Bears may stay in house, hire Tim Ruskell as G.M.

When the Bears announced that they had fired General Manager Jerry Angelo, they said director of player personnel Tim Ruskell would oversee the front office until a replacement for Angelo could be found.

Now there’s talk in Chicago that the replacement for Angelo will be Ruskell.

John Mullin of writes that the sentiment in Chicago is that Ruskell has done a good job in his two years with the Bears and may deserve to keep the job on a permanent basis.

The hiring of Ruskell, who spent five years as G.M. of the Seahawks, wouldn’t satisfy Bears fans who think a major shakeup of the front office in order. But he may be the man for the job.

53 responses to “Bears may stay in house, hire Tim Ruskell as G.M.

  1. Not like a qualified candidate for GM would take that job anyway, not with all the staff grandfathered in. Besides, promoting Ruskell fits perfectly with the futile logic of Bears ownership. No surprise if this happens.

  2. I could see the Bears doing this for two years – then blowing the entire thing up. It’s the Bear way.

    …in other words -it’s ass backwards logic but keeps everybody at Halas Hall in harmony

  3. This guy had horrible drafts in Seattle and was run out of town. What’s the reason again that Angelo was fired?

  4. YES! As a fan, I can continue to look forward to the drafting of the Corey Wootons, Joshua Moores, Dan LeFevours and J’Marcus Webbs of the world.

  5. Why do teams just keep running out the same guys, if he did not do the job before what makes him more qualified now. I think of Jeff Fisher, he has not won a thing but he is in great demand, it makes no sense to me, find a new young talent and go with that.

  6. No the sentiment in Chicago among fans at least is that he’s just Angelo’s right hand man, he’s Angelo, but even worse.

    This is the sort of thing that happens when a 88yr old woman is the principal owner and an accountant is the President of Football Operations. Halas’ grandsons are a sadly a bunch of yes men.

  7. This cannot be serious, is it? Are there so few potential GM candidates in the NFL that a guy could fail so spectacularly at his last job and then be given the same position somewhere else only two years later? His tenure in Seattle was as obvious of a management failure as you are going to see. He inherited a Super Bowl team and turned them into a 4-12 mess. The GM who took over for him got rid of almost every single player Ruskell drafted or acquired in his tenure.

  8. the sentiment in Chicago is that Ruskell has done a good job in his two years with the Bears
    Wow, those last 2 Bears drafts were great! Although I can’t name one player who is or looks like a future pro bowler from either one of them. I guess that’s not important.

  9. ahaha, enjoy, Bears fans. You can look forward to these lovely player types:

    -Locker Room Favorite
    -High Motor
    -Undersized But Fast
    -Old and Expensive But Still Has Some in The Tank
    -Short But Crafty
    -Gritty White Guy
    -Physical Freaks With No Brains

    And who can forget his legendary drafting and free agency techniques? Fan favorites such as:

    -Who Needs a Quarterback?
    -Who Needs a Running Back?
    -“Offensive” Line
    -First Rounders are Worthless! Trade Them For a Pittance!
    -“Washed Up?” “Just needs more money!”
    -“What this team needs is more 5’7″ cornerbacks with zero ball awareness.”
    -“Let’s replace a coaching legend with Jim Mora and Greg Knapp!”
    And many more!

  10. Sports talk radio will love this…way to be bold Bears…George McKaskey will be hated in less time than his brother….

  11. Ugh, this would be a joke. So, why not keep Jerry Angelo, then? After all, Ruskell holds a similar philosophy to Angelo, and both came up in the Buccaneers organization. Ruskell’s drafting record with Seattle was hardly “bridging the talent gap”.

    If Ruskell is hired, it’ll probably be a sign that their top targets shied away from the job because they would’ve been hamstrung on the coaching decision.

  12. This guy is a joke. I’ll guarantee you he back stabbed his own buddy (Angelo) in this process. Oh well, at least this keep guys like Kiper in business.

  13. Think about it Bears fans. Ruskell is the right man for the job under the circumstances. We don’t need to blow up the whole organization right now. Give Lovie and Ruskell two years to return the Bears to the Super Bowl; if it doesn’t work, then blow it up. The last team Ruskell took over went to the promised land in his first year. Go Bears!

  14. Saw that coming, No GM would take that job after you pick his staff for him. Moron! Phillips needs to fire himself. Ruskell will come in and try to put his stamp on this team by doing something like trading Urlacher or Hester…we are in big trouble Chicago!

  15. There are no Ruskell-drafted players left on the Seahawks roster. He hired ‘high character’ guys. Which roughly translates as good in community work but less than useful on a football field. They’ve all been cut/traded/waived.

    I have no animosity towards the Bears or their fans. But you are officially in serious trouble. I honestly wish you the best of luck.

  16. I feel for you Chicago

    He gave us Reidel Anthony, Jaquez Green, Marquis Walker and many more. The guy can’t pick receivers to save his life.

  17. @beartruth1 …

    As a Bears fan I can’t disagree more. What decisions are made over this off-season will impact the team for the next 2-3 years. Letting contracts run out because they’re too cheap is so transparent.

