Tebow Time could indeed be interrupted

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From Jay Glazer of FOX comes confirmation of one of our most controversial stories in recent months:  Broncos backup quarterback Brady Quinn is ready to play on Sunday.

Glazer reports that there’s a third-down package for Quinn, which will be used if Tebow struggles early.  Then, if it gets out of hand, Tebow could be yanked completely for Quinn.

It all started with a PFT report on Friday that Quinn has gotten roughly half the first-team snaps in practice this week.  In response, Quinn said he got only two reps per practice, which was given by some the same weight as the four primary books of the New Testament.

We then reported that the Broncos have a long-yardage package for Quinn.  Again, because folks with an interest in concealing the truth denied it, some presumed we were wrong and/or making stuff up.

As reported yesterday, both at PFT and on the NBC wild-card pregame show, the Broncos are prepared to pull Tim Tebow, if he struggles for the fourth straight game.

As also reported, the players are fine with it, because they want to win.  Glazer explains that Broncos coach John Fox has applied a one-game mindset to this one, realizing that in order to advance the Broncos have to do whatever they have to do.

Meanwhile, the guy who runs the show in Denver — John Elway — has made no public proclamations that Tebow won’t be removed, even though Elway had no qualms about making his feelings known early in the week that Tebow needs to “pull the trigger.”

If Tebow doesn’t, a different trigger could be pulled on Sunday.

65 responses to “Tebow Time could indeed be interrupted

  1. If Tebow is yanked then G0D will be very very upset. Do not risk the wrath that will be heaped upon the state of Colorado and the devastation delivered upon all of the non Jimmy Baaker,,, oops, i meant non Timmy Tebow believers

  2. It is a good thing they have a plan because they are going to need it with Tebow a lock to struggle!!

  3. This is stupid, why would you do this now? All they’ve done is go from 1 prepared QB to 2 unprepared QBs.

  4. The marketing blitz that is Tebow has come to a crashing halt. What happened to the “all he does is win” mantra?

  5. emperor83 says:Jan 8, 2012 12:51 PM

    If they want ANY chance of winning, they’ll sit Tebow.
    What has Brady Quinn ever done to make you think HE gives them a chance to win? Or is it just because his name is not “Tim Tebow”?

    This sort of reminds me of the preseason. All I heard was how good Kyle Orton was. And that how Kyle Orton gives them the best chance to win. All of that even though Kyle Orton had done jack squat in the NFL up to that point. I’m convinced some people will favor a toaster over starting over Tim Tebow.

  6. Tebow time is over in Denver whether anyone else plays QB or not-even some of the most ardent Tebow supporters have quietly (for a pleasant change) acknowledge that he ain’t ready for the NFL and never will be.

  7. Tebow had the success he did early because defenses were taken by surprise. Now that they’ve adjusted he’s not quite so successful.

    What better way to try to gain back that advantage by keeping defenses off balance again in a different way?

    Smart move in my book. They’ve got nothing to lose as defenses have figured Tebow out.

  8. This is a do or die situation for Tebow, leave him in for the whole game or the Broncos will never know his full potential. This kid can pull off the win.

  9. 3rd and long is when Tebow broke off most of his good runs. Quinn, like most QBs will not be effective throwing the ball until he gets into a rhythm and that isn’t going to happen against the steelers. If fox/elway are that concerned with passing yards, maybe they shouldn’t have traded their best receiver immediately before giving Tebow the starting job. Yes, Tebow needs a lot work but his receivers do not get separation and drop a lot of balls also. Quinn can’t fix that. He may be able to get more passing yards but the broncos have a better shot at an upset with the guy that helped get them to this point.

  10. yes yikes, since quinn is 3-8 as a starter himself.

    tebow, meanwhile, is 8-6 as a starter.

  11. How is it that the Steelers have 4 QBs on their roster that are all NFL starting caliber & the Broncos have none?

  12. Like it or not, that’s how Tebow plays. Fourth quarter comebacks. Obvious, it doesn’t always work. But hey, it’s football. It doesn’t always work. Taking him out early will only screw up that dynamic.

    BAD idea to do this now. Like it or not — like him or not — he got you here. Let him play.

  13. Seriously @rdrs68? Making comments about the player that whooped your team? Aren’t you on vacation right now? God, I hope you aren’t in Jokeland though. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  14. Sometimes in an NFL game your offense will need to complete a pass to convert on 3rd down. Tebow is just not the guy for that. I actually think the 2QB approach is better than going all in on either guy. Sure, it’s gonna make it harder for one guy to get in a rhythm but still, the idea is to have your guys in a position where they can succeed. Tebow cannot succeed on third and long, especially against the stillers.

  15. djamesbart says:Jan 8, 2012 1:05 PM

    How is it that the Steelers have 4 QBs on their roster that are all NFL starting caliber & the Broncos have none?
    You consider Leftwich and Dixon “starting caliber” QBs? Ew.

  16. This is exactly what happens when you make personnel decisions based upon religious fanaticism.

  17. So he only gets to play in obvious passing situations? In a playoff game? In bad weather? Against a great defense that will be teeing off on the passer? To a chorus of boos from the Tebowmanaics?

    And some people thought the Broncos were setting Timmy up to fail!

  18. The only way I could see this being effective against a defense like the Steelers is by having both Quinn and Tebow in the backfield at the same time., in the shotgun position with McGahee behind them. Have the defense guessing which Qb the snap is going to. The Broncos are going to need to pull a lot of tricks out of the book today, and this may help buy them a quarter or 2 and allow them a few chances to get some production.

