our wrongs. GO LIONS!!!

  6. Well, he has a good 8 or 9 months to recover, because the Lions overrated defense played like crap last night.

  7. Sign of Backus getting old? Two torn muscles in the last 6 months or so? Anyway, he was pretty reliable this year and I hope he’s back for the reason that we don’t really have anything behind him yet…

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