Demaryius Thomas: I’ve got one of the best stiff-arms in the NFL

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Ike Taylor found it out the hard way on Sunday: Demaryius Thomas likes the stiff-arm.

Thomas, who caught a Tim Tebow pass on the first play of overtime, stiff-armed Taylor and raced to the end zone for an 80-yard touchdown to lead the Broncos over the Steelers, said after the game that the stiff-arm is a technique he takes pride in.

“I know I’m young,” Thomas tells Peter King in this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback, “but I think I’ve got one of the best stiff-arms in the league.”

The stiff-arm has become something of a lost art in football, but Thomas had a beautiful one on Sunday to spring the game-winning touchdown. Thomas also showed plenty of speed, and it came on a great play call, with a great pass from Tebow.

“My assignment was to get on the corner and beat him inside, cutting across the middle,” Thomas said. “When I saw the safety come up, I knew all I had to do was get a step on the corner and Tim would find me.”

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  1. Ike Taylor would agree. Now all you front runner Steeler fans can go cheer on the Penguins… oh wait you don’t cheer other Pit teams!! Bandwagon Nation is closed for the season!!

  2. A few weeks ago I thought the Denver wide receiving core was garbage…then I remember Eddie Royal in space was pretty good. Then I remembered Eric Decker was a draft steal. And this Demaryus dude is lights frickin out. Brandon Lloyd must be kicking himself.

  3. Sorry kid but that honor goes to one of your teammates. As a ravens fan I got to see Willis mcgahee decleat several people while running away from them with his stiffarm. 23 has the most vicious stiff arm in the league hands up and down

  4. I hate the Steelers as much as anyone, but the comment from jimmymcnultysbottleofjameson is way out of line. Way way way out of line.

  5. Thomas’ stiff-arm was definitely a good one, but one of my personal favs (and my personal bias certainly affects this call) is Willis McGahee against the Cowboys late in 2008. He stiff armed a Cowboy (not sure who it was) on a late TD-run to put the Ravens ahead. It was one of those classic “get the f*** outta my face!” moves, and it was awesome.

  6. generictombradyfan says:
    Jan 9, 2012 9:30 AM
    You know who I miss, the guy who used to comment about how the steelers are gonna start their own league. I wonder what hed say now.


    YES! 7thlombardiontheway(or whatever)! I’ve been thinking of that troll and his elitist useless comments for the past few weeks. I really missed his reworked power rankings and “thoughts” on them too. They made for such great fodder to mock.

  7. The best part of the entire play was Polamalu getting confused at the line and then giving up almost immediately. But he was totally flying around out there, or something.

  8. i love the nfl rules. so consistent. cant hit to the head, cant grab the facemask, unless of course you have the ball, then you can do whatever you’d like.
    this is not an endorsement for taking away the stiff-arm, just think that inconsistency in the overall rules needs to be addressed.

  9. OK so here’s what happened. Tebow touched the ball and passed to Thomas. Ever see Michaelangelo’s master piece? That’s what that play was equivalent too. When Tebow touches the ball you might as well consider the ball being touched by Jesus. Its like Angels in the Outfield.

  10. I am happy for Demaryius. He was picked before Dez Bryant and he has been injured a lot his first two yrs. He ruptured his Achilies in March and is ballin now. Great kid and he never gave up.

    Tebow now may see that people are open so ya ” Pull the Trigger ” — John Elway

    For me since I am a die hard Denver fan. Last night was my Super Bowl. Anything else passed this win is gravy. From second worse last yr to this. Is incredible.

  11. @southpaw2k

    Im not sure if you’re remembering Tue wrong play, but the stiff ARM McGahee is remembered for is the on Eugene of the raiders in 09.

  12. jimmymcnultysbottleofjameson stole that off of the deadspin last night. Not only is that post in poor taste, it’s plagerized.

  13. the Denver receiving core deserves a lot of credit espicially with one of there top guys out not so much tebow he played hood but it wasnt all him as a steelers fan it sucks to go out like that

  14. @terrellpryorstattooartist that’s a good one. I’d still say Marshawn Lynch decking Tracey Porter in the playoffs was the best though. Lynch pushed *himself* sideways with the effort 🙂

  15. Excellent stiff arm and a great burst afterwards… The best I’ve seen in recent times has to go to Ladanian Tomlinson. Is his day he had a nasty stiff arm.

  16. @ Southpaw Willis had the TD run down the middle in that ravens cowboys game, but it was actually La’Ron “bring the pain” McClain that put that nasty stiffy on the Cowboys DB. Your probably thinking of the 73 yarder Willis did on the Raiders a few years back. Eugene Wilson was the victim of that run I believe.

