Hue Jackson: Mark Davis made decision to fire me


Raiders coach Hue Jackson is understandably upset after getting fired Tuesday.

And while Jackson won’t break out an overhead projector, he wants his side of the story to be told. In a wide-ranging and fascinating conversation with Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Jackson only seems to dig himself a deeper hole.

Jackson believes the decision to fire him came directly from Raiders owner Mark Davis, not new G.M. Reggie McKenzie. (Despite McKenzie’s words to the contrary.)

“It ain’t Reggie,” Hue said of McKenzie. “Me and him get along. The easiest thing to do is to start over and bring in all new people, which is what he’s doing. The hardest thing to do is to say, ‘I’m gonna keep a guy who’s already here and try to build around him.”

Jackson is right. It is hard to build around a coach you didn’t choose. General managers have tried it and it rarely works. You usually end up wasting time for a year like Ted Thompson did in Green Bay and Mike Holmgren did in Cleveland.

It’s especially hard to do when the head coach publicly asks for more power that he doesn’t get. That’s not a situation that lends itself to a harmonious coach-G.M. relationship.

Jackson believes that Mark Davis made the decision to fire him based on a conversation that took place over a week ago. Jackson voiced his concerns about not being involved in the G.M. search before the season-ending loss to the Chargers. Davis rebuffed him.

“I gave him three opportunities to give me a vote of confidence, and he didn’t give me one. He said nothing,” Jackson said.

This is a sign that Mark Davis may have a better idea on how to run the Raiders than Al Davis in his later years. Should a first-time head coach with one average year under his belt really be helping to choose his general manager? It’s backwards.

Davis leaned on former trusted executives and they made a great choice in McKenzie. Jackson got caught in the middle, a talented coach that was the victim of bad timing with the ownership transition and his own choice of words.

The revelation by Jackson that he pushed to be part of the G.M. process before the Chargers game is telling. Even after Davis denied him, Jackson made a clumsy public push for more power.  He partly blames emotion.

“We were playing for a championship, for a winning season, for Mr. Davis,” Jackson said in reference to Al’s memory. “We’re playing for the [Palmer] trade, let’s face it. Winning that game would have justified everything.

“I knew what was on the line. I’m not stupid. That’s what was coming out of me at that press conference.”

But it wasn’t only one press conference. With a day to think about what he said, Jackson doubled down. He said he should be involved in the general manager’s search again. He dared Davis.

This alone shows why McKenzie and Davis made the right decision. Jackson was making public, passive aggressive, and borderline hostile statements towards his own boss at a time when Jackson’s job was on the line. It was desperate act by a man that knew he was probably on his way out no matter what he said.

That’s not who you want leading your franchise out of a deeply dysfunctional era.

84 responses to “Hue Jackson: Mark Davis made decision to fire me

  1. Just replace him with someone with experience and someone who is a clear cut upgrade over Jackson! Only way I’m happy about this

  2. Hue must’ve been thinking he was the headcoach of the Jets or DC of the Cowboys where you can have all kinds of bull chit come out of ur mouth and never have to back it up. Raider fans have higher expectations than do Jerrah’s fans or Rex’s cult.

  3. I wanted Hue to stay but it seems like he hurt himself with his words and actions. I just wish we could have some continuity with our coaches

  4. Those two guys and their hair…….I’ve never seen anything like it . Seriously . Name a presser with two guys that had more spell binding hair .

  5. 1st Jackson said McKenzie was going to gut everything. Now it’s Mark Davis fired me. Just more double talk from a guy who wasn’t a good HC…..

    Most UN-disciplined team in the NFL. Hue didn’t even know when to go for 2 points (Detroit). Doesn’t know the rules. Challenged a scoring play against the Bills. Horrible at clock management. Latest example 1st half SD. Didn’t have the team ready to play in several games. Lots of other examples I am 2 lazy to list. Bottom line Hue was a good OC bad HC (like a Norvel Turner or a Wade Phillips)……

  6. Mark Davis has how much money and he chooses that haircut? I wouldn’t trust him to make any decisions.

  7. Hue, its over, just move along. You are making your self look like a bigger idiot than you ready are.

  8. They definitely made the right decision to get rid of Jackson. He showed he was a decent head coach that was replaceable. The fact that he gave up two drafts to get Carson Palmer basically sealed his fate, especially when they missed the playoffs. He shouldn’t have trouble finding a position as an offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach, maybe with the Jets if they fire Shotty.