    Virginia has to stop allowing the kids to take turns driving grandpa’s old Edsel. Sad to say but she now has another son to fire for allowing this to happen.

  18. The good from Ruskell’s years in Seattle:
    1) Lofa Tatupu (had to trade up to get him, surrending later picks).
    2) Leroy Hill (still with team).
    3) Brandon Mebane
    4) Red Bryant
    5) Max Unger

    The bad from Ruskell’s years in Seattle:
    1) Chris Spencer (first round pick)
    2) Kelly Jennings (first round pick)
    3) Acquired Deion Branch from New England (first round pick)
    4) Lawrence Jackson (first round pick, traded for sixth-round pick after Carroll arrived)
    5) Aaron Curry (first-round pick, traded for seventh round and conditional fifth-round pick)

    The ugly:
    Signed Shawn Alexander to an 8-year, $62 million contract extention at the age of 29.
    Signed T.J. Houshmanzadeh to a $40 million contract at the age of 32.
    Hired Jim Mora, Jr.
    Engaged in head games with head coach, signing players the coach did not want.

    Seattle record with Ruskell as GM:
    2005: 13-3, Super Bowl appearance
    2006: 9-7, lose in divisional round
    2007: 10-6, lose in divisional round
    2008: 4-12
    2009: 5-11

    I’ll actually kind of give him a pass on Curry, since the unanimous consensus among “draft gurus” is that he was the one “sure thing” available at the top of the board that year.

  19. If Bears management is making this decision and bringing it to the top decision makers as this is the best we could do based on circumstances that should be grounds for immediate termination of Philips contract for incompetence.

  20. seattlesuperchronic says:
    Jan 9, 2012 7:20 AM
    Get ready for 5’9 corners and receivers Chicago, my condolences, I wish Ruskell upon no team.

    Isn’t is basically that way already??

  21. I was having such a good start to my Monday… now I read this! I guess my hoping a competent GM would try the whole Lovie/Tice/QB coach love triangle thing one year then blow it up if it didn’t work won’t happen. This is so frustrating being a Bears fan! They only have a few years left in the defense and they seem perfectly happy to waste them!

  22. Of course they will stay in-houe, they almost have to given how they have bungled this thing. First, Ted Phillips bus tosses Jerry Angelo in an attempt to save his own job. Then Phillips states that a new GM is saddled with Lovie Smith for at least one year and Smith was allowed to promote Mike Tice to offensive coordinator. What GM wants to walk in the door with no ability to hire his own head coach, has no say on the direction of the offense and the defense is already set?

    The Bears should have fired Phillips along with Angelo and let the new GM make the decision on Smith and the coaching staff. Ruskell is a lame duck before he even gets the job.

  23. Oh no, here we go again, no one wants to come here so lets say he’s the best man for the job.

  24. The one thing, more than anything, I wanted, even more than Angelo to not be GM, was for Tim Ruskell to NOT BE GM.

    This is what the exact opposite of the cautious optimism that Theo has brought to Cubs fans feels like.

    I can’t believe the Bears are going to be placeholders between baseball relevance (way early in the season) to hockey and basketball season.

  25. beartruth1 says:
    Jan 9, 2012 8:40 AM
    Think about it Bears fans. Ruskell is the right man for the job under the circumstances. We don’t need to blow up the whole organization right now. Give Lovie and Ruskell two years to return the Bears to the Super Bowl; if it doesn’t work, then blow it up. The last team Ruskell took over went to the promised land in his first year. Go Bears!


    Oh, you mean the Seattle Seahawks team when he inherited all of the players Ted Thompson had drafted before becoming Green Bay’s GM? It’s silly to give a GM too much credit or blame in his first year when he basically just inherited the last guy’s team.

  26. I am not a “conspiracy guy” but this is just too dumb to be anything else.
    At this point I can’t believe that Angelo was even fired anymore.

    He was talking of retirement, had Ruskell in line to take over and then the move to let him go came out of the blue.
    If Ruskell is the new G.M. then what has changed since Angelo was “shown the door”?
    Same stupid G.M. guy calling the shots.
    Same mediocre head coach.
    Mike Tice moves up to run the offense.
    Rod Marinelli keeps his job on the defensive side.
    Ted Phillips is still the CEO.
    Where is the shake up?
    Where is the accountability?

    Did the Bears give Jerry Angelo a bunch of money to walk away so the fans and the media would get the impression that the team’s front office was making a big move while they were really just following Jerry’s original plan?
    The whole thing looks like a desperate PR move while staying the same middle of the road they are on.

  27. If the bears keep Ruskell as their G.M. you can bet that in about 3 years the team will be in complete shambles. The guy can’t draft, and over pays players past their prime….Take it from a seahawks fan we know better than anyone.

  28. I’m praying this report is not true because – based on Ruskell’s previous tenure with the Seahawks – he may be an even worse judge of ability than Jerry Angelo.

    If the Bears decide to award the GM job to Ruskell, it will be because he met their budget, not because he’s the best candidate available.

