Report: Packers told body of Michael Philbin has been identified

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There’s been an update from the story we’ve been following out of Green Bay all day and, unfortunately, it is a sad one.

Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin reported a short time ago that the Packers players have been told that the body of Michael Philbin, son of offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, has been identified. The younger Philbin had been reported missing after last being heard from at 2 a.m. on Sunday and authorities were searching around Oshkosh in hopes of finding him. A body was recovered earlier Monday in Oshkosh.

Our thoughts go out to the Philbin family and the larger Packer family at this time.

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  1. Wow, that’s a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

    All the best to the family going forward.

  2. as a fellow parent of 3 children, whose eldest 16 year old daughter just lost her best friend, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Philbin family.
    this is much, much bigger than football folks.

  3. As a 49ers fan, my best wishes goes towards the Packers family during this difficult time.

  4. As a father, I honestly can’t imagine the pain that Coach Philbin and his family are going through. My family’s thoughts are with you.

    P.S. And stick a fork in the “whitty comments” for a day gang. Not appropriate at all.

  5. Who really cares about football now….time will heal all, however. Same trash talking will go on in due time.

    Now just talk to your kids (or your parents). Never know when tomorrow never comes.

  6. This is really sad I feel so bad for coach Philbin and the entire Packers family.

    My thoughts are with the Philbin family.

    On a side note who is giving these comments a thumbs down? Some people really are messed up…….

  7. Very difficult time for the Philbin family… one I would never wish on any parent. Condolences to the entire family.

    For my Packers…. take this as a sad reminder to cherish the ones you hold dear every day. Come to play on Sunday….. and leave it all on the field!

  8. Just very sad sad news. My heart as a parent and a fellow human being goes out to the family.

  9. Wow! Didn’t think much of a 21 year old kid gone missing for 24 hours. Seemed like a pretty normal occurance.

    Horrible news. Hope the family pulls through. Best wishes.

  10. This has to be the worst thing to ever endure. My thoughts go out to the family. Anyone who leaves a disrespectful comment on this page really needs to get evaluated. RIP

  11. Who are all of the idiots who are giving thumbs down to people, who are genuinely showing support for someone who has just lost a child in a tragic death such as this? I just hope that you who are so heartless don’t have children of your own.


  12. Man, that sucks.

    Not that there is ever a good time for news like that, and I hate how people co-mingle the importance of football into a person’s personal life, but it’s gotta be extra stressful with such a big weekend coming up for the guy professionally.

    Good luck to everyone affected.

  13. Terrible. Worst thing that can possibly happen to a parent. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Philbin family. Also, what kind of scumbag thumbs down a post offering prayers to a family that just lost a child? Terrible human beings.

  14. Sorry to hear that for his family.
    May they find peace and properly grieve his passing.
    Football is just a game.

  15. I’m so sorry. This is a tragedy. Rest In Peace and may God’s strength be with the family.

  16. My biggest pet peeve is when people say “as a fan of (insert team name here), you have my condolences.” Like they deserve some big freaking prize for being “good” enough to offer condolences to another team.

    How about, as a fellow human being who can sympathize with such an unfair and horrendous situation, you have my condolences.


  17. This isn’t the same as losing a father, this is absolutely devastating. I wouldn’t expect him to coach this weekend (or maybe the rest of the season).

  18. As a Giants fan, my deepest condolences to the Philbin family and all their friends and loved ones. Having lost a child in our family, I know there’s no greater pain a parent can experience. The game on Sunday just became irrelevant.

  19. Losing a 21 year old son is horrible. Im sorry to hear of this story and Ill hug my son a little more. My condolences.

  20. What a shame. My thoughts are with him, his family and the Packer organization. It puts a chilling, somber tone on what should be an exciting time of the year.

  21. Feel bad for the family but let us not forget that the kid was convicted for sexually assaulting two young girls….If he did one of those acts to your young daughter I don’t think you’d making it into a sob story….Just saying.

  22. My thoughts and prayers to the entire Philbin family. Aaron and Mike can handle things with the football game. Joe needs to be with his family at this time, and forget about football. You know this game will be dedicated to Joe and the entire family.

  23. Vikes fan here. No matter the rivalry of whatever sport it is…this is reality we’re talking about here. Truly awful news and feel for the family.

  24. Very sad to hear. They need to get to the bottom of this quick so there can be closure for the family. I pray that kid knew Jesus Christ so he can truly rest in peace.

  25. My sincere condolences to the family.

    This reminds me of an incident in the Albany, NY area in 2007. Josh Szostak, age 21, was bar hopping with friends and became separated from them. His body later turned up in the Hudson River. So sad.

  26. Almost 4 years ago, I lost my 21 year old son to drowning. There is no greater agony than the loss of your child.
    My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to Joe Philbin, his family, and the entire Packers organization.
    God Bless you all.

  27. In 2009, a Brown County judge sentenced Michael Philbin to six months in jail after he was convicted of sexually assaulting two teen girls and two counts of battery.

  28. I’m sure I speak for all Lions fans, this is truly a terribly sad turn of events for the Philbin and Packer families. My heart goes out to them.

    I give my condolences!

  29. I feel so sorry for his family, or any family, that loses a child before their time.

    Just Saturday, a little 11-year-old girl committed suicide by shooting herself only 1 mile from my house. The reports are that she was bullied. As a father to a young daughter, I have been heartbroken over that little girl’s death since it was reported.

  30. What is the reasoning behind the dislikes on comments offering condolences. Yes this is a football page but why dislike something like that. Who cares if you’re a lions, bears, or vikings fan, this guy just lost his son. To bad some can’t show a little class when it comes to serious things like this.

  31. No greater tragedy in the world than losing a child! It stands to remind us that nothing is more important than to hug our kids.

    As for those of you have decided to talk smack, shame on you! I can only hope that you NEVER experience the pain the Philbin family is going through today.

    Your family is in our prayer Joe

  32. giorgiom and str3tched I hope you never feel the pain of losing a child. how classless and insensitive can you be to bring up something so irrelevant to this story. hope you two feel better about yourselves. I just watched my brother bury his two year old daughter and two weeks ago we lost our father at Christmas. no matter what happens in life death is difficult for a family to go through. hard enough to do it privately but can only imagine how difficult it is for someone in the public eye and national sports news only to be made worse by comments from you insensitive jerks.

  33. The best thing to do is ignore any of the smack talk, thumbs down, etc. It does no good to comment on it, so ignore it, keep this story, comment board for what its for. My prayers go out to the Philbin Family.

  34. Thoughts and prayers are with the Philbin family and the Packers organization. All the best moving forward.

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