  9. Didn’t know it was possible for Mark Davis to be sketchier than Al. But it might very well be possible! Amy or John should let him know that his hair is creepier than a pair of transition lenses

  10. Now was the time to start fresh. Hue was a good coach but got too power hungry when Al died. We needed to blow this thing up and finally according to the new GM the head coach will finally get to pick his staff. And to all you jackholes who think the Raiders are doormats…….just you wait!!! The man who had a strong hand in building the Packers to what they are is getting ready to get his hands dirty.

    Go Raiders!!!

  11. Don’t know anything about the guy, but from what I’ve heard, he seems clueless on how to handle the politics of handling the media and his bosses.

    He gave up WAAAAAAAY to much for Palmer, which jeapordized the future talent on this team. When it falls apart, the coach has to know that it’s on him. Rather than accepting the blame and responsiblity, he went on a rant afterwards blaming all his players and insisting that in the future he needs more power.

    He overplayed his hand… If he just would have taken blame and said it was his fault that his team wasn’t as prepared as they needed to be… that it was his fault they mismanaged the clock at the end of the half, or that they’ve been so penalized… he simply blamed everyone else…

    That attitude rarely flies in the NFL, or any other industry for that matter…

  12. hard to believe, but i agree with ggg of all people on all of this.

    hue played the “my balls are bigger than yours” game with the new owner.

    and from mark’s standpoint, ok, hue, u have bigger balls. now go get a job elsewhere.

  13. Yep. Jackson knew as soon as Al died a gm would come in and bring in his own guy. So he knew he had to win and get to the playoffs this year. So what does he do? Mortgages the next few years to help himself this year. He knew he wouldnt be around when draft day ’12 and ’13 rolled around. Zero regard for the organization, it was all about him trying to pad his resume that he took the raiders to the playoffs for the first time in a long time.

    Just like paying triple the cost for a mortgage knowing you won’t be making those payments in 6 months, so damn the cost.

  14. Hue’s not too bright it seems. First off, Mark Davis said today he knew he wanted to hire McKenzie three months ago, so of course he isn’t going to give Hue any input into who the GM will be. Second, he gave McKenzie the power to decide who the HC would be so of course he isn’t going to give HJ a vote of of confidence. Davis didn’t make the decision to fire him. He gave the Gm the power to do what he wanted and McKenzie fired him.

  15. Hue Jackson has no power, tries to intimidate his boss while using his fathers memory as a tool. I’m glad they fired him. He’s not stable and comes across like a 14 year old girl.

  16. Silver likes to make a big deal about this and I don’t get it. Who cares? Davis is the owner, he has that right to fire Jackson.

    The Raiders are moving forward, not looking back and that’s refreshing. Reggie will bring in his guys and anyone who isn’t on board will be left behind.

  17. I was a big Hue Jackson but seriously he needs to shut up, I’d rather the Raiders become the West Coast Packers than the West Coast Bunggles

    Btw, how nice of you for throwing “Coach” Davis under the bus with that interview Hue, get over it if you didn’t have the balls to tell Al Davis you didn’t want Bresh as your DC then you didn’t deserve to be a head coach

  18. Mark and Reggie look like they’re auditioning for the job of Quasimoto, Bell Ringer of Notre Dame.

  19. Isn’t it funny that Michael Silver finally stopped knocking the Raiders once Hue became their coach? Expect the bashing to commence again! They must be friends.

    Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie finally will lead the Raiders out of 1985 and into 2012. Bout time.

  20. This is about a guy caught in management transition who got screwed. Whether he deserved it or not isn’t relevant.

    It’s an if/then clause…if new GM, then new coach.
    The rest of this is just smokehouse filled, coffeehouse crap.

