Some Lions get testy on Twitter

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The Lions’ one-and-out from the postseason came after giving up only 10 points in the first half, and half that many touchdowns in the second.  And so, 35 points later, the Lions were blown off the field.

As Anwar Richardson of explains it, several Lions defensive players took exception to any actual or potential criticism on Twitter after the game.

Defensive back Aaron Berry, who showed why he plays defense by failing to hold onto a would-have-been interception with the Saints trailing by only three points in the fourth quarter, said this:  “Y’all can go back to being Broke & Miserable…now back to regular scheduled programming…”

Berry later apologized to his “loyal fans.”  (And if he has any who aren’t related to him, we’d be surprised.)

Cornerback Alphonso Smith tried to head off any critics by challenging the knowledge, or lack thereof, of the fans:  “Before you say anything crazy or ignorant please know your ‘coverages’ first just a friendly reminder!!! now fire away!!!”

And safety Chris Harris didn’t like Richardson’s game story with a headline that the Lions were “torched” by the Saints, chiding the writer for being unable to “think of a better adjective.”  (Actually, it’s a verb.  But we get the point.)

Richardson also summarizes some positive tweets from Lions players.  Regardless, it’s a reminder of the unfiltered access that fans have to players after big games, for better or worse.

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  1. Quit your damned crying. You got your pants pulled down and your butts spanked. Take it like a man. LMFAO!

    Honestly, I was rooting for the Lions. Now I’m wondering why. Learn to lose with dignity.

  2. Alphonso Smith “know your coverages”-too many people open all night broken coverages! Tell me why (and this is for NFL coaches especially) teams run zones on a quarterback like Drew Brees? You have to play man to man coverage at least two thirds of the time while mixing up coverages. You HAVE to come after Drew Brees with safeties and corners as well as linebackers. You HAVE got to knock receivers and tight ends off their routes at the line of scrimmage. The Lions have excellent young talent (being a Minnesota Vikings fan I am very envious) but now look for the Lions along with their tremendous defensive line talent to sign top notch defensive backs, preferably one on one cover corners if possible.

  3. The Lions played a better game than most thought they would. The Saints are way too hot to take down at home. More than likely these guys will not make it on the team next year. At least Anwar showed the positive remarks, unlike this scumbag writer.

  4. Playing the “my life is great because I have money and your life sucks because you don’t” card…..not one that athletes should play. In fact, just play the “don’t take to Twitter after getting blown off the field” card.

  5. Typical young sore losers. Maybe if you played just a teensy weensy bit of defense you wouldn’t be so onery. Finally as for the know your coverages, I know coverages and what you guys were doing doesn’t classify as coverage

  6. they are a young team getting better and will return to the playoff but everyone should always put a little more thought into something before speaking….atleast count to 10….

  7. The Lions played a great 1st half…but had to many missed opportunities to compete with an explosive NO team…Drew Bree’s owes his life to O-Lineman.

  8. The title of Anwar Richardson’s column shows why a lot of professional athletes don’t like writers. His article is titled “Detroit Lions players get on Twitter after loss to New Orleans Saints and blast critics” but then the article goes to show that most of the player’s tweets were positive and thankful to the fans. I guess a column titled “Some Lions players blast critics, but most send positive tweets” just won’t get the number of hits that he is looking for.

  9. What type of coverage did they have on that 50 yard bomb to Colston? (was it Colston?, I was tuning in and out of the game at that point. )

  10. The lions defense played decently for awhile but to many broken coverages. Leaving a receiver side open with noone within twenty yards of him is not a ‘coverage’ that I have ever seen before. That being said if the Lions had been able to tackle instead of bouncing off the running back this might have been a close game. I don’t know how many times I saw the defender get to the hole and hit the runningback but not wrap up and tackle. This is becoming a lost art. At least it was a good game until the 4th qtr.

  11. “Y’all can go back to being Broke & Miserable…now back to regular scheduled programming…”

    Given how foolishly most NFL players manage their money and the limited time this player is likely to be in the league, it won’t be long till he’s broke and miserable either.

  12. This kind of attitude flows downhill. Jim Schwartz must be a big time excuse maker in the locker room for his players to think it is OK to talk like this.

  13. “Y’all can go back to being Broke & Miserable”

    I’m guessing that statement will describe Aaron Berry perfectly several years after his career ends.

