Hue Jackson: McKenzie is going to “gut this place”


Hue Jackson wanted more power, and he wound up with no power.

He’s out after going 8-8 in his only season as Raiders head coach. Jackson, who is friends with new G.M. Reggie McKenzie, was stunned by the development.

“He’s going to gut this place,” Jackson told Henry Wofford of “He [McKenzie] wants to bring in his own guys. No job is safe right now.”

That sounds like a promising development for the Raiders. While some will connect Jackson’s firing with the instability of the last decade in Oakland, McKenzie is making a clean break from the past.

Raiders fans should want a fresh start, with changes at every level of the coaching staff and management. Get rid of the dysfunction. McKenzie is going to bring in people from Green Bay that he trusts.

Jackson was understandably shaken Tuesday, reportedly so upset he could barely speak. He got caught in the crossfire.

That’s unfortunate timing, but ultimately keeping Jackson would have added to the dysfunction.  McKenzie reportedly said it didn’t have to do with Jackson’s bad relationship with some of his players.

Jackson’s all-in trade for Carson Palmer was only one example that Jackson was looking out for Jackson in 2011, and not the Raiders organization long-term.

Jackson ultimately took a big swing in his one year in Oakland. He missed. The team didn’t make the playoffs and Jackson coached an undisciplined, inconsistent team.  Just like Tom Cable.

McKenzie is the new leader in Oakland. His vision didn’t include Jackson, so the team is better off not wasting a year or two before McKenzie brought in a coach he truly wanted.

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  1. I feel bad for Raiders fans. I agree they should be glad for a clean slate…

    But Hue really set them back by giving up so much for damaged goods.

  2. Jackson, who is friends with new G.M. Reggie McKenzie, was stunned by the development.

    There goes that friendship, right down the drain!

    Major house cleaning under way in Oakland!

    Oh by the way, we will take Palmer for Sanchez…even up trade!

  3. BS.. You got to give the guy a shot. Overhaul the defensive coaches and the defense in general. The Raiders offense was top 10 in the league while missing its best playmaker for 9 games and every single WR for at least 1 game. That offense was all Hue, and was only going to get better. Dysfunction is bringing another set of coaches in again, when you have competent coaches already of the Offensive side of the ball.

    Oh and a line consisting of a rookie, a 2nd year left tackle no ESPN analyst had ever heard of, and 3 cast offs made up one of the most solid units in the league under these coaches.

  4. Unfortunately, Hue, the gutting started with the Aaron Curry trade and ended with the Carson Palmer trade. McKenzie needs a coach who can actually teach young players NFL skills AND discipline as he’ll be working with A LOT of FA’s for the next few years… thanks to your moves.

  5. Raiders fans should want a fresh start, with changes at every level of the coaching staff and management.

    Does that include jettisonning John Herrera?

  6. Good for the Raiders!

    Hue was power hungry and way in over his head, I’ll be surprised if he ever gets another HC job again.

  7. Raiders fans should be happy to hear it. When Ron Wolf went to GB he gutted the organization too. Sure some good people may get caught in the cross-fire but bottom line is that the team has been mired in mediocrity with no reason to expect greatness on the horizon. There’s nothing to do but start over again from the top.

    To Raider fans: it’s going to take 3-5 years to get where you want to be. Be patient. This guy knows what he’s doing. You may not win all the time, but trust me, there will be a plan.

  8. OMG Jeff Fisher to the Raiders???

    Why not Cowher (or Zoidberg)?

    Actually, I think this round of who’s-the-next-coach rumors will be somewhat entertaining. I wonder if they’ll end up being just another ‘cook in the kitchen?’

  9. Should’ve just fired Bresnahan. If it weren’t for that horrible defense we’d be talking about the Raiders in the playoffs.

    And Carson Palmer looked pretty good this year if you ask me, especially when he had his weapons healthy. I critcized the move at the time, too.

