Bucs to interview Marty Schottenheimer


Marty Schottenheimer is 68 years old and hasn’t coached in the NFL since the Chargers fired him following the 2006 season, but that doesn’t mean he’s done.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Schottenheimer will interview with the Buccaneers for their head-coaching vacancy on Tuesday.

Schottenheimer’s son Brian has been discussed as a head-coaching candidate this offseason, but not many people expected to hear Marty’s name mentioned for any coaching vacancies. But the Bucs apparently want an old-school coach to whip their roster into shape, and Schottenheimer is certainly that.

As coach of the Browns from 1984 to 1988, the Chiefs from 1989 to 1998, the Redskins in 2001 and the Chargers from 2002 to 2006, Schottenheimer went 200-126-1 in the regular season and 5-13 in the playoffs.

Most recently Schottenheimer was head coach of the Virginia Destroyers of the United Football League.

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  1. The man has two losing seasons in 20+ years of coaching. He’s made every team that he’s coached into a contender (would have in Washington if Snyder kept him). Why not?

  2. Marty Shottenhiemer is a great coach and will not be exposed as a poser like Mike Shanahan and Norv Turner were.

  3. Cue all the “you’ll never get to the Super Bowl with him” comments.

    Maybe you will and maybe you won’t. But what you will get is an average of at least 10 wins per season and playoff appearances 60% of the time, double what the “hottest” coaching prospect out their right now has delivered.

  4. I think Marty can be a good choice to get them disciplined.

    I think this would be a good choice. However that said, I am sure that there could be some younger, newer guys that could give it a go as well.

  5. I think they should make NFL history and hire “Dual Head Coaches” Marty Ball on O and Wade Phillips on D, Hell thats the only way those buc’s have a shot.


  6. Dolphins should be talking to this guy….I live in Tampa, and if the Bucs got Marty, added some solid coordinators, they will be back to the Dungy days.

  7. I would surmise that it would be a package deal with Brian S. joining him as OC. That means basically the head coach could not fire his OC, a situation which the ‘Skins find themselves in. Not exactly a recipe for success!

  8. Marty is the kind of leader that the Bucs need. He will hold the players accountable like Morris never would (until it was much too late). I think they should hire him and get a couple good coordinators. Childress was disastrous as a HC but he was a decent OC. That combo would work as long as Marty can keep the conservative mindset out of the play calling.

  9. always have been a fan of his. turned around san diego as soon as he was hired. those were some awful charger teams in the late 90s-early 00s too.

  10. I always liked Marty Schottenheimer. It’s not like they don’t have the talent to win a lot of games… I think the Bucs could be on to something. I just hope it doesn’t turn out like the “Old Ball Coach” and his experimental return.

  11. One of the best coaches of the last 30 years, without question. Sustained success over time is meaningful. The Bucs may not be physically capable of being contenders right away, but an investment of some deep experience like this could get the team going in the right direction.

  12. I as a life long Bucs fan would appreciate this hire but with Marty there would need to be a awesome Def Coordinator to go along with this hire…. GO BUCS

  13. For what its worth I have always liked Marty since he was with the Browns and never thought he was given enough time to finish what he started. Plus the Va Destroyers did take home the trophy this year.

  14. I hope he is there a long time. He deserves it. Marty needs some owner loyalty after getting screwed by Washington and San Diego.

  15. BREAKING NEWS: I am reporting that the Buc’s are going to be interviewing Joe Paterno according to my AARP sources.

  16. Marty would at least get the team headed in the right direction. This would be a good move for the Bucs.

  17. He has a monkey on his back, in regards to post-season success, to be sure. But he has won more games than almost any coach in history. Don’t forget, his very last season in the NFL, he took the Chargers to their best record in franchise history, at 14-2.

    Wouldn’t you rather bank on that success, and find a way to get him to win in the playoffs, rather than just pick up another guy that can’t win any games at all?

  18. Love me some Marty Ball. I think it would be great for a young Bucs team.

    Butttt, as a Jets fan, if this happens, PLEASE TAKE BRIAN!

    We could probably even throw in Sanchez for free 😉

  19. Good luck, Marty. You deserve at least one more chance after getting screwed over by “The Lord of No Rings” in SD.

    Guess what, he still has no rings.

  20. Great move for a young team lacking discipline. Marty can coach up an average team. He is a leader, and an inspirational person to the players on the field. Also, martyball was dead after KC & Washington. He learned that not only do you need a dynamic defense, but in San Diego he started putting together a game plan offensively that was a little more in line with today’s style. I think he is a winner and I think it would be good for the NFL and the Bucs if he was to coach again.

  21. I love Marty, always have always will. He’s a “fixer”. He’ll leave any team better than when he found it. I imagine if he takes this job, he’ll be loving the chance to face the AFC West next year? Elway and AJ Smith. 🙂

  22. “Bucs to interview Marty Schottenheimer”

    There’s a good way to ensure you won’t win a Superbowl

  23. He actually shed the conservative O label in SD. He had both Brees and Rivers slinging it all over the place under Norv (OC) and Cam Cameron putting up 24-26 pts/gm. Had Wade working his magic on D like he did this year w HOU too. Gets the troops playing w intensity and accountability. He was well liked but will get in players’ faces.

    Great coach, jobbed in SD after a 14-2 season. Now SD has a country club atmosphere under Norv and has slid to 8-8 mediocrity.

  24. This would be a great move for the Bucs, especially if Brian comes on as the OC with plans to succeed Marty in a few years.