  14. Couldn’t have happen to a better head coach. The lions HC acts like a kid on the sideline. He likes making fist pumps and points like he actually did something. Kudo’s to the Saints for running up the score. Megatron you are something special just wish you could play for a team with respect and integrity

  15. At least the secondary realizes that they were the reason lions fell late in the game. Such weak coverage against a smart and accurate qb like Brees is deadly. But even some of the offense didn’t execute late in the game. Mostly growing pains but also some talent upgrades needed. Good season Lions.

  16. Ah….The old “broke and miserable” quote about the fans, some who have rooted for teams for decades…Of course, followed up by a lame apology…I’m sure the teams management loved his assessment of paying customers….moron

  17. There’s no stopping the Saints when they’re executing at that level, you have to hope they stop themselves. They essentially did that 3 different times during the game when Brees threw what should have been interceptions but the Lions couldn’t make the play. Convert two of those in to picks and you have a completely different ball game. Also, that inadvertent whistle on the Brees fumble was a horrendous, game-changing mistake from the official. Are you kidding me? That was a TD going the other way for the Lions that was taken away.

  18. To be fair, we have no idea what kind of tweets the players may have received that made them respond in such a way. Having said that, they are professional athletes, and should act as professionals rather than getting down in the mud with every disgruntled fan that wants to take to twitter.

  19. I love it when Pro Athelets brag about how much they make to fans! Well see who has more money in 5 years when your career is over and you are flipping burgers. Enjoy your expensive toys while you can still afford them.

  20. Well let’s see….. you’ve given up NINETY freakin’ points the last 2 games.

    I would say some level of criticism is justified.

  21. These guys sound like the Jets, they are along way from going anywhere. They are way to imature to become aan elite franchise. No excuses fellas, you got your butts handed to you admit it, and move on.

  22. I’m glad these punks lost. Maybe they can use the off-season to find some class to go along with their talent. Oh, wait…nevermind! That’ll never happen because their head coach has no class either. Hope the Lions enjoy watching the play-off’s from their couch (and no, I’m not a Packers,Bears, or Vikings fan)

  23. sounds like lebron james after last years finals “Yall can go back to your miserable lives i will continue to do the things i want to do” feel no pity for the lions haha

  24. Sounds like personal fouls are being commited by some Lions players on twitter right now,just knew they couldnt go 24 hours without a flag,those players have their anger aimed at the wrong target,it should be aimed at the whole defense that went to sleep in the second half and never woke up,and the recievers who couldnt catch a cold if the virus was sitting on their noses let alone a football,you lost pal,you deserve to be critisized,now take all your money and go to a strip club where you can forget the agony of your defeat like a man.

  25. Idiots. Someone should take their toys away. Oh wait – the Saints just effectively did that!

  26. Hey Aaron, you’ll be broke and miserable five years after retiring from the NFL. Count on it.

  27. Jim Schwartz is the worst leader. He is the first guy to be animated and obnoxious when his team is winning. But when his team is losing, he pouts like a little b*tch!

  28. A comment like that calling people “broke and miserable”. Shows right there the difference between New Orleans players and Detroit players……NOLA players embrace and love there city….Detroit players bash there city and fans…….

    That’s why Detroit won’t win in the end

    Hey Lions players…see Drew Brees, he isn’t from NOLA, but you would have thought he grew up there…RESPECT the people who pay your salaries…..

    Hail to the Redskins

  29. Given their long history as losers, you would think they would have handled it better. Just like any other game over the last ten years.

  30. IMO the playoffs are less about talent than they are about character – either you have it or you don’t, and so far the Lions don’t seem to have it.

    Detroit – NO gained over 600 yards on you in the process of scoring 45 points – You got a good old-fashioned ass-whippin’!

    Use that to give you motivation to do 10 more reps or run a few more lung-buster sprints in the off-season.

  31. Without the fans most of these guys would be on the streets belonging to gangs with a life expectancy of 20 years. Having a talent to run fast or being over sized is a God given gift not because you are intelligent.

  32. You can take the lion out of detroit but you can’t take detroit out of the lion! Go Steelers!

  33. The lions didn’t beat a playoff team all year. This has been stated all week. I dont know why anyone is surprised by the out come here. They played a good first half, good game plan, but they did not play nearly good enough. Several missed opportunities, the early whistle did hurt them, but they still got the ball and did nothing. You can get nasty on twitter, and make comments about all the money your making who cares. You still LOST the game. Same old loins. Next year will be the true test. Look how Tampa fell apart, I see it happening in Detroit too. If they would hire a real coach, they would be a better team. I know they are young, but the immature head coach comes shinning through in his players actions.