  10. While I don’t see Hue getting another HC position he certainly solves everyone’s Rooney Rule problem.

    Just interview baby!

  11. Dolphins should hire Jackson, seems like a no brainer. Offensive mind Ross wants, young.

    And what if the Dolphins were to get Palmer?

    If you ask me that’d be a wildcard team.

  12. “the team is better off not wasting a year or two before McKenzie brought in a coach he truly wanted.”

    A swipe at Holmgren’s decision to keep Mangini for one year, no doubt, but, as a Browns fan, justified in my mind. This past Browns’ season should have been two seasons ago and they could have drafted Andy Dalton and AJ Green last year instead of watching the Bengals do it. And the Browns may now be waiting until 2013 to draft Matt Barkley according to some reports. The Browns are definitely the new Detroit Lions – the saddest sacks in the league!

  13. Im not a Raider fan… But I think I would be very happy to hear all this if I where a Oakland fan!!!

  14. McKenzie will turn that place around, no doubt. The Raiders have had good years, but Al Davis hung over that place like a black cloud and more so than not, was the cause of many of their problems.

    The way Jerry Jones handles his team, they’re headed to the same fate as the Raiders were.

  15. I wanted to give Hue another season to be just a Head Coach. But whats done is done, so its time to move forward, if the raiders make playoffs next year, no one will second guess or care about the coaching change. Winning cures everything. Im a Raider fan first, sorry hue, but sometimes thats how the chips fall. Good luck with the rest of your career.

  16. I’m not a Hue fan, but what has Reggie done to merit ANY confidence that he knows what he is doing? Raiders have a good core. If Reggie “guts” them, then the Raiders are doomed to suck for the next 10 years.

  17. McKenzie is the new leader in Oakland. His vision didn’t include Jackson, so the team is better off not wasting a year or two before McKenzie brought in a coach he truly wanted.


    It’d be nice if someone could tell that to George McCaskey in Chicago…

  18. As a man who has lived in Oakland all my life (46 years) and went to his 1st Raiders game in 1975 at the age of 10, this organization that I truly love needs to be gutted. I have been depressed since the Palmer trade and subsequent acqusition of Houshmanzadeh, now I don’t have to seek Zoloft or any anti-depressants from my doctor.

  19. Exactly. Notice how they elude to friction with the players. Hue was looking out for Hue. He upset players by bringing in TJ Housh, and those reports mid season of problems in the locker room were true.

    As a Raiders fan, good, gut the place and get rid of all the AL lemmings, minions, cling-ons, and alumni.

    A step back may even happen next year, but will be a step forward ultimately.


  20. If they do clean house and get rid of some of those expensive contracts, this could be a very bad team for years. The team traded away their future to get Palmer and Seymour, and while they were .500 the past two seasons, they ultimately didn’t get the job done.

    I thought Palmer was ok, turned the ball over a lot but really did a good job at getting the ball downfield. Better than he did in years. The young WR”s were finally growing into their own.

    I hope they stick with him for at least one more year, because even though he wasn’t the one who traded for him, they should still try and get value out of him because they don’t have picks this year. Gonna be tough to rebuild the team, might take a few years but they need to focus on getting draft picks instead of trading them away.

  21. “Jackson was understandably shaken Tuesday, reportedly so upset he could barely speak. He got caught in the crossfire.”
    Yeah, I’d be speechless if I got to collect $1 million bucks a year ? ………after getting fired.

  22. He didn’t get caught in the crossfire. He made himself the target. If he would have kept his mouth shut he might still have a job. Even on the way out he seems to want to cause as much damage as possible “…no job is safe right now”. His comments after being fired should only reassure everyone that the right decision was made.

  23. Best post you’ve ever written, Rosenthal.

    Wished it had worked, HueJax, but it didn’t. Good luck wherever you land.

