Ike Taylor: “I apologize for playing the worst game at the wrong time”


Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor, who was repeatedly burned by Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas in Sunday night’s loss, has offered an apology.

Taylor wrote on Twitter after the game that he was sorry for the way he had played.

“First off congrats too tebow and the broncos,” Taylor wrote. “Second I apologize for playing the worst game at the wrong time apologize to my teammates steelernation and family. Luv y’all to def.”

A frustrated Taylor reportedly damaged his locker in the visitors’ locker room at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium after the game. He did not speak to the media.

71 responses to “Ike Taylor: “I apologize for playing the worst game at the wrong time”

  1. No apology necessary. It’s just football. Thanks for the exciting season Ike and Steelers. Look forward to next year.

  2. Steeler Nation still has luv for you Ike. Hold ya head up, I know we will get em next year. Besides, that Labeau’s scheme sucked. You cant play man to man without any pressure on the qb.

  3. thanks for owning up…they left you on an island to load the box and stop the run and you got exposed. this was the chance to earn the money and you let your team down

  4. On behalf of the Steeler-hating nation, Thank You for what you did. Now we don’t have to watch your old, overrated team play until next season where you’ll be even older and more overrated.

  5. I’d hate to see what would’ve happened next week of he was matched up against welker with a fellow named Tom Brady throwing the ball at him…

  6. Swaggin’. Good thing he learned proper grammar at Ike T Squared U. Too? Def?

    This guy is a bum. If he didn’t play for the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers, he’d be thought of as an average to above average player, just like Pouncey.

    As long as Taylor, Keenan Lewis and William Gay are patroling the secondary, the Ravens will continue to win the division.

  7. Steelers have mostly had average type CBs. Yesterday is what happens when the front 7 doesn’t play well. Usually they do, so you don’t worry about the back end as much. You can’t have elite guys at all positions when there is a salary cap. Hey last time my team had a great D it was all about the front 7 also. They played Troy Brown as a nickle CB and a cadre of other no name CBs (Earthwind Moreland, Hank Poteat, Randall Gay, need I say more??)and won SB 39.

  8. I should add that ALL a back end needs when the front 7 is good is ONE great safety. Pats had Rodney Harrison, Steelers had an effective combo of differing styles in Polamalu & Clark, of which half that combo wasn’t playing.

  9. As a Broncos Fan. I must say that was probably the best game I have been to in the new stadium. But I respect Ike for taking it peronal. More athletes should do the same. Show pride in what you do and take it to heart when you stick up the joint.

  10. grogansheroes says:Jan 9, 2012 4:17 PM

    Pittsburg got lucky! Imagine what Brady would do to them if they had won.

    A) Pittsburgh is spelled with an “h” at the end.

    B) Oct. 30, 2011 Steelers 25, Patriots 17

    Ike had a great season. Don’t worry Ike, we still love ya to def.

  11. Ike, you had a horrible game, and at the absolute wrong time. But it’s a learning experience, so come back even a better player next year. At least you owned up to it. Nobody is perfect, and you sure weren’t yesterday, but everyone will get over it. You weren’t the only player on defense that had a bad game. Also next year, don’t brag so much (“You can’t see me”) when the guy you are covering doesn’t make the catch. Just go back and play defense please.

    The coaches are even more to blame, for not changing the defensive scheme. Since you got burned so many times during the game on single coverage, how in the world could they put so many up to the line in OT when the ONLY way you can lose (ie not get a chance to get the ball) is if the other team scores a TD (or safety)? I still don’t get it at all. Why make it easy for the Broncos to connect on another long bomb?

  12. Ike,

    Love you, too. We can’t win every year. Let’s correct this problem next year! In the meantime, use the extra time off to improve your English, and take Tomlin to class with you (seriously).

  13. Ike was only part of the problem. The other issue had to do with the discipline that was lacking at the line of scrimmage. Everybody knows that you have to make Tebow go to his left, but there was All-Pro Harrison constantly chasing the inside fake and allowing Tebow to either roll to his left or at least not feel any pressure from that side. This one was simple, the D just needed to harrass Tebow on the 3rd and longs. They didn’t.

  14. Class act congratulating the team that beat you and not being bitter like most. We love you Ike and even though people that are uneducated might be calling for your head the faithful know you are our best at that position and would rather have you than anyone else. Keep swaggin em

  15. I’m still stunned at the way Tebow played.
    Either way, no need to apologize Ike. It’s a nice gesture when athletes do that for their fan base but life goes on. Anyone with perspective understands.