    I do think it’s premature to ordain Davis as a genius for making this move. Kind of more he’s an idiot if he doesn’t.

  21. I want to know what barber Mark Davis goes to…just stunning, they perfected the Pete Rose cut

  22. Jackson got himself fired. First he mortgaged the franchises future for a quick fix on a mediocre year and than he can’t keep his mouth shut. Wanting to pick the GM, wanting more power when he already showed he doesn’t know what he is doing.

    The Raiders are better off and if Jackson wants a to work in this league again he would shut his mouth.

  23. That has to be the dumbist thing i have seen this year. Hue Jackson was a perfect fit for that club BUT now that he isn’t with them maybe Jim Irsay should consider him. I would love Him to come to indy. We could use a coach/ GM like him here

  24. Im not a raiders fan, but from my POV there was nothing wrong with what jackson did…despite the issues with his players I don’t see the words before being an issue…who dowsnt want a coach Recognizing an issue with his team, Palmer trade was terrible he isn’t worth what they gave up…few fixes on d and and a couple real WR threats with a healthy McFadden and this team will go places, constantly changing coaches won’t help, good luck to the raiders though, nice to see some relevancy in all the losng teams again !

  25. This must be the 15 article about the Raiders today. What would this site be without Oakland?

  26. He is starting to seem psychotic. There should no longer be any doubt that the correct decision was made

  27. Raider coaches are over faster than a 1 night stand. I liked Hugh he is Al Davis coach things might of been different with Al not passing leaving that power vacumn. Hugh took advantage of the owner behind the scenes and on camera and bottom line paid the price at the end. He will get another job I beileve Hugh thought with Als death that the season would have some magical motivation to get the team to the Superbowl. they were no where close and the games they one despite the jets and browns game they were down to the wire due to the defenses inability to hold a team down and the offense not being in sync most the year. They weren’t very explosive when McFadden went down and the young fast receivers.

    And the last game of the season should of went down with the Raiders finally blowing a reeling team out the water at home knowing the playoffs were on the line. There was no energy and to much inconstancy. Tough year for raider fans thinking McFadden would return each week and piss the season away.

    So now we have the new regime young Davis with a highly endorsed gm by Davis, Madden and Ron wolf. Those are some darn good recommendations coming from those legends. SO this is the Rebirth of the Raiders. This leadership will will bring back a team that has been decimated by its old habits and will rise to glory again.

  28. Worst haircut ot best mullet!haha!That was great..Kinda looks like a mix of fire marshall bill and loyd christmas…

  29. People that support him are delusional. This guy is off his rocker. Trevor Pryce on Pro Sports Talk was right… Hue doesn’t belong in the NFL but in the NCAA where power mongers can thrive.

  30. This guy is just bizarre! If he’s lucky he might land a OC job somewhere but what reasonable is going to want this loose cannon around?

    Would love to see him with the Jets in some capacity, what a train wreck that would be!

  31. Geez Hue…Just shut your pie hole! They should have fired you for even suggesting that trade for Carson ‘Interception Cannon’ Palmer, let alone that you did it.

  32. Funny, when the Raiders traded for Palmer I wrote that it was a horrible trade and said they gave up way too much. I was blasted for “knowing nothing about football” because Palmer was going to rejuvenate the Raider. Now virtually everyone wants to blast Hue for “mortgaging the future” with that trade. What a bunch of hypocritical fans!!

  33. As a Packer fan I have been reading about Reggie McKenzie as an up and comer for years, even a possible heir to the Packers. This is an exciting time for the Raiders just like when Bob Harlan went to Seattle to steal Ted Thompson for us.

    Good luck Raiders, but be patient. It is going to take a few years, especially with the lack of draft picks. Just like Ted did when he took over, expect a drastic overhaul of the roster in the next few years. The Raiders may lose before they win, but this looks like a step in the right direction.

  34. In the words of that great orator, O’Shea Jackson (Ice Cube) Freedom of speech, watch what you say. Hue, stop ranting hire a PR firm to craft an apology and hope you can get on with another team.