  24. i’d rather have the raider/al davis way, dysfunction and all, then a carbon copy of the other 31 nfl teams.
    RIP Raiders. now we’re just 1 of 32

  25. Ok I will be the first to admit but this long time Raider fan is ready to turn the corner, if GreenBay west we will be then let it be…love AL and his ways but time for a change Raider Nation

  26. While I’m glad that Al Davis (RIP) is no longer micro-managing the team, it seemed to me that as the season progressed, Jackson *needed* Al to keep himself reigned in. His post-season rant bordered on uncontrolled, and while this move would’ve surprised me a couple weeks ago, it might be a better long term solution.

    I can only hope that the young roster we have matures in the next year to offset the lack of a full draft.

  27. Every Joke in Oakland will be axed. John Herrera and all those douche bag slime balls that have been hiding under Al’s cloak are gone. Reggie & Amy Trask and mark davis are the future minds. Mark will be the owner, and just that, he will own, amy trask will protect and guide the franchise and mckenzie will run the team decisions and hire a great coach and staff.

  28. Why shouldn’t McKenzie gut the place!?! Here’s a look at the current situation in Jokeland.

    – Nine straight non-winning seasons thru 2011 *(including seven straight seasons w AT LEAST ELEVEN losses, an NFL record)
    – Second longest current playoff drought in NFL
    – NFL Record for Most Penalties, set in 2011
    – NFL Record for Most Penalty Yards, set in 2011
    – 29th Ranked Overall Defense in 2011
    – 3rd place in AFC West in 2011
    – No 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/7th round picks in 2012 draft

    Yep, this team is a mess. Nothing to see here. Please move along.

    Commitment to Excrement!

  29. Like the move, I say the only gut they should keep on that coaching staff is Woodson but wouldn’t be surprised if McKenzie just cleared everyone out. This team needs leaders all across the board, the Raiders have a lot of talent they just need a good Head coach that’s willing to take a bullet for them, not throw them under the bus the way Jackson did every time they lost. Idk know much about the guy rumored to be the next coach (Winston Moss) but who ever it is, he needs to make this new Raiders team a close knit family, like in the old days when they were the Raider Nation!

    And this was written by a Niner fan 😉

  30. I liked Jackson……all the way up until the Palmer trade. Hopefully the new management/coach will keep Campbell, dump Palmer, and see what Pryor can do. Pryor may be terrible, or he might be the next Cam Newton. I for one would like to find out either way. Palmer is what we thought he is, a guy who can throw for a lot of yards, but will also throw far too many INT’s. As a hardcore Raiders fan, I really don’t know how to feel. I felt that Hue more than any prior coach really wanted to be the guy that brought the Raiders back to glory and had the ability to do it, but as a fan, it is yet again “wait for next year.”

  31. now everyone thinks mckenzie is gonna make the raiders a superbowl winner. Talk to me in 3 years when he’s fired along with the coaches he’ll bring with him. Next!

  32. As a Raida fan this is needed… All the haters can say what they want, but it is a historic franchise. Love them or hate them, people still follow and watch them to either root for or against. They have been in the tank for far to long and it’s good to see some change… Now let’s get Chucky B and Biekert canned, so we can move foward

  33. You don’t want the type of manager who is going to be “loyal to his friends.” You want a guy who puts friendship aside and does what is best for the organization.

  34. Hue was gone when he insisted in having a hand in selecting the new GM. What planet does that dude live on? How many of us in the real world have a say in selecting our own bosses? None!

    Then he badmouthed his ex employer on the way out. Not good! How many head coaches would you think might want him in their corner now?

    McKenzie has worked with some of the better minds in the NFL and hopefully he’ll bring his knowledge and experience to the Left Coast.

    Just Win Baby!

  35. “Dammit!

    As a Chargers fan I think that the Raiders run a fine organization! Dont change!”

    -As do the Chargers! How’s that Norv Turner guy workin’ out for you guys?

