In the end, Hue’s own words did him in


Though Raiders coach Hue Jackson could have survived in the job if G.M. Reggie McKenzie had desired to keep him, McKenzie’s chances of keeping Hue took a major blow after Jackson openly talked about assuming more authority over the team.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, public comments from Jackson regarding his desire to exert greater influence rubbed owner Mark Davis and those advising him (e.g., John Madden, Ron Wolf) the wrong way.

“I’m going take a stronger hand in this whole team, this whole organization,” Jackson said after the Raiders’ season ended with a disappointing 8-8 record.  “There ain’t no way that I’m going to feel like I feel today a year from now, I promise you that.  There’s no question.  Defensively, offensively and special teams. I ain’t feeling like this no more.  This is a joke. . . . Yeah, I’m going to take a hand in everything that goes on here.”

The next day, Jackson made things even worse for himself.  “I would hope that as the head coach of this football team I would hope that the organization understands that I have a pretty good idea of where we need to go,” he said as to his possible involvement in the search for a General Manager.  “Because if not, then I shouldn’t be where I’m sitting.”

As it turns out, Jackson had plenty of influence on the organization.  He said that if the organization didn’t think he should be involved in the search for a G.M., he “shouldn’t be where [he’s] sitting.”

And now he isn’t.

75 responses to “In the end, Hue’s own words did him in

  1. I am sure that hue meets the Woody johnson head coach criteria of a coach, no filter and delusional.

  2. Something tells me if Hue were a player he’d be doing TD dances and celebrating first downs while losing 45-14.

  3. “There ain’t no way that I’m going to feel like I feel today a year from now, I promise you that.”

    Cuz he’ll be sitting on the couch watching Sunday Ticket on New Years Eve 2012.

  4. Bring back JaMarcus Russell! A round of purple drank on the house! Go Raiders! Just drank baby!

  5. Good for him! Keep rotating coaches every year and give them no control. Awkward situation but the man said what he meant and if they didn’t like it he can move on and go some place where maybe they’ll respect him.

  6. Geez.. dude worked in Cincinnati.. doesn’t he know there are owners out there that don’t give up control?

    (Even if they’ve gone 20+ years without a playoff win?)

  7. Hue went from the hottest young assistant in the league.. to coaching a surprise 7-4 Raiders team.. to fighting for the division title.. to out of the playoffs… to running his mouth and getting fired.

    If he’s humbled by this, I think he’ll be a great coach for someone. There’s no doubt in my mind the Raiders win 10+ games if not for injuries to McFadden, Ford, and Moore – it robbed them of their offensive speed.

  8. It’s actually reassuring to see the soap opera drama that has surrounded the Raiders for years didn’t dissipate with Al Davis’ passing.

    The Raiders are like the dysfunctional branch of the family you see at Thanksgiving but talk about all year.

  9. I gotta say–as a fan of football and a bigger fan of watching Oakland be the laughingstock of the NFL this is a great development.
    It’s amazing to me that the Raiders have never actually grown up and ditched the “raider nation” mentality and just played football. Stop the penalties. Stop the negative image.
    Just play football.
    Until then, I’ll keep on laughing at them…..

  10. Recycling OLD over the hill quarterbacks from other teams like Bret Favre, Donovan McNabb, Kerry Collins, Daunte Culpepper, and Carson Palmer have never worked.

    No surprise.

  11. As coach, he knows more about the team he has and what he needs than someone in a three-pice suit.
    As OC/HC of the last 2 Raiders teams, teams that reversed a years’-long trend of sucking, he deserved better than termination.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same, perhaps?

  12. I love how arrogant these coaches are. They think that because they are the head coach that they control how everything is done. Guess what, I guess one learned.

  13. “There ain’t no way that I’m going to feel like I feel today a year from now, I promise you that”

    At least he will keep his promise…

  14. Im sure he’ll look in the mirror and convince himself otherwise, but he’s an egotistical jackass and he can only blame himself for all this.

  15. “Though Raiders coach Hue Jackson could have survived in the job if G.M. Reggie McKenzie had desired to keep him”

    You mean “Ex-Raiders coach” , correct??

    But that could be undersandable as the Raiders web site makes no mention of the dismissal of Hue

  16. Memo to Hue Jackson:

    Ever hear of the term “strategy”?