  16. Ike take it easy. Your entire starting defensive line was out.

    Ryan Clark, your starting free safety was out.

    That last one was not your fault. Why were you playing on the outside of the receiver? Because you knew you had inside safety help. Only you didn’t.
    Clark was in street clothes.

    Besides, if Arians had more brains and less ego, there was a good chance you would not have had to play overtime.

    Relax, enjoy the offseason, and get ready for next year. It really is just football. I think. Tebow played very well, and it was a good thing to happen for all the Denver players. They have had a nice season. Let’s hope they continue on.

  17. OK, Ike, I’ll grant you a mulligan on this one, even though I’m still working through all the freakin’ crow I gotta down as a result of picking the Steelers to beat the Broncos in my pool. I’ll gladly give you a pass simply because the rest of your team hasn’t quite owned up to their role(s) in this debacle yesterday. Steelers should’ve won yesterday, plain and simple. Now I gotta count on the Evil Hoodie and his Patriots to put a long overdue end to this Tebow nonsense……..

    And no – I still haven’t been struck by lightning from above (LOL)

  18. The locker was trashed by other Steeler players after “FaceMaskIke!” sought refuge inside it, following the game. Fortunately security arrived in time.

  19. I’ve despised the Steelers and that most arrogant SteelerNation since the ’70s. But I have to give Ike props: that may be the classiest act I’ve ever seen come out of Black and Gold Land (no disrespect for the Rooney family; they are solid gold).

    Tearing up the locker is predictable. Coming out to your family, friends, teammates and fans like that has earned my sincere respect.

  20. They were over confident and Taylor, Troy P, Farrior to name a few all played reckless. No matter what the perception is you have to play as if Tebow was Marino. Cover Zero the whole game??? My daughter could complete passes against that coverage. Thanks Dick LeBeau for having them overconfident to the point of disrespect.

  21. Pretty classy to admit you suck. Ike, if you quit then I would think that even more classy. Ike, just how are you going to get more speed and the ability to cover people. Do they give that away in Craker Jack boxes.
    Its like saying, I’m sorry the other guy won the hundred yard dash, I’ll try to be faster next time.Duh

  22. Weird quirk of mine throughout Steelers fandom–I cry when we win, not when we lose. But Ike, you just opened the floodgates. Oh, bless your heart, you do not owe us an apology. This was one of your best seasons and you’re a major reason we got to the playoffs despite that sad start against the Ravens. No one on the team was prepared for that passing attack. Every year can’t be a Super Bowl season. We love you to death, too. Next season is a new beginning.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs.

    Go Steelers!!!!!

  23. First off it’s Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Michael David Smith….

    Second off… Yeah Ike you got burnt, but this kid Thomas is the real deal people. This was his coming out game. Battled back from his achilles injury, and finally got some good plays and throws from Tebow.
    Remember, he was drafted ahead of Dez Bryant for a reason people…

  24. As my friend said this morning ” I just finished taking an Ike Taylor and now i’m ready to go”

  25. raylewis96 says: Jan 9, 2012 4:14 PM

    I’d hate to see what would’ve happened next week of he was matched up against welker with a fellow named Tom Brady throwing the ball at him…

    really?are you already forgetting about the shut down the steelers did on Brady?or was you blind that day.brady didnt even have 200 yrds passing in that game if i remember correctly.if The Broncos were smart they would watch how the steelers shut brady down..they may have a chance then.

  26. Not your fault, Ike. You weren’t a good enough player in the first place to put a playoff loss on yourself.

    This loss is on the arrogance of Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh coaching staff to think that a 75% healthy Big Ben is good enough to play in a playoff game, no matter who that game is against.

    Ben should have never played in the last game of the regular season. Hell, the Catfish had just beaten the Rams 28-3 the week before… I think he could have handled the Browns in week 17.

    Don’t worry, Ben. Now you have eight months to get that ankle right. HAHAHA.

  27. Class touch Ike you did your job all season still love you….Mile High was a bridge too far without Clark Mendenhall (love you Isaac Redman on that note great game…a compliment of the two of ye would have been even better), smith and the rest of the DL so early in the game, Pouncey, one of Bens ankles and the rest of the injuries, yet no excuses made…it’s why we are 6 time champs and will get the 7th sooner than later, next man up. Just wasnt enough this time. Realistically we probably need a joe thomas/jake long type top LT and above average-elite cb but the salary cap means there’ll be some weakness in every team.