  36. The success of the Palmer trade will be judged next season if he is back. You can not judge him for this season as it was not all his doing. Furthermore, Jackson and Bresnahan are to blame, not Palmer.

  37. All you Raider freaks ripped on me for Sunday warning the HOUSE CLEANING IS COMING…

    The AL era is over…. Palmer is next…

    Here come Flynn….


    Packers West (2.0)

    Here come the draft pick stock pilling…

  38. cowhawkfan says: Jan 10, 2012 3:04 PM

    I’m not a Hue fan, but what has Reggie done to merit ANY confidence that he knows what he is doing? Raiders have a good core. If Reggie “guts” them, then the Raiders are doomed to suck for the next 10 years.

    Raiders have a good core of players, not coaches. he will keep the players and fire the coaches and with better coaching, the Raiders will improve.

    The Packers are the best in the league. They are young and talented and that is because McKenzie made the right choices in personnel.

  39. Over/Under on when Carson demands a trade or threatens retirement?

    P.S. Thank you Raiders for the First-Round and soon to be Second-round pick for a washed-up, noodle-arm QB!

    Bengals Nation

  40. You can’t bag on the Carson Palmer trade. That was one of the most “football” moves ever — win football games NOW, not, “oh well, all hope is lost, time to go into rebuilding mode and try again in 2017!” That’s how crappy franchises play football.

    The Raiders were a few personal fouls away from winning the division — they lost four of the last five and practically handed away several of those. So, with a little discipline this team would be a playoff team, and everyone would be praising Jackson for doing what it takes to “Just Win, Baby!”

    Incidentally, the discipline I mention is about 1/4 of the reason he was fired. That, and his failed power play that turned into hatred for McKenzie. By most accounts that “meeting” today was on the edge of violence.

    /not a Raiders fan, am in the Bay Area.

  41. cowhawkfan says:
    Jan 10, 2012 3:04 PM
    I’m not a Hue fan, but what has Reggie done to merit ANY confidence that he knows what he is doing? Raiders have a good core. If Reggie “guts” them, then the Raiders are doomed to suck for the next 10 years.


    Thank you. You get it.

    Rosenthal talks about Hue not putting the Raiders org first by bringing in the first legitimate franchise QB we’ve had in almost 10 years. But McKenzie making moves just to get guys HE is comfortable with is somehow putting the Raiders first?

    I’m speechless.

  42. I actually feel bad for Raiders fans……this is exactly what they need if they want to be relevant again. Hue might have took them to 8-8 but 8-8 is worse than 0-16. Hue looked like he was losing the locker room already and that should be impossible with the year they had losing Al Davis, watch out AFC West, if Andy Reid doesn’t end up in San Diego in 2013 or 2014, Raider Nation will be back and this is coming from an Eagles fan!!! I like when the Raiders are relevant for some reason (much better than the fraud Stillers and Jets fans).

  43. McKenzie didn’t have a choice when Hue started saying what he was GOING to do and how the owners if they knew anything should let them.

    He basically gave them an ultimatum, the majority of owners and GMs in any sport would take the same approach.

    I think this will work well. It allows the team to start fresh with leadership, there now can’t be any excuses about the leadership as it will all be his guys.

    I hope it works well for you Raider Nation, I can only dream that my Redskins can have a rematch of that SB so long ago. 🙂

  44. “He’s going to gut this place,” Jackson told Henry Wofford of “He [McKenzie] wants to bring in his own guys. No job is safe right now.”

    And that’s a problem because?

    Let’s look @ the Raider’s playoff appearances by decade:

    1970’s: 7
    1980’s: 4
    1990’s: 3
    2000’s: 3

    Notice a trend there? It’s not hard to miss. The Raiders need to clean house…

    Since the end of the 2002 season, their last playoff appearance, won 45 and lost 99 with a points differetial of -945… Yeah, I think a good house cleaning is in order…

  45. “It’d be nice if someone could tell that to George McCaskey in Chicago…”


    Amen to that.