    A Jets Fan

  25. Why not bring back Marty? Wayne Fotes lives in the Tampa area. Maybe Wayne could be the Def Coordinator. Now we are talking old school coaching.

  26. Marty ball is Winning ball.. the numbers support it. Except when it’s Playoff ball.. that hasn’t been proven out yet. Good for him.

  27. Marty’s a great coach, and his best coaching job was getting that dreadful Washington team to 8-8 after a horrible start. However, how much longer can he coach at his age?

  28. I often wonder how Washington would have continued to re build if Marty had stayed. They had turned a corner after going 0-5, finished 8-3, and were pointed in the right direction, and Snyder wanted Spurrier…………..I like him and think he will do well wherever he goes, and I hope he wins a Super Bowl after all these years. Just not by beating Washington in the playoffs.

  29. Folks….Marty is the man! Yes. he’s been snake bitten when it comes to the Super Bowl. But, players play and coaches coach.
    In Cleveland he was a victim of, “The Drive,” and “The Fumble.” In San Diego he took them to a 14-2 record and received total disrespect from a desperate owner who is now paying the price for his desperation. Marty had the Skins going in the right direction.
    Also, Marty has integrity. He’s known for being a man of family and team. He takes care of both on and off the field.
    The fact that the Glazers are intelligent enough to consider Marty absolutely thrills me as a Buccaneer’s fan. If Marty comes to Tampa, the Buccaneers will indeed return to being a winning team!
    Marty’s experience in the league also likely means he will have access to bringing in a quality team of coaches.

  30. displacedbucsfan says: Jan 9, 2012 11:41 AM

    Seriously, amid all the talk of Mike Sherman and Brad Childress, GIMME MARTY NOW.


    Ya can’t forget about the great Wade “Fat” Phillips.


  31. “There’s a gleam men. A Gleam.”
    This is a quote from Schottenheimer to his players that I saw on NFL Films. All the players looked around at each other thinking “what is this tool talking about.” He would be a horrible head coach. The Patriots beat his 14-2 Chargers in the last game he coached.

  32. @patriotsbestteamever

    If you think Marty is a horrible head coach, then (and your name supports this theory) you think football didn’t exist until the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001.

    Didn’t Rex Ryan’s Jets beat the 14-2 Patriots last year in the playoffs?

  33. Everyone that keeps making statements about Brian Schotty joining his father in TB doesn’t understand that Brian will not be able to join the Bucs until after the jets postseason ends which will result in their third consecutive Lombardi as Rex has predicted.

  34. Marty Ball In Tampa…guarantee regular season success…but a very bad playoff failure coaching experience..at least he’s a proven regular season success coach…

  35. bunjy96 says:Jan 9, 2012 11:36 AM

    Just don’t take Brian with you and you will be fine.

    Honestly, if Sanchez wasn’t so pi$$ poor every other week, the Jets may be playing yet at this point of the season, and all of the talk of Brian sucking so bad would be non-existent.

    But I still agree.

  36. .

    @clintoprtiheadd & @eknirb

    Chuck ” get off my lawn ” Noll and Hank Stram references ???

    I think Mr Stram is deceased which may make him more desirable to the Glazers.



  37. We could do worse … and have! Not a lot of difference between Marty ball and Buc ball anyway.

  38. It would be the best hire since Gruden and Dungy! He will take back homefield advantage in Tamp and whip the roster into shape. This organization needs a little Marty Ball!

  39. I’m of the belief maybe Marty does belong in Tampa. Talk about a hard-luck soul: he puts together a decent run in Cleveland only to have Ol’ Horseface (John Elway) whizz all over it (you folks remember “The Drive”) Some time later he reappears and puts together a decent show and gets the Chargers all the way to the AFC championship game, only to lose then get fired.

    OK – so he won a championship in the UFL – good. Maybe now the NF of L is ready for Marty Ball once again…….

  40. Others have said it (but that’s never stopped me before)

    Ain’t crazy about the idea of Shotty, but compared to others that might be available I’d take ’em in heartbeat. He’d bring D back to Tampa and cultivate a strong running game. At 68 though I see him as a transition coach to get the ship righted as we move onto bigger and better. Give him a couple of years, let him retire in style then we’ll get a longer term solution. NO Mike Sherman!!!!!

  41. yelix says:
    Jan 9, 2012 1:35 PM

    If you think Marty is a horrible head coach, then (and your name supports this theory) you think football didn’t exist until the Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001.

    Didn’t Rex Ryan’s Jets beat the 14-2 Patriots last year in the playoffs?

    Oh, the delicious irony…totally wasted on the ignorant Pats fan named patriotscheatingestteamever.

  42. big007hed says: Jan 9, 2012 11:39 AM

    I as a life long Bucs fan would appreciate this hire but with Marty there would need to be a awesome Def Coordinator to go along with this hire


    Spags and DelRio are available

  43. Other candidates the Bucs have inquired about their coaching job, John McKay, Wayne Fontes, Allie Sherman, Les Steckle, Rich Kotite, Matt Millen, John Madden, Ted Marchova.

  44. Dick Vermeil and Marv Levy were coaching into their late 60’s/early 70’s too, with success. It’s not that farfetched of an idea.

  45. If they sign him I think that is good news… At least as far as the Glazers being dedicated to spend what it takes to win. You know Marty would want some cash to play around with if he took the job.

  46. Ironic that Brian Schotty leaves the Jets on the day his father Marty Schotty interviews with the Bucs. I think the Bucs give Wade Phillips a look then they make a final decision.

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