Owen Daniels gets MRI for possible broken hand


The Texans were as healthy as they have been in a while for Saturday’s win over Cincinnati. And now they have a new injury to worry about.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Texans tight end Owen Daniels may have suffered a broken right hand and will  undergo an MRI on the injury.

The belief is that Daniels will be able to face the Ravens because he didn’t suffer a compound fracture and likely won’t need surgery. Houston needs all the offensive weapons they can get.

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    The benefit of having a first round bye : Your players are getting healthier. Your opponent’s players are getting injured.


  2. If the Texans ever figure out that Yates throws the deep ball as well as anyone in the league( I realize what I said) and start using it more, Schaub may have a hard time coming back. Yates’ problems start when he throws underneath and is forced to throw outside the pocket. I learned that much from watching him 4 years at Carolina.

    Deep to Johnson can keep him in the NFL and the Texans in the playoff hunt. The problem is, I don’t think Kubiak really knows what he has in a long ball passer. He is exceptional.

  3. Ima laugh harder than i prob ever have if the ravens lose, they have flacco after all and he’s the biggest pile of garbage in the playoffs.

  4. @kil00986
    are you talking about the same joe flacco who has 4 playoff wins in his first three years(all on the road) which ties a record and just set the record for the most wins by a quarterback in his first four years IN THE HISTORY OF THE LEAGUE??? nice try steelers troll but i ain’t buying it!!!

  5. Im hoping for the best here, because Owen Daniels is a great TE. Still, his backup, Joel Dreesen, is also very good. So, if the outcome lingered on TE play, not much has changed.

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