    Rather pathetic that the f’ng Cubs made better management decisions this past 12 months, than the Bears.

    Freaking Lovie’s blood is on some of the poor decisions. Going back, like not allowing Kurt Warner the opportunity to compete with Grossman for the starting QB position. Told him he could only come in as a backup. WHAT?

    They always do it half arsed. I’m sick of it.

  46. When they said McKenzie is going to “gut this place”
    they actually meant Green Bay. Who wouldn’t want out of that cold frozen tundra to be in southern California. Everyone, including McCarthy will want to move…..

  47. There are some good players on that Raiders team. I hope McKenzie and his charges can get the most out of them.

  48. well lets face it the GM is the one responsible . There will be “no excuses” if he is allowed to build whatever he wants. It will all rest on his shoulders

  49. Because she was like “I hate my job, I’m gonna burn this mother down!” And I said “You better not… you better not!”

  50. I feel like Mckenzie might also trade a lot of players for draft picks because of the Carson Palmer trade. It’s probably not going to look pretty for the next 3-5 years but I believe that Mckenzie has the same win longterm philosophy that Ted Thompson does.

  51. Is Winston Moss the front-runner for head coach in Oakland now? It will be interesting how many Green Bay assistants move out to Oakland to field this new coaching staff.

  52. McKenzie probably arrived at the facility and went

    “Hey, what are you still doing here?”

    after seeing some of the same assistants that coached him when he was with the Raiders decades ago.

  53. As a Broncos fan, I hate to hear this. It would be nice of the Raiders to stick to undisciplined, disorderly leadership. Well, at least the Chargers retained Norv and A.J….

  54. Hue should have stayed for getting the raiders out of all those losing seasons. McKenzie is not Ted Thompson and he’s not bringing McCarthy with him. I hope for oakland’s sake he and his new coach will be as good as the hype.

  55. Can’t blame a GM for wanting to do it his way with his own people. Raider Nation will crap though when the Chiefs hire Hue as OC!

  56. Sounds like Hue is full of it as usual. Mark Davis isnt getting gutted pal, nor John Herrara nor Amy Trask. Those are the 3 main people in the organization and they will all remain. Gregg Rosenthal is an incompetent raider hating moron.

    Remind me what your degree was in Greg. was it Libel or Yellow Journalism?

  57. As a fan of football, it’s good to get some stability in Oakland. As a fan of the Packers, I hate this. The last thing I want is a new staff being built up by pillaging my team’s coaches. I wish they had kept Jackson.

  58. McKenzie is a Raider and he knows the Raider way – back when it really meant something. This won’t be Green Bay west, it will be the Oakland Raiders. Fisher teams are always physical, can’t help but think that Reggie is thinking it would be nice to talk with Coach Fisher and see where his head is at. That may be the reason he is moving so fast, before Fisher makes a decision.

  59. Hue, shut your mouth!!!!!!!!

    You just lost your job!!!!!!

    Now you want to jeopardize your immediate future by implicitly bashing your ex-boss (yeah, it was less than a week … “but, still …”)?????

    My God!!! I’m for honesty, but if Art Shell got nothing after his Oakland days were more successful than Jackson’s what does this say about Hue??????????

  60. whodeyn832 says: Jan 10, 2012 3:32 PM

    Over/Under on when Carson demands a trade or threatens retirement?

    P.S. Thank you Raiders for the First-Round and soon to be Second-round pick for a washed-up, noodle-arm QB!

    Bengals Nation

    You would be wise to worry about your own “nation”. Someone forgot to inform them there was a playoff game they were supposed to show up for and play in. Not to mention Dalton is really not that great, all he can do is beat terrible teams. Couldn’t beat one team that was any good, couldn’t beat the Steelers or the Ravens in 2 attempts, could barely beat the Browns. So yeah, good on ya “nation.”

