Cowboys dump Dave Campo

For the second time in his career, Dave Campo is being sent packing from Dallas.

Campo will not be retained as the Cowboys’ secondary coach, the Star-Telegram reports.

The 64-year-old Campo has spent 18 seasons in two stints with the Cowboys. Jimmy Johnson brought him along in 1989 to be the Cowboys’ secondary coach, the same title he had held under Johnson with the Miami Hurricanes. He was promoted to defensive coordinator in 1995, then promoted again to head coach in 2000. He was fired as head coach after the 2002 season, having gone 5-11 in each of his three seasons.

After time as an assistant in Cleveland and Jacksonville, Campo was brought back to Dallas as secondary coach in 2008.

The rest of the Cowboys’ coaching staff is expected to remain intact.

41 responses to “Cowboys dump Dave Campo

  1. Poor Dave Campo, He was the first guy JJ saw that morning right after his brother said;

    “Just fire the 1st guy you see this morning and you’ll feel much better about yourself”

  2. Should have been done last season. The guy never commanded the respect of his players and they never listened to him. Nice guy, but not a good coach

  3. They fired the wrong guy once again in big D,the guy that should really be fired is the General Manager,what has the Cowboys great GM really done in recent years to show they are getting closer to a Super Bowl, no improvement from year to year except maybe an additional win because they got to play some perennial losing team on the new schedule for that year.Jerrys decision making have not brought his team to any new heights in years and the fans deserve better.

  4. I met him at a training camp, very nice guy, but it is about time (cut Newman and Ball next). I really wish the terminations would continue, mostly to include Jason Garrett – a QB coach at best. He is the main reason that the Cowboys blew 5 games during the season.

  5. Now that Campo is gone, cut Newman, sign Brent Grimes away from Atlanta (free agent) and draft another corner in the draft, unless a top tier safety is available.

  6. Wait! Wait! I think I hear it! I think I see Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland making yet another phone call for a reject Dallas retread. After all someone in need of a job will be the only person who will kiss Ireland’s a**.

  7. People have jokes of course, but this is the first step that needs to be taken to fix the defense. T-New is next. The Secondary simply can’t hang with faster wideouts. It must get younger, faster and a first or second rounder needs to be brought in, AND a FA corner for the now.

  8. eric12401:

    Sounds like a smoker’s voice rubbing on sandpaper.
    What are you trying to describe with this comment? It explains nothing. What does a smokers voice have to do with sandpaper?

  9. he didnt make them play bad.

    campo probly should retire. lord knows i dont want to be werkin 40+ hours a week at age 64. certainly not doing stuff i dont like for people i cant stand.

    but, as stated, he didnt botch end of game decisions or personnel decisions or playcall decisions..

    they need to keep axing people… if they really intend to right the ship.

  10. Who cares? Someone other than the real culprits, Rob Ryan & Jerry Jones, had to take the blame for their terrible defense. The fact that Terrance Newman is still their top CB (Jenkins sucks) is embarrassing. Jerry Jones hasn’t been able to draft another decent CB since him? It’s not as though Newman is exactly Deion Sanders, either. Murray & Lee have been great value 2nd round picks as of late, but the secondary picks have been terrible. Additionally, if Rob Ryan is as great as he thinks he is, shouldn’t his schemes cover their weakness in the secondary? Maybe a little overload blitzing like his brother? I can’t stand either Ryan, and I cannot believe I’m saying this, but Rex is a 10 times better coach than Rob. Rex isn’t worth his weight in salt as a HC (a lot of salt) but at least he has a ring & a couple top-ranked defenses to show for as a DC. What has Rob done? He has coached two mediocre defenses with better than average talent. When he’s fired, let me know.

  11. Hey Jerry, how’s that big contract for Newman working out?
    howiefeltersnatch says:
    Jan 9, 2012 7:48 PM
    Cave Dampo. I’ll always remember him for his failures here in Cleveland after taking over for scapegoat Foge Fazio
    Just how is it you’re able to keep track of all the failures in Cleveland???

  12. I had an awesome opportunity to meet Dave Campo at the Beyond the Lights Celebrity Golf Tournament in 2010. He allowed to put on my first (and probably only) Super Bowl ring. He posed for pictures and was the nicest guy you could talk to. (I also talked football with Terrance Newman for about 10 minutes, great guy, it’s too bad his performance in Week 17 was that bad).

    Once again, hello…seems more of a case of “fire the coach” vs. “hold the players accountable”.

    A) Somewhere Wade Phillips has to be beaming after being run out of town. Texans Playoff Wins in the past 10 seasons: One. Cowboys SB appearances since 1995: ZERO
    B) Jason Garrett gets a free pass after 3 of the worst clock management cases you normally don’t see in three seasons combined, let alone in the SAME YEAR

    But this is why the Cowboys might be “America’s Team”. Except American isn’t filled with underachieving losers.

    Except maybe in Congress.

  13. After the Cowboys win the 2012 Super Bowl, everyone will praise Jerruh for being a genius whose gentle wisdom strengthened every soul in the Dallas organization.

  14. What a career schmuck. How can you be head coach of a NFL team and then come back to that same exact team as a lowly secondary coach? That’s like a CEO of a company getting fired and coming back to work as the janitor. Pathetic…

  15. Makes perfect sense, fix something that is broke by avoiding the real problem. This is like using a crayon to fix a major scratch on the car. First of all Campo didn’t have much in the secondary to work with. But when you watch the game their biggest problem seemed to be direction and knowing where to be and what to do. Too confusing of schemes. Rob Ryan is not a good fit, and until they realize that the Cowboys will be just like the Raiders – lots of talent with nothing to show for it.

  16. Oh kappy32 for one you should know that Murray was a third round pick. Secondly Jenkins was our best corner played hurt all season and doesn’t suck. Finally let’s see our d was what 32nd in 2010 and 14th last season with no training camp half the time the players looked confused because they had no time to learn the d but again stilled managed to be 14th with basically the same personel. Jay rat is over rated Spencer well let’s not talk about him Kenyon Coleman is a joke aside from ware lee and Jenkins rob Ryan worked a minor miracle with otherwise trash

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