Bills talking to Stevie Johnson about a new contract


The Bills have already made one big change since the end of the season by bumping Dave Wannstedt up to defensive coordinator and general manager Buddy Nix outlined some of the other things the team has planned for the offseason.

Topping the list is re-signing impending free agent wide receiver Stevie Johnson. At a press conference Monday, Nix said that the team wants Johnson back and that they made proposals to him during the season toward that end. Talks have continued since the end of the season and the team expects them to continue. Nix wouldn’t say if the team would franchise Johnson in the event they couldn’t reach agreement on a long-term deal, but did say he’d like to see fewer moments where Johnson’s behavior on the field detracts from the team.

Running back Fred Jackson was also a topic of conversation. Jackson has been angling for a new contract and Nix expressed a willingness to get something done that keeps Jackson in Buffalo for the rest of his career. Since Jackson’s contract doesn’t expire until the end of next season, there’s no great urgency on the Bills’ end but Nix did say he’s open to getting a deal done before the start of next season.

Nix also said he’d like to re-sign tackle Demetrius Bell, kicker Rian Lindell and tight end Scott Chandler, which led to questions about how much money the team has to spend. Nix said that, outside of the cap, there are no limitations on that front. That’s good, because Nix also expressed an interest in improving the team’s wide receivers, offensive line, cornerbacks and pass rushing.

20 responses to “Bills talking to Stevie Johnson about a new contract

  1. The Bills: “Stevie, we will give you $8 million a year, but you have to give back $1 million for every excessive celebration penalty.”

    News January 2013: “Stevie Johnson just paid the Bills $10 million dollars in fines.”

  2. fred Jackson certainly deserves a new contract. But put a clause in Stevie’s contract that reduces his salary for each self promoting action or T-Shirt display.

  3. lol that was kind of funnay nesuperfan…..Very talented wr and i dont mind the celebration stuff but sometimes you have to “know when to fold”….hope they resign him, cause they are better with than without..

  4. I wouldn’t break the bank for Stevie because wide receivers that can’t catch are a dime a dozen.

  5. nothing special about fred jackson? i witnessed what the bills offense looked like before and after he got hurt(season ticket holder) the numbers speak for them selves… stevie johnson clown maybe but a clown with back to back 1000 yard seasons in only 2 full years as a starter and a lost season the year the bills signed TO. GO BILLS

  6. I want a superbowl and if these are your best players sign them & go get more good players until you get the right combination ….what else is there to building a team?

  7. fittytuckin says:
    Jan 9, 2012 12:38 PM
    They’re stuck with this clown. Fred Jackson could walk , there is nothing special about him and he’s almost 30.
    There’s nothing special about Fred Jackson?

    Have you seen him play?

  8. Why pay a selfish self promoting moron who is a bad teammate and choke artist to a new contract?

    He would go unsigned to the rest of the league, but for some reason the Bills are in love with him.

    3rd or 4th string in most places

  9. Nothing special about Fred Jackson?!?!
    You must the most ignorant idiot in the world to write that statement, ask Ryan Fitzpatrick about Fred, he.’ll tell you in a more eloquent manner since he went to Harvard. C’mon Man!!!

  10. I’m guessing the negotiations work his way…

    Stevie pulls up his shirt to reveal his asking price on his under-shirt written in sharpie.

    Then he drops a pass in the office hallway thrown by the secretary.

  11. @fittytuckin

    There not stuck with him, he will be a FA, also Fred Jackson IS 30 you Moron.


    I appreciate your enthusiasm for Fredex, but to say his injury caused the Offense to implode is inaccurate. He was hurt during the Miami game, which was already out of hand before his departure. He was also present for the drubbings by the Jets and Cowboys. Freddie is going to get a pay bump, but don’t be suprised if he’s gone after the season. Spiller can obviously play the same all-purpose role that Fred did, and with a little more work, will become more valuable. Do I want to see him go? Heck no, but this is a bussiness and Fred is on the wrong side of 30 regardless of the tread on his tires.

  12. Asking Stevie Johnson to stop being a celebration clown is like asking a Zebra to lose its stripes.

  13. this idiot keeps saying he learned his lesson but he keeps performing dumb celebrations and getting costly penalties. and when hes not doing that, he dropping game changing touchdown passes. i counted at least 2 this year.

    i cant believe theyre thinking of giving this guy a contract.

  14. Steve,

    There is greener (not whiter) pastures out there that is not the dump known as Buffalo or Ralph Wilson stadium. Sign with another team in a better market.

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