  34. The team personifies its coach. Did anyone catch Schwartz’s post game presser? What a miserable, classless, arrogant buffoon. It makes you love seeing them lose just to see him blow a gasket. And I liked the lions.

  35. Friggin’ Alphonso Smith. I defended that guy to the last in Denver (not his fault McD had a moment of insanity, although rumor has it Nolan lobbied for that stupid trade-and-pick), but my god, every time I put a Detroit game on the TV, he’s getting torched and blaming it on the safety (I understand my coverages), and Schwartz looks like he wants to kill him(I think Swartz understands his coverages, too).

  36. Starting with a tool of a head coach, I feel sorry for the long suffering Lions Fans. They are going no where with that jerk on the sidelines and that attitude in the locker room.

  37. “Broke and miserable” is an accurate description of most second-rate safeties and corner backs about 5 years after they retire.

    You’ll get yours, loser.

  38. funny it’s D backs doing this whining…

    there were TWO Saints TDs because no one bothered to cover a receiver… nobody actually got on a WR…. if you are in a NFL game, you might lose if you don’t bother to line up a guy to cover the receivers…

    and most telling of their maturity, the first thing that happened after both TDs was the guy who was supposed to be covering was chewing out somebody else instead of holding up his hand and taking responsibility… huh?

  39. Aaron Berry – real classy. It’s good to see LeBron has some followers when it comes to post game remarks. I’m sure within a few years of your retirement, you’ll be joining us “Broke & Miserable” fans.

  40. Showing true colors of that team and how its run, starts at the top. One day these players will realize most people don’t look for these stupid tweets, with social media it just comes to us…and they look even more arrogant…out of touch with fans who support them and of course just flat out stupid. Bottom line they just failed to make plays as a team, wish they would realize that.

  41. Wow, way to represent yourself and Central PA with class and dignity, Aaron Berry. I follow this region’s players and root for them. Not you anymore, sir.

  42. As for Smith comments of “know your coverages” I take offense as a fan because you’re trying to cover your own ass by subtly throwing a teammate under the bus. What was the coverage when Colston torched you man on man? As for Berry, I’m not mad at all. If we as fans can criticize players for their performances on the field then we should be able to take it when they fire back. personally I don’t take offense because I’m comfortable with where I am in life. And anyone who gets upset is doing so because the shoe fits. If you’re not broke or miserable why would you be offended?

  43. Is it me or are the Lions the most childish franchise in the league? I mean had you just played your games with dignity and moved on and if you would’ve just taken your losses with a pinch of perspective, you’d still be the darling underdogs of the entire country. But no, let’s tweet our frustrations away.

  44. The Lions roster is littered with garbage. The Detroit fans are loyal and deserving of a winner. But..not at the cost of supporting some of the rotten trash that wear the Lions uniform. The owner of the team should dismiss this trash from the team.

  45. What is that statistic on how quickly NFL players blow their money? My guess is Aaron Berry will be “Broke & Miserable,” like we mere peons, sooner than later.

  46. @adirtyplayernamedsue….
    pretty sure I’m tuning into the Steelers v. broncos PLAYOFF game today. lions beat the Broncos badly. you’re not a nfl fan are you?

  47. As an undrafted free agent Aaron Berry made 405,000 this year. And by the way he was getting burnt last night I hope he spent his money wisely because he won’t be a starter in the league for long playing like that.

    So if he ends up out of the league and broke and forced to find a 9-5 the irony would be funny as hell.

  48. Aaron Berry, Alphonso Smith, and Chris Harris do not represent what this team is about. They are all 2nd or 3rd string players that are not a major part of the team going forward. Matthew Stafford, the real leader of the team, thanked the fans for all of the support, but that does not get mentioned, outside of one sentence. “Richardson also summarizes some positive tweets from Lions players.” Pathetic negative journalism.

  49. You don’t have to be an expert on defensive coverages to know it’s a bad idea to leave the Saints’ biggest redzone threat, Jimmy Graham, lined up all by himself!! Brilliant coverage…ha ha ha!!! The really funny part is dumba## Lions players trying to defend themselves on Twitter- it just makes them look like even bigger losers.

  50. Of course they’re going to spout off, they’re human, and the stink is still fresh! They played like absolute garbage and just got embarrassed…possibly cost their team the game.