  17. I am glad to see people haven’t forgotten about McGahee’s vicious stiff arm. The td against the Cowboys was a big play in a close game, but his best one was against the Raiders when the defender went a foot into the air and rhen onto his ass.
    Thomas your stiff arm was good, but Taylor was already behind you. Watch some of Willis’ highlights and you will see what a good solid stiff arm looks like

  18. You are mistaken. Panther’s Steve Smith has the best stiff arm in the nfl. If you don’t believe it, get on the receiving end of it.

  19. I can’t speak for other Steeler fans, as I never blabber on about trophies or team success – I actually don’t find trash talking of any use at all actually – but I gotta say a couple things about this game.

    For those of you that hate the Steelers, you should take extra glee in that I had to pay $50 for the playoffs internet access package to stay up waaaay past midnight (in Europe) just to watch my team get Tebowed. Enjoy! I just plunked a $50 to watch your team kick mine right out of the playoffs. Boom. Roasted. Can I initiate a chargeback and send the bank fees to Pittsburgh? Hehe!

    On the Steelers: The offense was offensive, they looked like they thought that they would win just by wearing a chinstrap and cleats. Forgot to really show up until the game was long gone, it was really a miracle they managed to force overtime. Playcalling was flat, monotonous, predictable and without any confidence or guts. The most exciting playcall of the game was the end-around with Wallace for the TD. My 10-year-old was screaming at the screen most of the game, I think he had a much better plan. IMHO this game was never close, the energy and emotion was simply not there for this squad. The defense appeared to completely forget about the pass, and focused solely on the run; and they took about 1.5 hours too long to realize that it was a mistake, and by overtime they’d long lost any opportunity at adjusting. Disappointed. Point at players and injuries, I would point at coaching. And I LOVE me some Dick LeBeau, so these words are extremely difficult to type.

    On the Broncos: Man, I really *hate* reading about Tebow because it rarely is about his skill on the field, but blather about his religious beliefs (I really, really, really do NOT CARE) or politics with Elway and so on. But after watching him play last night (er, this morning) he really brought his A game. “Pull the trigger” indeed, and he brought a double-barrelled 10-gauge to the party. Or was it more like a rocket launcher? Well done, actually amazing. You guys just obliterated the top-ranked pass defense in the league.

    To the Broncos defense: HELLO! Where the [CENSORED] did you come from? Great game, great strategy, and plenty of energy. That’s great defense.

    Hat tip to the Broncos, would have never given you guys a chance against the Patriots until last night. Now, I’m starting to think that game is anyone’s at this point. Well done.

  20. Garrison Hearst had a nice stiff arm too, especially on the Jets in that OT GW run in the season opener one year.

    I love when a RB gives a diva CB a nasty stiff arm!!!

  21. Tebow averaged 31 yards per completion. I’ve never seen that before, and it might be some kind of record. Aaron Rodgers averaged 13.5 YPC in the regular season. Anyone know?

  22. humbleminded85 says:
    Jan 9, 2012 10:18 AM
    @ Southpaw Willis had the TD run down the middle in that ravens cowboys game, but it was actually La’Ron “bring the pain” McClain that put that nasty stiffy on the Cowboys DB. Your probably thinking of the 73 yarder Willis did on the Raiders a few years back. Eugene Wilson was the victim of that run I believe.


    Oops…you are absolutely right! I knew that both McGahee and McClain had big runs against the Cowboys, but I thought McGahee had the big stiff arm play in that game. It was definitely the move against the Raiders I was thinking of.

  23. I’ve always loved D.Thomas (Bay Bay) and he would’ve been a Raven last yr had McDaniels not traded up to grab him ahead of us. Give him time, he’ll be one of the best in the L.

  24. And through all of this the most imporatnt thing is that the Steelers playing with the zebras on their side all game still lost. Was nice to also see shampoo boy get burnt a few times. Getting older may have to cut that disgusting mop and lose some weight so he can run. Long hair was cool in the 60’s. Grow up Lady Shampoo. Props to Rothlesberger for even trying but Charlie Batch should have played but Pittsburgh has to satisfy all of those egos. Ankle surgery in the off season and Roth is done. Bye bye Pittsburgh Squealers

  25. It’s a good thing you said “one of the best”, and not THEE best.

    Beast mode

  26. jimmymcnultysbottleofjameson says:
    Jan 9, 2012 11:51 AM

    Actually that was my post on Deadspin too.. Thanks for playing though


    I doubt it buddy. I’ve seen some of your comments here and you aren’t deadspin commenter material.

    But, yeah, your welcome.

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