    Maybe its best not to throw bombs BEFORE your new boss has a chance to evaluate the situation.

    Any chance of you influencing the organization just when out the window…along with all the hot air from your yapping.

  17. Too bad AL (may he rest in piece) wasn’t around to fire Hugh. I loved those press conferences, complete with the overhead projector, accusations (“Lane Kiffin is a liar”), and player analysis (“Jamarcus is a great player, get over it!”). The draft analysis of “Kim Newton” was also priceless. I am really going to miss the unintentional humor that littered the Raiders’ press conferences.

  18. I think the fact that he thought he was smarter and better than he actually was is what did him in.

  19. “Because if not, then I shouldn’t be where I’m sitting.”

    …not good Hue…

    After missing the playoffs, trying to excerpt pressure on management was not a good idea.

    I like Hue too, but something are better thought and not said.

    …mac…banned from CFT for daring to challenge the editors.

  20. from what I understand Hue Jackson is a well-respected coach around the league, I don’t think he’ll have any trouble landing on his feet.

  21. I don’t feel bad for Hue one bit, he already lost the locker room, especially after his ME ME ME speech to end the season. This was the year he should have won that WEAK Division and he CHOKED!!!

  22. This guy seemed in over his head from the beginning. And then he got all that power once Mr. Davis passed. It’s unfortunate how it played out. But, he was kind of a douche, too, so whatever.

  23. Well he did promise “there ain’t no way that I’m going to feel like I feel today a year from now”. At least he got that right!

  24. Hue had his moments–both good and bad–but in the end, I think it was time for a breath of fresh air in Oakland.

  25. Using his words against him? What NFL coach doesn’t want a huge say in his personnel? Jackson’s comments also seem to have been taken to mean more than what they were. The Raiders were at least competitive this year and seemed to be going in the right direction.

    A new GM wanted his guy and this was an excuse to get rid of the old one. Otherwise, you don’t fire a head coach after only one season that had his team in the playoff hunt until the very last game of the season.

  26. I feel bad for him, like I always felt for Ralph Cramden (Jackie Gleason) at the end of every episode of the Honeymooners. Tried too hard, thought too much of himself, not too bright. But a genuinely likeable guy.

  27. I’m going out on a limb here…..but we forgot someone that really knows the game, played the game very well , is a sure lock for the HOF and will bring in lots of fannies into the stadium!!

    Now don’t fall down….Brett Farve!

  28. First, it is not surprising that he was fired. I would have given Hue at least 1 more year, but with conditions. He would either take it or leave it. Second, the franchise is a business, and every organization practicing as such needs structure. The Oakland Raiders are thinking about properly structuring the organization and establishing a chain of command. Jackson wanted to pull the strings, and unfortunately had his cut. GO RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!

  29. The idiotic trade for Carson Palmer is what did Hue Jackson in. It proved he didn’t know what he was doing personnel wise, and has handcuffed the team from bringing in more talent that it needs.

    What’s more, I think all the publicity Jackson got from that locker room speech after Al Davis died went to his head, and made him think he was more important than he was

  30. ralphtherealravenfan says:
    Jan 10, 2012 3:32 PM
    I don’t remember hearing him be such a loose cannon here in Baltimore. But he was just a qb coach then. I guess power brings out the worst in some people.
    Well QB coaches rarely if ever are made available to the media for interviews so that’s not surprising. No one ever heard a word from Rex Ryan in Balt either until he left for a HC gig.

  31. Hey Hue, come to Kansas City, beat our arch nemesis and your old team in one feld swoop, were looking for a OC TO complement RAC, we could use that passion here. Come to Kc and get ready to take us back to a afc west div championship and a Superbowl. You guy’s together would be a helluva braintrust.

  32. well one has to wonder why a rookie coach would not stick to coaching…his head got to big for the job. He is a good coach, and is a good OC…..

  33. I like Hue. I think he is a very good offensive mind. The Raiders offense was down right pathetic before he came on board. And it was HIM and not Cable that got the Raiders back to .500.

    However somewhere (probably around the time Al passed) that the power went straight to his head and it blow up in his face.

    Hue-bris is really accurate.

  34. When will you guys learn. It wasn’t for two 1st rd picks. It’s a 1st this yr and a 2nd next year. The 2013 pick becomes a 1st if Raiders make it to AFC championship game this year or next.

