Report: Concerns over move to L.A. could be “hangup” in Fisher-to-Rams deal

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As Jeff Fisher moves toward becoming the head coach of the team that beat Fisher’s Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV nearly 12 years ago, an unlikely factor has surfaced as a potential area of concern.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports via Twitter that it “looks like” the “only possible hangup” for an agreement between the Rams and Fisher “are concerns about [the] team moving to [Los Angeles].”

The Rams remain on the short list of franchises that eventually could relocate to L.A.  They can exit St. Louis after 2014, if their stadium isn’t among the top 25 percent of all NFL venues.  (It’s unclear whether that’s in size, revenue streams, amenities, or Family Feud-style polling.)

It’s hard to tell whether Thomas is reporting that Fisher actually is concerned that the team will move to L.A., or that the issue has emerged, or could emerge, as a sticking point in negotiations.  At the end of the day, it could be that Fisher simply wants his pay to be adjusted if at some point he’ll be coaching not in St. Louis but in a much larger, and thus more challenging and intense, media market.  (He also could be disinclined to live through another move of a franchise, which he experienced when the Oilers moved from Houston fairly early in his time with the team that became the Titans.)

If that’s what happens, it would be fitting.  For any team that moves to L.A., plenty of palms will be extended.  Why shouldn’t the head coach have a clause in his contract that pays him more money to account for the fundamental differences between the two cities?

Regardless, the fact that this issue has bubbled to the surface as Fisher is potentially arriving to town won’t be the best way to launch his tenure with the team.

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  1. Fisher is so great the only two teams that want him is one ready to move out of town and another with the worst owner in the league.

  2. You want more pay? Win a Super Bowl let’s not forget that’s something he has yet to do.

  3. I don’t blame Fisher, its pretty hard to live in L.A. on only about 5 mil a year so he’ll need a bump up in pay if the Rams actually move to L.A.

  4. Several teams have interest in Fisher. It’s been “his” decision to limit his interviews. Tampa wanted to talk with him. The Jaguars wanted to talk with him.
    It’s not true that only two teams have shown interest in him.

  5. “fundamental differences between the two cities?”

    Means cost of living right?

  6. “Why shouldn’t the head coach have a clause in his contract that pays him more money to account for the fundamental differences between the two cities?” It’s not just about cities. Cost of living differences btw California & Missouri could be substantial, including state taxes.

  7. The Jaguars didn’t want to talk with Fisher.

    Why would they? That guy is Del Rio 2.0

  8. Vince Ferragamo to be named as QB coach of Rams..Hey, might as well start my own rumor..I am a Dolfan that hopes Rams get Fisher..For the record, I still want to call them the LA Rams to this day…For that matter, I still want say St. Louis Cardinals for football as well..Guess, I’m showing my age…At least when the Browns left they kept the name in Cleveland..I don’t know who my beloved Phins will hire, but hopefully it is someone that actually wants the job and not some guy playing games with two franchises.

  9. I saw a movie recently called Heaven Can Wait. Warren Beatty played QB for a make-believe team called the Los Angeles Rams. St. Louis Rams ownership probably saw the same movie and got the idea.

    Also, watching the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball made me think that if the Arizona Cardinals moved to St. Louis, the St.
    Louis Cardinals as a football team sounds good too.

    Baltimore Ravens? Doesn’t sound right to me. Is there another team anyone can think of who seems like their nick-name and uniforms belong in Baltimore?

  10. Perhaps the more “Investigative” style of journalism in L.A. may uncover that he has not actually really won anything, and Fisher does not want anyone to realize that.

  11. Yeah, that would work out well…..

    Hey, I know I really wanted to be a Ram and spent a ton of time and effort to get this job, but because they are leave for LA-I guess I’ll settle for Miami…

    Now riddle me this, why would we even want him in Miami?? Sloppy Seconds…..a coach you can be proud of…

  12. Fisher would want to go to LA, he is from that area..If I was a Rams fan living in St. Louis, I would be upset that is why he might be choosing Rams…As a Dolfan, I don’t want Fisher anyway..Not a Fisher hater, but want a guy that would jump though hoops for the job.

  13. Who would want to coach in St. Louis over L.A.?
    I would think a move to LA would excite Fisher.

  14. I don’t by the story. Fisher had to know this is possible before he ever interviewed. Perhaps Kroenke gave him some inside scoop…

    And the only one who I’ve seen mention the financial aspect of a move is this site…

  15. If a move to LA is why Fisher doesnt want to coach the Rams, good luck drawing any fans into the dome for the next two years.

    Might as well come out and let your true intentions be known instead of milking the city of St Louis for every last drop before bolting for the west coast.

  16. Fisher would be Chargers coach if they had fired Turner..Fisher wants to be in California.

  17. trbowman says:
    Jan 8, 2012 4:50 PM
    “Los Angeles Rams does have a certain ring to it.

    No it doesn’t.


    Of course it does, they started there, dummy.

    Where do these “football” fans come from? Then they were the Cleveland Rams before that, and St Louis had the football Cardinals.

  18. Fisher is probably worried that the team will stay in STL.

    STL media tweeting that Fisher just boarded a flight out of STL – A Southwest Airlines flight!!!!! Stay classy Kroenke.

  19. I can’t believe that Fisher won’t be paid enough to compensate for any difference in cost of living between Los Angeles and St. Louis.