  35. Hue…Just a quick FYI…

    If someone does not give you a vote of confidence it’s usually because you did nothing to inspire confidence.

  36. Hue’s just doing the only thing he knows how to do….
    Banging his gums, blowing air.

    I still laugh at how everyone gives him credit for turning around the Raiders’ offense in ’10 when it happened to coincide with getting rid of possibly the worst QB in NFL history.
    Naw… That had nothing to do with it.

  37. Hue sealed his own fate when he allowed ESPN The Magazine to take a picture of him getting a mani/pedi during game week prep.

    Go soak your feet in a pan of warm, soapy water, you egomaniac.

  38. johnnyshore says: Jan 10, 2012 10:17 PM

    Reading about all this Oakland dysfunction sure makes me thankful that I am a fan of the other Bay Area team. In Harbaugh We Trust.

    Yeah, must be tough remembering back all the way to December 2010. You know, when the niners had nothing and had fired their head coach during the season. I’m sure it’s a different York running that franchise than the one who ran it for years. Oh, it is? What could possibly have caused that to happen in that model of stability?

    Too funny, you talk about Raiders dysfunction. There’s nothing dysfunctional about this move. It’s about finally getting things right. Hue Jackson was too busy blaming everyone else for that team not being prepared or ready to last as coach for long. He gave away high picks for a QB past his prime. Jackson had to go. Frankly, I’m pleased there’s a clear chain of command in Oakland now, run by a competent football man. It’s not dysfunctional, its going to be fun watching the Raiders scholarship players having to earn contracts…and not getting horribly overpaid.

    Sorry niners fan. The only thing more exciting than watching your overrated squad getting whacked this weekend or next will be the Raiders next moves.

  39. Hue – gave up two number one’s for Carson … enough said.

    As a Packer fan, I hate to see parts of this successful organization leave – but, that is the nature of the business. Besides … Ron Wolf came to us from the coast.

    I don’t have an AFC team that I root for … but, now … it will be interesting to watch the silver & black grow under Reggie’s leadership.

    Might be seeing our backup quarterback heading west as well.

    Good Luck, Raiders …

  40. rooster1975 says: Jan 10, 2012 10:47 PM

    Hue sealed his own fate when he allowed ESPN The Magazine to take a picture of him getting a mani/pedi during game week prep.

    Go soak your feet in a pan of warm, soapy water, you egomaniac.

    This is terrible if true. Please share a link, i got to see this epic fail bye Hue. Tried searching, no luck…

  41. Hue was very fortunate to go 8-8. He really is more like a 6-10 HC which it could have easily been. He just made too many dumb calls and bonehead mistakes. While it’s easy to bash the guy I believe most Raider fans would agree he had the best interests of the team in mind. Unfortunately he just didn’t have the skill level to get it done. Hopefully like all head coaches who get fired he can learn from his mistakes and move on and personally I wish him the best of luck. I hate losing like the rest of Raider Nation and maybe, finally, it’s our turn to right the ship.

  42. Great article/post Greg!

    Very well thought out and presented and in my opinion as someone who’s been a Packer fan and part of the local media (so arguably having slightly more insight than the average person) for 8 years or so, spot on in it’s point.

    The Raiders got a good one in Reggie, I’m happy for him and honestly happy for the proud Raider franchise because this was definitely a step in the right direction for them.

    They needed to clean house and get some order at the top of the franchise.

  43. Mc Kenzie looks like the “Discount double check” guy through the window in those State Farm commercials. Makes sense coming from Green Bay.

  44. Well Reggie if Reggie is bringing in “The Packers Way”. Then Reggie is probably trying to hire Greg Roman-the 49ers Offensive Coordinator. Because that has been “The Packers Way” Since 1991…Hire a 49ers Offensive Coordinator to be their Head Coach.

    Ron Wolf did it…Ted Thompson did it…It’s the Packer formula.

  45. Be patient, Raider Nation. Reggie is going to rebuild that franchise from the ground up and turn it into Green Bay West. In three or four years, you’ll be an AFC powerhouse and perennial championship contender.

  46. Memo to Hue Jackson: Stop talking and just go away.

    You’ll never be a HC again; fade away with some dignity.