  35. Karma at it’s finest. You think John Madden was going to sit around and allow this clown to take shots at his best friend whom he recently buried? Think again Hue. Next time know who you’re ______ with.

  36. Where’s Joetoronto and his worthless comments? The guy posts garbage on everything but the Raiders and thats his team

  37. Do you think there’s a sign above the door to the coach’s office there in Raiderville which reads: Abondon Hope All Ye Who Enter.

    Maybe with a cute little pirate guy voicing the words?

  38. Fitting….
    He talked his way into the job, now he’s talked his way out of the job.

    He’s all talk. And probably about finished in the NFL. Too much BS, nothing to back it up.

  39. way too much power. way too fast. for a guy with too big an ego to begin with. he needs to go back to being a QB coach and then an OC and working his way back up into the “wants to be a HC’ line.

    Welcome back to Bmore. Flacco has missed ya.

  40. I’m just grateful that Hue was dumb enough to say these words to Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis: “The Raiders will give a 1st and second round pick for Carson Palmer” Makes Hue a hero in my book.

  41. i just didn’t appreciate his constent reference to Davis in every press conference.As if he was given a secret message before Al passed. Power corrupts if no checks are in place in any level of an organization
    I guess Reggie became that “check”.

  42. edgarpoe2 says:Jan 10, 2012 3:30 PM

    I wonder which head coach the Raiders will fire next year?

    There won’t be one fired for awhile. The Raiders will now move on and improve to be a very good team under McKenzie. RM was probably the best fit for the Raiders and he’s one of the most respected football guys across the league, even since his playing days.

    This team should improve immediately, depending on the direction they go with QB and RB issues, but at the very least, I can assure you that the Raiders of 2012 will NOT be the most penalized team in the league again.

    Also would not be surprised to see another Packer coach or assistant in LA before long…I’ve heard Moss rumors or even Capers as the HC.

    As a side note…most Raider fans need to put down the silver paint and the Lady Gaga outfits and move on to better things. To the rest of the nation and the football world, you all look like you’re auditioning for Mad Max 2012. Enough already.

  43. i don’t know…with they way Hue acts and speak – just a thought but I think Hue’s a perfect candidate to move on from the NFL and into the WWF…it’s been done before successfully!!

  44. Who knew Hue was a fan of the Latin phrase carpe diem? The old man finally checks out, of which I’m fairly certain there was a consensus that needed to happen before the Raiders had a chance at their former glory. He recognized a situation and he made his move, you gotta give him props for the cojones that takes from where he was sitting. Mark better hope Madden and Wolf didn’t step on theirs by this recommendation. How much input does Madden have? Been a lot a dudes been around a lot more football then Madden, sure he has one of the highest winning percentages but so do the guys before and after him.

  45. First he loses his top QB and really has no one behind him ready to play. Thats a coaching problem.

    Then he gets a quality, albeit rusty QB, and can’t win with him either. Another coaching problem.

    I mean if we transfer Aaron Rogers to the team and then they can finally win does he get all the credit for being a great coach?
    Great coaches find a way to win under diverse conditions and this guy couldn’t do it. He lips off to top management and blaimes who for the loss?
    The team, your team not the owners or GM but your team was 8-8. Accept it.

  46. I don’t understand why people are making fun of Hue Jackson and saying he’s stupid for saying what he said. The reality is he didn’t want to be a puppet, even if that meant leaving his head coaching spot at Oakland. I know it’s hard to believe in this day and age, but sometimes people put their principles and happiness above money and fame. Good for him.

  47. the raiders have 2 picks in next years draft. a 5th and a 6th. they are also 20 mill over the cap. good luck!!!!!

  48. purpleisreallypinkyouknow says:

    As a side note…most Raider fans need to put down the silver paint and the Lady Gaga outfits and move on to better things. To the rest of the nation and the football world, you all look like you’re auditioning for Mad Max 2012. Enough already.

    I see fans of every team dressed up in absurd costumes. Raider fans do it better than everyone else, but it seems only Raider fans get mocked for it. It’s not like we show up with giants blocks of foam cheese on our heads.

  49. hue mortgaged the future, pretending to do a gm job he wasnt ready for.

    then he didnt win 2 of the last 5 games, again pretending to do a job he had, but also wasnt ready for.

    their motto is ‘just win, baby’.

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