Chargers will play at Qualcomm Stadium in 2012

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The Chargers have an option in their lease at Qualcomm Stadium that allows them to break it before 2020 and move to another location.

Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the team will not exercise that clause, which can be exercised between February 1st and May 1st, this year, ensuring that they will remain as tenants for the 2012 season. The official announcement came on Monday morning.

The news isn’t a big surprise. The Chargers don’t have anywhere to move right now and there isn’t really a viable alternative to playing in Qualcomm unless or until a stadium in Los Angeles becomes a reality. According to Marc Fabiani, the Chargers’ general counsel, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

“It’s nothing new,” Fabiani said. “We made it clear to AEG long ago that we’re not interested in their site. We’ve had a contentious relationship with them since we said we didn’t believe they could get it done, and it certainly appears there’s no chance they can get any construction started in 2012.”

The Chargers want a new stadium in San Diego, but there has been very little movement toward that goal. State funds are tough to come by, there’s opposition from several different fronts and any project might have to get past voters this November. For now, the Chargers are staying put but the future is still uncertain without a new building to call their own.

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  1. “The Chargers want a new stadium in San Diego, but there has been very little movement toward that goal. ”

    Yes, you need a fan base to get a new stadium.

    LA Chargers 2013.

  2. What a wonderful way to keep and/expand your fan base Chargers!

    How in the name of Pete Rozelle does a person get excited about “their” team when the highlight of the year is ownership announcing “We are not going to LA! (At least not this year…) ”

    And for all the folks who mocked Packer fans for buying stock in the team, re-read this story again. Because unless you are a Packer fan, it could just as easily be your team instead of the Chargers next. Right Viking fans?

  3. true story- i am hanging out at an Airport bar in San Diego back in November after the Chargers got beat by the Packers, and sitting next to this guy and we start talking sports. I basically lay into the Chargers and the San Diego fan base and say how lame it is that they never sell out, and how Green Bay totally took over the stadium. I then list about twenty reasons why the Chargers will not be in San Diego much longer, blasting the low ticket sales, the poor stadium, the millions of other things to do in San Diego, etc…

    Come to find out, the guy I’m chatting with is the Managing Consultant for the San Diego Chargers leading the fight to keep them in sunny San Diego. Dude had only ONE argument against what I said… that leaving San Diego left money on the table that the City would never recoup.

    moral of the story – the Chargers will follow the money. Whether its taking the city’s cash and putting up with a poor fan base and local blackouts, or its cutting and running for the glitz and glam of Hollywood, there is NO tradition or sentimental reason why they would stay in San Diego.

  4. And not one game there will feel like a home game to them. Losing fans week after week. Keep the status quo and just watch the apathy grow.
    It’s like the 31 other teams have a home game whenever they play at Qualcomm. OK, except the Jags, cuz nobody cares about the Jags.

  5. LA Chargers 2013?

    san Diego or LA…..doesn’t matter. When the Raiders playoffs hopes are on the line the Chargers will

  6. how about instead of trying to move them, just kick that sorry ass team out of the nfl. they don’t deserve to play with other teams that have the right to play nfl football

  7. @jmphinsfan,

    poor ticket sales? why doesnt spanos and family lower ticket prices. with parking, ticket, food you are going to be spending hundreds on one person alone. also, the Q has like 5k more seats than the average other stadium which is why it has a hard time selling out.

    poor stadium? as a san diego native, i love it, and so do all my friends. it reminds me of the roman coliseum. its specifically the chargers that don’t like it. WIN US SOMETHING and well (the fans) pay for a stadium.

    millions of other things to do in san diego? what a cop out argument, especially when we are talking about going to LA! in LA there are probably just as many things to do, if not more. sure you might not be by an awesome beach, but you are 1hr from one.

  8. @joetoronto says:
    Jan 9, 2012 11:36 AM
    “The Chargers want a new stadium in San Diego, but there has been very little movement toward that goal. ”

    Yes, you need a fan base to get a new stadium.

    LA Chargers 2013

    Still a lil butthurt about those Chargers denying your bandwagon fav (the faiduhs) a chance at the playoffs?

    They’ve got a fanbase, they just happened to piss it off this season. The problem is that San Diego has to literally grow a fan base out of native San Diegans, of which there is not a whole lot of. It’d be much easier to fill a stadium if they had a ‘nation’ of fans that jumped on the bandwagon for a variety of reasons. Reasons like, “they were a winning team when I was a kid” or ” I like pirates!”

    Oh wait, Oakland has a ‘nation’ of such fans and have a horrible record of selling out. Nevermind.

    btw joseytoronto: Have many raider games have you been to?

  9. -quote
    joetoronto says:
    Jan 9, 2012 11:36 AM
    “The Chargers want a new stadium in San Diego, but there has been very little movement toward that goal. ”

    Yes, you need a fan base to get a new stadium.