  47. If this doesn’t work out those two could always do a dumb and dumber remake . Yes Mark Davis and his bangs would play the Jim Carrey role .

  48. This is just the first step in the Oakland Raiders becoming the Los Angeles Raiders one again. Mark Davis will move this team and it soon will LA’s redux NFL team.

  49. @bittersportspills

    Regardless if the Niners get whacked this weekend or not, theyre in the playoffs. While the Raiders search for their 10th head coach since moving back to Oakland. Ill take an “overrated” 13-3, #2 playoff seeded team over an 8-8 team thats watching the playoffs from home and rebuilding…again.

  50. Hue – “We were playing for a championship, for a winning season, for Mr. Davis. We’re playing for the [Palmer] trade, let’s face it. Winning that game would have justified everything.”

    Bwahaha. The coach that every single Raider fan loved two weeks ago sums it up very well. I hope Raider Fan remembers this for a long time. The Chargers did it to you…the Bolts spoiled your whole season, the chance at a winning season for the first time in years, to “do it for Mr. Davis” (barf), at justifying the Palmer trade. All of it. SD dropped it on your face when they had nothing else to play for. Chew on that for a minute. Taste it when you talk about those trophies from before you were born.

  51. the 9ers are already proven to not be overrated and this weekend wont make a difference either way. they were darn good vs darn good teams this year. in fact they equaled the Saints record while playing a tougher schedule.

    eat it up, haters.

  52. None of this matters. The Raiders are doomed to be cellar dwellers as long as any member of the Davis family is obsessed with micro-managing every aspect of the team and its personnel.

  53. Hue: Spend some of your severance pay for duct tape and place a piece over your mouth. This may keep you employable in the future.

  54. justwinbaby29 says: Jan 10, 2012 9:49 PM

    Isn’t it funny that Michael Silver finally stopped knocking the Raiders once Hue became their coach? Expect the bashing to commence again! They must be friends.

    The bashing already has commenced. He’s vowed to “pummel” McKenzie and seems to think McKenzie will care what some reporter that is busy defending an 8-8 coach thinks and says. I seriously doubt Reggie McKenzie will care. He saw Wolf take a boatload of heat for trading for Brett Favre right away. That turned out ok. He saw Thompson take a boatload of heat for hiring McCarthy and transitioning to Rodgers. That turned out ok, too. IOWs, members of the media are not working for NFL teams for a reason.

    There is no doubt Mark Davis is following the correct model. Hire an experienced and respected “NFL guy” to run the football operations and then get out of the way as he does his job. Whether Reggie McKenzie is the right guy to do that is something that won’t be answered for a few years.. Making a snap decision based on loyalty to an ousted 8-8 HC who can’t seem to keep his story straight is rather foolish, IMO.

  55. Hue is in the wrong place at the wrong time here…McKenzie wasnts his own guy that’s all.

    If Jackson would just shut his mouth he would probably get another HC shot somewhere…what he’s doing now is ruining that chance no one’s going to want to deal with him now.

  56. I think Reggie is a good choice and with his words/actions, Hue left the organization with no option but to let him go. It’s a clean break and in the end it will be best for everyone.

    I only hope that the team can get back to being a physical football team, in the Raider tradition. Hue had the right idea of making a bully of a team. Let’s make it happen Reg.

  57. The moment Al died Jackson was secretly excited and was conniving a way to steal power from what he thought was a power vacuum. He made comments expecting to be a GM/Coach and maybe eventually taking Al’s spot as owner. What a delusional twirt.

  58. Hue Jackson gambled and lost on this season. Though people rag on the AFC West, the division was right in the middle of the pack (1 game under .500). I think if he had gotten in the playoffs and not shot off his mouth (one more win, esp. that last game against SD), he might have survived another year.

    He’ll surface as someone’s OC if he’s willing.

  59. dmazeing1 says:
    Jan 10, 2012 9:25 PM
    After all this, Raiders BETTER be in the playoff in 2012/2013!!!

    You mean like you said this year? And the year before that? And the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that…

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