  20. Fisher spent over 4 hours at Rams Park and met with Bradford, plus others and flew out on SWA at 5:15. As Rams going back to LA will see, plus this gives something to Cali dream about…you got a better shot of getting the Chargers anyway.

  21. Not sure why he’d resist? He can’t wear those trademark shades in a dome 8 games a year.

  22. Fisher just wants more money if he’s going to coach in a high profile market. Who can blame him. Rams will be in LA by 2013

  23. St Louis is a small town in the middle of nowhere..Some coties shouldnt have pro teams..Jags,Rams and Cardinals…Tampa Bay.Minneapolis ..Sorry the big cities should have the teams…

  24. norcalmafia says:
    Jan 8, 2012 7:29 PM
    St Louis is a small town in the middle of nowhere..Some coties shouldnt have pro teams..Jags,Rams and Cardinals…Tampa Bay.Minneapolis ..Sorry the big cities should have the teams…
    St Louis is the #18th largest metro area in America


  25. Jeff Fisher doesn’t deserve to have leverage!!!!

    He only stayed with the Titans/Oilers because fan bases and brown-nosing media members gave him a break!!! The breaks came when he had problem-children (ie Vince Young, Adam “Pacman” Jones, and others during some years) or a BLATANT lack of talent in years such as 2004-05!!!

    Why the hell post win-loss records when there is no hot-seat consistency or proper evaluation of coaching quality???

  26. @bigdawgy54


    The Jaguars want nothing to do with Jeff Fisher. They played against him for years, and found a way to beat him many of those times.

    What is it about Fisher that makes him so great? Is it all of his AFC South Championships? Is it all of his SB rings? Is it all of his playoff wins?

    Think about it.

  27. Talk about moving teams-teams have been moving for years. The Cardinals were the Chicago Cardinals and moved to St Louis in 1960, as I recall. The Rams were the Cleveland Rams, but moved to LA after WW II.

  28. I live in the LA area. We had the Rams for an eternity and Georgia took them to St. Louis even though the team was well supported (I was a season ticket holder) for more $$$$$. Then we had the Raiders and big Al Davis took them back to Oakland for (Guess) more $$$$. Why shouldn’t Fisher also look for more $$$$ just like everyone else in the game looking out for their own pockets.

    Good riddance as we now get a lot of different teams to watch on TV and don’t have to endure some stupid management who is really out for more $$$$ and to heck with the fans. Frankly I prefer it this way. 🙂

  29. using the logic some have tried to use… regarding metro area size…

    LA area would have 3 teams. NYC area would have 3.

    Chicago might have 2. baltimore-washington may have 2. probly just one of them will.

    these may just merit 1: dallas, philly, houston, miami, atlanta, boston, san jose-sf-oakland, detroit, phoenix, seattle, minneapolis, san diego, st. louis, tampa, denver, pittsburgh, portland (or), sacramento, san antonio, orlando, cincinnati, cleveland, kansas city.

    that is 32. and would hand 3 teams to LA and another to NYC.

    under a population only scenario, forget green bay, carolina, new orleans, buffalo, tennessee, jacksonville, indianapolis, and probably oakland.

    but hey, how about portland, sacramento, san antone and orlando…

    move raiders to sacramento. move packers, titans and colts to LA. move bills to NYC. move panthers to portland. move saints to san antone. move jaguars to orlando.

  30. a much larger, and thus more challenging and intense, media market.

    Larger? Yes. “More challenging and intense”? Really? The smaller the market, the more rapid the reporters. I bet that the reporting in Tennessee was far more intense than anything he’ll encounter in LA. Btw, didn’t he go to USC? Second, is any NFL coach actually paid more or less purely based on the market as opposed to their talent of the coach or the willingness of the owner? Is Ted Thompson paid less than the Rex Ryan? Wouldn’t the team argue that Fischer will have far more promotional opportunties in LA which will more than make up for the additional cost of living expenses?

  31. If symbolism is to mean anything–and I think it frequently does mean something–then trying to turn the clock back to the old LA Rams days might not turn out so well. The specifics of their first stint in LA don’t really matter…the key fact is they did ditch LA. They’d be much better served with a franchise that didn’t have that unpleasant and embarrassing backstory. Frankly, if any place would seemingly deserve a new expansion team, it’d be a place the size of LA, rather expecting the LA fans to instantly fall in love with some retread that couldn’t hack it in some other city.

  32. The Chicago Bears originally were the Decatur Staleys.

    And many think the Detroit Pistons of the NBA were named the ‘pistons’ because Detroit made automobiles. Incorrect. They originally were the Zollner Pistons, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    Oh, and Green Bay says that it’s the team with the longest history in the NFL. Incorrect. The Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cardinals both joined the NFL in 1920, while Green Bay joined in 1921.

  33. A potential 2014 move is at least 2, likely 3, NFL playing seasons away. If this move is a factor at all in Fisher’s decision (which I highly doubt it is) , he should be worrying about still being the Rams coach by then rather than a potential move.

  34. Los Angeles Rams what a great sounding name. Whoever thought this up is a genius. I bet there has ever been a name that resonates so well in the annals of Pro Football. Perhaps some one can rename the Ravens and call them the Baltimore Colts..

  35. kane337 says:
    Jan 8, 2012 5:11 PM
    Jeff Fisher is a southern California guy. You would think he would want the team to move there.


    Maybe as a California guy he like a lot of California guys don’t miss the krazyiness that has become Kalifornia.

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