    Big congrats to Tebow and Denver players/fans, deserved it, better team on day, best of luck in Foxboro. looking forward to next season.

  28. No apology necessary, the Steelers were cleary overrated and outclassed as predicted. They limped into the playoffs after the Browns beat them down the week before. Unfortunately I think this might have been the last opportunity the steelers will have to challenge for a championship for quite awhile, as most of their key players are on the downside of their careers. Should be an interesting division the next few years.

  29. ravenmaniacisback

    He allowed a 100 yard receiver, something that hasn’t happened all season.

    He also allowed a TD, something that has happened only 1 other time this season.

  30. @bensstinkyfingers …

    Really? Most of our key players are on the downside? Ben isn’t even 30. Neither is tight end Heath Miller. Our stellar receiving corps is extremely young–Antonio Brown is 23 and Mike Wallace is 24. Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey is in his second year, and star RB Mendenhall is 24. And about that defense … Woodley is 26, Timmons 25. Polamalu’s only 30 and Taylor–who had a terrific season–is 31. We’ve already got young replacements lined up for Hampton and Harrison.

    Keep dreaming that the Steelers are old, slow, and done. We’ll see you at Heinz and in Cleveland next year. Looking forward to it 😀

  31. Ike Ain”t got nothing to aploigize for. last I checked he’s got some bling. What yall got? win more than one playoff game in 50 million years than pop off.

  32. .


    You did name 10 players who are either young or in their prime. The other 12…..not so much. Over the next few seasons the Steelers are going to retool the bulk of their squad …much like the Patriots did when Bruschi, Vrabel, Law, and Harrison departed.

    Perhaps they have talent on the bench / practice squad. However, it looks more like the heat will be on Kevin Colbert to replenish the roster while keeping the team competitive.

    As you know, Pittsburgh doesn’t do that rebuilding thing.


  33. The steeler’s secondary, just like Baltimore’s, is the product of an excellent pass rush. They are decent players made better by the front seven. Calling this guy a shut down corner is a joke. It puts him in the same conversation as guys like Revis, Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, and Asante Samuel (in their primes). And I’ll say the same thing to my fellow ravens fans who say the same about Lardarius Webb. I give Ike props for taking some blame though…more than the lions players could do.

  34. Ike, it’s not your fault.

    You need to blame the Browns in week 17 for giving a whup ass to Big Jen, Pouncey, Hampton and Mendenhall!!!

  35. Dear Mr. Taylor,

    Thank you for your interest in our institution. However, we regret to inform you that your application for acceptance into BALL SO HARD UNIVERSITY has been denied.

    We encourage you to continue your efforts and better luck next semester.


    Dean of Students

  36. I have nothing but the greatest respect for Ike Taylor. This is a guy who, in my opinion, has quietly been one of the top 10 corners in the league ever since he donned a Pittsburgh uniform. Everyone has a bad day and he’s allowed this one. … A lot of the fault has to go to Dick Lebeau. Lebeau completely underestimated Tebow. Ike wasn’t given any help whatsoever. Polamaulu played in the box for the entire game when he should have been playing some center field.

    Keep your head up, Ike.

  37. @6ball …

    Hey … didn’t you used to be 8ball? Lose something? 🙂

    We do that replenishing thing 🙂 We’ve got some young guys that look promising on defense, and a couple of young o-linemen coming along. But yes, we’ll have to do some major retooling on both lines. Colbert has kept us competitive for quite a few years now. My biggest concerns right now are the o-line–which he hasn’t addressed to my satisfaction–and backup QB. I love Charlie, but he’s too old for the job, and Dixon was on his way out when he was injured. We can’t afford to keep operating without someone capable of stepping in for Ben.

  38. Why does everyone keep sayin “Brady and the Patriots would have killed them”. The Steelers shut them down earlier in the year and Ike Taylor had a great game. He had a horrible game against the Broncos and that’s unacceptable. Although, the scheme was faulty and they weren’t getting enough pressure. U need to change up after you got beat so bad in that second quarter. Especially in overtime. Play it conservative with the new rules. It also looked like the safety made a mistake on the last play because Ike was playin outside technique.

