Conflicting information emerges about Hines Ward’s future


Some of Hines Ward’s teammates expect that the veteran receiver will retire.  Ward and some reporters around Ward feel differently.

Rich Walsh of Channel 11 in Pittsburgh reports Ward wants to continue playing.

Jim Wexell of believes that defensive linemen Aaron Smith and Chris Hoke will retire, but Ward and linebacker James Farrior will continue playing.

Of course, there’s no guarantee the Steelers will bring Ward back if he tries to play again. Ward would likely have to take a reduction in salary and may not be guaranteed to make the team out of training camp in 2012 if he wanted to return.

48 responses to “Conflicting information emerges about Hines Ward’s future

  1. It would be nice to see a player like Hines Ward realize he is done and retire to a heros send off that he deserves. I can’t stand the Steelers but he has been great for the organization and to the fans. Not everyone can pull a Bettis and go out on top.

  2. He needs to retire, this was his pension year. He can’t run anymore, the legs are shot. He is not a 4th or 5th receiver they play special teams. Go home #1 Soul Korean Brother

  3. Retire gracefully, Hines, and then put as much distance as you can between you and Pig Ben Rottenberger!

  4. To all of the negative comments, Hines is a first ballot Hall of Famer with multiple super bowl appearances and wins. MVP in one of them. What have you done?

  5. There aren’t a lot of players from Pittsburgh that I’ve liked, past or present…like their fans, they tend to yap too much. I respect what Hines Ward has meant to that team and I would expect that Steelers fans hold him in the same regard that Patriots fans hold Troy Brown and Kevin Faulk. I hope for the fans sake, and for Hine’s sake, that he sees the writing on the wall and retires gracefully as a Pittsburgh Steeler. I wanted the Patriots to have a spot for Troy and Kevin for as long as they wanted to play; Troy knew when to leave and I’m hoping Kevin will make the same choice when this season ends.

  6. Hines Ward in the HOF give me a break. Just because one overrated Steeler receiver(Lynn Swan) makes the hall doesn’t mean everyone should. As for the SB MVP argument, what was the name of that Tampa Bay safety that was SB MVP in ’02?

  7. Owens, Moss, Ward…. Wow I know of 6 teams that have worse WR’s then them…. Even past their prime.

  8. To all the positive comments, Hines was one of the dirtiest cheap shot artist’s the game has known. He will be lucky to squeak into the hall of fame. He was arrested for DUI before this season, setting a great example for young fans and rookies on the team. I will say he did have some sweet moves, dancing around on TV in sequins that is.

  9. Dancing with the stars Hall of fame? Is there one? I enjoyed the episode where he delivered a cheap shot to his partner, dropping her on her head.
    Seriously, good receiver and I actually enjoyed watching some of those plays where he’d drill an opposing player who wasn’t paying attention.

  10. Hines…why don’t you play a couple more years and go out just like Peezy…like a loud mouth bum who is no longer relevent…

    You were an amazing football player early in your career. Once you had to start to resorting to hurting other players with your BS crack back blocks a mile from the ball or the play, I lost all respect for you .

    Feels so good to hear crickets from the Steeler Nation…..chirp, chirp, chirp…

  11. dougdoug2 says:
    Jan 9, 2012 7:14 PM
    To all of the negative comments, Hines is a first ballot Hall of Famer with multiple super bowl appearances and wins. MVP in one of them. What have you done?
    I rooted against him in each and every one of them!

  12. To all the Hines haters great blocker doesn’t equal dirty player. Not many recievers his size can or will do what he did for 14 seasons. Raven fans can’t get over the hit he put on their linebacker and took him out. It is football and players get hurt. I do agree it is time for him to hang up the cleats.

  13. 18th all time in receiving yards. 8th all time in receptions. Tied for 13th all time in TD’s. 2 Superbowl and a Super bowl MVP. Oh, and he is the best blocking WR ever BY FAR. Pretty good for an undersized QB from Georgia.

    Hate if you want but, he played the game with everything thing he had every snap. Which is probably why he isn’t so fast now. And to all you whiners crying dirty, please find me a dirty block. Just because he laid people out when they were trying to make a tackle doesn’t make him dirty it makes him a good blocker….he is supposed to prevent them from tackling his teammates….duh!

    Offensive players get blindsided by lb’s and safeties all the time and don’t cry about it. Why should he have to tap Rivers on his shoulder and tell him he is gonna block him? He shouldn’t keep ur head on a swivel or get laid out. Period.

  14. @dougdoug2 says:Jan 9, 2012 7:14 PM

    To all of the negative comments, Hines is a first ballot Hall of Famer with multiple super bowl appearances and wins. MVP in one of them. What have you done?

    What does that mean? I’m not an NFL football player. We’re not talking about me/us; we’re talking about Ward.

    He is NOT first ballot and may not even make it in (do your homework). Lots of players have rings and awards. Hines is great. Excuse me; WAS great. Now he sits on the sidelines with a distant stare and a drool cup strapped to his chin. And THAT is what this is about (not what I’ve done); Hines is done, dude.

  15. Would anyone be talking about Ward in the HOF if he didn’t play for the Steelers? He’s only had 3 seasons of more than 10 Td’s and the most yards he ever had in a season was 1300. On most other teams he had a very good career but nowhere near HOF. To those who say “Yeah but he was a great blocker”, well lots of WR block very well and we dont hear about it because they are not on TV every week. In this pass happy era his numbers are slightly better than average for a team’s #1 WR. For a guy who was never close to being dominant at his position or one of the best at his position at any time in his career HOF talk seems based more on name recognition than his acutal contributions.