  61. Good for the raider fans. They get a quality gm who is going to put things together and get the very talented team in a winning mode again.
    Terrel Pryor may be the go to guy and then maybe not.

  62. As a Raiders fan, the only thing i feel bad about is now we will become a “cookie cutter” franchise. Al is what made this team special and different from all the others. Now, that is truly over. I can only hope that McKenzie has a great plan, turns it into reality, and has a long successful tenure with the Raiders.

  63. Should of had at least 11 wins this year, that’s enough to fire Hue.

    1)We need to trade McFadden
    2) Resign Bush
    3) Get rid of ANY player that is always hurt and get whatever draft picks we can. (McFadden)
    4) Draft lineman, offensive and defensive. We have plenty of skilled players.
    5) Just Win Baby!!!

  64. As a life long Raider fan I’m getting pretty damned tired of reading comments badmouthing Al Davis. Sure he made some bad decisions, who among us hasn’t & at times seemed paranoid enough that Bogart’s Capt. Queeg character from “The Caine Mutiny” seemed self-secure & well adjusted by comparison.

    Let’s not forget however, that this man is almost single handedly responsible for forcing the NFL to become what it is today, not to mention one of the most brilliant football minds of all time.

    It is a rare individual indeed that can claim to be as successful in their chosen profession, as Davis was in his.

    That said, I will admit that I didn’t agree with many of Davis’s choices, in fact, even now some of them defy all reason & were to be understood by Davis alone. I can’t say that I always thought he was firmly grasping reality, but I can say that no matter what I thought, I NEVER doubted for one second that Al Davis’s main motivation was for the Raiders to win. For that alone Raider fans should be damned grateful,…

  65. I for one am elated that Mark Davis has shown that he not only “knows what he doesn’t know” but has the stones to admit it, & then surround himself with the people universally regarded as being, currently, the very best in the business!!

    Even MORE exciting is the fact that having hired someone to do a job, he is going to actually LET him do it as he sees fit! As any Raider fan knows, THIS is the biggest most refreshing difference in Raiderland post Al Davis.

    How ANY real Raider fan can be upset about Reggie Mc Kenzie being named GM, or question his qualifications is beyond me. I hope he hires Winston Moss as HC, because not only are they BOTH from the classiest francise in the league. Al Davis always said “Once a Raider, always a Raider” & since day one, that has been a hallmark of the Raiders, more than any other team, in any other sport!

    That make both McKenzie, & Moss RAIDERS!!

    They both played for the Raiders when the Raiders were known as “Pro Sports winningest Franchise” & both well understand what it means to be a Raider, & I believe that they will restore the “Greatness of the Raiders”

    Thank you Mark Davis for this “Commitment To Excellence.” Your father would be proud!

  66. I can’t wait till next year and all of the Carson Palmer bashers to see that they are wrong. Palmer is a top 7 QB in the NFL and if you don’t think so name 8 better. And I’m not talking about the amount of interceptions that he threw this year on paper because we all know that he was thrown into the lions den for 3 starts which accounted for 7 of the 16 that he had. And then, 4 were thrown that were either tipped, or the receiver ran the wrong rout, or flat out fell down. So in my book he threw 5 (FIVE) picks in 7 starts which isn’t bad considering the circumstances.

    I am very happy Jackson will not be making the decisions on the sidelines as we all should know his time out blunders alone cost the Raider Nation at least 3 wins. And don’t blame the DC for everything, Jackson runs the ship and the headsets, he could have made changes as needed.

    Personally, besides coaches, I think the Raider Nation should trade McFadden for as much as they can get NOW for the upcoming draft and maybe a few other players that can’t play with an injury. What good are you if you can’t play?

    The Raider Nation has as many weapons as the Packers and the Patriots now, we just need a good offseason with Palmer and his group to get together and make things work. Lastly, having a new GM that will bring in the right coaches will change the penalty situation over night.

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