    I’ve been a Bears fan all my life, and cheered for them through the good and bad. And while I still love the team, I’ve reached the hard conclusion that the Chicago ownership places more of a premium on economy than winning.

  29. As a Packers fan, I hope they hire Ruskell. How many Super Bowls they win in Seattle?

    But at some point the Chicago football and baseball teams have to wake up and realize they are in the third largest market in the U.S. There is no excuse, especially in baseball, why they shouldn’t dominate. From afar, twice in the past 20+ years, Packers management realized they stunk and went outside the organization to hire some new blood in the GM spot. It produced two Super Bowl runs.

    Chicago fans have gotten so used to losing they think that is how it works. The fact is your city can lure some major talent, as the Bulls and Blackhawks found out, and if the managment stops all the “greatness of the past” stuff and focuses on winning in the future, something might happen.
    The Cubs need a new ballpark along with their new GM. The White Sox always have some talent but rarely can put it all together. The Bears need to stop pinching pennies, draft better, and find a new coach along with a new GM. Lovie is a decent coach, but he’s had enough time.
    You expect to have lousy teams in smaller markets, but how can Chicago fans explain the continuing lousy play of the Cubs and Bears? It’s centers on two organizations who apparently don’t want to win, just fill the seats.

  30. TImmaH! Picked 36 players in Seattle…9 remain, and 5 of those probably won’t be on the team next year. Not one of his first round picks has made an impact in the league, and not one remains on the team.
    He brought in Mora Jr. as secondary coach, and after butting heads with Holmgren the whole way, promoted that idiot to head coach!
    He took a Super Bowl caliber team and destroyed it from within in just 5 years.
    He would fit right in Chicago’s front office, his laziness, and incompetence would hardly be noticed with the clowns they got running that team!
    Nothing will change in Chicago until the Bears fans stop showing support for this kind of ineptitude.
    Stop buying tickets and merchandise, and see how fast things change in Chicago!

  31. Trollhammer,

    How can you forget to put the Steve Hutchinson fiasco in your “ugly” section? Ruskell let a first team all-pro who was IN HIS PRIME, leave to save $500K.

    But hey, he made up for it by “stealing” Nate Burleson back from Minnesota…

  32. Based on the comments and thumbs-ups, it appears fellow Bears fans nearly unanimously agree this is a bad decision!

    Whoever the GM is, all you have to do this offseason to make a good first impression is get a top-notch wide receiver. Vincent Jackson or any of the other elite free agents (like Colston if he’s not franchised).

  33. Chicago,
    Do whatever it is you can do to prevent this hiring. This man is a joke and should be banned from the NFL, please don’t make the same mistake we did.


  34. As a Bears fan, I called this one the day Angelo got fired and they kept Smith. Nobody wants that job when they can’t put their own coach in play so why not add a few more years of futility until Lovie’s contract is over. The McKaskey family is almost as bad as when Al Davis was wanting to have his hands in everything, even when they shouldn’t. Ruskell showed nothing good in Seattle and how exactly has he done a good job in Chicago?? So we keep Lovie, promote Tice (but have to hire a pass specialist to help him with the OC job) and keep Ruskell. This will last 2 years until they are all fired. By then the Bears defense will be done. Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers, Tillman aren’t getting any younger. Such a shame this core group is being wasted…

  35. I warned you complaining Bear fans. Angelo to Ruskell and Tice to Martz (and eventually Lovie Smith to whoever) is a downgrade no matter how you slice it.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  36. cbs radio in Chicago is reporting that the Bears didn’t even get a call back from Reggie McKenzie and that others aren’t interested in the job. As a Bears fan this is very disheartening. Yet I can’t blame the candidates. The biz model in Chicago is confusing and doesn’t provide proper authority to the GM. Strip Lovie of his voice in regards to personnel and Boom the talent will improve. In fact, that was Angelo’s biggest blunder, acquiescing to the personnel desires of Lovie. Nevertheless, Ruskell has proven he is not the best man for the job. If he ends up w/ it that is a HUGE problem for the Bears, me & the rest of Bears fans.

  37. Wow, even though I don’t care for Angelo. You Bear fans are better off with him then Ruskell. This guy doesn’t believe in drafting anything but skilled position players. He doesn’t believe in drafting offensive line. Only reason he drafted Chris Spencer because Holmgren pretty much had to beg for an offensive lineman. He ran Holmy out of town for not helping Holmgren with the players he wanted. Guy is terrible. Goodluck..

  38. MDS you are such a LIAR!!! Where in that report by MOON did it state that the Bears would be looking to hire Ruskell as the new GM? All it stated was that there is going to be a ton of pressure on the new GM if he FIRES Ruskell from the current director of player personnel job that he holds with the Bears now given the fact of the free agency market and the draft coming up. NO WHERE did it state that he was going to be the new GM of the Bears. I think you were reading way too much into the article buddy and it’s sad because you should of done more in depth writing than just spewing out a mere self created rumor to get Bears fans riled up in anger and frustration.

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