Wade Phillips “gratified” to meet with Bucs, will interview Friday


The Bucs’ decision to hold their very own Fired Football Coaches Association convention in Tampa next week is bound to raise some eyebrows around the league.

And upset some Bucs fans.

One of the names on Tampa’s interview list, Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, is thrilled to get the opportunity.

“I’m gratified somebody noticed,” Phillips told John McLain of the Houston Chronicle. “I don’t want to leave Houston, but I want to be a head coach. “We’ll talk and see how much interest [the Bucs] have in me.”

There doesn’t appear to be a clear frontrunner in Tampa, so Phillips has a shot. Then again, they are talking with a lot of different people.

Texans fans will surely be rooting against Phillips having a good interview.

71 responses to “Wade Phillips “gratified” to meet with Bucs, will interview Friday

  1. Bad choice. He runs a 3-4 defense, the Bucs don’t have anyone who can play in a 3-4, and he’s been fired three times as a head coach because he can’t win in the playoffs.

  2. This crap were you season is still going on and you interview with another team has to go away !

  3. You’re a great great D. Coordinator, Head Coach isn’t for you Wade.. I know Wade would love to be head coach again, but really now just stay as coordinator..

  4. From Wikipedia:

    “The Peter Principle states that “in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence”, meaning that employees tend to be promoted until they reach a position at which they cannot work competently.”

    Wade Phillips – great DC, incompetent HC. Classic Peter Principle example. Are there really no hot young coordinators in the NFL today?

  5. Since Houston’s offseason will start on Sunday at 4 pm I’d say he’ll be interviewing Monday morning. Lol

  6. Very good defensive coordinator, lousy head coach, failed twice.

    Why would they interview this guy?

  7. @ bucsfan5000

    On defense, I am not sure that the Bucs have anyone who can play in a 4-3 either. They need an overhaul.

  8. Great coach, would turn that Tampa defense around.

    With the right offensive coordinator I think he’d do a great job.

    Bucs should hire him.

  9. Wade Phillips isn’t a bad choice. He’s not a GOOD choice, but he’s not a BAD choice.

    Rest assured….the Bucs will make the worst choice available. It’s what they do.

    They may as well go back to the creamsicles too.

  10. NNNNNNNNoooooooooooooo Wade stay here, Tampa is a lost cause without any real decent players. Stay in H-Town, a better team will open up soon that would be suited better for you……….

  11. Please Bucs…please! With the rest of the AFC South in shambles…the Texans need to be brought down a notch or two.

    -Jags fan

  12. Would be interesting to see what he could do without a micro-managing owner over-riding all of his decisions.

  13. raiderstotheship says:
    Jan 8, 2012 3:20 PM
    He’s one of the best dc there is and one of the worst hc there is.
    Couldn’t have said it better. Some coaches are just better when they don’t have the whole team to think about.

  14. Wade, please note you have been a head coach! Four times. Once as interim HC with the Saints. Three full time gigs with the Broncos, Bills and Cowboys.

    You coached ten full seasons (not counting the four games with the Saints) and went to the playoffs five times, winning a divisional title twice. You are a grand 1 and 5 in the playoffs.

    You made one of the dumbest coaching moves ever, benching Doug Flutie in favor of Rob Johnson in the last game of the season and for the playoffs. Flutie only went 10 and 5 that season and had a perfect passer rating in the game prior to his benching. Yeah, go figure that one out.

    I mention all of this because you may be exhibiting the early signs of dementia at your advancing age.

  15. Did the Buccaneers learn nothing from the past couple of years? Wade is a great defensive coordinator. He is not head coach material. He buckles under that pressure and doesn’t have the grit to be a head coach.

  16. “I don’t want to leave Houston, but I want to be a head coach.”

    I want to quit my job and tap Megan Fox………….

  17. The Bucs’ decision to holt their very own Fired Football Coaches Association convention in Tampa next week is bound to raise some eyebrows around the league.

    And upset some Bucs fans.
    Do you mean it will upset some Texans fans??

  18. eigglesnosuperbowls says:
    Jan 8, 2012 3:21 PM
    This crap were you season is still going on and you interview with another team has to go away !