    Pitt 21
    Denver 13

  19. John Fox has done a masterful job guiding this ship…. he knows that is takes to win…and the Tebow ship might of run out of steam this year, JUST WIN BABY !

  20. In the famous words of George Micheal – “You Gotta Have Faith, Oooh Gotta Have Faith da Faith da Faith, Yeaah”. It’s almost TEBOWTIME- Go Broncos! Beat that Cesspool of Sinners from Pukesburgh.

  21. Personally I think the Broncos should do anything to win. If that means that somebody comes in for planned plays, so be it. Steelers did it with Stewart/Tomczack and it got them to the AFC Championship.

    I’d use 3 QBs if I could.

  22. You consider Leftwich and Dixon “starting caliber” QBs? Ew.

    When compared to Tebow or Quinn? Leftwich, definitely. Since we haven’t really seen Dixon much, I am inclined to still give him the nod over obviously known poor QBs.

  23. Tebow sucks, Broncos should of tried to get Jason Campbel for this game, HE IS HEALTHY and he is a free agent..
    They stand NO CHANCE in this game, They cant even score a Touch Down..
    They backed their way in the playoffs, They are the worst team in the AFC West, everyone knows the Raiders are the Real AFC WEST champs…

  24. Didn’t I just read this article yesterday? And the day before that?…. And the day before that? But I suppose it has tebows name in it, so the repitition is ok?

  25. every time Tebow takes a snap, it’s basically a wildcat with a slightly increased chance of a pass…

    except that he’s not as fast as Ronnie, and can’t hit like Ricky……

    so everyone has him figured out… so unless he suddenly is a pass threat, Tebow is over….

  26. Johnny Elway “owns” Denver and most of the people of Colorado. He does not want anyone to be so successful that they eclipse his performance as Denver’s quarterback. Tebow doesn’t stand a chance with Johnny around. Elway was benched for poor performance in his early days. He was also inconsistent in his performance. Eventually he got things worked out. BTW, was he good enough to win the Heisman, or even be nominated. Elway makes me wanna puke.

  27. Um, what coach isn’t prepared to bench his QB if he sucks and they’re behind in the second half?

    Yes, dude! Story is made up. Its called preparation by the coach to have his backup ready.

    A coach can’t even prepare his second string these days without you guys finding a story.

  28. Good call. Not saying Quinn is an elite QB or anything but he’s better than Tebow and the team knows it. Both Elway and Fox never wanted Tebow as their starting QB in the first place, they know he can’t take the team far and was lucky to get the wins that he did. The guy was 3rd – 4th stringer at the start of the season! I believe the only reason they made Tebow the starter was because Denver’s season was already going down the drain and the fans were in such an uproar to put Timmy in. Their line of thinking was most likely to just throw him in for a few games, let him be an epic failure and stop the Tebowmania for the sake of the team. Denver’s wins (even though accompanied by terrible QB play) made this plan a bit complicated. Benching Tebow after he plays horribly on a national stage and letting Quinn outshine him in a big playoff game is the best way to avoid fan backlash when Timmy is (rightfully) NOT named the starter next year.

  29. @huejackson do you understand how pathetic you really sound? Lol. Get back to slangin and bangin Raider fan.

  30. I just have the feeling that Tebow Mania will have one last day in the sun before it comes to an end.

    Donks – 16
    Trailer Park Nation – 14

  31. Is there a week that TEBOW doesn’t get in the headlines????? Lets just drive him to Canton now and get over it.

  32. Why is every week another Tebow controversy?
    Every team has packages for quarterbacks on their roster with a skill set different from their starter. Its just a change of pace. Tebow fans need to quit being so sensitive and take off the diapers.

  33. Fox and Elway in their managerial skills are a NO BRAINER!!………….literally, no brains!!

  34. I’ve had posts disappear also, never understood why. Its starting to look like PFT has the same all-Tebow-all-the-time contract that ESPN has and that it doesn’t allow anything that does not glofify the subject. What a shame. Maybe that MSNBC bias is starting to show through.

  35. Look, I’m a Browns fan, but I hope Quinn succeeds if he gets the shot. In his football career he has been nothing but a class act after the whole Anderson/Quinn thing, then the trade and the drafting of Tebow and the Orten thing. His first contract was incentive laden so he is extremely cheap for a football team. I hope he has his accuracy fixed.

  36. This is a surprise to whom?

    The option, run by a hybrid QB/FB, was never going to be the answer, in my opinion.

  37. Tebow we need you to have a good game today, and instead of showing confidence in you, we are gonna let the media sniff out this Quinn non-sense. and Put more pressure on you beyond your 1st NFL playoff start.

    The guy willed them to the playoffs, they aren’t winning the SB, might as well roll the dice and see what he can, will them to do today.

  38. @sterilizecromartie

    “I’m convinced some people will favor a toaster over starting over Tim Tebow.”

    In toaster I trust!

    Sorry couldn’t help it. Lol

  39. If they get into 3rd and long? OF COURSE THEY WILL!! They run on 1st and 2nd and always en up 3rd and long. Go with what got u here!! If they pull Tebow we’ll see if they call the same type of plays for Brady as they do for Tebow. Brady hasn’t thrown a single pass all year. If he comes in, I hope he stinks it up. It’ll serve Elway right and horse face will have egg on his face…again!!

  40. emperor83 says: Jan 8, 2012 12:51 PM

    If they want ANY chance of winning, they’ll sit Tebow.


    20-6 Denver at halftime. What ya got for us now emporer83?

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