    LA Chargers 2013.

    if you are from toronto?
    toronto has such a huge football fanbase to right..those toronto bluejay games are sold out all the time right? give me a break toronto is 9 million plus people and you dont sell out your teams homegames in basketball and baseball..

    you know some of you guys dont seem to understand the dynamics of san diego do you? first off it is a transplant city with people from all over the country.. thus fans of other teams when they come to town. second of all its a huge military town if not the largest in the country or world with people who are fans from other parts of the country of other teams and home of the largest naval station in the world and the marines. san diego county has 4 million plus people in it and up until the 2010 season had sold out 60+ straight home games.on the other hand what people in this country seem to forget is that you have the right if you are not happy with the way someone is doing their buisness to show your displeasure by avoiding it till they change it(this being the public’s displeasure with norv turner as head coach and the dis-liking of aj smith.i think if they were a tandem with just about any other team their fans would feel the same way)cost of living figures into it as well in this economy as a fixer upper house built in the 60’s starts in the low $300,000. dollar range… alot of people would go to the games but in this economy you have to budget the things that are a necessity like feeding your kids and putting a roof over their head!its not that people dont want to go to the games! i know quite a few people who had to cancel season tickets because they couldnt pay their mortgage due to layoffs , and prices on everything going up,etc… gas is still 3.75 a gallon here along with rediculous california taxes left and right..

    none of the california teams have been selling out games.the raiders sold out a home game for once after a long time when they played the chargers last game of season and their stadium gets packed with packers,pats fans etc…. the 49ers hadnt been selling out games until their success this year either..the 3 worst nfl stadiums in the nfl all reside in california!!!!

  10. After The EIR passes in July And Rodger Goodell sniffs it for awhile than a team will come.

    We all know AEGs EIR wont be completed till mid summer and the season will have been already started or damn close too.

    As long as the EIR isn’t contested it will move towards bringing a team for 2013-2014

  11. The Chargers want a new stadium in San Diego, but there has been very little movement toward that goal.

    josh alper (author of this story) why dont you look at the full spectrum of what has been trying to egt done by the city.. first off there had been talk of a county site and the chargers have spent millions researching several sites.. they want to stay in san diego or they would have left already and played in one of the dumps in LA till something got builkt up there. the city has a vote for the chargers this next fall coming up and city leaders have gone to cities such as indiapolis,phoenix,kc to see how they got their deals done by taxing tourists ect… spanos said he can come up with 200 mil,nfl gIII fund could net 150 mil, and then naming rights another 150 mil, and the rest bonded with taxes from various things tourist related.. have you seen the tax rates in phoenix for tourists at hotels,car rentals,and even sales tax out there? its 10.75 %.. all of it is taxes going towards paying for the new stadium in glendale arizona.. thats the model that has been reported they are going after in san diego on …. i live in the LA area now and on cbs2 back in october jim hill on cbs2 reported during sports central that the raiders notified AEG and LA city officals they would be interested in playin a new LA stadium..also there was a report here on that the rams could be the other team moving back!!

    link to where it said rams to LA and then jags to STL…

    If the Jaguars move, it may not be a foregone conclusion that they move to Los Angeles. There’s a chance they’ll move to St. Louis, with the Rams returning to L.A.

    As one executive with a team other than the Jaguars told PFT on Wednesday morning, “People that I trust think there is a chance [Rams owner] Stan Kroenke moves the Rams to L.A. and [Shahid] Khan moves to St. Louis.”

    At this point, no one knows with certainty what will happen. But it would be foolish to rule out anything, even if folks with a vested interest in propping up ticket sales and interest in the team in Jacksonville try desperately to ignore the content of the tea leaves.

    Once the minimum spending requirement per team kicks in come 2013, teams like the Jaguars won’t be able to stockpile $32.9 million in salary cap space. When that happens, there will be more incentive than ever to move NFL teams to where the money is.

    Folks in the one percent didn’t get there by being too stupid to realize that.

    raiders stories to LA….

  12. Yes Robert, they have spent 50 years.

    And they had won just as much in LA in that one season as they have in San Diego.

    Thanks for providing pure facts when you claim they will stay. Absolutely riveting stuff.

  13. glac1 says:
    Jan 9, 2012 12:42 PM
    Teams from California have very fickle fans and a small loyal base.
    Are you nuts?

    Tell you what, here’s a suggestion for how you can prove your fickle/small theory. Go into San Bernadino … a long drive from LA, and an even longer drive from Oakland. Stand under a giant sign that says Raider fans are small and disloyal. (Hint: make sure you have good medical and life insurance)

    As for Marc Fabiani’s statement about the Chargers moving to LA, here’s the English translation: We plan to play in LA in either 2014 or 2015, but we expect a better deal from AEG.

  14. Anyone who was in LA to see the Rams and Raiders leave the same year in a WTF? moment, knows how quick you can lose NFL teams. I don’t blame them either, they both played in some crappy stadiums, historic or not. If Farmers Field goes up, everyone on the shortlist should worry. Right smack in the heart of LA, where that NFL logo continues to beat, there might be teams that will be turned away. Then again, they could do what the NBA did….right Minneapolis & San Diego?

  15. letsgosharks says: Jan 9, 2012 12:42 PM

    Why can’t they just refurbish Qualcomm?

    I couldnt agree with you more letsgosharks. Its common sense at this point if you don’t want to move or can’t afford a new stadium. Look what the Packers have done with their stadium.

  16. …. and upon hearing this news, the people of San Diego collectively yawn and then go to the beach.

  17. “Why can’t they just refurbish Qualcomm?”

    Seriously, I hope that you’re just joking.
    Why didn’t they refurbish Three Rivers Stadium?
    Why didn’t they refurbish Riverfront Stadium?
    Why didn’t they refurbish Veterans Stadium?

    I see a common theme here….

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