    Agrees, that a rule should be enacted that no staff/player contact should be made within teams until after the Super Bowl has been played. This raised doubt in staff/players, is this guy loyal to us, when he’s looking for another team to go to…………….

  19. As a Bucs fan all I can say is that there isn’t a lot to be excited about with the direction of this team. Certainly not enough to pry open my wallet to attend games next season.

    Go ahead Glazers, give me a reason to support the Bucs again. I dare you! You cheap ______.

  20. Nothing like hiring a 66 year old with health issues.

    Go check his record as head coach, great first year, so-so second year and fired the third year. Only with the Cowboys did he last one more year longer.

  21. When Phillips came to Dallas, he was supposed to take Parcells’s 3-4 defense and make it more aggressive. He had never won a playoff game before coming to Dallas. It was Tony Romo and the offense that carried them to a 13-3 record, and Wade Phillips’s D that let them down in the playoffs. And when Romo got hurt, it was Phillips’s defense that quit on him.

  22. letsgosharks says:
    Jan 8, 2012 3:33 PM
    still think firing Gruden was a great idea Tampa fan?

    Yes actually.

  23. I could be wrong but I believe the NFL rule is that they can’t come to him to interview. He is allowed to go to them.
    Please TB offer Wade the HC job on the spot. Then he can’t enter the craziness in Miami. Did I say Please. Thank You.

  24. Why is this soooo hard to understand???? Wade philips is a horrible HC!!! How many chances is it going to take for the entire league to figure this out??!! His old man was a goober too! Houston, u can have him, he’s a great DC, and imo, right where he needs to be. If the glazers hire him, childress, or sherman u can kiss a lot of season ticket holders(all 8 of them) goodbye. I for one will not watch a game. A cruel joke for those of us striving to see this team get back on track.

  25. I was going to make fun, but just read my Dolphins are going to interview Mike Mularkey.

  26. Funny he has highest win % in Dallas history. Got to the playoffs, won division twice. Then had a bad year cause his QB goes down, seems to me he can’t catch a break.

  27. I don’t want Phillips and am not thrilled with Sherman. Not thrilled with Childress either.
    If I were forced to choose between the three….I would select Sherman. But again, I’d keep searching.

  28. The Bucks are just stupid enough to make this happen.
    This guy is not a leader of men….. He might know how to call a good defensive game, but has no shot at controlling a locker room

  29. All interviews aren’t necessarily to hire a coach. I have to believe some are fact finding missions. What a better way to get some thoughts on the team’s personnel and what Wade would do if he got the job than to interview one of the top 3-4 coordinators in the league. Glazers and Dominik can get into the heads of all sorts of different coaches before making a decision on the one they want running the team.

  30. I think Joe Philbin would be a good one to interview. He’s an intellectual coach with a masters degree. Has done a very good job as offensive coordinator with the Packers.
    If you prefer defense, I think Mike Zimmer would be a good interview. He has a league-wide reputation for being such a fine defensive coordinator. He prefers a 4-3 defense.
    I don’t want Sherman, Phillips, or Childress.

  31. The first two picks each of the last two years have been 4-3 defensive linemen; if they hire Wade, I will set all of my Bucs gear on a big fiery pile, and then jump on afterwards.

  32. Would take him as DC, but NOT as head coach. Some are great coordinators, but lousy head coaches.

  33. for all the people saying that the bucs dont have the personnel for a 3-4…..

    neither did houston

  34. I am not a fan of Phillips as a HC, but to say we should not hire him because we don’t have the defensive personal to play a 3-4..Dakota Watson is a hybrid LB that plays end on 3rd down and Bowers has a smiliar body type to that of Mario Williams. Clayborn, Mccoy and Price on the nose would give us a great 3 man line. Not saying we should do it, but it would be interesting

    Zimmer or Marty and I’m happy

  35. Wade Phillips is the very very very most popular man in Houston right now (maaaaaaaybe second most popular to JJ Watt). He can do absolutely no wrong right now in Houston. Tampa is not as good a situation as San Diego, St. Louis, or Chicago would have been.

    Tampa? My God, man, don’t do it!!!!

  36. You know the Bucs will go cheap….I think Salary might dictate this heire…..(with little budget for a staff…)

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