Playoff wins are worth $250,000 to Tim Tebow

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Tim Tebow has a clause in his contract with the Broncos which just a few months ago would have seemed impossible for him to reach, but which now is making him some serious cash.

The clause, as reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, says that he gets a $250,000 bonus for each playoff win he leads the Broncos to, provided he took 70 percent of the team’s snaps during the regular season.

Considering that Tebow started the season as a backup on a team that lost four of its first five games, it looked pretty unlikely that Tebow would take 70 percent of the team’s offensive snaps or that the Broncos would win any playoff games. Both? That sounded crazy.

But by the end of the year, Tebow had played in 73 percent of the offensive snaps, and on Sunday the Broncos won their first playoff game. So Tebow gets $250,000.

And if the Tebow-led Broncos win three more games, culminating with the Super Bowl, that bonus will be an even $1 million.

49 responses to “Playoff wins are worth $250,000 to Tim Tebow

  1. Congratulations to Tim Tebow. On his trip back to Denver Saturday night TT can think about how he is going to spend his $250000 since his season will have ended earlier that evening in Foxborough.

  2. Between those playoff bonuses and the $160 he charges children for his autograph, and the “donations” from his flock, then Timmy Tebow can retire in 2 years.

    This weekend Mr. Tebow pulled the trigger, thus silencing and crushing the 2nd most obnoxious fanbase in the league. Next weeken Mr. Tebow will pull the trigger again leaving a whole Chowder region stunned, devastated and broken. He will have yanked out the hearts and sewed shut the lips of the leagues most obnoxious fanbase,

    Boy, wont that be wonderful??? Hearing the sweet sounds of *chirp *chirp *chirp for the next 6 months??????

  3. And hew wont spend it on bling or “make it rain” in a strip club. He’ll probably use it to build another childrens hospital.

    Tebow 316 yards

    John 3:16

  4. Forget 10 for 21. If you told me Tebow would throw for 316 yards I would have said it was impossible. He played a great game on a big stage against a depleted but still very talented team. Hats off to him. The Denver defense played equally well. Holding the Steelers on their last drive was amazing.

  5. You have to love it when the Steelers fans have the cajones to show up on these Broncos/Steelers threads and complain about the officiating. What, didn’t you see the 2 or more BLATANT face masks committed by the Steelers that went unflagged by the officials who were standing right there? How about the backwards pass that was dropped that should have been a fumble but the ref blew the play dead before Denver was allowed to recover it?

    Yeah. Totally biased in favor of Denver. Right.

  6. Man, all the talking heads said this guy can’t throw the ball. I think he throws it just fine – what if he gets better next year?

  7. I know that people who give like this guy does, will be blessed many times over

    You can have the greatest QB of all time, who helped out his community very little, raked in all the accolades: Superbowls, MVP’s

    And then you can have a QB who at the end of his career maybe didn’t accomplish as much, but gave much more – and I assure you he will feel more fulfilled than the first guy at the end of his life

  8. He earned every penny yesterday!! I hope he earns that 1 million, what a great story. I am starting to believe Tebow may be a messenger of the upcoming apocalypse of 2012. Hope not!!!

  9. People are giddy over Tim Tebow getting a 250k bonus for playing a game but have nothing but contempt for a teacher making 60k.

  10. Great for him! He earned his $250,000.

    I wonder how much Braylon Edwards got when the 49 er’s made the playoffs!

  11. @thatobnoxiousguy:

    The most obnoxious fan bases are:


    (that’s how I’d put them in order, anyway)

    FWIW, I am a Pats fan and have been for 30+ years (I’ve gone to games while they went 1-15). Once success came, there have been a LOT of annoying bandwagon fans. As a season ticket holder, I’ve seen a lot of other fan bases and even traveled to some other stadiums.

    Great win by Tebow, though. The only thing that would please me more is a Pats SB win.

  12. He can save the team some serious cash if they win the SuperBowl….by turning water into champagne!

  13. Tim is a nice guy, but i really hope he invests a little of that money in the future. It’s really hard to do a lot of good when you have to work a regular job for a living. Those 50 hour work weeks are rough.

  14. Congratulations, Tim Tebow!

    The NFL is filled with pathetic players like Big Ben from Pittsburgh who abuses women, Michael Vick, who killed dogs for profit, and players from Pittsburgh who whine because they are caught playing dirty. All you do is to take average talent and win with it while thanking your Lord for the chance to play.