  39. Ike, not your fault.

    When a team has a drama queen, rapist as a QB, that team is likely to have problems.

  40. Ya we no he’s had games but no excuse for that poor performance last nite. He’s gettn paid to play n all nite he was gettn burn . He has a lot to be blame for that lost. Line up wrong all nite and blew that last play. I would have him trade it. Its wat u can do for me now. Sry I know it won’t go good with some other bloggers but jus my opinion. Been a Steeler fan since the 70’s . Ya he own up to it cuz he knew he played like crab.

  41. The Steelers will be $22M over the cap at the start of next season, before signing draft picks. That team will not come back the same. I’m thinking all 3 d-lineman are gone, farrior is gone, mendenhall takes a paycut or can walk based on injuries and performance,Hines Ward(aka steelersownyou) is gone and that’s just the guys I can think of off hand. This isn’t the first game Lebeau has called thinking that single or no safety high is going to win the game. It worked versus the Pats, but the front got good pressure on Brady, and their receivers aren’t great deep threats. They tried it in Heinz versus the Ravens, and the last 4 throws were in single deep coverage. 3 were dropped, the game winner wasn’t.
    Deb says: Jan 9, 2012 5:37 PM

    Every year can’t be a Super Bowl season.

    You might want to remind the rest of the fanbase about this.

  42. Ohhh no ! Time for Brady to end Tebow mania just like he did a couple of weeks ago.

    Now with a playoff win under his belt Tebow is unstoppable !!!

    Which means the Broncos are gonna be an average, maybe make the playoffs maybe not, team for the next decade

    LOLOL hope you enjoy your Tebow Idiots.

  43. steeelfann says: Jan 9, 2012 5:06 PM

    Ike take it easy. Your entire starting defensive line was out.

    Ryan Clark, your starting free safety was out.

    That last one was not your fault. Why were you playing on the outside of the receiver? Because you knew you had inside safety help. Only you didn’t.
    Clark was in street clothes.

    Besides, if Arians had more brains and less ego, there was a good chance you would not have had to play overtime.

    Relax, enjoy the offseason, and get ready for next year. It really is just football. I think. Tebow played very well, and it was a good thing to happen for all the Denver players. They have had a nice season. Let’s hope they continue on.
    Finally, someone that understands what happened on that play. When you give your safeties the OK to freelance, anything can happen.

    Taylor was playing outside coverage and got no help inside.

    The Steelers haven’t had a good secondary in a hell of a long time, but it’s been covered up by pressure from the front 7, specifically the LB’s.

    When the LB’s don’t get there, the secondary gets exposed for what it is.

    Taylor is actually the best Man CB the Steelers have.

  44. I’d hate to see what would’ve happened next week of he was matched up against welker with a fellow named Tom Brady throwing the ball at him…

    Welker put up 36 receiving yards against Pittsburgh in week 8. That was a pretty poor choice of insult..

  45. Gee, what a nice apology.

    Too bad it won’t keep Steeler fans from making him the scapegoat for the team’s loss. Poor old Ike may very well be ridden outta town on a rail if the fans have anything to say about it. The team knows it, too.

    So if you listen close you can almost hear the team’s brass “thanking” old Ike for his honest apology.

    First they’ll say:

    “Coach wants to see you. Bring your playbook”.

    Next they’ll say “Don’t let the doorknob hit you in the arse on the way out”…

  46. For sale or trade:
    1 crap talking DB (Face Me or Swaggin’) and one overweight tool OL (Max Starks) for best (ANY) offer…would consider some slightly used equipment?
    This coming from a life long Steeler fan who hasn’t missed a game in almost 11 years. You are mediocre at best. I know the coaching staff won’t quit with the praises of your athleticism. However, you have only one job to do, and get paid quite well for such disappointing play. Even when we are winning, you and Max Starks are significant weak links for our team. While I appreciate crap talking as much as the next person, you get burned quite regularly for big plays and repeated pass interference penalties. Troy is the one left on an island back there having to try and do everything by himself. For the past 5 years, your position has been identified by all of Steeler Nation as an area which needs addressed during the draft. Hopefully this year’s draft will be the one. I am amazed that there has been no legal action initiated from the constant, regular beatings you and Max receive. Mr. Face Me and Swaggin hopefully has a back-up plan because your days are numbered.

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