    Cheap shot, MF…

  51. And we were just like, that’s your secondary? Are you serious? What a joke.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching these clowns lose, but they were jobbed… well I suppose they wouldn’t have won anyhow, more like anyone who bet on the Lions and took the points.


  52. packattack1967 says:
    Jan 8, 2012 9:18 AM
    Starting with a tool of a head coach, I feel sorry for the long suffering Lions Fans. They are going no where with that jerk on the sidelines and that attitude in the locker room.

    That “tool” inherited a talentless 0-16 and went 2-14, 6-10, 10-6 and EARNED a playoff spot…they get an actual running game and shore up the rest of the defense and they will knock you & your packers right off that pedestal you so arrogantly sit on.

  53. I like what Detroit has done the past few years, making a pretty damn good team….. but Schwartz is an idiot, and apparently some of the players follow his lead.
    Handling success and failure together, in a modest and respectable manner, at ANY level of ‘INCOME’, is what makes a person. Burning Berry is one of many of these players who will never ‘get it’.

  54. I’m surprised they didn’t have any temper tantrums on the field. There are more oversized babies on the Lions than just about any other NFL team. There are some respectable guys, but they get overshadowed by the ones crying and throwing punches.

  55. I just looked up Aaron Berry’s contract. The 2010 undraftedee makes less than I do. And I’m not rich.

  56. barneyfifeactionfigure says: Jan 8, 2012 8:02 AM

    This kind of attitude flows downhill. Jim Schwartz must be a big time excuse maker in the locker room for his players to think it is OK to talk like this.

    You obviously didn’t listen to his post game presser, did you?
    He was highly critical of his defense, especially his secondary.
    The Lions will make defensive improvements in the offseason. If they are significant improvements, they will be an absolutely lethal team next season and for years to follow.

  57. eagleshavelanded says: Jan 8, 2012 9:29 AM

    The Lions roster is littered with garbage.

    Littered with garbage? As is the Eagles (dream team’s) fanbase

  58. Twitter aggression,,,,,,,,, real men would have played with aggression on the field of honor !

  59. All you Saints haters take heart. One day the Saints will be playing without Drew Brees. You saw what happened to the Colts when they had to play without Peyton Manning. Envision similar results for the Saints.

  60. Just think:

    Had the Lions not lost to Matt Freaking Flynn and the GB Jayvee team last week, they would be in mild New Jersey today with a helluva shot to advance to next round.

    Pathetic loss last week.

    More pathetic was how that loss was never mentioned last night by the experts in the booth.

  61. @ unkleruckus

    I did miss type there, you are correct. I guess even though Denver is in, I mean really. That being said I really hope Pittsburgh loses. I respect the team, but cant stand big Ben.

  62. I saw Suh play nice and gave up being dirty for the first time, their Head Coach “acted” civilized but I saw his eyes pouting. Maybe next year!

  63. Punk coach=punk team. How many times can Matt Stafford close his eyes and throw an “Eli” off his back foot to Johnson? Not enough to win in the playoffs. Also, I guess no one is allowed to touch Stafford, because ever they did he came up talking trash, and whining for a call. Stay classy Detroit…now you will have all the time in the world to drive your Chrysler 300s!

  64. The Lions have been able to improve their offense with solid picks and trades, but have a mediocre to sub-par defense that once again was not able to hold their own for 60 minutes. A lot of changes need to be made for this team to take the next step and almost all of them need to be on the defense. Their Offense is pretty good but it can’t be expected or required to score 40 every game to win. A little help from the defense would be nice..

  65. “Reflection of the leader” comes to mind. They’re undisciplined and started eating up their own press couplings. This is the kind of team that can disappear after a year. Not saying they will or should. But they could.

  66. Aaron Bailey only makes 400k per year…any medical or dental specialist, high ranking lawyer, elite salesperson, CFO at a mid sized company or a successful small busines owner makes that type of money. The difference, is those people tend to have careers lasting more than 3-4 years.

    Unless he lives off of 75k per year he will find out what broke and miserable really means in 5 years when he is selling cars or insurance or living with mommy and daddy.

    Dont believe me? Ask Chris McAllister

  67. lions are a young team yea there HC acts a little kid like but has done a overall good job they will be back next year doing things need some CB help this from a die hard steeler fan good luck next year

  68. The lions are able to hang with the saints but just like the first time we played them they take it to another level in the fourth quarter. The saints look almost unbeatable in their dome. But looking forward to seeing what my lions do this offseason. Look for them to come back stronger than ever!!