  16. You’re right about the blocking, man. The only reason he’s known as a ‘blocker’ is because of the spectacular blind-side cheapshots he lays out. By most players, those aren’t considered ‘good’; they’re considered cheap. Cowardly. He won’t get any HOF points for that.

    I’m with tebowislife (above); Hines hasn’t got the resume to get into Canton.

  17. let him go and retire, hated this prick ever since
    he said Tommy Maddux couldnt take a hit , when they had to take Tommy off the field tied to a stretcher a few years back.

  18. Keep Hines playing. They may not be able to beat Tebow but they will remain the best dancing team in the NFL.

  19. This is headed to an embarrassing end to a solid career.

    If you can’t see the writing on the wall when Jerricho Cotchery takes your spot…well, the NFL can be a cruel, cruel place.

  20. You all cry and say ward is a cheap shot player I say it’s called football and it’s a physical sport, he will make the hall of fame and if he does decide to come back even with a limited role I would be very happy he is a great leader

  21. As a person, Hines should be admired for what he has done for the kids in Korea.

    As a player, Hines isn’t even close to HOF material. His reputation as a cheap shot artist is well deserved, will help keep on on the sidelines. Moreover, he was a good, not great, WR 10 years ago, but has faded into irrelevance for many years now.

    There is little doubt that Ward will be out of uniform next season, willingly or not. The Steelers salary cap plus age/slowness situation is so bad that many vets will have to go, including even productive ones like Feisel and Farrior. Cutting deadwood like like Ward will be a no-brainer. Let him call it “retirement” to save face, but this is one dirty player who will never see the field again, thankfully.

  22. #1 Hines is a HOF – maybe his stats aren’t the best, but remember he played in a system for many years when “running the ball 1st” was the priority.
    #2 Why all the hatin on Hines ? The guy blocks and that makes him dirty ???
    And all you trash talkers, Hines has 2 rings, how many does your team have ?
    See you next year, we don’t rebuild we reload !!!

  23. It’s hilarious reading all these negative comments about one of the best football players (at ANY position) to ever play the game. I live in the heart of Ravens country, and every conversation I have with Ratbird fans regarding Hines Wards is always 5 minutes of them bashing the guy but always ending the conversation with “…but I sure wish he played for us!!” Hahahaha! He’s probably due to retire though, he simply doesn’t have the physical skills to be a factor anymore. Go out with grace and style Hines, and we’ll see you again at your induction ceremony!!!

  24. dougdoug2 says:
    Jan 9, 2012 7:14 PM
    To all of the negative comments, Hines is a first ballot Hall of Famer with multiple super bowl appearances and wins. MVP in one of them. What have you done?
    For starters, I just gave your comment a thumbs down, tough guy!

    Also, he is not a first ballot HOFer. With 45 more touchdowns, 101 more receptions, and 1800 more receiving yards, Cris Carter is STILL waiting to get in!

  25. suhisabeast90 says: Jan 9, 2012 9:54 PM

    And Ray Lewis is a good role model???????


    This is why it’s impossible to have a reasonable football conversation with a Steelers fan. You start talking about which teams are the best right now, they start holding up fingers like they had something to do with Terry Bradshaw in the 70s.

    Please tell me what Ray Lewis has to do with whether Hines Ward is a hall of famer?

  26. By far the easiest player in the NFL to hate. If he retires, it’s a tough choice for a new #1.
    Maybe Suh, perhaps Cutler. Vick killed dogs.
    But really there’s big gulf between smiley and eveyone else. Please stay!

  27. Hines Ward is absolutely not a first ballot Hall of Famer. Cris Carter, Tim Brown, Andre Reid, should be guaranteed the Hall. Owens, Moss, Harrison, Bruce, Holt, and probably others are more likely to get in than Ward, in my opinion.

    Ward winning the Super Bowl MVP is a joke. Willie Parker was the best player on the Steelers that night.

    Robert Horry in the NBA has like 10 rings. On each team, he was an important role player, and Horry was a clutch shooter that won entire series for his team. But Robert Horry is probably not going to get into the Hall of Fame. Rings only get you so far. MJ isn’t the best because he has 6 titles. He’s the best because his play told everyone he was the best. Ward’s play doesn’t say Hall of Fame to me.

    Dexter Jackson, by the way.

  28. Who cares about Be-hines Ward, he’s done… Kim Johnson is HOTTT!!! Too bad this pic shows her holding the Terrible Tear-Drying Towel… Hope she wiped her arse with it after the photo was taken!!

  29. Not a chance he is a first ballot HOFer. Geez you Steeler fans are the biggest homers ever! Dancing with Curb shouldn’t even make the HOF. Put him in your Yellow Ring of Honor.

  30. dougdoug2 wrote:

    To all of the negative comments, Hines is a first ballot Hall of Famer with multiple super bowl appearances and wins. MVP in one of them. What have you done?
    I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night, AND I saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico. So suck it.

  31. While not a big Hines Ward fan I will say this, I enjoyed watching him blow inattentive linebackers up! After listening to you people whine about his blocks, its easy to see why pro football is devolving into glorified two hand touch.

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