    I am looking forward to the rematch with the New England cheaters. The Broncos head coach will have learned from the regular season defeat and the way to neutralize Tomasina Brady is to hit her hard and often. She doesn’t like to break a nail, you know.

    If Tim Tebow can throw against the “vaunted” Pittsburgh defense that shampoos well and is so proud of itself, I can’t wait to see what happens against the Patriot defense that has as much defensive power as the Island of Grenada. Who knew that Tim Tebow could throw a pass over 20 yards?

    I hope the New England Cheaters take the Broncos lightly. Teams that worry about whether Tim Tebow gets their players’ names correct end up watching the rest of the playoffs instead of playing in them.

  15. Tebow 3: 16

    It is simple. His “stone cold” new nick-name.

    It is a love/hate relationship at this point, but I can no longer just write him off.

  16. havok82 says: Jan 9, 2012 12:21 PM

    The most obnoxious fan bases are:


    (that’s how I’d put them in order, anyway)

    You’d have to take the Raiders and Dolphins off that list. The Raiders and Dolphins are usually perennial underdogs and “obnoxious” refers to one who thumbs there noses at others while exhibiting annoying behavior. These two team fanbases don’t thumb their noses at anyone. Fight maybe? LOL

    But I have to agree 100% on the others on your list.

  17. wetpaperbag3 says:Jan 9, 2012 1:33 PM

    How is THIS a story? EVERY player in the NFL gets a playoff bonus check for every win.

    Obvioulsy the story is referring to a provision in his contract, not the usual playoff bonus. One that, like the story reads, no one EVER thought would be possible 8 weeks ago. The man started out training camp as the #3 QB. What are the chances he would end up playing 70% of the snaps, much less winning a playoff game?!?!

    I’d take him on my Dolphins team right now….

  18. techstar25 says:
    Jan 9, 2012 11:29 AM
    And to think, this year all I got for a bonus was a membership in the Jelly of the Month Club.


    But thats the gift that keeps on giving….all year long…

  19. I am so conflicted on this whole tebow deal. On one hand he is a solid citizen who works hards really cares about the fans. I love the fact he is not the prototype and has made atleast one ( you could argue the eagles and panthers also run a form of a spread option, but not like the broncos do) team try something different. And nothing is better than watching. Moron after moron on sports talk radio and ESPn saying how much the kid can’t do this or can’t do that. That’s what I love about tebow. What I hate about him was on display once again this mourning, the first thing I see on a straight news channel ( well ” straight news” being used very loosely cuz it was fox news) that “tebow” ( not the broncos mind you, in fact the team name wasn’t mentioned even once in the segment) won because its gods way of proving he’s real. And the proof this was the fact tebow threw for 316 yards, which is apparently tebows favorite verse ( I think the bible stole it from stone cold ).

    Like I said I really do like tebow. And to be honest the praying thing doesn’t bother me on the field, the thanking “first and foremost my god and savior” crap is getting old and hopefully Tim will get that some day much as players like Dawkins and Kurt Warner both also ultra religious nuts, yet much more humble about it.

    My biggest problem in this whole deal is the media. Especially quacks and born again hack reporters going on tv claiming this proof of god. And sports reports that do t mention the wr who just kicked the steelers heads in with 200 yards. The shame of this all and why it would never work Lon term is that players are going to eventually get tired of getting zero credit or being told they are winning because “god” is on tebows team instead of hearing about how Thomas can’t be covered right now , or how the rookie Line backer is unblock able .

    Truth is folks the broncos are winning because 53 players plus practice squad guys, trainers, scouts, and coaches are working their butts off to do so. They are not winning because some born again says he loves god in every single interview he ever does ( he kinda sounds a bit stepford about to if you listen to the dude)

    Anywho, do your job, atleast try and mention more than just tebow once I. Awhile

  20. Ok I admit it, I didn’t think he had what it takes to be a starting QB but I should eat my words….I don’t care how many Steelers were injured or out…..what he did in that game shows he COULD be a really good QB in the NFL and, as a New Yorker I would gladly take him straight up for Sanchez any day…

  21. Most players (especially expected starting QBs) get these provisions in their contracts. I have to think, though, that the brass never figured he would cash in on it. They didn’t start off great, and he wasn’t even a starter in the beginning of the year. I’m not a Tebow fan by any means, but GOOD FOR HIM!

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