  69. For anyone who hates on the Lions for there attitude, you have no idea what it’s like to be the joke of the league for so long, if I was on that field and was winning after all those years, hell yeah I’d be shoving it in people’s faces. The lions are finally good so of course haters gon hate.

  70. For the love of God, can you guys stop incorporating Twitter into your articles? I don’t care what someone says on Twitter. It’s not some official press release; it’s a random thought that happens to come to a guy who’s probably in a terrible mood because he lost a game. What kind of a world do we live in where a DeSean Jackson tweet that makes no grammatical sense is shown on NFL Network and morons like Jamie Dukes and Warren Sapp try to decipher it for half an hour and conclude he’s unhappy about his contract.

  71. Who is this guy?? He sounds like the kind of player who will spend his money and not invest. Then five years from now he will be broke and on his couch broke, writing on his twitter account about being dumb but nobody will be following because he is an idiot.

  72. Lions had 3 Ints go right through their hands!! Game over. Complete the catch and the world is talking Detroit as possible Champions. Right in their hands!

  73. It’s amusing that Berry is calling the fans “broke and miserable” when these are likely what he’ll be by the time he retires. In fact, a majority of these simple-minded NFL players (who had no business going to college) will end up bankrupt due to mismanagement of money.

  74. crefan says:
    Jan 8, 2012 8:08 AM
    Their taking on the personality of there head coach whose a scumbag himself.
    THEY’RE taking on the personality of THEIR head coach WHO’S a scumbag himself.

    Thumbs down for you for the 3rd Grade grammar mistakes.

  75. This type of thing starts at the top – Jim Schwartz when asked if there were any missed opportunities (one of the first questions he received) said yeah, we should have had a fumble returned for a TD and then ranted about that missed call. It was a missed call. But you also, other than two fumbles, didn’t stop the Saints all game. they torched your defense and your secondary. your offense had its moments, but was also inconsistent. When the first thing a coach has to say publicly is blaming the officials in a game that really wasn’t that close in the second half, then you can guess what he was saying behind closed doors – teams take their cues from their coaches. when coaches are ready to blame everyone else for a loss, the players will do the same. and those are the teams that will struggle to ever consistently win the big games, because those teams can be great when things are going well, but they will be unable to handle any sort of adversity. looking back at the lions season, that appears to be exactly the type of team they are and it starts at the top.

  76. Lions played well until the ref cheating became blatantly obvious. They seemed to forget how to play football after that. Or they just gave up like the heartless bunch that they have proven to be this year.

  77. …and some Lions didn’t:

    Here are some the other complimentary tweets from Lions’ players:
    Quarterback Matthew Stafford
    “Just want to say thanks to all the fans for all of the support and a great year. We will be back. #GoLions”
    Defensive end Lawrence Jackson
    “Lions Nation. Thanks for the diehard support all year. Love you guys wouldn’t trade you for any other fans. #LionNation #LJSP”
    Linebacker Justin Durant
    “I appreciate all of the support this yr frm u guys…sorry it ended this way more motivation for nxt season.”
    Safety Chris Harris
    “I want to say thanks to all the true #Lions supporters and fans. You guys have been great and I am truly grateful for u guys support.”
    Defensive end Cliff Avril
    “Tough lose def don’t want the season to end but we def have something to build off of for the years to come…”
    Defensive tackle Nick Fairley
    “Shout out to all the LIONS fan for the love and support this year “GO LIONS”
    Tight end Tony Scheffler
    “All the support makes this a little easier to swallow, thank you. Next season can’t come soon enough. #lionblood”
    Detroit was heading to the airport after its loss. Many of these tweets were sent in the locker room immediately after the game and on the team bus.—mlive .com

    But now with the Lions’ loss, it’s time for the media and troll fans of lesser teams to bag on them. Have fun! There’s only one team that raises the Lombardi this year. The rest of them will be losers, too, and most are in far worse shape than the Lions.

  78. from what i read, berry was being attacked by saint fans on his twitter, the tweet is directed to them. so while you call him unclassy, what do u call the saint faints attacking a player after a loss over twitter?? sounds like they are the ones who need to grow up and learn some class.

  79. and i dont even know why they mentioned a tweet from chris harris, he didnt even play this game, and he was only on the team for a month, and he probably wont be back next year, i expect them to get rid of alphonso smith cause the last month of the season in the little time he played he was on the coaches sh*t list! these are not the stars of the team so dont judge them off these. this would be a story if it was suh stafford or CJ saying this stuff.

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